The Prophecy of Sion


This story is about a man called Sion; pronounced shun. You may know this man by another name, but at this time this needs not to be said. This man has existed at least nine times through the ages – in fact, once every thousand years, born forty-six years before the end of each millennium. This story is about the last three and the one who exists now. And so he lives again. Waiting patiently for the time to come when all can be reset and all can go back to how it should be. So the story goes….

“When humanity set forth on its path to self destruction, I wonder if we were wise enough to build in a failsafe – that would simply allow us to remember what we have forgotten, by forgetting what we have remembered.” Sion


Chapter 1


The sun was shining high in the sky when Akhenaton woke beside his chief wife Nefertiti – who was still sleeping peacefully. This day was like no other. And even though the sun shone bright Akhenaten woke troubled as he now did on nearly every morning. He gently exited the bed trying not to disturb or wake his beautiful wife. He pulled on a gown and strolled towards the window to take in the fresh morning air and to bask in the sunlight that shone through the opening.
This man was the pharaoh of all Egypt – its king – but nonetheless this was a very troubled man, riddled with guilt that was destroying him from the inside out. Akhenaton knew all was not well in his kingdom and the daily struggles he had with the priests of the temple and the families were becoming tiring. He had known for a long time that they had used him as a young adult. They had used him to pursue an intent that was so dark, that no light could enter it. This was the darkness of desire and lust, the addiction of materialism and status, and of course the blindness of greed. In pursuit of this, he had destroyed anyone who dare get in his way – and he had done this many times.

He knew he had been deceived. And he now knew by this being done, that the intent was permanent, for this period. This resulted in the people of his land living daily under the dark spells of the priest class. And by night they cowered in fear wondering what more the gods would ask of them, for very little more could be given. The fact they were in perpetual slavery to the priests and the socially dominant families – 12 in all – broke Akhen’s heart. The fact he was meant to be part of this and the fact he was only there to maintain this, only added to the perpetual pain that was slowly destroying him – for he knew that the blame for this fell at his feet and no one else’s – and this was something he was finding harder to live with every passing day.
He had for the longest time realised that something had to be done, but he knew in his heart it was not for him to do. His dearest friend had told him so many times that he must let things be. ‘All must happen as it is meant to’ and he would ‘know what to do when the time was right’ – not being told, but asked. She would say to him. But, this did not help him this only perpetuated his anguish.
Wanting now to correct this very temporal problem – being given spiritual solutions did not appease his powerful mind, it only achieved in giving it a bigger stick to beat him with. Another issue that caused Akhenaten much sorrow was he thought and believed that the method that had been used to create this situation was not accessible any longer. It had been stolen. Akhenaten thought the priests on behalf of the families had stolen it, when in fact it was actually an order that had taken it. An order that knew everything must run its course. But in times of solace when he felt emotionally stronger, he had a knowing and this comforted him. A knowing that reassured him. One that countered the stagnant beliefs contained within his thoughts. A knowing that true happiness is possible, even in this earthly form as he experienced it at these times.

He could not determine where this knowing came from and to be honest he did not care, just being satisfied that it happened – even though sadly, it was not a frequent occurrence. In these times he would sit comforted by the fact that all that needed to be done would be done, it was just a matter of time and happiness for all – without exception – would ensue one day. But for the rest of his existence, he spent his life in deep sorrow, agonising and stressing, trying to figure out how to correct all that had been done. This was the never-ending game his mind played with him, even though he was a reluctant participant. He was torn apart with torment, tortured by all he had done and all he could not do now. To be very honest he could not say which was worse. For the most of the time he suffered in silence, until it became too much to bear, and then the lion would roar not concerned with who heard or witnessed these out bursts. For when the lion was unrestrained there was no holding it back. With this no violence would be offered against another living thing, although this was very hard to control.  But the frustration sometimes caused violence against inanimate objects, but this was only because his mind demanded retribution.

Akhenaten could only confide in his closest friend, as the eyes and the ears of the priests – on behalf of the families – were everywhere and this led to a very lonely existence. Granted he had his beautiful wife and children, but his mind took no pleasure from this. Unless of course he was being the all-powerful king, which in reality was nothing more than a farce? He was playing the part to keep the status quo happy, as he knew that the families would have no problem in getting rid of him, if they so chose. And of, course his family too.
They controlled the armies, the priests and had the people fearing these elements to such an extent; they would never rise against them. Even though it was quite evident that the controlled outnumbered the controllers 100’s to 1. Even if he were to try and raise the people against the hierarchy himself, the people would crush him first. As they believed he was the instigator and the maintainer…. and this was true. And that truth was what ate away at this man. But nonetheless he was going to try. No matter what the outcome was, he had to find some form of redemption, well, that is what his mind kept telling him. He had realised some time ago that he was just a front man. Who had been coerced from a very early age to desire the finer things in life, as they were considered?
He had, only a matter of years previously, realised this was not the way things were meant to be. And that the true finer things in life were something far different from what he had been taught to require and demand. He had realised that status, position and material wealth to name but a few were not the finer things in life. They were prisons. Prisons that stopped him being that which he truly was. This troubled him. This pained him. He realised that he was wearing a mask playing a character in a play that seemed like a nightmare.

A dream he just could not wake from. A play containing acts, laws and legislation, which were instruments of torture being forced upon what they called the inferiors – the people who were lesser than them. But in times of solace he had this knowing that nothing was greater than him. But on the same hand nothing was lesser than him, even though his mind would try to deny this fact to justify the need for all the fore mentioned.
The people didn’t just suffer physical torture, but mental torture as well. Delivered by coercive religious techniques practiced and honed to perfection by the priests daily in the temple. For this is what it was to control the law, for in essence it was about controlling the wealth and the division of it.

What Akhenaten had realised was the fact that the priests and the families believed they were this mask, this persona. What Akhenaten didn’t know was that many others shared the same feelings, views and perspective and this was something he was to become aware of very soon.

The families and the priests believed they really were the character in the play! They were so far removed from what and who they truly were. Removed to a point that the true them did not exist anymore – and this resulted from the fact that they actually believed they had a right to do this. All that existed in them was this social mask the mind had created for them to wear. So they could become the character their minds desired them act out – a personality. They believed they had the right to do anything to anyone they so wished. Why? Because they didn’t just create the law, they believed they were the law and in being so were above it. And in doing this any form of morality had been removed to the point of none existence within them.

From a child Akhenaten had been well educated and versed in the ways of social dominance, politics and command structure. And in this, his later years, he admitted that he was. Even though it burdened him to do so. But in all honesty this was to help him come to a realisation later in life that would help beyond anything that could have.

He was a good student until he began his thirteenth year. Always studying hard and his obedience always pleased the priests. He was punctual and well mannered and listened intently, unaware that his mind was being programmed by pre-given information. So he could become what they needed him to be. And to act the way they needed him to act coerced by delusion.

But from this age Akhenaton started to ask questions and talk about subjects that started to concern the priests – but at the same time intrigued them. Intrigued them in a way like never before. The priests spoke to his father inquiring why his son had suddenly started to do this, regarding subjects he should know nothing of. There was a suspicion that Amentohep himself was giving his son information. Talking about subjects that were forbidden to talk about, unless of course it was within certain circles. But, this information must never leave that circle – those were the rules.

The problem the priests had to contend with was the fact that Amentohep himself would not have access to this information. For it was imperative that the pharaoh never has knowledge of such things. Otherwise the deception would be blown and the front man would realise he is nothing more than a mascot, which would lead to a very dangerous situation – especially if the pharaoh was backed by the will of the people. But the fact still remained the boy knew things he should not know. And the question needed to be asked, where had this knowledge come from?

Obviously for good reasons the priests were very wary of Akhenaton’s father, him being a member of the ruling families – one of the sacred families of twelve. At that time he still wielded a great deal of power and a lot more than his son would ever wield. Knowing this the priests would always conduct themselves with extreme caution when asking anything of this man, especially when it was about one of his beloved son’s. But nonetheless the questions had to be asked, even though they dare not ask what they truly wanted to directly, they would indirectly.

What intrigued the priests the most was this boy was talking about something he could not possibly know about? For it was only known by a very few at that time or so it would seem. Of course one of these would not have been Akhenaton’s own farther. As it was presumed that he knew nothing. Or did he? And was he sworn to secrecy and his silence was bought by wealth, position and standing and the promise of a great building that reached to the sky to satisfy his ego. As a testament to the great life he had led – basically a pharaoh’s life, the maintainer of slavery.

Was he really this naive to be fooled by such false elements of elevation? Leading to a delusion of grandeur at the highest level, which allowed for a god like existence for those who had completely succumbed to the coercive protocols? Did the lower echelons’ of the priest class have no knowledge of this fact? – A secret only known by those who occupied the top positions. Had Akhenaten’s father succumbed to the coercion as many before him? I suppose no one will ever know except Amentohep himself. A secret that he most certainly took to the grave to protect his own immediate family. Was it the fact that the priests, who taught his son’s and had questioned him about such matters, were not just lowly priests, but masters in disguise? Masters who had reached a higher degree, employed as a safe guard to maintain whoever was to take the throne next, would be subjected to the highest level of coercion. To ensure a continuance in the deception that the throne stood for – never allowing it to go back to what it should stand for.

The families maintained that in the doctrine delivered by the priests, it was absolutely essential that whoever was to be the front man (pharaoh) should be kept in the dark as much as possible regarding his true position. And must always receive the highest level of coercion to ensure this happens. Daily if needs be. This didn’t always work though.


Then the level of coercion had to be increased and so did the level of bribes to counteract the problem. Even though the families were feared as though they were gods, there were those who knew far too much for their own good – or at least for the good of the families. And knew they certainly were not gods. These were the members within the lower ranks of the families who wanted their turn at the top slots. By telling the pharaoh the truth, they believed they would then in turn be in the pharaoh’s favour. And in being so, would naturally rise in status if the pharaoh did manage to take back control of the priest class and the situation.

Although many who uttered such words did so as false threats, the families weren’t to know this and nor dare they take that chance. So to counteract this, nothing or no one would be allowed to undermine the coercion process. So inevitably, many hands were crossed with gold and silver. Or many were lifted in status to insure the process ran smoothly. So that, all that had to be done, was done and remained that way – seemingly effortlessly. Although on the contrary it was often not the case.

For most of time the bribes or lift in status would suffice. Simply quenching the thirst for power and of course the increase in standing in the society that was lusted after by those individuals desiring such.

Even though the families had the ultimate deterrent to call upon if all else failed. In most cases they were very reluctant to use this resource. The families knew the threats would not only come from members of their own quarters and knew that threats would also rise from the ranks of the armies and of course the priest class itself.

They realised it was far better to grease the cogs of the machine they relied upon that were most needed, rather than replace them – basically them being an unwanted necessity. In fact a despised necessity, but nonetheless a necessity they could not be without.   They knew that much time was always wasted in training the new recruit to accept the next level of indoctrination, that at first was not needed to be delivered, for them to become a basic cog. Time they could ill afford if the machine was to run smoothly and efficiently. So it was always more effective to use the power of bribes. To simply create a trough for them to eat from, reassuring the participant they would never be found out for eating from the trough. Many being taken to a point of no return through their sexual carnal lusts and any other levels of depravity they craved for. Then the ultimate means of control could be used through blackmail. This method was and had been used on every pharaoh and Akhenaten had not escaped this process either. In fact he had suffered more coercion than any other pharaoh before him.

At the age of 13 Akhenaten started to really impress the priests with his acquired knowledge and understanding. Even though at times he heavily questioned the priests over subjects they dare not speak of. They were so pleased in the fact that he accepted that he was of noble blood. And in being this they could see that he accepted the delusion, he was better than everyone else – one of the main focuses of the doctrine.


The priests realised that the coercion was working. There was little choice for Akhen. When you have been repeatedly told something for a length of time over and over again, sooner or later you will believe it – whether it be true or not.

This was the prime purpose of the coercion delivered by the priests. To get whoever they were teaching to except their word above all others and to except that their words were the words of the one creator Temu himself. And in being so, the indoctrinated believer would never dare to disobey anything the priests told them to do or believe in and of course never dare to question.

Even though Akhenaten did question, the priests started to treat him with a different kind of respect, simply because of the impression he had left upon them. It was very obvious that the boy held the priests in very high a steam as they did him, even though they would never allow this to get in the way of what ultimately needed to be achieved.
He became a model student and was starting to show an ever-increasing disrespect for the inferiors, which was a priority. The boy showed strong will and his intent was so strong that he always got what he demanded, even if that was not gained by direct means. The boy seemed to have a way with words unlike anything they had ever seen.

They had even witnessed on numerous occasions this boy entrance one of the priests using nothing more than what they were using and had to step in and remove the priest in question, replacing them for another. So strong was the power of suggestion within him. It was soon to become very obvious that there was something very special about this boy and especially about the way he spoke and how he used words.

It was very obvious as well to the priests who taught Akhenaten, that his use of the power of suggestion was far greater than anyone within the temple could achieve – even though there was disbelief amongst the arrogant higher members who dismissed such suggestions. But the priests who had witnessed what this boy could do knew this arrogance oh so well – although they would not admit it – as they suffered from the same infliction, but they could not dismiss what they had witnessed with their own eyes or heard with their own ears. But regardless of this it was very apparent that this boy talked of things he could not possibly know of and the burning question still was, how did he know?

Another strange occurrence was that Akhenaten would only ever talk about such things with the priests and was adamant about this – even though the priests could not be sure of this fact, they had no choice but to accept it. But one fact did re-assure them; because to be honest to anyone else living within the societies rules and conformity, the words Akhenaten spoke would be the words of someone suffering from madness. A lunatic. And something of this strange nature would surely have been reported and dealt with, even if he was the kings’ son.


Many times they asked of him “how do you know such things” and the boy who would be king answered “I do not know, all I can tell you is they seem like memories”. The boy spoke like this many times and talked of all manner of subjects and occurrences. They witnessed a change in the boy when this happened. His voice would slow and deepen and he spoke very precisely without wavering. A positive absoluteness that was humble, but at the same assertive, just not in an arrogant way. Delivered as though it was a perspective and nothing more and sometimes strangely including humour. There was also something strange about the boy’s eyes. Although no actual light emanated from them, it was though they shone enhancing what he was saying. It was though you were looking into two pools of light, as though this light was being brought to whoever gazed upon his eyes as he spoke.

But the strangest occurrence was after such an event, as Akhenaten would remember nothing about what he had spoken of. As if he had never uttered the words. Many times he spoke of a plant called hemp and that machines would be built and powered from this plant, but he spoke of how this would end many years later never to be talked about.

He described why this would be done, so that wealth and control could be kept by the few, as long as the use of this plant was suppressed – especially its medicinal properties.

He spoke of a device he called a coil that could produce energy as if it could produce lightening and from this device machines and devices could be powered. Even producing light to allow you to see in the darkest of places. Again he said at a later date this technology would be suppressed so the few could charge the rest for using what it created.

Many of the priests were puzzled by these suggestions, all except one called Iktus. Iktus knew that what the boy talked of already existed, but he was sworn to secrecy, never to utter a word about the knowledge of such things. Akhenaten spoke of stone buildings built in a certain shape. And how the priests believed they could trap the energy that a human body transmits, funneling it though to a central point to amplify intent. A bad intent that one-day they believed they would be able to use to control all of humanity with. He spoke of how this was just an illusion and what they were really building was not physical in appearance, but more just a concept based on simple religious belief. A belief they would try and fool everyone with. And for those who did not accept the belief, then they would create law as they had and force them into the same slavery as they had – just on a worldwide basis.


