Without exception

Throughout the ages many individuals have challenged the concept of what is known as common law, a concept that at this present time seems to be a very hot subject. As myself, many others have picked up law books to research and to become acquainted with what we are told is law that we have to abide by daily, even though to many it seems to revolve around two fundamental elements. The first being the fact that there seems to be a segregation in law that depends on what you can afford by way of legal representation and the second is that ‘the law’ (rearranged slightly spelling ‘wealth’ thanks Richy 🙂 is already an open and shut case before any litigation even starts; primarily because costs cannot be met or the accused has convicted themselves through a statement. I hear cries of ‘innocent before guilty’ when the real truth is everyone is presumed ‘guilty before being proved innocent’ and I here you cry ‘how can that be’?

The law as it stands in this country is politically controlled and revolves around taxation and the collection of equity through control – I am sure no one can deny this fact. Even criminal law, supposedly completely different from civil law, seems to be based on the foundation of the later and through torts of conversion, the two supposedly separate systems are joined at the hip. This allows for the concept of precautionary principle to reverse the very existence and principles of justice and negligence and allow for a conflict of interests to be present in every court of equity – sorry I mean law. The concept is protected by those who are legally trained who have been brainwashed into protecting it by the acceptance that only they can know the law and how it truly functions. This is also protected daily by the fact that the common people (serf’s) have no way of knowing what the law is as it can change daily through case law and the implementation of even more statutes or parts of through statutory instruments, with no plea of ignorance to it being allowed. The procedures of any court also denies anyone not legally trained a voice, which means their true voice is corrupted and cannot be heard, as many legal representatives convey what is good for the court and the law society, instead of what is good for their clients. Harsh it may seem, but moreover being commonplace in most courts, as the unworthy are manipulated and trod on from above by the legal bully boys and girls.

So in essence what have I said?

The law as it stands in this country serves only one master and that is a political one and everyone else is a slave to that masters rules that allows them and their cohorts, such as bankers, to hide behind it’s mechanisms with the peace of mind they can never be touched or questioned – because no one can afford to do so, or can gain legal representation to do so, as the advocates will never bite the hand that feeds them. The common law concept is a concept that in principle speaks of equality at law and not one that implies you have to have enough money to buy it. Ancient laws and charters indicate that this is the case, when the truth is they were wrote for a very select few who have monopolized the monetary source through greed and self importance enforcing everyone must pay for some form of justice that generally results in the practice of summary judgment void of any form of justice. If this common law exists – even if it is wrote for the few – it is about time the many staked claim to it demanding the reforms needed so that a common law does apply to everyone equally, without exception and not just the select few. That equality at law exists without reference to status, position, standing or how much money you are worth. Because in truth the system that exists revolves around these false values, as false as those who purport that this is fair and who just happen to be the ones gaining from it and protecting it’s insidious ways.

“Let those who wish to choose to recognize that this law does exist for the few and is most aptly written in disregard to the many raise objections to this and site this law in their protection, against the heinous political machine and it’s puppets the police, civil service, courts and councils. Let them do what they feel is right, peacefully and without any form of violence, respectfully and in dignity to claim these ancient laws against this vile machine that deprives them of such simple freedoms. For once in the history of humanity allow them to claim equality through a law that is common to all without exception and let them put a king upon the throne of this island to make certain this occurs….”.

Is this statement relevant at this time, or is it a statement meant for another time, another era not bound by the political constraints forced upon the people of this land – or in truth have these constraints always been in place to ensure everyone knows their place and never gets above their station? Would it be seen as sedition to demand a true monarch to rid this land of the political divisions that allow for separation in all things legal, which is so apparent and obvious to those not lost in the belief that a monarchy is an archaic concept that has no place in this age? Has not the true meaning of monarchy been lost in translation deliberately corrupted to turn the people away from what can truly save them, from the political legal stranglehold being applied by those who claim to speak in words of representation that amounts to nothing more than canvassing that results in promises that never materalise? Surely can we not all see that a true central point of administration of law is needed that is of the people and for the people and not a false claim made on pretense and fabrication of a truth that is no more true than the lie it is based on? Do we not have a right to request this? For do we not all hold the power through consumerism and can we not through that power bring this insidious morally corrupt political commercial dictatorship to its knees through our ability to deny them their life line through requesting politely that we require a change in the monarchy, a change that will deny them their lifeline once and for all? Can we not request changes to the law to allow this to come about, or is the truth, it is already happening and has been for a very long time and we have just not been aware of this. Through the changes already under way equality will be found in law and this will be without exception. A common law to all will be founded on the principles of a true monarch that will eradicate the destructive and heinous political rule we have all suffered under emanating from a palace called Westminster and their maintainers through the commercial construct.

