Zombified Nation of secret addicts….


I suppose the first thing any addict will do when being challenged about their addiction, is deny completely that they are in fact addicted and even become extremely offended over the accusation. Denial seems to be the way they cope with the truth of what they are inflicted by and infliction is, without doubt an under-statement when dealing with the seriousness of this disease. And yes my friends any addiction is a disease of the mind, where the monster lives with its needs and those needs must be met – if the host wants any form of peace that is. Relatively speaking the chase is always far better than the catch as it normally ends up in a disappointing anti-climax, as the first catch is only ever really the one that supplies the utopia sort after. But this becomes beside the point as the monster must have its fix and have its fix it will!

So am I talking about class A drugs and the likes, or am I talking about something completely different.

In comparison yes I am, but only to highlight the power of addiction by using immediately recognisable substances that people are addicted to i.e. class A drugs. Most of us, if not all of us, will recognise that we do become addicted to such substances labeled under this heading. We would also recognise that alcohol can be categorized under the same heading as addictive and although not life threatening nicotine and caffeine are also addictive substances. And one of the worst is sugar. Whether it be true or not, there is a tale of why asylums where first created and that was to house all of those suffering from the ‘sugar blues’ when the supply of sugar went from being free of charge, too very expensive over night. The same business model it seems is used by drug cartels such as the police – did I really mean to put that, you can work than one out for yourselves? – First off giving the drug away ‘free’ and then they come a running to purchase it. A business model that works and works and works as pharmaceuticals companies worldwide show evidence of!

So by now we seem to have a clear understanding of what addiction is and how it affects us using the examples above. So the question now begs why title this article/blog the way it is titled?

Firstly it was not my suggestion it was suggested by a friend and I liked it and secondly simply because its true. As we walk around this land in decadence, in total denial that we have accepted as normality, do we ever cast a thought of concern for all that is destroyed to feed our addictions? We walk round almost zombified, no sorry scratch that we are zombies, absolutely the walking dead, living in the pleasures of our mind void of concern. Our need to know out ways concern for anything that is destroyed in the quest for that knowledge, thrown to the wayside, walked on and stamped into the ground, labeled as un-important and an acceptable loss – collateral damage some might say. The acquiesce we have offered in delusion is not an excuse, it is the problem, as we consent to even more heinous proposals as long as we still have our comfort blankets that we are truly addicted too. And through the addiction we then find apathy that secures us and shields us from blame in our own minds, as we can never be at fault can we, it is always someone else’s fault isn’t it? Is it any surprise that only an ‘A’ separates apathetic and pathetic!!

I could bleat on all day regarding this subject and give example after example, but to what avail and is it worth the energy expelled sat at this keyboard to do so? Is it worth the time it will take me to explain exactly what I mean, so those of intelligence can understand what the hell I am on about, who carry more addictions and apathetic tendencies than those who do not claim the intelligence stigma. Because in days to come the high and mighty positions that the intelligent claim, will be seen by all as the height of stupidity, when we all turn and face the addictions we are all inflicted with, because these are truly positions of dishonour. Positions that rely on the needless in an attempt to make what is not needed seem as though it is needed and we accept this with open arms daily, because if we didn’t the addictions we rely on could not exist – and we can’t have that can we!

All of this it would seem is hidden behind a façade, as we try to keep our addictions secret, as not to lose face in this ever seemingly encroaching socially based dictation of how we should be, a dictation that does not allow for anything that is not the sociably accepted viewpoint or politically correct way of voicing our observations. This in entirety hides our addictions and keeps them from view and allows us to behave immorally under the protection they offer. But the veil of secrecy is now becoming very lose fitting for many, as their addictions now show more evidently that they are just addictions and processes we maintain, so we are maintained. Maintained by a nanny state that say’s “you can have this, but in return we will take this” and what they don’t tell you is that they will keep taking and taking and taking and there is nothing you can do about it even, if you wanted too. Nothing!! As once you have tasted the wares you are forever indebted to them, their rules, regulations and subjected to their whims as their playthings. Political playthings, political toy’s for the misguided, for the delusional and for the devoutly insane. Their job; to make their playthings as insane as them!! Well you must be if you buy into all they preach and never do.