He spoke of how this concept would manifest in time to become systems of world wide control via dead speak and the written word in things called books of law. And how one specific book – being the foundation to many more – would be written on the pretense that it was for the greater good. But in reality it would be filled with a commercial construct only a few would truly understand, for the benefit of those who truly understood it. And for the rest it demanded the laws of compliance must be adhered too, as it implored the god concept must be adopted and obeyed. Even though the members of the lower priest class had knowledge of some of the subjects the boy spoke of, as Akhenaten spoke the priests would be captivated by the boy’s words and were truly astounded. Unless he had been told, what he talked about defied logic. Because he just could not know about the things they knew about, and what of the rest?

He spoke of how these buildings would be built. Starting small and increasing in size till they were astronomical in proportion and precision. Lined up with astronomical bodies to add weight to the illusion. A process that was nothing more than simple miss-direction. Many times he talked of how they would be constructed, from what materials and where they would be built. How at a later date there construction would puzzle people and it would be presumed that there was outside interference and help from the stars. Because it would be presumed that humanity would not be advanced enough at this time to build such feats of engineering.


Written in a certain way the history of such events would be lied about. Not being a true account of events, but more like an account that would only suggest certain things could be possible. To maintain the belief system within future generations that was very much to be relied upon.

He spoke of how these buildings would demonstrate the epitome of egotistical behaviour as all temples would in future dates and had done at previous ones, as they did now in present day. Filled with such treasures that the people would believe were of the utmost importance, as they lived their lives deluded by material wealth and religious indoctrination. That most were not even aware they were infected with it. Believing there purpose was to be used as the burial grounds of the great pharaohs, when the reality was there purpose was far from that. The pharaohs themselves would even believe they were and at a later date loss leaders would be found to suggest such a use for these buildings. Simply to hide the real reason for their construction, even though all across the world the socially dominant members of all communities created the same. As they showed their superiority, by the size of the buildings the slaves would be forced to build for them.
Akhenaten spoke of how these societies would be forced upon all peoples. How they would in the end create a system that relied upon the fact you had to pay to live, as slavery was to evolve over the centuries. Evolve into legal slavery with the most powerful controlling aspect being debt and the duty of being in debt too!

He spoke of the light from the sun being concentrated into a beam of light that could cut, etch and carve even the strongest of stones, all bar one and this one statement – even though two of the priests present that day knew not what the boy was talking about – was the one statement that the priest called Iktus had been waiting for. Iktus had been waiting for this boy of only 13 years to speak of this stone, as he knew this was the most closely guarded secret in of all Egypt? Before Iktus could stop Akhenaten he went on to explain also about a prophecy that had been found with the stone that he said was called the Prophesy of Sion and at this point the Iktus stopped all conversations about such a matter and told Akhenaten to be silent.


A conversation of this magnitude could only be conducted in private and not in public, even if it was only two priests listening. Because only the very few would be privileged enough to hear these words and only when Iktus decided it was appropriate.
Iktus, as whom he worked for, had been trying to work out exactly what power this stone possessed. They had been trying to work this out from the prophecy, even though this was – unbeknown to them – as very lost cause. A crusade they had embarked on that would never result in a favorable outcome for those pursuing it. Because little did they know the prophecy did not contain any information regarding what power the stone possessed. It just said it had one.
The Families and the top members of the priest class had presumed what they thought the stone was possible of and decided to create this. Whether it be true or not, they could still use this to create another illusion. Illusion upon illusion to keep those they needed to control, under control. It was revealed to those who needed to know that this was the doctrine of the prophecy. Only a very select few knew it wasn’t and they themselves had no idea what the prophecy really meant. It was written in the art of duality. Not to be taken literally, they just did not realise this.


Later that evening the two priests who had overheard what Akhenaten had said that afternoon were asked to go to the first house of the temple to meet with Iktus. They were intercepted along the way in a darkened area that was on the path from the priest’s dormitories to the first house.

There they were met by four soldiers who followed the orders they had received and hacked the two priest’s death. Iktus was now to be present at all lessons that Akhenaten was to receive and if anyone over heard what this boy uttered, they too, would meet with the same fate.







Chapter 2


Akhenaton stood in front of the window listening to the dull rumble of the machines at work. Even though they were many days ride away he could hear them – everyone could hear them. He knew of the lies he had helped spread as a young man to help convince the people that this was the god’s at work. And any who dare look upon the gods as they worked would be destroyed by them and spend eternity in the gruesome underworld of the evil dead.

As a boy he remembered hearing this noise and questioning the priests at his schooling as to what the noise was and being told not to speak of this subject. He also remembered the time when, for some reason, he knew what they were and what they were doing but could not explain how he knew. The pharaoh moved away from the window, slowly walked past his wife still sleeping unaware that her husband was up. Slowly he walked out of the doorway to their bedroom and down the hall into the central area of the palace. Crossing the central hall, where the two guards at the far end stood to attention and bowed their heads – the pharaoh walked past without acknowledging them.

Deep down, he wanted to say, “Morning lads, how are you doing this fine morning?” As much as he wanted to, he could not, for this was not the done thing for a pharaoh to do. And word would soon get back to the families, as it always did and to be honest things were difficult enough without creating more problems for himself.

At the end of his journey lay the main palace kitchen, which was a mass of hustle and bustle with servants flying all over the place under the orders of a trustee; a servant with slightly higher status than the rest and given slightly better living quarters, food and wine. The families had long known that all you needed to do to get someone to go against their own people was to offer them a better standard of living than the rest. This process works very well and limits the need for military in many areas – keeping costs to the bare minimum, which essentially, was the aim of the game. They knew by doing this that the trustee would even kill one of his own family members if ordered to – as long as their benefits were maintained. This is sad, but very true.

Just before the kitchen entrance there was a little short cut that would take the pharaoh out of sight of the kitchen staff and the trustee, and would lead him to a small-secluded area. This could be found just outside to where one of his dearest friends worked very long hours – which hurt the pharaoh deeply.

Many times he had tried to get his friend to leave and even provided the means to do so – horses, money, and even he himself would ensure safe passage through Egypt – but, nonetheless, his attempts failed and his friend would not go without him. As he greeted Tiy with a smile, she stopped what she was doing and ran into his arms – though not before looking around quickly.

Tiy held her dearest friend, the pharaoh, close, showing the love she felt for him. She shared his mother’s name, and he confided in her as though she were the mother the pharaoh missed so deeply. Even though he knew in his heart that she had gone to a far better place and that the empty bag of bones she occupied was not her anymore.

Tiy asked.

“What is wrong, Akhen?”

“Just the usual, my dear friend – the relentless sorrow I feel for what I have done.”
Replied the very saddened pharaoh.

“But this you know you cannot change. We have spoken of this many times, and what is done is done.” Said Tiy.

“But it could be changed, Tiy, You know this – if the stone could be located”

“But it cannot be located at this time. And deep down you know it is not just about the stone, you know this, you just will not accept this. But you will remember one day as you did when you were a child. Yes it has its importance, but within you there is something of far greater importance that tells you something else you will not accept. It tells you that all that is happening must happen and, no matter how you feel, you must let this be. No good can come from this sorrow you carry and the suffering it will bring.”

The pharaoh broke their embrace so that he could look into the eyes of his dear friend who would say things to him that no one else would dare.
He did not speak, just looked.
Tiy spoke only the truth, no matter what was asked of her. She worked alone and lived alone, as many of the servants did. Akhen didn’t realise Tiy was part of a family, one he had no knowledge of yet and she wasn’t as alone as he had first thought.

Those who worked at the palace were never allowed to leave; never to see or return to their families and, in return for this, their life-styles were slightly better. They were prevented from leaving so that the small secrets within the palace remained secret. Even the sentries who stood guard all around the palace, were never allowed too leave it. The palace guard too, were confined within the walls of the palace – again, this wasn’t exactly true

“Would you like tea, Akhen?” inquired Tiy.

“Yes, thank you,” Replied the very despondent pharaoh.

Just over a minute later Tiy bought the pharaoh a cup of green tea sweetened with some nectar. The pharaoh did not like sugar and much preferred the nectar.

“You better take that and go – and don’t be seen with the cup as they will wonder why you are carrying your own tea. And please remember Akhen. It is enough to realise our mistakes once and live the burden of them once. To perpetuate this achieves no more and actually achieves far less as the burden becomes perpetual. ” Said a concerned Tiy.

“Thank you, my friend. I do not know what I would do without you.” Said the pharaoh who moved towards her and gently kissed her on the cheek.

Tiy waved goodbye and Akhen left, hiding the cup under his gown.

That was the last but one time the pharaoh would see his friend because, unbeknown to them, they had been seen, and the pharaoh’s whole world was about to be turned upside down.
As Akhen entered the bedroom again with the now nearly empty cup, he noticed that his wife was still not awake and still sleeping peacefully. Akhen walked over to the window again and was greeted by the dull hum of the machines once more.

How had they achieved such a thing – how could they have possibly kept this quiet, he thought to himself? Forgetting in an instant all that Tiy had just said to him. But such is the burden of a powerful mind. Through fear, that is how, and that fear had now been spread like a disease across the world – well, at least to certain parts of it which had posed a threat. As he stood there, with the sun on his face, he drifted off into another batch of memories and these memories disturbed him more than any others.

The day in particular he was remembering had started the same as any other schooling day. The priests turned up in the palace as they always did and Akhen and his twin brother, Tutmose’s, sat waiting patiently for them.

The priests entered the room and greeted the two brothers, who in turn greeted them. Both Akhen and his brother got their tutoring books out but Akhen was told to shut his, as two more priests walked through the door.

He was then told to put the books away as he was to follow the two priests to another part of the palace. There he was told that he was to accompany the two priests on a journey that would last for about six days. Akhen had never left the protection of the palace in his entire life; such was the life of an Egyptian prince. He wanted to question where he was going, but knew better than to question a priest.

The ruling family never left except for funerals and, apart from that, they were prisoners in the palace. As they were swamped in all that their minds could desire, they never found this a problem. All that which Akhen needed for his trip was already packed – the two priests had been doing this for sometime whilst the boys waited patiently to be tutored.

The two priests led Akhen to a part of the palace he had never been to – and even though the two boys had explored most of the palace, Akhen had never seen this part. They had gone through a door Akhen didn’t even know existed and had entered a lit passage, which at first frightened the young boy and he leapt back to run through the still open doorway – only to be stopped by one of the priests.

“What is wrong Akhen?” exclaimed the priest who had stopped him.

“What is that upon the wall that light shines from?” questioned Akhen with his voice trembling with fear.

“Why, that is a lantern powered by electricity.” Answered the priest.

“Why have I never seen such a thing?” exclaimed the boy.

“But you have spoken about this before, Akhen, do you not remember?”

“Well… yes… maybe… I am not sure.” Stammered the young prince.

“You will see all manner of things on this trip that may, at first, frighten you, but please do not be alarmed – nothing will harm you.” said the priest confidently.

This seemed to put Akhen’s mind at ease, even though he moved past the first light very attentively, making sure he was on the other side of the passageway from it. Again the indoctrination came fully into to play as he just accepted without question what the priest said to him. Such was the power it had over his young mind.
They started to walk at steady speed down the passage and, as they did, Akhenaton could not take his eyes off the lanterns – still, he had not even asked where they were going, simply following the first priest with the other bringing up the rear. They walked for what seemed quite a while but were he to be honest, Akhen could not tell how long as his time had been taken up solely looking at the lanterns. That now mystified him more than frightened him.

They came to the end of the passage and walked into an open area -again lit with the same lanterns though these ones seemed brighter in some way. They walked towards an area that was on the left from the end of the passageway – towards what looked like a gate – very similar to what he had seen in the palace gardens. A place that Akhen loved to be and one he had so much fun in, even though his brother would not play at what he called ‘childish games and behaviour’. It seemed Tutmose’s had been inflicted with adulthood at a far too early age and refused to play with his brother. The two boys were very different. Almost, it could be said, the antithesis of each other.

This was a strange-looking gate Akhen said to himself as he studied it. One of the priests took hold of it and, as he slid one side open the other did the same. The first priest entered and beckoned Akhen through the gate and onto a different type of floor – the boy prince did as he was asked to do. The second priest shut the gate as the first priest turned and looking down towards Akhen he said.

“Please do not be alarmed my prince. We are about to go downwards, but it will only be for a short time.”

Akhen was alarmed, but the nervous excitement was increasing in him, so he accepted the priest’s words. The second priest pushed an area on the wall and there was a small jolt when the floor started to move slowly down. Akhen lurched slightly towards the lift wall but steadied himself unaided. At first Akhen found it quite un-settling, but he soon became accustomed to the feeling he had never experienced before.

They descended for a while before they began to slow down, eventually coming to a soft halt. The second priest opened the gates and all three walked out into an even larger, lit area. On the far side, towards the left from where they were now standing stood a group of men and the three of them – the young prince and the two priests accompanying him – started to walk towards them.

The group of men greeted the priests and Akhenaten with a lowering of their heads. The first priest inquired whether everything was in place and if they were ready to proceed. The group gestured nearly all at the same time without lifting their heads up suggesting they could proceed.

The second priest said they were ready and the men turned without looking at any one and welcomed the three onto the train with perfect protocol. Again the first priest turned and spoke to Akhen.

“This platform moves upon wheels and is pulled by horses so, again, please do not be alarmed.”

Akhen gestured that he was fine.

“I realise you have never travelled before, so I understand that you are nervous. The tunnel is lit by the same lanterns, so even though it looks somewhat dark in the tunnel, you will be able to see – are you ready to go?”

Akhen again gestured he was. The platform started to move and soon they were travelling quite fast. Lantern after lantern flew past.


The time seemed to pass quite quickly and, as there was a lot of noise and it was quite dusty, Akhen spent his time eyes shut just thinking. His mind was racing. The two main questions he was so desperate to ask were – where were they going and why was he being taken there? But also there were many others. Did his mother and father know where his being taken? Then he dismissed this saying to himself they must do – so little did he really know. And another that puzzled him was why him and not his brother? His brother was the first-born – a fact Tutmose’s had never let Akhen forget. So why not take him instead of himself? But he knew not to question. And resided himself to the fact sooner or later he would find out.
Before long they were stopping to have water, to relieve themselves if they needed too, which Akhen didn’t and the horses were changed. That was what the first priest had informed Akhen was happening as they started to slow. Akhen got the essence of what the priest was saying as it was very noisy and he couldn’t quite hear him properly. The priest told him this even though he had not inquired. But it did seem they were quite happy to explain everything that was occurring to him, without the need of him asking them.
This went on for pretty much all day and the one thing that Akhen had noticed was that the priests did not seem to have brought his bag of clothes – which to Akhen seemed odd. However, with all the excitement and new things to wonder at, this just did not seem important anymore.

They finally arrived at their destination and four beautiful servant girls wearing very little indeed, yet still very respectable in the right places, greeted them. This 13-year boy prince could not take his eyes from them. Almost in an instance he was spellbound by there beauty. Not just by one of them, but all of them.
The servant girls helped the priests and Akhen off the train and on to the platform then gestured that the three should follow them. As requested the two priests and Akhen did exactly that.

To the right of them was a very ornate pair of doors made from a substance Akhen had never seen before. They were shown through the doors, which led into a hallway – which was quite a large one with seating areas, and had other doors leading off and all manner of things including, but not least, a beautiful fountain made, again, from a substance Akhen had never seen. This substance had water spewing from every angle of it and it made a beautiful sound.

