TPUC Letterhead to download

Today is Wednesday November 25, 2015
As many of you have requested we have produced a TPUC letterhead for you to download and to use when sending any correspondence. Let them know you are part of a community of people who back each other and are dedicated to resolve the issues we now find ourselves faced with. It shows you are not alone and as a community we support each other – is this not the true function of any community?
The letterhead has the TPUC logo discretely put at the bottom and not the top as we feel this allows you to use this, as not being a corporate logo, but just shows what you support – In effect I suppose it is more like a seal.
I have recently been putting TPUC stickers on the envelopes sent to me; this is a great way of advertising TPUC and getting them to pay for the privilege – especially when doing NO CONTRACT- RETURN TO SENDER which costs them £1.30 per envelope sent back. I have been doing this for some time now.
If you have any more ideas like this then please contact us at to let us know.

You can download the letterhead Here


  • works great against PARKING EYE, they send 2 more times ,so return them with logo of TPUC on across and N C R T S wrote on it , when they know YOU know your rights ,they give up.

  • Can I use the "  NO CONTRACT RETUTRN TO SENDER " on a speeding fine?


  • how do I follow tpuc on Facebook?

  • I have noticed that the last comments have been in 2013 whats going on with this, and what is TPUC and NCRTS is this applicable in Canada? Thanks

  • Cannot download the letterhead, all I see is garbled text, can you send the file to my email address please.

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