Freedom… from the ashes will be born!

Look back look back and take by reference what has been said and apply that to what will be said next. Why? To maintain what has been 'remains' perpetual in the minds of the next generations. Inflict them with this purpose. Striving for accolade as repeaters of 'fact' bound by reference never allowing for a notion of something different. Idea's bound by consensus in boundaries the ideas are straggled and suffocated by.

It can never change, it can never change …… as the words are said repeatedly by the wardens on the gates to install the coercive infliction to prevent departure.

Never cross, never cross the line in the sand. For beyond that line is uncertainty in a place of no structure. Do not enter the dark place across the line, as the ghosts and demons of anarchy live there. The demons of non-conformity prowl at night within your dreams and will jump from that place to your awaken state, as you fail to determine what is a dream and what is reality. Cursed by non-control as havoc runs wild untamed. Do not cross the line the institution tells you, shouts at you with violence it will enforce upon you to make sure you never venture there. Why are they so frightened? Why are the 'temple dwellers' so scared of this uncertainty? Is it they know their god does not live there? That there is nowhere to hide the sanctums of duplicity they need to keep you from crossing that line.

The books the books tell all that is true according to the words of the men who say so. Read read read and repeat repeat repeat, but never never never have an idea of your own. Reference reference reference else it not be true. Knowledge is, knowledge will and knowledge be the curse of all humanity.

But what is across the line? What do the 'temple dwellers' not tell you? …. Is it the case that across the line there is limited darkness at first? Maybe you must walk through the darkness to enter the light of understanding. To allow the light to show you what you have become under the leadership of the temple dwellers. As a different god lives there who will guide you through the dark unto the light, but this god offers no forgiveness, no quarter and you will see truly the devil you have been and become.

Then maybe you will turn and look behind you and realise the place you have lived all your life was actually the dark place of duplicity. Where the demons and ghosts of all that revolves and repeats exists to perpetuate the darkness of selfishness – the true place Greed Obsession and Deceit lives. And this is why the temple dwellers tell you not to go. Warn you, frighten you and even beat you, so you will never dare to set foot there.

Within the catalogues of history we have been shown this for a millennia and still we live in stupidity by the reference of the temple dwellers. Stagnated in ignorance for selfish needs as they enforce us to be, by rule of law bound by the same function foolishness! That will be spun around against anyone who may have an idea outside these boundaries of conformity. Applied to anyone who simply says.

"Lets cross the line and not make the same mistakes again, for to do so, is the absolute definition of stupidity that we have become"

Be warned, be warned. Let it be said that we have been warned and we took no heed, as we seem to think we know better. And as long as the glass is always full, we have no need to know about who has suffered to make it so. And in truth nor do we care, which has been demonstrated in the epitome of grandeur just recently. An obscene spectacle that demonstrated in full our complete lack of caring and what we have become in entirety. How we aspire to appease our political slave masters, Instead of correcting the wrongs that could so easily be corrected. Poverty as just an example of what we care not to view, as we strive for what – GOLD. As always, striven for …. so those who stand upon the podium can be in ‘heaven’ as they look down on those they believe they are better than. Why? Because they received G.O.L.D. And do you feel they are at that time concerned with the problems of the world in which we live? Of course they are not as they are amerced in Greed, Obsession, Lust and Desire. And all to please the political elite (temple dwellers) they serve under legal slavery called democracy –the prison rules that must be obeyed, or else!!

Run slave run appease your political masters. And slavery is not just about colour, nor is it just about the manacled and chained. As the inmates of every political debtors prison in the world compete against each other to their political masters glee and enjoyment. So run slave run and go for gold and enjoy what accolade this will bring. But lest you forget never fall out of favour with your political masters. Be it known if you do fall from grace you will be thrown to their media wolves and they will make misery your life. Once you have tasted the wares, you are indebted to them forever, lest you not forget this. Let them destroy your dignity for your need of vanity. Let thee be bought for a price and never will thee be free of the taskmasters and what they demand. In truth welcome to corporate hell, enjoy and relax, because you are going to be here for a long time. And NO! Is not an answer, less we set the wolves upon you? And remember ‘slave’ their teeth are sharp?

Now slaves return to your prisons and be received by those amerced in the same infliction. Redeem your glory oh those of delusion, redeem. And enjoy your worth amongst your fellow inmates that you have worked so hard for. Driven by the lust for gold and a place in heaven. But remember as you do the ills of the world still exist all around you and soon you, as all, will not be allowed to turn away from this, as all will see the world of darkness we live in. Leave the coliseum behind you, but know this. Just because you may have won, you did not win your freedom from political religious prison you must live in and more to the point, you still cannot live there for free.

All in all I thank you for being an example of what not to be, for being an example of what not to inspire too and for allowing the world on mass to witness the political chains of slavery every man, woman and child are bonded by. But most of all I thank you for being part of the greatest miss-direction and distraction of modern times. For what was needed to be done in the shadow of this event has started a ball rolling that cannot be stopped. Not just here, but across the world. A political distraction for political needs, as a new order of the world is brought about using the same methods that created the bad order. Based on an ancient principle that requires but one legal change that was demonstrated within the close itself. One monumental change that will set humanity on a path that will cross the line in the sand for the first time. That will take us all to a place we have never been, to walk a path we have never walked, a place without the ‘temple dwellers’ and a place of new possibilities, eventualities and a purpose we have never had before. I thank you also for being part of something that allowed this all to happen without the need of violence. To demonstrate violence is not the key to solving problems, it is the problem itself.

All that is left to be said is! Now YOU run temple dwellers (political masters), run back to your houses of duplicity only to discover there is nothing you can do! And all you have to remember is this …

“Ye who have nothing, fear nothing; ye who have everything, fear everything”

Or you could just say … I’m talking out my arse again!!  😉  x