The first priest beckoned Akhen to sit down as the second brought Akhen a glass of wine. He offered it to the boy prince, saying.

“You must be thirsty after all that dusty travelling. Drink this before you bathe, my prince.”
“I would much prefer a glass of cold water please.” Asked Akhen of the priest.
“I will make sure you have fresh cold water in your living quarters. For now drink this, it will also help to relax you after your long days travelling.”
Akhen took the glass of wine from the priest and studied for a moment before bring the glass up to his lips. Akhen had drunk a small amount of wine before, but only when his mother and father were not about. But drinking this wine wasn’t what puzzled Akhen; it was the container it was in that puzzled the boy. It seemed to be made of the same substance as the doors and the fountain. This substance puzzled him. Smooth to the touch and cold. Akhen sipped some of the wine and squinted a little as he swallowed it. Then he spoke to the priest, who had given him the wine saying,

“After I bathe what clothes will I change into?”

“Why do you ask?” enquired the first priest.

“The clothes we were supposed to bring for me to wear have been left behind, so what will I dress in and who will dress me?” answered Akhen.

As he finished saying the words the four servant girls walked in and lined up in front of Akhen, smiling.

“Pay no concern to your clothes. There are plenty here for you and, regarding who will dress you, please choose one, two, or all four of these servant girls.” said the priest.

Akhen studied the girls again, and now they looked even more beautiful in the dim, shadowy light of the seating area. Wearing even less but still, in some way, respectable, they were certainly causing reactions in the young prince that he had never experienced before – or at least not on this level.

“I am unsure.” Akhen murmured as his eyes were drawn to each of the girls in turn. “I cannot make up my mind.” He said as he took another sip of the wine from the glass he was holding.

“Take them all!” said the second priest, and ushered the girls to collect the young prince and take him through to the bathing area.

“Once you have finished bathing, the girls will dress and care for you and show you your sleeping quarters. We will collect you in the morning – are you ok with this Akhen?” the second priest inquired.
Akhen just smiled and placed his hand in the hand of the first girl reaching out to him and the other girls, smiling, gathered around him and led him to the bathing area. Still trying to drink his wine, until the first priest took it form him saying,
“There will be plenty more wine inside my prince. Allow me to take this one from you so you don’t spill it.”
Akhen just handed the glass over without another thought regarding it. To be honest he only had eyes for one thing at this moment in time and it certainly wasn’t a glass of wine. Without hesitation he was led away meek as a lamb. And smiling the biggest grin he could muster.


Akhen had been dressed many times in his life – and not only by his mother who, had actually demanded to do just that, when Akhen was just a babe in arms. Akhen had never been in the company of such beautiful servant girls nor had he ever taken one of their hands. Normally, Akhen was very outspoken about all manner of things and was quite good at demanding, insulting and degrading anyone who dare to cross him – a privilege he was taught from a very early age that he was entitled to do, because of whom he was. A trait that is taught to you from a very young age, if you were of Akhen’s status, but not just limited to the ruling elite and aristocracy. This indoctrination was delivered right throw the ranks of families and even to those who were not quite on the ladder yet, or even near it. Along with a servant could never look you in the eyes, let alone take you by the hand.

On this occasion though Akhen was stunned into silence. Though inside he was bursting to question all that was happening and all he had seen, he knew not to. And just knew he had to let things pan out whatever way they were going to go – he felt safe in the priest’s hands, he always had done, and that was all that mattered.

The bathing area was through the door the girls had appeared from and was only a short walk from where they had been sitting. They followed the corridor to the end and then turned left and entered a dimly lit, spacious room. There was one big ornate bath – that could easily fit 6 people in – situated in the centre of the room, which was steaming from the hot water, it contained.

The rest of the room was filled with hundreds of candles hanging from the ceiling upon chandeliers, upon ornate wall brackets and shelves. The room was filled with gold and marble decorative displays, statues and motifs. The bath itself was made of marble and was beautifully finished – but the room could have been empty a far as Akhen was concerned. As all the beauty he could wish for was to the front and to the side of him. And everything was just a blur compared to this.

Akhen was under the spell of this beauty and it’s very coercive power, as the girls tempted him into their house. He was now completely spellbound, if he wasn’t before when he first met them.

As they stopped adjacent to the bath, the leading servant girl gently spoke with her head slightly lowered in respect.

“My prince, May we take your robes if it pleases you?”

Akhen gestured that this would be ok by nodding his head slightly, and two of the servant girls started to undress him whilst the other two behind him started to undress themselves – Akhen was totally oblivious to this fact until he turned round.

As Akhen’s robes softly hit the floor the servant girl gently spoke again.

“If it pleases my prince, may you turn around?”

This time Akhen didn’t even gesture and complied with what he was being asked to do without hesitation. He was met with a most arousing sight and his body did not fail to react.

Akhen felt a little embarrassment – for this boy of 13 had never in his short life been in a situation like this – and started to blush a little. As he turned to face the beautiful sight behind him, another gentle voice spoke.

“Do your eyes please you, my prince?” enquired the now naked servant girl.

Akhen could not speak but just grinned from ear to ear. This 13-year-old boy was on cloud nine as excitement raged through his veins.

Again the servant girl spoke.

“If it pleases my prince, may you step into the bath?”

Akhen again complied and stepped into the warm water, followed by the now naked four beautiful servant girls – and this was only the start.


Chapter 3


Akhenaten was brought back from his daydream by the gentle touch of his wife’s hand upon his shoulder.

“Good morning, my king.” she softly spoke. “You look troubled again, what ails you?”

“Please do not call me that, you know how it infuriates me. What king am I who allows such deceptions to go on, and who allows his people to be enslaved by the ‘houses of the temple’?” Akhenaton answered abruptly.

“I am sorry this troubles you so, Akhen.” The queen said slowly with patience in her voice. “But you know it is meant to be this way, you accepted this….”

Akhen cut in abruptly.
“I was coerced, you know this. I was young and they played me like a fool and I acted as a fool – what has happened should never have happened.”

“But you know it has to happen, and you must release yourself from the guilt you carry for it does you no good.” said Nefertiti as she embraced her husband.

“I‘m sorry Nefi, I do not mean to be abrupt. It just pains me so – the lies, the deception, and the poverty. It does not have to be this way, surely. It just feels so wrong – the life-style we lead, and the secrets we hold which could help all the people of this land and not just a privileged few. What gives us the right to do this….”?
Before Akhen could finish Nefertiti cut in.

“You know that god does. Please let us not argue about this again. You know this is what he requires from his servants.”

Akhen left his wife’s embrace by pushing her away, and raised his voice…

“That is lies and you know it is lies! There is no need for temples and places of worship. Something that loves us would want none of this and certainly would not want us to have all that we possess and not share it with all the people.” Akhen was getting angrier by the second and continued even though Nefertiti tried to cut in again.

“We have lied to the people and told them that there are multiple gods and you know this, then you expect me to believe that there is just one god that demands all this of us. I know in my heart that whatever it is, it is in me. It is nothing external – it is in all of us! Or maybe we are simply just talking to our true selves? What ever it is, it is no less than us and it is certainly no greater than us. And it is certainly not the lies the priests preach from the temples. They are coercing the people as they coerced me – simply to maintain their status, lifestyles and control. I am not a king; I am nothing more than a paid mascot.”
Akhen was now shouting and was full of rage.

“Please calm yourself, Akhen, before some one hears you. You cannot speak this way.” Said Nefertiti, trying to get her husband to calm down and lower his voice.

“Why can’t I speak this way?” Akhen roared. “Why can’t anybody speak this way? We are all the same are we not? Are we not all equal?”
Akhen was now staring at his wife, waiting for an answer, and was becoming more impatient by the second. Nefertiti bowed her head in respect without answering, but this did not pacify the enraged king so he answered for her.

“So you do think as they do. You do think that you are better than the people.”
As Akhen spoke these words and saw the non-reaction from his wife, confirming what he already knew was true. His heart broke and the tears fell from his eyes as the pain inside him became unbearable. He could not bring himself to look at her. He simply walked over to the bed, sat down and started to weep. His voice was quiet now, but he was sobbing with his head in his hands.


Nefertiti followed her husband, sat beside him and threw her arms around him trying to comfort her broken husband. When Akhen sobbed it was as though he sobbed for the entire world. He sobbed for all and everything on the planet. He was inconsolable, and Nefertiti knew that she would just have to wait till it passed.
She had watched this change in her husband for nearly two years now. Once he was happy to live as a king with the splendour, grandeur and the power, and to have literally the control over life and death itself. He’d been a man who had had no problem in vanquishing the enemies of the temples and had done so without a second thought. How many had he sent to their deaths, because they had dared to question the ways of the temple, the taxation or slavery?
At one time he was a great ruler in the eyes of his queen, his chief queen and his second and third. Yes, she was grateful that now she had Akhen to herself – only just a year previously he had decided that he did not want many wives and was happy just to have herself at his side.
But her husband was in pain now, and in his 46th year was on the verge of throwing everything away because of this pain. The guilt he carried was too strong to bear, it was ripping him in two, and he was becoming less concerned about what he said; becoming more out-spoken by the day, and this worried his wife as she knew how powerful the temple had become; and she also knew that they would not think twice about assassinating him if Nefertiti could not pull the reins in.
She knew, as many others did, that Akhen’s eldest brother, Tutmose’s, had been assassinated so that Akhen could ascend to the throne, and she also knew that Akhen knew nothing of this.
The old Akhen she knew before would have no doubt killed his own brother if it had been required of him and, even though it was required, Akhen had no part in his brother’s death. A soldier was employed to do the job for the priests – and he was later hacked to death himself for no trace of any deed must be left outside of the temple.
Nefertiti had always feared that one-day Akhen would find out the truth and what she did not realise was that the process was already under way.

The commotion had stirred a few in the palace and had woken their son, the 8 year old prince Tutankhamen, who had come stumbling into the royal bedroom wiping sleep from his eyes, leaving his twin Tutmose’s still fast asleep and unaware of the disturbance that had woken his brother.

“Mother, what was all the noise about?” he enquired. “Was father shouting again? I am sure I heard him – it woke me.”

Akhen was trying to compose himself, but was still gently sobbing – so he would not look at his son. The last thing he wanted to do was to upset him. It was bad enough when they were present and witnessed their father during such outbursts, knowing that no matter how he wanted to stop he couldn’t. The thoughts going through his mind, surrounding the memories of past events tortured him, resulting in pure frustration – a frustration that would lead to the destruction of something, anything, as long as it was inanimate, as Akhen knew he could never hurt another living creature again or, at least, not physically.

Before Tut could say any more, Nefertiti rushed over to their son and ushered him back out the door, holding him gently around the shoulders and reassuring him with a soft voice.
For sometime afterwards Akhen sat and gently sobbed as the pain passed. This was a pain that no medicine could cure. A pain that cannot be explained and only felt, but one that feels like your very insides are being torn apart. Nefertiti came back into the room after reassuring Tut and leaving him with his nanny to be fed, washed and clothed. She was concerned; as these attacks – as she described them – were becoming more frequent and she felt Akhen was becoming very unstable. Whilst tending to their son, Tut, she also gave word that the doctor was needed, as the king was feeling un-well. She had also given word that the king could not hold court that day for the same reason, but again without elaborating. She could see that Akhen was calming, the sobs becoming less frequent and his breathing was now more relaxed.
She moved towards him, knelt at his side and gently slipped her hand into his.

“Please do not be angry with me, Akhen, but I have called the doctor. You need to rest. I know that you have not been sleeping well and you are restless during the night. You need to sleep.”

Akhen was calm now.

“I am tired.” Said Akhen in a very calm and quiet voice – totally drained from the experience as he always was. And what was being said to him was a truth he knew so well, so maybe it was time to rest.

“I will rest and take advice from the doctor if you feel this is what I should do”.

“Lie down, my darling.” she gently whispered in his ear, and gestured for him to do so by offering her support. Akhen did what was asked of him without reply – he was tired, he knew he was tired so why fight it anymore?
For too many months now he had had next to no sleep. In fact, he couldn’t remember the last time he actually got a full night’s sleep. For too long now had he wandered around the bedroom, night after night in perpetual torture, as his mind beat him with the biggest stick it could find at the time. He could not even wander around the palace, as this would raise questions – and questions always need answers. Even though he wanted to shout from the rooftops, he knew this would serve no purpose but, in his own mind, he knew the day was soon coming, even though his instincts were screaming ‘this is not the way’.
Akhenaten was caught between the hammer and the anvil, and this frustration was driving him to a point he thought was actually going insane. He had even dismissed the two guards outside the bedroom door – even though this was unheard of – by saying he required some privacy when alone with his wife. This was accepted, but still raised an element of suspicion that he saw in the eyes of the priests and the family elders when making his request, but nonetheless they had agreed.


Nefertiti greeted the doctor who had been standing there a short time, silent – he was following very stringent protocols. She explained to the doctor that the king was not sleeping well and needed to rest – much business over the last few months had left him drained, could the doctor give the king something to help him sleep? The doctor agreed, and gestured so by removing a small bottle he had been searching for in the bag he was carrying whilst listening to the queen. The doctor entered the room with his head bowed low and made his way towards the king with Nefertiti leading the way. When they reached the royal bed Nefertiti stood to one side and allowed the doctor to speak to Akhen.

“My king,” whispered the doctor “please forgive my presence here, but I have come to help you.” he explained, still with his head bowed low and waiting for a response from his king.

Akhen spoke as he lay with his eyes closed.

“Thank you for coming, Isbane, and I will accept what you suggest”.

The doctor found this strange, as in all the years he had treated the king from childhood, the king – even as a young prince – had never said thank you. He knew what was ailing the king – as many did – and knew it was no illness the king suffered from. These were matters of the heart that no medicine could cure, but at least he could help give the king some solace for a while.

“If it pleases my king, could you take two sips from this bottle please?” The doctor offered the king a small glass bottle after removing the cork.

Akhen opened his eyes and sat up slowly. He reached out his hand and gently took the bottle from the ageing doctor. He did what was asked of him, returned the bottle and sat motionless for a while before lying back down. It was at that point that Isbane lifted his head enough for his king to be able to catch sight of his eyes. Isbane knew this was frowned upon. He knew if the king were the king he used to be, such an act would have led to his own death. However, Isbane knew for, some reason, that it was acceptable now, as long as the queen did not see this happen. As their eyes met for that short instance, Akhen saw validation in the ageing doctors eyes. He knew that Isbane really knew what ailed him. And this brought comfort to him. Akhen beckoned Isbane forward and the doctor did as he was asked.

Akhen whispered
“Thank you, my friend.”
Isbane bowed even more than before, not out of protocol but from respect, as he was engulfed by the humility shown by this one-time tyrant of all Egypt.

At this point Nefertiti walked over to Isbane and asked.

“Is all well, now, doctor?” He gestured with a humble nod of his head that it was and quietly saying, “Yes my queen”. He could not speak any louder as there would be emotion in his voice, nor lift his head – even if protocol allowed it – for his eyes were full of tears.

“You may leave now.”  Nefertiti said.
And the venerable doctor made his way to the doorway and quickly departed from the royal bedroom.


When the doctor had departed Nefertiti made her way back to her husband, now lying still on the bed. She could see that he was so much calmer now. His breathing was slow and his face was far more relaxed. There was no smile but she knew he was at ease now – well, at least he would be for a short time. She moved forward slowly and bent down and kissed her husband gently on his forehead, softly whispering.
“Sleep now, my king. All will be better when you wake.”

There was no answer from Akhen, but his facial expression told her he had heard what she had said.

