"Who are we, as a nation" & who is responsible for what we have become and what we are rapidly becoming? I fear the answer lies in the mirror for every resident of the UK. Why have we allowed this to happen?

Wake up Britain the time is upon us to unite…

We have slept our way into systems of surveillance, conformity and control beyond anything Huxley and Orwell had imagination for. Seemingly with their works of brilliant vision having been adopted as training manuals and blue prints by the UK government with increasing pace. The UK people, suffering from a fear induced loss of their faculties and reasoning, have allowed our Treasonous government to implement major encroachments on our civil liberties. We have allowed them to override true British law with corrupt EU Legislation, we have allowed them to convince the majority of the populace to believe we do not have a written Constitution, we have allowed them to sell our country out to a foreign power.

The Peoples United Collective is about the people of the UK taking a responsibility to put right the wrongs the government are implementing upon us. It is about people that are sick and tired of being treated like they don't exist, being failed by their government and left to fend for their rights and a democratic way of life, and failed by a redundant police force who's sole interest is to promote and enforce a police state instead of carrying out there duty to serve and protect us.