The concept of true kingship…

Kingship is a concept that has never been lived up to by any monarch, now or in the past, even though some have started the process they have never released themselves from the strangle hold of pomp and circumstance, self- importance and the simple fact they believe themselves to be better and in being so, deserve a better life style and quality of life than those lower than them. This has been done in complete disregard and under complete delusion, two elements allowed for and actually put forward by religious indoctrination and by the viewpoint of those of religious belief that hold fast to the concept of master hood and the fact that slavery is in fact acceptable at any level and under any disguise. This is most evidently the case when looking at the concept that is in use daily that is nothing more than legal slavery called democracy and in acceptance of this fact the highest disregard is put forward by the monarch to the people they belong to and are meant to serve under true kingship. This disregard is masked by the simple acceptance of the people as a whole that this is the only way things can be and the only way it will always be, as long as their daily addictions are met by ever increasing measures to keep the people dumbed down by false needs to fore fill those addictions. Whilst this happens those on high sit pretty looking down on those not realising their addictions are more abundant than those they look down on, in the fact they believe they can look down and believe such rises in status actually mean anything in a reality not built on such falsehoods. All this is epitomised by the buildings they frequent built in grandeur off the backbone of those they are meant to serve which is nothing more than a sham, a monumental deception, as the service is supposed to be the other way round under true kingship and the buildings… well…they are certainly not needed under a true concept of service to the people- maybe take the ground they sit on and put it to a proper use in serving the people, as a picnic area is far more valuable to the people than a church, cathedral, synagogue, mosque or houses of parliament, palace, temple or lodge – the list is endless.

I suppose in essence what I am trying to get at is the fact that a true king would not allow any of these buildings to exist in their present form…well to be honest…in any form, because to be absolutely frank they are not needed and nor is what they stand for and only through their eradication will what they stand for finally and once and for all be eradicated for ever. The true concept of kingship can be summed up very simply by very few simple sentences. ‘If a hole needs digging the king is the first in and the last out’. ‘The kings life style does not increase until all his people’s life styles have increased before his’. ‘That his people do not have to pay to live and that everything that can be provided for free – is’. ‘That he never allows this to happen again and that everything that has been taken from the people, is returned’. ‘That poverty truly does become a thing of the past’. ‘That his law is fair and that the first one that has to abide by this law is himself and that no one is above the law and everyone is equal in law without exception’. To be honest the list is endless as it simply revolves around common sense that implores that sense becomes common and in essence that is all that is being asked for. That a law that is common to all really is common to all and that everything is done completely transparently, so if you are asked to contribute you know exactly what that contribution is being used for at any time you require to know. And the funny thing is you can have this anytime you wish. All you have to do is ask for it and use the power of being a consumer to get it – it really is that simple. But don’t worry if you don’t feel you can because of the addictions that have a grip of you that you are probably not even aware of, because it is going to happen any way.

What I find even more comical and even more ironic is the fact that many of you within religious burden are waiting for this to happen from some form of divine intervention – the second coming is it not called. The point is you are kind of right in essence you have just got a little bit of the detail confused. What you ask for and pray for will happen I can assure you of that, but just with no divine involvement whatsoever. A completely plausible occurrence that you will deem divine and you will get the king you wish for and he will do as you ask and eradicate the core of the problem, you just might not realise what that core is. He is no son of god; he is the son of a woman and a man and is as normal as you and I. All he holds in his heart is the concept of true kingship that is service to his people as their ultimate servant and what that kingship truly means and more importantly, what needs to be done within that service.

Many of you will read this and attack guns a blazing because of what I have talked about and repeat the words of those who wish for this concept to be forgotten. But that matters not, for we are all entitled to express an opinion even one that is against the conformist point of view and the point is this concept can never be forgotten; because deliberately it is in books, films, poetry and plays and more importantly it is in our hearts. x