“I will make sure you are not disturbed, my king.” This time there was no response at all as the herb was now working, and Akhen was drifting off into a dream. Unfortunately for Akhen his dreams were sometimes worse than the reality he found himself prisoner in, but this was something that, deep down, he knew he had to go through. No matter how painful it would be.




Chapter 4

Akhen woke feeling rather unwell. His head was pounding and his stomach was turning. He didn’t feel well at all. It was a task just to lift his head off the pillow as he raised himself up on one elbow. Dazed and bemused, he looked around the room where he lay, wondering where he actually was.
Rubbing his tired eyes he felt disorientated, finding it hard to place himself. What had gone on the day and evening before? His memory was not serving him well. He remembered the trip with the priests, and arriving somewhere and, of course, the beautiful servant girls – but that was about it. Anything else seemed to escape him.
As he lay on the bed, propped up with one elbow, he placed the other hand upon his head and wondered why his head hurt so much. He also realised that there was an uncomfortable feeling between his legs – a sensation of soreness, which he could not understand.

By his side there was a decanter of wine, one of water, and two clear drinking vessels made from the substance – until this trip – he had never seen before. Then a memory came back about the fountain he had seen and the beautiful sound it made from the trickling water running over it, which was made of the same substance.
Akhen picked up one of the glasses and looked at it. He then poured some water in to it and drank a little. He was disturbed by the sound of a voice he recognised.

“That is a glass.” The voice said, as a man approached him from the direction of the bottom of the bed. Akhen recognised him. It was the first priest who had spoken to him the previous day.

“Did you sleep well, Akhen?” The priest inquired.

“I don’t really know.” Replied Akhen. “I do not remember anything. How did I get in this bed?”

“You consumed a lot of wine last night, young prince, and by all accounts you very much enjoyed having sex with all four servant girls.”

Sex?” Akhen exclaimed. “I do not remember any of this.”

“That will be the wine, young prince. It can have that effect when you are not used to It.” the priest explained. “Please do not be alarmed by this.”
As Akhen’s senses started to come back to him and, fuelled by the way he felt, he was in the mood to demand answers from the priest. Still holding the glass in his hand he held it up to the priest and demanded.

“What is this substance and why have I not seen this before?” demanded Akhen with a stern and abrupt voice.

“That is better, my prince.” the priest said, smiling. “Remember who you are. You have a right to know and to speak this way.”

“Well?” demanded Akhen impatiently.

The priest started to explain.
“This is glass, young prince. A product made from heated sand. Many things can be made from this. You have seen a few, but you will see many more.”
Akhen cut in….

“And why do I not know about this substance?” His voice became even more menacing as the pain in his head and the sickness in his gut fuelled his frustration.

“There are many things, as I said before, that you will not have seen, but you will also know why by the end of your stay here.” The priest answered.
“Please allow me to give you something for the discomfort you suffer.”
Akhen nodded in agreement, pacified for a while by the offer of help. The priest walked over to the glass wine decanter and took off the lid. He took a small bottle from his robes and removed the lid, pouring two drops of the brown looking substance into a glass and then quarter-filled it with wine.

“Drink this, my prince, and you will feel fine soon.”

Akhen, now sitting fully up right in bed, took the glass and sniffed the wine with the elixir in it. The smell made him feel even worse.

“I cannot drink that I will become even worse.” he suggested as he screwed his face up in disgust.

“Trust me, my prince, you will feel better.” explained the priest. “Try to drink it all at once.”

Akhen did what was asked of him, even though he was already retching at the thought. He swallowed the wine as quickly as he could and then sat holding his mouth, as though he feared he would be sick everywhere. As the minutes ticked by he began to feel better and this showed in his face.
Akhen would realise later in life that the last thing he should ever do is trust a priest but on this occasion, he knew no better.

“Better now?” inquired the now smiling priest.

“Yes I am.”

“Are you hungry?” Inquired the priest.

“Yes, I am, but I do not think that food would stay down.”

“Why not try?” Said the priest.

With that the priest clapped his hands and a beautiful servant girl came from the direction of the same end of the bed as the priest had. She walked up to Akhen and the priest, her head slightly bowed in respect, and patiently waited for the command she was to receive.

“Bring our prince fruit, meat and bread at once!” demanded the priest with a stern and forceful voice.

The servant girl bowed slightly lower then backed away and left the room in haste.

“Your food will be here soon, my prince. Relax and eat, then you can bathe and the girls will dress you. They will inform me when this is complete and then I shall return, as we have much to do and see today.”
Akhen acknowledged what the priest had said with a smile and the priest departed from the room, leaving Akhen contemplating what was actually happening.


A little while later a servant girl appeared in the room, followed by three others all carrying silver trays laden with food. They approached an ornate marble table with a glass top and set down the trays. Akhen was not concerned with the food, as he still felt quite queasy, but he did feel a lot better after the elixir the priest had given him – his head was not pounding as much. Akhen, again, was taken aback by the girls’ beauty and was starting to remember some of the events of the previous evening. The four girls walked over to the bed and stood with their heads slightly bowed, one on either side, and two at the end.
The girl to his right spoke.

“What do you command of us, my prince?” she said, with a soft, seductive voice.

Akhen thought for a second before he replied.

“What do you mean by command?” he inquired. The girl spoke again.

“Whatever you desire, my prince is our command.”

“So, whatever I command you to do, you will do?” said the prince coyly.

“Yes, my prince, whatever you command.”

Akhen thought for a while again, contemplating what the girl had just said to him. Did she mean this literally, he wondered? Only one-way to find out, so he asked.

“Do you mean everything- anything – I say, you will do without question?” He inquired.

The servant girl answered.
“Yes, literally anything you desire, my prince.”

“But I am only 13.” said Akhen, with glee in his eye.

“This does not concern us, my prince. You are our prince and we serve you, no matter what is asked of us.” Replied the girl.

“How old are you all?” Akhen inquired.

The girl answered. “We are all 16 years of age, my prince.” She continued “Some of us are as young as twelve when we start here, but we start in the priests section and come through to here when we are 16.”

“The priest’s section?” Akhen inquired.

“Yes, my prince, this is where we are trained.”

Akhen was puzzled, but at this time needed no more answers, as he was more concerned with what the girls were wearing – or more to the point what they weren’t wearing!
He was intrigued with what had been said and was even more intrigued with what had happened the night before. Akhen had never had sex before last night and wished he could remember.

He turned to the girl again and asked.
“Tell me, did we have sex last night?”

The girl replied.
“Yes, my prince, we did.”

He asked.
“Was that just with you?”

The girl replied.
“No, my prince, with all of us.”


Although the priest had told him so, Akhen found it hard to believe but, now, he was hearing it firsthand and he found himself aroused again. He was not certain why all this was happening and, to be honest, he did not care. If the six days he was to spend here were going to be like this, then at the end he would find it hard to leave.
At 13 years of age he was being offered what men of any age would desire – or so he thought. It was strange that a nagging feeling inside of him was telling him that this was wrong, but his mind had better things to be concerned about and he decided to test out some theories and ignore the feeling inside.

Akhen looked at the girl who had spoken to him with a glint of mischief in his eyes and said

“Take off your clothes.”
Without a question the girl complied.

She now stood there naked in front of the young prince. He scanned her from head to toe, pausing as he did so taking in the beautiful sight in front of his eyes.

“Get into the bed.” He demanded of the servant girl.

And again, as before, she complied and did as she was told.

“The rest of you take off your clothes” he demanded “And get on the bed.”
They did as they were commanded. Akhen could not believe what was happening and his heart was racing like a speeding stallion. What happened next was inevitable, as Akhen demanded they all joined him in the bed.


From behind a curtain at the back of the room a priest watched as he stood in a secret doorway concealed by the curtain. He stood there for some time watching Akhen having sex – once more with all the girls – as he did the night before. A wicked smirk was upon his face and he knew that the coercion was working, and that the young prince was falling for the desires of his own mind.
He knew, if this was the case, that the rest of the task he had been set by the grand master of the temple would be easy to complete and he would receive the reward he so rightly deserved – and not before time.
He had waited patiently for this moment, but still there was the fear that Akhen was not the one. If the priest was mistaken it would surely cost him his own life …but he was sure that Akhenaton was, positive in the fact.


A cool breeze blowing in from the window aroused Akhen from his dream. It took him a moment to realise he was an adult and not still the boy he’d been dreaming about; the young boy who had been led astray by the coercion, who had become the broken man now lying in this bed dreaming. Akhen stirred, for a moment uneasy from the dream, hot and sticky, feeling embarrassed by what he was dreaming about as he felt aroused by it. Before he could worry too much, the elixir kicked in again and Akhen drifted back off to sleep and straight back to where he had left off….

After all was done and the girls had helped Akhen bathe and dress in fine robes, the boy prince sat eating some fruit, bread and meat and sipped some red wine whilst he waited for the priest to return – already he was certainly becoming accustomed to this life style.

“I see you are bathed and dressed, my prince.” said the voice of the priest who had just entered the room. Akhen looked up to face the priest who was now standing across from the table where the boy prince sat eating.

“I trust you are well, my prince?” The priest inquired.

Akhen finished his mouthful and replied.
“Yes I Am.” smiling….” Um, I don’t even know your name and are you not the one who has become my main tutor now?”

“Yes I am my prince, my name is Iktus.” replied the priest, bowing his head slightly in respect as he spoke. “I will be your companion throughout your stay here.”

“Ok, but what happened to the two priests who used to tutor me?” Akhen inquired between mouthfuls of food.

“You need not worry about such matters now my prince, they were called to do other duties by the temple, this happens from time to time.” Iktus said hoping this would pacify the inquisitive young prince.

As Iktus had wished for it did pacify the young prince. Akhen was hungry now. He had quite an appetite after his athletic night and morning. His head was now clear and the servant girls had given him an ointment that stopped the soreness he was suffering when he woke. Akhen appreciated that, for he did not want what was happening to stop – for any reason. This was too enjoyable, far, far to enjoyable to stop.

“When you have eaten, my prince, we will depart immediately as we have much to see.” Iktus said, with excitement in his voice.

A muffled “Yes.” came from Akhenaten’s direction still stuffing food in his mouth as he started to get up from the table to join the priest.


Minutes later Akhen and Iktus were walking through the seating area where they had arrived. The room was lit very brightly and Akhen could see beautiful objects all around him. Much of the room was covered in gold, which glistened in the light. There were marble tables with ornate statues upon them, vases and, of course, the beautiful fountain.
Akhen walked over to the fountain and stroked his hand through the water as it fell. He stood for a while listening and staring at the light coming from round pieces of glass in the ceiling. Iktus noticed what Akhen was looking at.

“That is a sun-tunnel, my prince. It uses the sun’s light and refracts it through the use of mirrors.” Iktus explained.

“It is very bright, but are we not underground?” said Akhen, puzzled.

“Yes we are” said Iktus “but through the use of glass mirrors we can bring the sun’s intense light underground. Would you like to see a mirror?

“Yes, I would.” replied a very curious prince.

Iktus beckoned Akhen to follow him and they went to a wall on the far side of the room, upon which hung a small mirror with a pretty frame. Iktus removed the mirror from the wall and handed it to Akhen.

“We have these in the palace.” Explained Akhen. “Why is this one any different?”

“The ones you have at the palace are made of silver, my prince. This one is made of glass.”

Akhen looked at the mirror and realised that there was a distinct difference between this one and the ones in the palace. This mirror – when looking at it – actually made it seem like there were two of him. The reflection was perfect. Although the ones in the palace sufficed, this was completely different.

“Turn the mirror around, my prince.” Iktus suggested.

Akhen did what was asked of him and saw a bland silver surface looking back at him. He flicked the mirror round several times and looked puzzled. The ones in the palace showed the same reflection both sides, but this one did not.

Smiling, Iktus politely gestured he would like the mirror and Akhen passed it to him.

“This glass has a fine layer of silver stuck to the back of it – that is what causes the reflection.” Iktus explained. “By using this process you get a perfect reflection. In the sun tunnels these are installed at certain angles, normally at 45 degrees along the tunnel. There are many of these. As with your reflection, the sunlight is kept perfect also. Thus, when it reaches the end of the tunnel, it is still as bright as when the process started.”

Akhen looked puzzled and, though he was very interested, he thought it was best to remain quiet and listen.

Iktus carried on.
“If glass is produced in a certain way it will magnify things.”
Iktus thought it would be better to show the young prince, rather than try to explain. He beckoned Akhen to follow him.


They walked over to a table a few yards away to the left of them after Iktus hung the mirror back on the wall. He picked up a magnifying glass that lay by a gold statue of a woman and handed it to Akhen.

Iktus instructed the young prince by saying.
“Look at the woman’s hand through the magnifying glass and move it back and forth in front of your eyes. Tell me what you see.”

Akhen did as was asked of him. A big smile appeared on his face.

“It gets bigger!” Exclaimed Akhen, as he did it many times. “I can see the smallest detail clearly.”

“This is called magnification, my prince.” Iktus explained. “We use the same process on the sun’s light then we reflect it off mirrors. We can increase the magnitude many times – in fact, so much so that we can actually cut through rock with it.”

Akhen was listening but found it hard to believe. He did not want to disbelieve what Iktus was telling him so decided to remain silent, but the expression on his face said it all.

“My prince, I know this is hard to take in, but please bear with me and I will show you what I mean. Actions always speak louder than words.” Explained Iktus who had seen the expression on the young prince’s face.

“Slip that magnifying glass into your robe pocket, my prince, and we shall be on our way.”

Akhen did what was asked of him and, as they turned, four new servant girls – just as beautiful as the ones before, greeted them.
Akhen was puzzled and asked Iktus.

“Where are the girls from before?”

Iktus replied.
“Do not worry, my prince, they are in another section where we are heading to soon.”

“How many girls are here?” Akhen inquired of Iktus, curiously.

“About forty, my prince, and they are all here to serve you.”

Iktus was pleased by the expression on the young prince’s face, and knew that all he had planned for was working and the young prince was fast falling under the spell cast by his own mind.



Chapter 5


After departing from the girls, the boy prince and his priest companion strolled along a narrow passage. They were greeted at the end by two men standing near a gate similar to the one Akhen had seen the previous afternoon. As always, the men had their heads bowed low and would not look at the boy prince or Iktus the priest. Akhen did not find this strange as all the servants in the palace did the same. One man turned and opened the gate and they both got in, accompanied by the other man.

Iktus turned to Akhen and said.
“We are about to go up, my prince. When we reach the top the light will be stronger, so it might take some time for your eyes to adjust.”

Akhen acknowledged what Iktus had said and Iktus gestured that they were ready to begin their journey.


The lift jolted into action and started to ascend. Akhen felt a mixture of excitement and curiosity as they slowly progressed upwards. He began going over all that had happened in his own mind and, yes, all these things he was being shown seemed new. But in some strange way he knew they weren’t. Even though his mind contained no information about them, it was like another part of him remembered. It was as though they were memories stored somewhere else that he could now access and all this had been done before – just in another place and in another time. At times, he remembered, when talking to the priests during schooling, that he had said things the priests seemed very interested in. But afterwards he could never recall what he had said – nor should he! He was a 13-year-old boy who should have no concern over this and should be living life as a child. But after the events of the previous evening and this morning, he felt he had already left that boy behind. And had started on the road to manhood and, if this manhood was to be like anything he had recently experienced, he was certainly looking forward to it.