So in reality the zombie is a human being wearing a mask of conformity, ever lost in the illusion of addiction and the secrecy that enthralls. Some would say lost in transit, as we skip aimlessly through our existence controlled by our addictions none more so than those of miscomprehension, misunderstanding and devout ignorance! Addiction equals stagnation and stagnation means nothing is ever going to get better whilst we remain stagnant. That’s why that stagnation has to be lifted, crushed and destroyed and in so all addictions will be relieved and thus the zombies will be no more and nor will there be a need for the zombie slave masters.

2000 years is enough isn’t it? Or do you still feel they need another fucking 10, 20 or 50 years to achieve what? More of the same!! I ask you, do you really buy into this, or is it just an addiction? Taking this into account I wonder when you will actually realise that the leaders of the nation state you all seem so fond of and look too for direction, are just as zombified, if not more than any one else and in truth are nothing more than junkies trying to keep their addictions secret! And what do I do about it you may ask? Three words really sum it up! Realise, see and welcome. Realise a change is needed, see how that change could be applied and welcome it when it comes!

A new sheriff is coming to town very soon. Who will snap the world out of their zombified state!! Don’t believe me, well wait and see!

Oh and by the way have a very merry anti-christmas hahahaha ☺ x

13 thoughts on “Zombified Nation of secret addicts….

  1. Well put indeed! Mirroring my sentiments in a different way. I am not an original thinker but I recognise a scam of enslavement when I see one! The statist mindset has to go! People of the world wake up to the “bread and circuses”.

  2. The causing of addiction is a science that those who possess power will inflict on those who they wish to dominate. That most are in a mind altered state- be it by substance such as drugs, or by artificial influence, such as media (tv, radio, Internet, for instance) – from what is reality, makes them manipulative of that power.

    Something as simple as not watching television- or, limiting it- breaks one from the mind altering influence of the media. There is a reason “they” call it tv PROGRAMMING!

  3. The hardest thing a man will face is the truth, no one wants to know they were suckered. There is an awakening to what is going on and has been for a very long time the problem is the brain is a computer and people who have done well at school have been affected worse with the programing as Spock says humans are elogical I wonder how as a species we would have done if everyone had the same goal the betterment of the human condition

  4. This is a brilliant piece of work! The Image (idol?) of Addiction is a sequey into a tool for analyzing the Now condition, and an innovative means to communicate a new understanding that others can relate to.

  5. This article is really good, John.  :)

    I don't like the bit saying that the addicts are to blame, again I strongly disagree with this…I would say that most skag-head junkies are not to blame for the addictive traits of heroin or the human body's tendency to quickly become dependant on it. I would say that most of them probably took it the first time to escape the evils that they were surrounded by…being too gullible or naive at the time to see that the drug they were taking, to escape, was just as bad as (if not worse than) the thing(s) in life that they wanted to escape from. So it all boils down to naivity, the way I see it…being gullible enough to consent to the scam, to bite the hook – so to speak – not only with heroin but with all these other addictions you talk about in this post. So, being fair and moral, how can you blame human beings for being tricked into becoming addicts: for being naive and gullible? For being used by a parasite? I blame the parasite(s).

    You don't blame someone for having a tapeworm, you bloody make sure the tapeworm is dead and then give them some laxatives so they can shit it out so they can then pull it out of their arse. Hahahahahahaha, pleasant I know but this is how I feel 😉

    So much more love than I can express! x

  6. Good piece but I don't think addiction is the total answer. I think the problem is fictions or more specifically abstract concepts. I was in a pub with a few people who I work with and we got onto the discussion of reality and creations, I said money was a concept, a creation. After a heated debated a grown man who I was in discussions with got up and said "your talking crap and I'm leaving becasue I might do something I regret". This is the fundamental problem I think, people see these abstract concepts as a reality and believe in them. Most people see a queen, but that is an abstract creation, in the real world you only have a human being. A police station is a building which is also a creation, what in reality is masonry, cement, glass, wood, plastic etc, a police station is an abstract creation in ones mind. Most things that people believe in are abstract creations and all we really have is human beings on some land.

    what has happened is we have given those other human beings some power to rule us whilst in return offering us protection but over time they have taken power, or at least we have allowed them to and they have built up these abstract concepts like, laws, judges, police, government, courts, guilty, passport, money, religion, democracy, labour, concervative etc etc.

