An understanding between the ACPO and the Law Society?

You know, some years ago I was told of this document and how damning it was. A fact that, well to be honest, has been summed up by whoever wrote the words on the front page. I was also told very recently that this document can be found else where on the net, but it is only seen by those who know it exists.

I at this moment am going to completely reserve any opinion I might have regarding this most interesting ‘understanding’, but maybe you would like to check out clause 5.4! I am very fascinated to see what you all make of it.

Please remember that the opinion on the front page is only an that, an opinion.

I thank my friend for sending me this who shall stay anonymous.   x

10 thoughts on “An understanding between the ACPO and the Law Society?

  1. I am definately am with you John on all topics I am a non believer at heart but have had no reason to deny these facts and there is a lot of people in my neck of the woods that are waking up to the blind truth . do you have any topics on the dvla or rescinding my driver status or application ( licence ) as I do not wish to be part of or be put in system any longer ,, I know it’s not about race but social status . But I can say from my personal experience as a young black man that we are discriminated upon daily and if I could take my life bk into my own hands this would be a perfect tool or starting point to fight their policies

  2. From the NWO to Common Purpose. A stitch up. All the way from the top, to the top of the bottom. How much more evidence do we need. Yes it is only an opinion on page one. But an educated one I feel sure.

    What IS needed is more speakers. Personally, I’m getting very close to doing my own presentation, but the movement needs many more!

    You are a great inspiration and teacher John. And a bleddy Cornishman to boot. Ansum!

  3. Hi john thanks for the time taken to spread the iofo however there seem to be missing pages from the document i noticed it goes from 2.4 them jumps to 4.2 what happend to the 3’s?

  4. Hi thejunsk,

    To be absolutely honest this was all I was sent. So in answer to your question I don’t know, but i will try and find out! x

  5. Thanks again for the responce , i was part of the audience when you gave your talk in glasgow ,
    and i am very observant i notice things many people seem to overlook of don’t care about becaues they are tele zombies (thats a phrase im trying to spread as far as possible ) and i was not trying to place blame just raise awareness.

    Peace and light

  6. John, make another video! For people not in the know, like me, you just seemed to disappear. Your videos were great! Keep us informed – please!!!

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