The lift started to slow down as it reached its final destination and, just as the top of the gate breached the lift opening, a burst of sunlight – or as it would seem – filled the open space of the lift.   Akhen squinted his eyes at first, allowing them to become accustomed to the new level of light they had just entered. The lift halted and came to a rest, juddering as it did so. With his head still bowed low, the servant moved towards the gate, opened it then stood aside to allow Akhen and Iktus to depart. As Iktus had suggested, the light was far stronger – but Akhen’s eyes were fast adjusting and soon he could see as normal. He began to look around as the pair walked forward out of the lift enclosure.
They were in a round-shaped building, lit by the sun and the daylight shone through circular windows scattered across the roof.
They were walking along a pathway that was leading to a central point. All around them Akhen could see other lifts which all led to the same central point. He could not help but notice that they were alone in the building and, although all these lifts were present, no one was using them – even though in each lift stood a servant with their head bowed low. From the central point was another path that led to a double doorway. This was the only section of the building that did not have any lifts. The pair walked silently – even though Akhen wanted to ask a thousand questions he thought it appropriate to stay silent.

They walked until they were just in front of the doors and then Iktus turned around and spoke to all the servants in the lifts.
“You can depart now.”

All the servants moved forward and shut the gates on their lifts and slowly the lifts went down out of sight. Iktus looked all around him to make sure all the lifts had departed before he spoke to Akhen.

“I know, my prince, you must have many questions you would like answers for, and all will be answered in due course.” explained Iktus. “But, for now, please bear with me. You are about to see things that you will not believe are real, but I can assure they all are. There is no magic, Akhen, only illusion.”
At this point Akhen was about to butt in and Iktus could see this, so he quietly beckoned Akhen with a slight shake of his head not to question – which Akhen complied with.
Iktus carried on.

“As you know, my prince, many things have been said about the ‘gods’ and their will, and that the words of that will are delivered by us – the priests. I know you are a good student, Akhen, and you listen intently, so now I ask of you to listen to me now.”

Iktus now was facing Akhen and held out his hands, gently resting them on Akhen’s shoulders – something that was never done. Akhen looked puzzled, but was willing to let Iktus finish before he questioned him. He knew he had been taught about the gods as a child, and even up to a few days ago he had been told that the gods were all powerful, vengeful and the masters of all. And no one, but no one, should ever go against their wishes, which were carried out by the priests. To defy the priests was like defying the gods themselves. And to defy them was the greatest insult to the god of all gods, Temu – and his wrath would be merciless. Because of this, Akhen knew he had to listen and, more to the point, Iktus knew that Akhen would listen.

Iktus continued.

“I know you have been wary of the words of your teachers when they speak of the gods and the powers they possess but, my prince, they are only mere words and there is no truth in them. They are nothing but mere lies to maintain control – a control that is maintained by illusion. Men who control men, to control everything, so they can live as gods, have created this illusion. You know that your father is seen as a god and is worshiped as if he is one, but you know he is nothing more than a mere man – as you and I are. You know he possess no magical powers, don’t you? You know this in your heart, don’t you?”

At this point Akhen really wanted to butt in, as he felt confused. His mind was spinning from all that Iktus was saying but, instead, he just nodded in agreement. Although he could not accept what Iktus was saying about the gods, he knew that what he was saying about his father was absolutely true. This truth, however, did not make the situation any easier for Akhen as he reflected over all he had been taught by the priests. There was now a conflict inside his mind caused by this one statement made by this priest standing in front of him.

Iktus continued.
“You will find, my prince, that words are the most powerful weapon known to all men. They can create, destroy and, more importantly, coerce. Do you think the inferiors are controlled by the gods or by the fear of the gods?”

Akhen thought for a moment while Iktus waited patiently for an answer. His mind wanted to go with the doctrine he had been taught all his life, screaming at him ‘it’s the gods!’ But he knew with the truth about his father that this was not the case. This young boy was in turmoil and Iktus could see this, so he was prepared to wait a while longer for the answer.

Akhen stood there puzzling over what to say and then just blurted out….

“It’s the fear of the gods.”

“And why is it everyone fears the gods Akhen?” Iktus said, inquiringly.

“They fear because of what they will do if you disobey them, or disobey their servants.”

“And who told you what will happen if you disobey them – or us, their servants?”

“The priests do – you do.”

“And what do we use to do this?”


Akhen was racking his brains for an answer and Iktus could see this. He could almost see the cogs turning as the young boy in front of him struggled to answer such a simple question. Iktus knew why this struggle was so apparent. He knew that not only had this young boy been coerced by the words of the priests through indoctrination, he also knew that these words had been compounded – not just by the priests, but by his peers and, of course, his family. This was the perfection of the system. This was how the system disguised itself and protected itself, using nothing more than mere words. And the more these words were compounded the more it made breaking away from them even harder.
But Iktus knew that one word of truth would start the breakdown of the system and that is why questioning was not allowed. Granted the recipient would at first be sent into a world of confusion as they try to break the spell -and in reality that was all it was – a spell cast by words and ‘spellings’. The spell could be cast by words spoken or written and this was the reason for education to enforce this doctrine. Be seen and not heard, and when you are asked to be heard, question for it – not against it. This process had been successfully used for thousands of years and now – after reading the text of the ancients – had been perfected by the priests on behalf of the families. This is what was done in the houses of the temple daily.

Suddenly Akhen’s face changed, and even though he was frightened to say what he wanted to say – as it was against all he had been taught – he realised he was not going to get in trouble for saying this. And, in fact, he felt it was exactly what Iktus wanted to hear. So he just blurted it out….

“It’s the words.” He exclaimed sheepishly. “It is all about the words.”

Akhen could see a smile appearing on the priest’s face and, to be honest, this was not something you saw very often – in fact, quite the contrary. But the fact that it was happening reassured Akhen that he had given the appropriate answer even though it was the complete reverse of all the doctrine he had received for so long. Nevertheless, it was happening. Just because he did not fully understand why it was happening did not matter. He was still a boy at heart, and that boy did not want to get into trouble.

Iktus continued, with a smile now lighting up his face….

“My prince, at this moment you cannot comprehend the power of mere words. Look at the inferiors. Why do you think they do as they are told whenever they are told? Because they fear, they simply fear words – nothing more and nothing less. Let me ask you another simple question. Do you feel you are entitled to live the life you do, and to have what you have when so many others have so much less than you?”

Akhen answered immediately.
“Of course I do, I am of royal blood.” There was forcefulness now in the boy’s voice.
Iktus questioned again.

“And why is your blood any different to mine or to anyone else’s?”

Akhen was again puzzled by the question and tried to find an answer to substantiate the previous answer he had given. But no matter how he tried he could not find an answer. Iktus again could see the boy was perplexed and answered for him.

“The truth is that there is no difference and, truth be known, you know this. But the answer you gave came from the doctrine you have always been told, from the words of this doctrine that says you are different because you have royal blood. But the truth is your blood is no different to mine, or even that of an inferior. We all have the same blood. The only difference is that you have been told that yours is different and you have believed the words being said. This is simply the power of words at play – the power of suggestion.”


Even though Akhen knew what Iktus was saying was true it still did not rest easy with him. It went against everything he had ever been taught. What puzzled Akhen more than anything else was why this priest by the name of Iktus was telling him all this – why had he been brought here to hear these words?
Akhen desperately wanted to question but, for a strange reason, knew that now was not the time and all he should do is listen and, when asked, answer if he could.

Iktus carried on….

“You have to realise, Akhen, that 99% of the people have always been controlled by the other 1% and that the 1% have always maintained that they are better in some way and, in being so, have the right to do this. This is called entitlement coming from their family history. It has always been this way and it will always be this way. Look back at the history you have been taught and what does it tell you?” Iktus said rhetorically. “It shows you that this has always been so, and that entitlement is something that has been written into his-story. What I am trying to explain to you is that this happens because of words. In this case the words of history are specifically written to show this. History is not a true account of events, it is an account that someone writes for a simple purpose, and in this case the purpose is control. To have control you first must have power, and the only way to gain that power is with words.”


Iktus could see from Akhen’s posture that he was listening intently, and he could feel that he was relaxing. The boy was beginning to understand him. Iktus knew he had to break the original coercion to install the new one. He knew from what he had been taught, many moons ago, that, when the mind was in flux it would become more susceptible to suggestion.
Iktus knew the most powerful way to use words was through the power of suggestion, and what he had planned for was happening quicker than expected – and this pleased him. He knew he had to coerce this young prince and help him become addicted to the lust for power and the desires that power would fulfil – not just for the families’ gain, but for his own selfish gain.
Iktus wanted to rise up in the ranks of the hierarchy – something he so richly deserved – and no one would stand in the way of this, especially not this boy stood in front of him. And if this boy actually was the one, something that he was sure of, then there was no level of depravity he would not stoop to, to achieve his desire.


Chapter 6


Akhen opened his eyes with a start and stared at the ceiling for a moment, confused and bewildered as his mind registered he was not in the dream anymore. As the seconds passed, the stark realisation of reality struck him as the dream state diminished and he heard the rumble of the machines in the distance once more.  How many times had he wished that he would not wake again and that he would be released from this torture, this torment that now was his life? How many times had he sought sanctuary from this torment through any method he could find, to escape the reality of not only what he had done, but the fact he could not go back and change it? How many times had he sought privacy – something he could never have – to be able to scream and shout “what right have you to keep me hear against my will?” Akhen didn’t even know who or what he was talking to. There was no name he could call, no place that he could go, and nothing he could point a finger at and say “Why?” There was nothing but this relentless torture. An indescribable pain inside of him tore at his very essence.
He had spoken to his dearest friend, Tiy, on so many occasions and, although he could not comprehend what she spoke of, he knew that she was telling him what he needed to hear. He knew her words affected him, and in a way he knew that they did this even more than the words Iktus had infected his mind with all those years ago.
Tiy spoke of – as she described it – the is or the mother of all and how much she loved us all and, no matter what we do, she will offer us unconditional benevolent love and amnesty; that she cared with compassion and a loving that was priceless; that no earthly material aspect of richness could compare with her in the slightest; that no gold, power or control could come near the feeling of this love and all we go through is to find this love within ourselves; to love others and ourselves as we are loved; to care as we are cared for and to forget as she will forget. This is what helped Tiy through her pain. Helped her to remain in an existence of persecution and service at the behest of those who thought they were better than her. Never did she say it was the truth. It was just her perspective – a simple idea. But these words certainly had a direct effect on Akhen. Whether they be true or not, to Tiy, they were her truth. Although it could be said that her beliefs were as stagnant as the priests, at least with Tiy’s version no one was being controlled to maintain positions that if things were different, would be far from needed.
Not two years had passed since these words were spoken, and Akhen had listened and things had changed and the pain had begun – and this was from someone he had ordered to be put to death. Tiy’s words resounded in his mind like a puzzle that was impossible to complete, even though it looked so simple at first glance. Over and over – “it is not what you were, it is what you are now; it is not what you have done, it is what you do now; but to realise this you must first live the pains of recognition and, once realised, let them go, for this is baggage you do not need to carry around with you anymore. The agony will only last as long as you want it to, for the only one who can stop it is you.”


Relentlessly these words would circulate in his mind, driving him to the point of distraction. He questioned his own sanity and then questioned the sanity of all those around him who maintained that things stay the same; that the pain and the misery continue daily; the poverty and endless needless suffering. Was he insane, or were they? Could he measure his own sanity against the sanity of the society he had helped create – surely he could, couldn’t he? Night after night these questions, and others, haunted him, and even in his dreams he had no peace. There was only questioning, questioning and more questioning – relentlessly questioning.
Should he leave, should he stay – what would become of his sons? He knew his wife would be ok as long as she complied with the family’s wishes, but what would become of his sons? He wanted to scream out loud – “STOP! Please, please stop. I cannot take anymore”.
More of Tiy’s words echoed loudly.

“Akhen, always remember that all things are meant to be – for if they were not, they would not be.”

As much as he accepted this in his heart, his mind said different. His mind taunted him “To accept this means that you have no control” and the thoughts of this plagued him. In reality he had no control anyway; he was nothing more than a mascot, a front man for the families; a corporate logo; the chairman of their commercial construct that people called the world. This was only the beginning of the sequence, as always, and Akhen was now to be plagued by more punishing thoughts.


Akhen turned his head slightly, with tears in his eyes – without raising it from the pillow – to see his beautiful wife laid beside him fast asleep. There was no denying the fact that Nefertiti was as beautiful as a flower in bloom and Akhen felt she loved him – just not for the right reasons.
Akhen felt Nefertiti loved him for the position he held and the life that came with that position; the riches’, the status, and of course the wealth. And in these last few years she, too, had played her part in trying to keep him under control. He knew in his heart this was the case, but he still loved her – or was he confusing love with lust?
He had realised only a short time ago that, as beautiful as she was on the outside, it was not the case inside and her mind was tarnished with coercion. Tiy had warned him of this, which was what had nearly caused her demise. He had watched his sons, fall under the spell cast by the words of their mother and, at the tender ages of eight, they were already showing the signs of this infliction. For that is what it was – an infliction, an illness of the mind, and this saddened Akhen and added to his sorrow, which was itself increased by Nefertiti’s pursuit of this cause aided by the priests.
But Tiy told Akhen something else he always remembered. She spoke of Tutankhamen and said. “Gaze into your son’s eyes and you will see that no matter what he is being taught, he knows – he has a knowing – for he is a whyst child, a far sighted child, not through visions but through knowing – memories. You were once like this and you will remember in time, because you can never not be this – only your own mind prevents you from remembering this through the coercion you have suffered.”


As Akhen lay with his head on the pillow, now back to staring at the ceiling with this all racing through his mind, he wondered what time it was. The elixir he had been given by Isbane had knocked him out, but no sleep could quell his tiredness. Akhen felt nothing but tiredness on all accounts. He could not find motivation in anything, not even in his son’s, his wonderful son’s. He was a broken man and this only compounded his sorrow – for, as much as he tried, it just wasn’t there. He had noticed, though, that he had days of reprieve where, without trying, everything was ok. And he had enjoyment in his life such as spending hours in the palace gardens enjoying the songs of the birds and their playful antics on display for all to see – but missed by so many, they being thought of as insignificant.
On days like this he knew in his heart that all was going to be ok in the end, he just did not know how long that would be and, because of this, his longing to be released from the prison he found himself living in could not be satisfied quickly enough. He knew in his heart that, when he shut his eyes and breathed his last breath for the last time, he would know nothing but bliss. He knew this. He felt it, just as on the days of reprieve he lived it. Alas, those days were far too infrequent and lasted for too short a time – but at least they came and Akhen was thankful for them, as he knew – as Tiy had once said – “all things pass in the end.”
Akhen felt warmth inside him; a glow from within – like an internal sun shining that always made him smile – this was Tiy’s words coming alive in him and quelling the painful woes. Even though his mind still tried to rage with all its daily torments, his, now, was a feeling of peace – a peace from within. As the warmth overcame him, he started to feel his eyelids become heavy and this troubled man, known as the king of all Egypt, gently drifted back off to sleep. There was only one problem for poor Akhen, even in his dreams, the torment never ended.


The sun was still blazing through the skylights scattered across the ceiling and it was warming up. Akhen stood listening to all that Iktus was saying. He was confused, bewildered and, at the same time, excited in a strange way. He remembered back to earlier that day and the events of the past evening and a smile slowly appeared on his face. Iktus could see this and could tell that all he was doing was not in vain. This pleased the priest. It pleased him immensely.
They stood silent for a moment. Both Akhen and Iktus were smiling. Akhen looked up and saw the priest was happy. They exchanged a glance for a moment, and Iktus realised the boy was ready for the next stage – so he continued….