    We are all born equal and we are all human, take back your power from these people it is the only way, they will not give it.


  7. What youre describing in essence is an analogy of cognitive dissidence, a helpless need to prove ourselves right to avoid the metal discomfort of being wrong, humanity has been turned against itself through this very 'addiction' we are now prisoners in our own minds, what better way to control us?

  8. Great article.
    This might help to understand the addiction process further. Essentially all addictions have 3 steps:
    1) I don’t like the way I am feeling
    2) I ingest something or engage in some process that changes/masks the unwanted feeling for a time.
    3) When the effects of step 2 have worn off I have not resolved the cause of my distress so when the distress is re-experienced at some future time, I have conditioned a response which is an unresolving loop.
    This is the basis of all addiction.
    For further exploration of addiction I’d recommend: “When Society Becomes An Addict” by Anne Wilson Schaeffe
    And watch “What the Bleep do we know”

  9. Hello All,

    This is so very truthful. I have a brother who realized at a young age the evils of material addiction and the horrible global injustice it promulgates. He filled the void of being able to live in a just world, with drugs; nearly everything, for over ten years. His depression sent him on a course of self-destruction, for he was faced with the imminent reality, or so it was as he saw it, that we would never live in a just world. I love my brother so much and do what I can to try to empower him to show that change is possible, not only possible but imminent.

    The problem is that we are all addicted, to whatever it may be, and in order to see change realized we must act on the observation that things must change. So many people through apathy and short-sighted self-interest, in the fulfillment of the simplest of bodily and material pleasures/ desires, remain complacent. People need to realize that there is so much more to life than consuming the material goods to which we have become addicted and through doing so have come to derive our own value and meaning of life solely from these things.

    There are both material culture, and cultural values the former being the materials associate with a culture, which have significance only in the fact that they are a reflection of cultural values. Values, which of themselves, are the essence of culture. The same follows with human beings in that we have our values, our beliefs which are reflected by our character and are in essence who we are; our inner most self. We then also have the material, which is associated with each individual, which should be a reflection of our core values. When one or a culture derives its value solely or primarily from their associated materials these things have no base to stand upon, they are meaningless, hollow, empty; the individual or culture is lost.

    We must learn to replace these hollow desires, which in the pursuit of we lose ourselves, with the desire to live in a just society. This is the guiding light in my life. It is the principal by which I hold my actions to. Any compromising of this leaves me with depression and emptiness, as in essence compromising is selling out whom I am and the things I truly value. Values which transcend material things. This selling out of our values and losing of our true selves is causes the emptiness, hollowness that I feel and that everyone feels. It is of the utmost importance that we recognize that the hollow pursuit of material things will cause us to feel empty in that we lose part of ourselves via compromising our true values. Furthermore we must act upon this realization as to not get trapped by or further sucked into these hollow addictions, which leave us stagnant or in an ever-present state of decline.


    I much appreciated this post. I found it very insightful and inspirational; may my words be the same to someone, or possibly create a moment of clarity for someone like my brother, or anyone trapped by any form of addiction.

    Much Love,


  10. Who supplies the dope?

    Who ran the opium trade?

    Who runs hollywood, the media and TV "programming" ?

    Who is it that said, Gentiles are as similar to us as insects are to them ?

    Who runs the porn industry?

    Who attacked the USS Liberty?

    Shall i go on or have you figured it out?

    It's the jews, Stupid !

    Our addiction is consumerism of their filth, lies and distractions such as the NFL or primetime TV stupidity. Filth and degradation rule but the purveyors are not nor ever have been those of european-christain heritage, it is and always have been those who fear us the most, the juden.

    Why else would race mixing and un-checked immigration into our land be so important to those dual citizens who rule our country?


    Vote getile ! – Oh wait, that won't work because the politicians march to the beat of AIPAC and the ADL.

    Interesting article though, zombies can be brought back to life too if they can be convinced to educate themselves and not to cower if the zombie slave masters label them with such horrible words like racist, nazi, anti semite, homophobe

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