“You are a born controller, Akhen. You were born into the controlling aspect – and simple words made this so and created this. This is why history was written this way – to allow this aspect to be apparent. Your ancestors wrote it. They wrote it this way – deliberately.”

Iktus paused to ensure he had captured the boy’s full attention.
He had.

“As I have just discussed with you, history is really his-story or this-story. They are simply stories containing the words that someone writes, so others rely upon these words. The gods were created by these stories and also the most useful part – the fear of these man-made gods. This is simply about control, Akhen, and what you have experienced with the girls last evening and this morning was control. So, would you prefer to be controlled or to be a controller?”

“A controller.” answered Akhen immediately, smiling as he did – and this answer the boy prince gave made Iktus’s smile even broader.
Iktus slipped off into a daydream for a minute.


Iktus knew now that all that he was doing was working, and the boy was beginning to accept the coercion he was applying. He had often told the grand master that sex was the key to bringing this adolescent to their way of thinking – lust and desire being the driving forces. Then, through this, the application of control could be applied – even though in reality the ones thinking they are controllers are actually the ones most controlled. Once the power overcoat is tried on it is very hard to take it off – Iktus knew this better than most. He once had the opportunity to try on the power overcoat and was very reluctant to take it off.
He had been an acting master of the temple for a short time, until another was chosen from the ranks of the priests to fill the position permanently. When the master of a particular sect of the temple died, this process was used to ensure that the business of the temple would continue. Many times this had happened and many times the next master chosen was the acting master, given this role to see how they coped with it. The trouble was that Iktus had gotten a little too big for his boots and had tried to force his opinion upon those whom opinion could not be forced. He had assumed the role rather too fast and, what with the privileges that went with the role, he became addicted to the power and control very quickly. Many of the elder priests spoke of their concern about this at the upper house meetings.
Yes, they were looking for those with ambition, but they should still know their place within the ranks and maintain this. The command structure was cast in stone, everyone had a place and should know their place, and no one should try to force opinions upon those of higher rank. This was the order of things, and this order had to be maintained without question.


Iktus was not interested in the order of things. He was ambitious and inpatient and wanted everything yesterday. He had no time for waiting, or delay, and the more he got the more he wanted. He was, for a time, a temporary member of the club and enjoyed the social life, respect and the privileges and, boy oh boy, were there privileges!
As an acting master he was allowed access to all that a master would have access to – to places the ordinary priests did not even know existed, where wine, women and song were the order of the day, and where any amount of depravity was catered for.
The clubs were of beautiful design, covered in marble and gold and containing the essence of all wonder of luxurious aromas. The most beautiful servant girls who would service their every need – no matter how depraved that need was, served the masters. None of these girls were older than twenty and, when they did reach twenty, they were disposed of. The servant girls were naked all of the time and, at anytime – no matter what was asked of them – they would stop what they were doing and perform whatever act was asked of them.
There where areas of the clubs that contained private rooms, which were designed with all number of different themes to them – even including a room where private dissection of an inferior could be performed whilst they were still alive. There were rooms containing torture equipment, bondage equipment, and the elixir’s room, stacked on shelves from the floor to the ceiling. Truth be known, there was not a depraved act that was not catered for in some way or another – and this also included children. The children were taken from the streets and most would die at the hands of the masters and those who didn’t, were locked in cells under the clubs – kept there for the next sessions where they would surely die.


No one spoke of the clubs outside of them – no one dared, for the punishment for doing so was swift and fast – and also the fact was relied upon that no one would actually believe them.
Iktus had fast become accustomed to this way of life. “Who wouldn’t?” he thought to himself. Surely this was the wish and desire of everyone – surely everyone wanted to rise in status, to have all their desires laid on a plate for them? It was soon to end, however. The worries of the upper house members were mounting and so it was decided that Iktus was not suitable to be a master, and that the duties he was performing as acting master were to be removed. Another candidate had been chosen and, on the day this was announced, Iktus was a very angry and disappointed man – a man who was determined to get back all that he had lost, and this boy whom he held by the shoulders was going to help whether he wanted to or not.

Iktus snapped out his daydream and started to question Akhen again.

“My prince, do you remember the sound you have heard all your life and questioned us of in your schooling?”

“Yes, of course I do.” Akhen said flippantly though not meaning to be so – but of course he did. How could he not remember? This was something he heard every day of his life.

“Have you wondered why you have not heard this noise during your stay here?” Iktus said.

This question he was being asked was just one of hundreds he wanted to ask and of course, he wondered, but he had made a decision not to question as Iktus had said to him “all would be revealed.”
Another reason was that, although Akhen knew what family he was from, he knew as a child you do not anger the priests – so, in respect of this, he decided to allow answers to be given and not ask for them.

“Yes, I have wondered.” Replied Akhen, curiously.

Iktus could see that the boy prince was far more settled now. He did not see as much confusion in him and could see that there was already an element of acceptance in him. This was good, Iktus thought to himself. This was very good.

“And what were you told generated this sound, my prince? What has everyone been told about this noise?”

“We were told it is the gods at work. This is what everyone believes. This is what has been told to us by you – the priests.”
Akhen answered with a small amount of uncertainty.

“Do you still believe this, Akhen – do you still believe it is the gods?”

Akhen thought for a moment and considered all that was happening, what had been said and what was he to believe now? It was obvious, now, that he had been lied to from an early age, but he still wasn’t sure that they were lies. Did he believe this priest or the others who had told him different? More to the point – who was lying?
What Iktus had said made sense, especially the part about his father, and the words kept nagging at him like an itch he could not scratch, repeating themselves over and over in his mind – the words, the words. He could see the obvious – that all commands had to be delivered this way, otherwise how else would it be done? That was the only way to communicate; even if a picture or symbol was drawn it was words that explained what it was, or what it meant. But Akhen could also see how powerful words were and understood what Iktus had explained to him.
Words gave you the power, and the power, in return, gave you the words to enforce that power through control. So it was all about the words. It was the intentions behind the words that made the difference – the context, the delivery of the words, either made them powerful or benign depending on the intent. Akhen was getting it; so only one answer could be given.

“No, I do not.” Akhen said, confidently. “But if it is not the gods, then what is it?”


This had been what Iktus was hoping for. The boy prince was accepting his words, accepting he had been lied to. Iktus knew all he had to do now was to show the boy a truth and the coercion would be broken and the boy would accept what he was saying.
He knew that this boy was now putty in his hands. Iktus removed his hands from Akhen’s shoulders and turned to face the doors directly in front of them. Akhen did the same after being beckoned to do so by the priest.
As the pair stood gazing at the doors, Iktus spoke.

“Behind these doors, my prince, are things you will not believe are real, but I can assure you that all you are about to see is very real. You have asked of me what makes the noise and I will show you. I will show you what the gods really are.”















Chapter 7


Akhenaten woke to the sound of his wife’s voice gently calling his name. He opened his eyes and saw his beautiful Nefertiti gazing down at him. She could see he was awake and spoke again.

“How do you feel, my king – did you sleep well?”

Rubbing his eyes as he answered, Akhen said.
“Yes, I did, thank you.”

He had stopped mentioning to his wife some time since about the dreams he suffered, and could not even be bothered to ask her to not call him king again – what was the point? She never listened to him.

“I am sorry to wake you, my king, but you are needed to hold court today.” Nefertiti said, still sitting on the side of the bed. “I shall call the servants to bathe you and dress you before breakfast is served.”

Akhen detested this. Every morning, if he wanted to bathe, he was bathed. If he wanted to dress himself, he couldn’t – he had to be dressed and this hurt him. He longed to bathe himself and dress himself. He had no satisfaction from this selfish need any more – as he once had.
He was not the man he once was. Instead, this pained him – the fact that other human beings were made to be there at his beck and call, to cater for his every whim and need pained him. This just was not right, and it was not just he who was served this way – but everyone in the aristocracy.
Akhen realised now that his was not to be served; his was to serve, and to release everyone from this bondage, this legal slavery – for that is what it amounted to no matter which way you looked at it.

“Ok.” Akhen replied bluntly, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

He tried not to do this, to be so blunt, but because of the pain he suffered over the treatment the people of his land endured daily, things just slipped out now and again. He found it hard not to be irritable. He knew he would do himself no favours by doing this, and the hardest part was the honesty. He felt, now, that all he had left of his humanity was simply this one element.
Without honesty, he had nothing. The trouble was that no one – including his wife – appreciated honesty. In fact they were very frightened of it. It scared them. The ugly truth was something that was not to be spoken of.

“Are you alright, my king?” Nefertiti questioned.

Realising his wife had picked up on a small amount of attitude in his voice, he replied softly.

“Yes, I am fine, just waking up my dear – I have slept for so long. Just ignore me, I am fine.”

These words cut through him like a knife, because it was not the truth – it was far from the truth. But, at this time, it would serve him no good to be honest even though his heart bled every time he lied. As he knew that everything that existed only existed because of lies. He also knew that soon he would be nothing but honest, no matter what the consequences of this were. He knew he had to be true to himself and he also knew that this would most definitely have consequences but so be it.


After Akhen was bathed and dressed by four servant girls, he walked through from the dressing area back into the bedroom where breakfast was waiting for him. The table was set with all types of food and Akhen knew he would eat none of it – but would enjoy a green tea with nectar.
The robes he was wearing were uncomfortable and he felt like a court jester dressed this way – an actor about to take part in a play.
He longed just to wear what he was comfortable in and to not be bound by the pomp and circumstance and the attire that came with his position. Akhen was quite happy just to wear normal clothes – clothes that, if he were allowed to wear them, would permit him to walk amongst the people un-recognised.
It was the same with the food. What right did he have to eat such food when men, women and children were starving on the streets and died in poverty every day? Even though Tiy had explained to him many times that this was meant to be – he could not accept this fact.
Not many years ago he was proud to be the actor, wearing the costumes and playing the part, enjoying the carnal pleasures of life; the food, the wives, the sex, the status and the power this brought and the control that came with that power. He was immersed in the desires of the mind and the lust for better and more; a never ending spiral downwards because, once you have reached the top, there is nowhere else to go. Fooled by delusions of grandeur, fooled by the pretend power – for he was not in control and it only seemed that way – he was just kept happy by these desires. Well, he was, until now.


Akhen stood quietly drinking his green tea by the window, looking out onto the palace gardens when Nefertiti entered the room with Tutankhamen and Tutmose’s – Akhen and Nefertiti’s twins. Tutmose’s was the elder of the two and was named after Akhen’s own brother. He was very similar to his mother in characteristics and looks. He was a sweet child, but had the forcefulness of his mother and her beliefs as well. He was a good student and had modelled himself on the way his father used to be. He had no time for the servants and treated them with the same disrespect as his mother did, and as his father used to. He was very grown up for his years, understanding many subjects and excelled in politics, religious studies and socialism – which was marked by the priests as quite an achievement for his age.
His brother, Tutankhamen, on the other hand, was more like Akhen in his looks and in his characteristics – not as Akhen was as a man, but as he was as a boy long before the priest Iktus cast his spell of words upon him. He was a good student and studied hard, but he did not have his brother’s abilities when it came to matters of social understanding.
He acted the part very well and had convinced his father that he held the royal traits at heart – disciplining servants if they stepped out of line – when his father acted as the supreme overlord of all. But, as Akhen had started to change he also saw his son for who he really was and witnessed the true values this boy held in his heart – and they were not as they would have at first seemed.
Akhen realised his son was acting, playing his part to convince everyone he was part of the play, when in fact he was as far removed from this travesty as he could be.
Akhen remembered a time, not 18 months previously, when he had gone to say goodnight to Tutankhamen and found his son crying in his bed. His son did not hide this, whereas before he certainly would have hidden any sign of weakness from his father. For that was when his father was a father and not a dad. He lay there crying until his dad spoke to him.

“What troubles you my son?” Akhen asked as he sat on the side of the bed – with patience and compassion in his voice.
Tutankhamen sprang from his bed and wrapped his arms around his dad’s neck – something that was never done – before speaking between sobs….

“I was with mother today and a servant girl slipped on a wet floor and dropped a towel when she fell. I called her a nasty name and looked at her with disgust.” He struggled to say the words between sobs. “I only did it because mother was there; I actually wanted to help her up.” The boy knew that this was severely frowned upon, but he felt at ease saying this to his dad, now.

“I know how you feel, little man.” His dad said, tenderly holding his son tight.

“Do you, dad? Do you?” Tutankhamen said between sobs.

“Yes, I do, little man. Yes I do. You do what you have to do when you are with your mother, but whenever you need to cry about it – come to me and we shall cry together. I know how much it hurts you to treat someone this way and much worse – much, much worse.”

Tutankhamen released his grip on his dad’s neck and settled back down upon his pillow, gazing up at his dads eyes – the sobbing slowly subsiding. Then he saw that his dad had tears in his eyes and realised his father had become a dad – something, secretly, he had always longed for.


Akhen greeted his two sons in the way that was approved of – very aware of his wife’s watchful gaze. Although he knew Tutmose’s expected this, Tutankhamen knew his dad was just performing an act to satisfy protocol. Akhenaton then turned to his wife and embraced her, kissing her softly on the cheek.

“How are you feeling now?” Nefertiti said to her husband.

“Much better, thank you.” He replied. This time it was the truth. Akhen did feel better after remembering the event with his son and that moment they had shared – and the many others since. Remembering these events always brought warmth to his heart in an otherwise life of perpetual sorrow.

“Go now to your tutoring boys, as the priests will be waiting for you.” Nefertiti said to the twins.
The two boys said their goodbyes to their mother and father and left the royal bedroom to go down the passageway to the schooling rooms. Nefertiti and Akhen watched the boys leave, before Nefertiti turned to her husband and spoke.

“Are you sure you are well, my king?” A tone of uncertainty was in her voice.

Akhen knew what she was getting at even though Nefertiti hadn’t mentioned the subject. He knew she was referring to the events of the night before, and he knew by the look in her eyes and the tone in her voice that she was concerned. Concerned that, today, he was not going to play his part in the farce called court – that he would not be the perfect actor.

“Don’t worry my queen.” He said condescendingly – not meaning to be so but unable to stop himself – “I will play the perfect part, or, as well as I can anyway.”


Nefertiti was worried, not for her king, for this was just a title she used. Nefertiti was worried for herself and her boys because, she knew that the control she had maintained over Akhen for all these years was slipping through her hands. She realised that she could not stop this from happening. She knew the families would not tolerate this and something would have to be done about the situation – and this is what worried her. Even though she felt she loved Akhen in a way, she realised that she loved the lifestyle more, and being with Akhen was just an inconvenience she now had to endure to maintain the lifestyle she so desired to keep.
Truth be known, theirs was an arranged marriage; one of convenience. One that suited the families…. suited their needs. Nefertiti knew that they had coerced Akhen at a very early age and one way was through the use of beautiful girls. When they, too, had got together, Nefertiti was just a girl – and a beautiful one at that. She had come from a very middle class family and was chosen for her beauty and not her family’s status.
At a very early age she had shown signs of wanting to increase her status – thinking she was better than everyone in her class. This had not gone unnoticed by the priests and they watched her use her beautiful looks to get exactly what she desired.
The priests had noticed that this young girl knew the powers of manipulation and could weave her spell upon anyone of the opposite sex, and woe be tide anyone of her own sex who confronted her. A tirade of the harshest words she could muster would be the onslaught that would be released from the mouth of this would-be tyrant if this were to happen.
A wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing was an apt description of this beautiful temptress. The priests realised that the desires Nefertiti displayed would be of great use to them. Having a natural ability to manipulate meant that all that was needed was to direct the course of her intentions. And allow her to receive the rewards for fulfilling those intentions and this was something the priests could deliver.


When Akhen and Nefertiti first met, Akhen was spellbound in a second. He was completely entranced by her beauty and the priests recognised this fact, and knew they could use this to their advantage. Nefertiti was offered a life-style that was unsurpassed and she was willing to do what was asked of her to receive such – she was willing to live a lie and to maintain that lie.
The priests knew that they would need a controller very near to Akhen and Nefertiti fitted the purpose perfectly. Already having the ability to manipulate those of the opposite sex was just what the doctor ordered and made the priests’ job even easier. Manipulate her through her lust for status and, in turn, she would maintain control of Akhen through her own manipulation which, was controlled by the priests – a perfect scenario, but a scenario that came with its own suffering for Nefertiti.
Many nights Nefertiti would suffer over all she had been party to on behalf of the priests for the families. Many nights she would shed tears, suffering the pangs of morality, as this was something no one escapes from. With no one to turn to she would suffer alone. And the pain she suffered was intense, until such time as her mind would lever its way in to say that all she had done was ok. For it kept her in the life she deserved. But what Nefertiti was hiding was the fact these events were becoming far more frequent and lasting much longer each time. She knew she had to hide this fact from the priests and, no matter how she felt, she knew she would have to stay composed so that no one would suspect.
She knew in her heart that Akhen was aware of the truth, and it was only her continuing beauty that, on some occasions, would continue to allow her control of him. But these outbreaks were becoming far more frequent and were lasting much longer each time.
Nefertiti knew that what Akhen was suffering was exactly what she was and this frightened her. Because she knew that when this struck her with all its force there was nothing she could do about it no matter how she tried. And she realised a short time before that, when Akhen was like this, there was no controlling him. She was frightened of this for she knew full well what the families would do – not just to her, to all of them.
Nefertiti also knew that Akhen’s attacks were at such a stage that he did not care who saw him when they were happening, and the fact that he would say whatever he wanted to say, no matter who it would upset, was dangerous. This was very perilous, and Nefertiti realised the gravity of the situation only too well.

As the two of them stood together, silent, a buzzer from an intercom system on a writing desk sounded across the vast room. Nefertiti left her husband’s side and walked over to the desk.
On arriving, she reached down and pushed the appropriate button to return the call, saying abruptly
“Yes, you called?”

“Ah, yes, my queen.” the voice said nervously at the other end of the intercom. “The grand master and the masters are all now in attendance within the board room, is the king ready to join them?”

“Yes” Nefertiti said abruptly. “He shall be along shortly.”

“Very good, my queen.” Said the voice in reply. “I shall let the board know.”

Nefertiti strolled across the vast room again to her waiting husband, who was not looking best pleased.

“Are you ready, my king?” Asked an uneasy queen.

“As ready as I can be.” Replied a very despondent king.

“Are you sure, my king?” Nefertiti said, reinforcing the point again.

“Nefertiti!” Akhen said abruptly.
Even though he did not mean to be so abrupt, it did so annoy him when his wife did not listen to him. He knew what his wife was hinting at, and fully realised why she would question him this way. But the point was that Akhen knew, sooner than later, he would not be able to contain these emotions any longer and all that needed to be said, would be said.
He knew that this was what Nefertiti feared, and he knew, although it would mark the end of him when he did so, he was prepared for this, as nothing could be worse than to lead the double life he led now. To be surrounded by so much deceit, treachery and lies, a life bound by duplicity.
For now, though, for the sake of his wife and children, he would try and contain these emotions – he would try at least, until such time as arrangements could be made. But he knew his patience was wearing thin. Deep down inside he knew that, one-day, he would have his say and nothing on this planet would stop him.


That was all that needed to be said by Akhen, and his wife knew this and did not pursue the matter any further.
They both strolled side by side out of the royal bedroom and down the passageway to the central part of the palace.
There they turned left and stood facing the doors that led into the boardroom where court was to be held. Nefertiti turned and smiled at Akhen and was about to say something, but Akhen beckoned her not to and she remained silent.
Akhen left his wife’s side and walked into the boardroom alone.
The room itself was huge with an impressive rectangular shaped table in the centre of it. All around were gold emblems and statues and handcrafted marble tables and figurines. A small, crystal fountain in one corner gently allowed water to wash over it to create a beautiful, peaceful sound – but no peace would be found in this room. The room was adorned with splendour and the pomp and circumstance of importance.
To say the least, Akhen disliked this room more than any other in the palace. What went on inside this room sickened him to the core, and what was even worse was the fact he would have to sit and listen. Listen to the masters discuss ever more ways to tax the people in the name of the gods, control them through precautionary principles, punish them for victimless crimes, steal their children for their carnal pleasures and, last but not least, trick them through simple deceptions, because that was the object of the game played on this court.


Akhen acknowledged everyone in the room as they, in turn, bowed their heads as their servants and entourage bowed theirs. Akhen knew that this was just a display of protocol that meant nothing more.
When the servants had seated everyone, the entourages and the servants turned and left the room. The great doors were shut behind them leaving two guards on duty behind the soundproof doors. Akhen sat at the head of the table with the grand master of the priests at the other end. They exchanged no more than a glance – as both men despised each other, even though Akhen was finding it harder each day to behave in such a way with a fellow human being. Nonetheless, the fact was quite obvious; as each of them would say as little as sufficed to each other when they met – and no more.
The secretary to the far left of Akhen stood and bowed in Akhen’s direction, which Akhen acknowledged with a slight move of his head forward. The secretary then proceeded to relay the minutes from the last court session.
At this moment Akhen could feel himself switch off, for he had no need to listen to what was said and discussed – his only purpose now was to try to set the people free and, to do this, all he had to do was tell the truth – and that was exactly what he was going to do.




Chapter 8


A very curious Akhen, and a very happy Iktus, stood silently in front of the great set of doors. They had stood there only a matter of minutes after Iktus had spoken to Akhen about the gods and what they really were.
The boy’s mind was spinning like a top. All he had ever been taught relating to this subject was now just a mass of confusion. Even though he was confused, he was, for some strange reason, without fear and, instead, a feeling of excitement was upon him.
Iktus turned to Akhen and said.
“Are you ready, my prince? Are you ready to see what the gods truly arE?”

“Yes, I am” Akhen answered with excitement in his voice.

“Then let me show you, my prince.” The priest said, and with this he turned towards the great doors and pulled them open.


As the great doors opened the sunshine flooded in and Akhen and Iktus shielded their eyes from the blinding light. As Akhen’s eyes adjusted to the light he stood frozen to the spot, amazed at what he could now see in front of him and unable to utter a word. Iktus placed his hand gently on the boy’s shoulder and looked down at him, smiling.

“Follow me, my prince, and meet the gods.”

With no hesitation whatsoever, Akhen slowly walked forward through the doors and out into the daylight in step with Iktus – still silent and lost for words.
What he could see defied explanation and, although the sight should really have petrified him, in some way he had seen this before. Was it in a dream? Or some other image he had forgotten about as a young child? He could not be sure – but he knew he had seen this all before, though perhaps not in such detail. But he certainly recognised what was in front of him.
The pair stood gazing at a construction site and, surrounding this site and sitting inanimate, there were machines.
Iktus and Akhen walked slowly towards the enormous building being constructed. They were walking towards an opening that projected out from the rest of the masonry, but was covered by a towering building stepping up towards the sun. As they headed towards the opening Iktus led the pair just to the right of it, to a monster of metal shining in the sunlight.
They paused as they reached this monstrous example of engineering and Akhen stood puzzling over this creation, which stood in all its glory in front of him.

“This is a god.” Said Iktus. “This is what you, and the inferiors, believe are the gods. This is what makes the sound you have heard all your life. This is a machine, Akhen. The people truly worship gods, but they are nothing more than machines.”

Akhen remained silent – truly stunned by the sight in front of him. What were they doing here, he wondered? What were they building with these things called machines? Question after question buzzed around inside his head until he could contain himself no longer.

“I have seen this before. I mean, I know of these, but I do not know how, or why, nor what this building is.” Akhen said, becoming more puzzled by every passing second.

“These things you call machines are built of hemp, and are powered by a combination of hemp oil and the sun, but I do not how such things are possible, or how I know this.”
Akhen started too move around the machine, staring at it and trying to make sense of it. Iktus could see the young boy was struggling in his efforts to make sense of all he could seE. The excitement that the boy had shown, in his voice and mannerisms, was now competing with concern as he struggled to comprehend what stood before him.
Realising this, Iktus spoke in a voice of reassurance.

“My prince, slow down. You will know All in good time. Please allow me to explain.”

Akhen – not hearing Iktus – was now moving even quicker around the machine, trying to take it all in, but the more he took in the more confused he seemed to become.
Iktus moved quickly to catch up with Akhen and tried to repeat what he had just said in a louder voice.

“My prince, please slow down….”
Iktus did not finish his words as he saw that Akhen could not hear him. The boy was enveloped by his curiosity and continued even faster until Iktus shouted….

“Akhen, STOP!”


Iktus finally managed to catch up with Akhen and they were both quite out of breath. Although Iktus had expected a similar sort of reaction from the boy, he did not realise, or expect, one that was so progressive. Placing himself between the crane and Akhen, Iktus put his hands on the boy’s shoulders once again and spoke as calmly as he could, still trying to catch his breath.

“I know that this troubles you, Akhen, and I know that, at first, this would seem very confusing, but please slow down and let me explain.”
Iktus was gradually breathing slower and paused for a time whilst the last moments of breathlessness ceased. Then he continued speaking to the now calm, but still bewildered boy.

“This machine is called a crane. It is modelled on the bird itself and, as you have so rightly mentioned, hemp oil and the sun power it. This is just one of many machines that are used and which are made in places called factoriEs – you will see these soon. You will see many types of machines here, which all serve different purposes and they, in combination, create the sound you, have heard all your life. Today they have been stopped so I can show you these examples of what is possible and also what can be built with such machines.”

Akhen just stood silent, stunned by the size of this crane which stood inanimate before him, not really knowing what to say, or do, other than stand there amazed. In all his life he had never seen such a thing and, even though he knew that he had seen images of such things, to stand here, now, in its presence, defied any form of logic.
How could he dream of this and then be in the presence of exactly what he had dreamt about? I suppose the only question that he knew could not be answered was this; is it a dream in the first place, or was it something different?
He decided that now was the time to question Iktus – and question he would.

“You know I have dreamt of these, don’t you?” the boy inquired of the priest. “But were they dreams, or is there something you are not telling me?” A determination to seek the truth was now very present in the boy’s voice.

“Yes, I do, my prince, and you have talked of these machines many times even, though you could have no knowledge of such things by any means. However, you will recall that you have little or no knowledge of talking about such things. What you call a dream is just the way you can reason such an occurrence, but maybe the dream is simply a memory and you have just presumed it was a dream. The way these memories are delivered would make us think they are a dream or, at least, something new. But the truth is that you are accessing the memories of your ancestors and they are simply delivered in the only way they can be. Access to the memories by any other means has been severed by the accumulation of useless knowledge”.
Iktus paused for a moment to make sure Akhen was still following his drift for the priest did not want to lose him in something that, to be honest, most adults would get lost in – especially after receiving the amount of coercive programming they would have received through the education processes. It was important that Akhen realised that he possessed this ability to access these memories because, sooner or later, he would be asking about the rock – the black rock, many called the stone, and the priest needed this boy to remember this fact – everything relied upon this one issue.


Iktus knew that Akhen was a bright boy; he knew that he was a whyst child and he was sure, without doubt, that Akhen was the preternatural one – at least he prayed that he was, as his own life depended on it.
Every night he would go back to his humble abode and pray to Temu that he would be re-instated in the role he so rightly deserved, and he would do all that was needed to be done to satisfy this unquenchable lust – no matter what was asked or demanded of him.
Even though Akhen remained silent, Iktus knew that his words were not only being heard, they were sinking in and resonating in the boy’s mind and this was a good sign. So Iktus continued.

“You have seen all that you have seen, and are aware of all that you are aware of, my prince, because you possess this ability and no other human has this – not one of us. Our lives are possessed by the world of useless knowledge and, within that possession, we are denying ourselves this ability. And, as much as we try to not do this, the result is that we do it all the more. It is like the serpent, which chases its own tail, and suddenly realises that every turn it takes brings it back to the very same place it started. Because we are unsatisfied with this process, or what we perceive we need to make us happy continually needs to be searched for – which is this process – the process starts, continually, over and over again, creating the constant need to search.
I know that you are the one who can ignore this. I know you are the one who can have ultimate power through the denial of this process – I know it is you.
This machine and the building you see before you are remarkable examples of engineering, examples of what we are capable of. You, by comparison, can achieve so much more than this – even now as a young man. That is why you are here, Akhen, This is why I have been instructed to show you all this, to show you what is possible.”


Akhen still stood silent, listening to all that the priest had to say and even he, Akhen, knew then that this was only the beginning and much more was to be revealed to him. He began to have a strange sense of pride in himself which spurred thoughts like ‘why me?’ and ‘I am special’. This produced a smirk upon the boy’s face – a smirk that Iktus could see, and he was very pleased at this reaction going on in the boy.
Iktus knew he had just crossed a fine line – a very fine one. With all that he had just said, things could go very well for the priest and the families or, on the other hand, very badly for them – and they could not stop it, for this boy – if he actually was the preternatural one – could only be killed by one of the same blood from his very immediate family and by no other. Well, such was the belief. The preternatural one is protected by a lower source, something that had been realised a long time ago. Because of this fact the priests had been working very hard on Akhenaten’s brother, Tutmose’s. Who was accepting the coercive ways, and whose mannerisms were all ready displaying this to the delight of the priests. He was accepting the ‘power overcoat’ very well.
Iktus had heard from one of the other priests involved in the coercion of Tutmose’s that all was going as planned and, if what Iktus was doing was proven to be wrong, they were ready to go ahead with the same plan, replacing one brother for the other. Iktus assured them that this would not be the case. He was certain it was Akhen, and not his brother, because of the things this young boy had spoken about and his brother had never uttered a word to them about such subjects.


Akhen still stood silent whilst contemplating every word the priest had said to him, staring around Iktus at the machine and the building that towered over it. These were only examples, he had been told, but this did not suffice by a long shot. He wanted to know more and the questions were mounting up in his mind – and not in an orderly queue – far from it. His curiosity was only increasing by the second. Akhen stopped staring at the machine and the building, and looked up at the priest.

“May I see more, please?” the boy uttered politely.

“Of course you can, Akhen, I am pleased that you asked.” Answered a very happy priest.

“May I ask questions as we walk, please?” said Akhen, with the utmost politeness and respect.
He wanted to find out so much more and thought that respect and politeness would get him all the answers he required.

“Of course you can. Where would you like to start?”

“This machine – a crane you called it if I remember rightly. What does it do?”

“Well, Akhen, this is just one of many cranes that are used to lift very heavy weights. This is one of the smaller machines that we have constructed. As we walk around you will see many that are much bigger. These are used in the construction of the building you see before you. Each machine plays a part in the construction and has a very specific purpose, which has allowed us to build structures that would otherwise be impossible.” said the priest enthusiastically, pleased that the boy was interested.

“But why are such buildings needed and why is this one so enormous?”

“All I can tell you at this moment is that this building will act as a giant amplifier. I will explain more at a later time – not just now”.

“What is an amplifier?” Akhen questioned.
He was not satisfied with this answer and was determined to pursue the line of questioning. He was being polite and was using the utmost respect, so he could not see any reason why the priest should not answer his questions. Iktus did not answer, however, and started to move away from Akhen towards the building entrance, so Akhen asked again.

“What do mean an amplifier?” A slight urgency and forcefulness was in his voice now.

“My prince, you will have all the answers you require in good time – please be patient and follow me.” Iktus was being polite but, at the same time, quite stern. Akhen did not want to be treated like a child – he wanted answers now – he had asked politely and could see no reason why he should wait.

Iktus just kept walking towards the entrance with Akhen in tow. The boy decided to pursue the priest again and asked politely.

“Iktus, please would you explain what this thing called an amplifier is and why this building will be one and what for?”

Iktus stopped in his tracks and was about to turn and shout at the boy for his persistence over an answer but on reflection, thought better of it. He had the boy on his side, now, and had worked hard to get this. The fine line he had crossed could be upset in an instant. He had to keep reminding himself that he was dealing with a boy, and he needed this boy more than ever now – otherwise all his hard work would be for nothing.
He knew, in hindsight, it was better to pander to the boy’s needs even though doing so enraged him. This was something he would just have to put up with – for now.
Iktus decided to pacify the boy and asked him.
“Do you remember when we were back where you stayed last night and I asked you to put a magnifying glass in your robe pocket? Do you remember this?”

“Yes, I do.” Akhen replied, rummaging in his robe pocket to find the object in question before pulling it out and holding it in view in his hand.

“May I take it from you?” Iktus asked politely.

Akhen acknowledged Iktus with a nod of his head and passed the magnifying glass to the priest.

“Now, pay attention, my prince. You will like this – please stay here whilst I retrieve a piece of wood from over there.” Iktus said, as he walked over to a pile of wood and picked up a piece about a foot long.
He then walked back to the boy and knelt down on the ground.

“Kneel beside me, my prince, and watch this.” Iktus asked politely.

Akhen did as he was asked and watched what the priest was about to do.

Iktus laid the wood upon the ground and then began to explain what he was doing.

“As I hold this magnifying glass between the sun and the piece of wood on the ground, can you see a round area upon the wood that is lit by the magnifying glass?” said Iktus, doing exactly what he was explaining.

“Yes.” Replied the boy prince.

“Now, as I move the glass further from the wood can you see that area of light getting smaller?”

“Yes.” Replied the boy prince patiently.

“Watch, now, as I hold the beam steady at this intensity. Watch and see what happens.”
As Iktus did this, the inevitable happened, and smoke started to rise from the wood. As the seconds passed the wood started to smoulder and, eventually, began to burn.

“Do you now see why I asked you to bring this with you? I have just demonstrated how you can amplify the intense heat from the sun on to a small area. We call this magnification.”

Akhen was amazed that he had never seen this done. Iktus offered the boy the magnifying glass so he could try the same. Akhen did exactly what the priest had done and was entranced by the reaction. Iktus spoke to him while he was doing so.

“The rock used to construct the building in front of you was cut using the same method. This is just a small demonstration of how energy can be amplified. This building is designed to do the same but just through a different concept.”
Iktus was very reluctant to explain any further, He had already said too much, but he knew he would have to satisfy the boy’s curiosity if he were to keep him on his side. Akhen finished what he was doing and put the magnifying glass back into the pocket of his robe before asking another question.

“So you have built this building to become an amplifier. May I ask an amplifier of what?”

“If I explain a little will you be, satisfied? I cannot explain exactly what it is for, because at this moment you would not truly understand and this will only serve to confuse you even more than you are now.”
Iktus was trying to play his cards tight to his chest, but he knew the boy was not stupid. All he needed to achieve at this time was to show the boy what powEr was really about and how beneficial it was to possess it. He needed to show this boy what the gods really were, because when he came to explain again about the power of words, showing him this would only serve to highlight exactly what he was talking about – even though that doing so could cause the whole deal to fall through. But the priest had no choice. He had come this far and could not turn back now. This was a chance he had to take.

“This building, my prince, will amplify energy – a very special type of energy, but only one aspect of it and only for one use. It is designed specifically to do this and for no other reason. Walk with me into the building and I will show you more.”


The pair walked out of the rays of the sun and entered through the opening that led to the inside of the building. They walked along a passageway that was made of stonework decorated with symbols and pictures unlike anything that Akhen had ever seen. Although he had seen symbols during his schooling these were different and, in some way, looked far more primitive than the ones used in the teachings he had received from the priests. The detail was as significant as the stones themselves, stretching up to a ceiling that was not far away from the priests head, although it was wide enough for the pair to walk side by side. The stones were of great size and looked neatly placed, one on top of another, forming a tunnel that was at first lit by the sun and the normal daylight, then being lit by lanterns the further they travelled along its length.
Akhen wanted to ask questions, but thought it best to stay silent. He could tell by the way priest was carrying himself, and the attitude in his voice earlier, that Iktus was losing patience and Akhen did not want to anger the priest. For although he wanted answers to his questions he did not want to upset the priest as he was enjoying his stay here – well, not so much this bit, but he certainly wanted more time with the servant girls and felt that by upsetting the priest this could come to a short, sharp end.
The pair continued silently for some time before they reached a series of turns and then they started to walk downwards. Their footsteps were echoing all around them and the air was heavy with a dusty odour.
After what seemed an age, the pair eventually reached a big doorway that led them to what can only be described as a chamber. The chamber was weird though because, as they entered, Akhen could see daylight and he wondered where this was coming from, as they seemed to be deep in the ground. He could only presume it was the sun tunnels he had seen earlier. To his surprise, however, it was something completely different and, not only was it going to confuse Akhen, the next time he would be in this building he would do something he would regret for a very long time.



Chapter 9


“My king, what do you think about the new proposal?” A familiar voice said to the day- dreaming Akhen.
Although the voice was familiar, it was not a voice that Akhen was ever pleased to hear. The voice continued to ask.
“My king, WHAT do you think of the new proposal?”
This time the voice was sterner in its approach and an answer was being demanded; an answer Akhen could not give truthfully at this point. For he knew not of what was being asked of him – in truth he had not been listening.
Although he sat there, his mind was in another place. The voice was the voice of the grand master, a bitter and twisted man who went by the name of Annop and who revelled in the pain of others and the power that allowed him to do so. This man was a would-be tyrant, similar to how Akhen once was. At this time he had made it to the highest position he could hold, unless of course he could occupy the position Akhen held – and this was his deepest desire and only desire – and he, like many others, would do anything to satisfy this lust for what he perceived was ultimate power.


Since the court had started, Akhen and Annop were the only ones around the table who had stayed silent.
Akhen sat there in a daydream for most of the time – needing to turn off – as he was feeling the need even more to cry out and have his say. But he had promised Nefertiti that he would try to contain his anger and play his part. The trouble was that every time he had to endure this protocol it became harder to contain himself. And he found that if he were asked his opinion – which to be honest was not very often – he would have to hold his tongue and maintain a facade that would not bring attention to how he truly felt inside when answering.
Akhen was lying through his teeth to appease the protocol of deception and it was something that Akhen was finding harder to do with each passing second. When he did answer the grand master was always watching him closely, his eyes never straying from the king’s face and the king knew this. He knew Annop would be studying and watching him for any indication, or reaction, that was against what was being asked of him; against the protocol and indoctrination and all it stood for.
Akhen could not answer the question for his mind was spinning and too caught up with the pain that his dreams – whether they be of the night or of the day – brought him. It was a pain that was too much to contend with, knowing not only what he could explain, but also being given a knowing he could not explain. A torrent of knowing that showed him what would manifest, and how, and all that had manifested and what it had resulted in. He knew that he, was who, the finger of blame was pointing to; his position being created only for that reason – and he knew that, as long as this was allowed to carry on, the real perpetrators of the people’s slavery would be protected.


Akhen knew that, in a different time and place, this would happen again with someone else sat where he was, feeling as he did, just as it had happened before.
How he knew this he could not explain to anyone, because in truth he could not explain it to himself. He knew of something called the protocols of the elders of Zion and he knew it would be based upon a corruption of a prophecy called by a similar name. A prophecy he knew no words of, but he knew it was called the Prophecy of Sion. He knew that he had spoken of this before, but could not for the life of him remember any of it. He knew the families would corrupt this by using the word Zion instead of Sion, being a name they would use in a different time and a different era as a deception. A deception the families could hide behind, allowing another race of people to take the blame for what they had really done and continued to do.
The people in question would be acquisitioned by the families by buying them off with the power of wealth and position and, as long as they were happy to accept the blame, they would be given laws that would protect them like no other people would be given. They would even murder thousands of their own people to keep the illusion alive, and use this murder to create a unique law that would prevent their persecution; doing all this to protect the ones who were really responsible; doing all this to quench their own thirst that manifested in the lust for power, control and wealth.
But, as Akhen could lay testament to, these people would in fact be more enslaved that anyone else – as he was – as their lust would create permanent prisons which they could not escape from.
They would become the most watched, as the families safeguarded their investments and quelled their ever-increasing paranoia by forever watching over them and using whatever method they could find.


There were many parts to this – well, three in fact – called the trinity, and designed specifically to protect the fourth element – namely; the shareholders. This is how they operated and this is how they did business – because, in reality, that is all it was – a business – a corporate command structure based upon a structure known as a pyramid. This structure enabled the one to be maintained by the all – but the one was nothing more than a mascot, with another actually in control – that one being the grand master. The grand master worked in conjunction with the board of masters, whose sole job was to maintain the interests of the families as the sole purpose behind everything they did and implemented.
Akhen had realised that another element must be added to the top of the pyramid; a circle of twelve, for this would truly represent what was actually going on and would highlight the fact that the trinity protected the fourth element that hid behind this symbol – a symbol that would represent them for thousands of years to come.
All of this was whirring around in Akhen’s mind, driving him to the point of distraction, driving him insane. He had lost where he was, lost where he had been and all the time he was being glared at by Annop who was waiting for an answer. And all the time Akhen was trying not to show how restless he was. But the grand master knew that the king was restless, and knew also that there was something very wrong.
He had seen a change in the king over the years he had known him, and the reason that the king had given then – that he was not concerned with such trivial matters as laws was, to be certain, wearing thin – the grand master knew this was just an excuse. It hadn’t been so in the first place, but it certainly was now.
Akhen had never signed any paperwork, and had only ever given his consent by a nod of agreement and by letters patent – an agreement drawn up on the first occasion that could to be relied upon for all other occasions.
This was how insignificant Akhen was during the administration of summary law, and deciding the punishment for violations of this law. The fact remained that Akhen had no control over what was set in place and never had had. It was just a farce; a smoke screen relied upon to create an illusion that simply placed someone upon a pedestal, at whom the finger of blame could be pointed.
This was the price that had to be paid by anyone allowed to be in Akhen’s position – a price that many would pay willingly. It was the illusion of a dictatorship of one when, in fact, he was just a mask, a mascot to hide the real engineers of dictatorial rule; a persona playing a part in a horrendous play from which no one could escape – whether they wished release from its grip or not.


Annop was going to pressure the king for an answer – whether he liked it or not – and would not let up until he got it. He knew that the king was on the edge, and knew that, by applying the right amount of pressure, the king would blow.
He had warned the families many times that this was going to occur, and that now was the time to remove Akhenaton; and he had offered himself as a substitute, as a regent, until such time as a new king could be found- one that would concur with all that was being done, and would agree with the reasons for which it was being done. But the families had rejected the idea as they felt this would create more harm than good. Even if Akhen did not know it, he had a following; a very powerful following that sat patiently and waited. They waited for Akhen to do the inevitable, for they knew that one-day he would.
A secret order that the families had unsuccessfully tried many times to infiltrate, and their ultimate dilemma was the struggle to control them – how could you control what you could not see, touch or hear? Truth be known, they could not control this order in any way and decided the best way to deal with it was to ignore them in denial but, regardless of this fact, this troubled the families – and troubled them deeply. For they felt the eyes of the order all around them, ever-watching, ever-waiting, not hidden but in plain view around them, near them and as much a part of them as they could be, and this led to a very sad existence for the families as they were forced to hide in the shadows. They acted as though they were gods, but in reality they were just flesh and bone; they bled, felt pain and suffered from illness like all flesh and bone. They just portrayed that they did not sufferer these inflictions but, to maintain their safety, they lived in the shadows, for what they portrayed was nothing more than lies.


Knowing all of this had enraged Annop to the point where he was now going to prove that he could crush this order, but he had no way of doing it. He did not know where to start. As grand master he commanded the armies and, as commander in chief he could – if he so wished – even raise the armies against the families. But he knew such things must be done in stealth. As many of the army’s top commanders were sucked in by the families lies about them being all powerful, and would run back to them, telling tales, to increase their own positions and status and that would also most certainly lead to his own demise if such a thing should happen.
But the order was another matter entirely and, if he could do it, he knew that the families would owe him – and the price would be Akhen’s position and nothing less would suffice. This was the only way that he could prove his true worth to the families, modelling himself on the way Akhenaton used to be. He would destroy anyone who got in his way and, if needs be, this would include the families. Annop was a man who would not take no for an answer and had grown tired of this game. He knew that Akhen was weak and, sooner or later, would crumble – and Annop wanted to be there when this excuse for a man met his end and to try, with all his being, to get the position when it became vacant by whatever means he needed to employ. But again the thought would enter his head, “What of the order?” The not knowing drove him to insanity – an insanity that would cost lives, as he would take out his frustration upon servants in any morbid way he could invent. Many had met their deaths at his hands, and not only did this quench the not knowing for a while, but it gave him immense satisfaction to watch another human being suffer – especially at his own hands. He would stand in front of a mirror, covered in another’s blood after satisfying his blood lust, and stare at himself, saying “No one can stop me and that includes this so called order” but he knew, deep down inside, that he was only trying to convince himself and, in reality, he feared the order just as much as the families did, and the last thing he could ever allow to happen was for Akhenaton himself to realise, or find out, that they existed, as this would be the end of everything. Both Annop and the families knew this only too well – what they didn’t realise was that Akhen was very aware of its existence but, like many things he spoke of, he just at this moment could not remember. That memory, however, was soon to come back.


“MY KING!” Annop said impertinently, trying to not be seen as being too disrespectful but at the same time, finding it hard to contain his contempt for this man.
This was the third time of asking.
The whole room grew silent as Annop pressured the king, but no eyes fell upon Akhen – they would not dare. The only eyes that glared upon Akhen were those of the grand master. The others sat around the table remembering what Akhen had done before to those who spoke to him in such a tone and, as far as they were concerned, nothing had changed and it was not their place to question this king – far from it. Many before had done so and paid the price for their impertinence – and they did not wish to take this dangerous liberty upon themselves. Not with this man, anyway. Most sat there stunned, and were wondering how the grand master dare do this but, at the same time, they dared not stare at Annop either. They just sat there, awkwardly, patiently waiting for the king to answer, or to do what they presumed he would do.
Akhen, snapping out of his daydream, felt vulnerable, realising that he had been asked something he could not answer he began to panic, which was to turn to rage. As much as he had promised Nefertiti he would not to do it, he was going to explode.
For that instance the confusion had allowed the old Akhen to rear his head. But unlike the old Akhen his outburst would not be one of vengeance upon his assailant, this time it was to be a torrent of the ugly truth that would rock the worlds of all those sat in the room to the core. This moment had been a long time coming, but that had only served to increase the velocity of what was about to be delivered….


All of a sudden Akhen leapt from his chair with such force the chair toppled over and crashed to the floor behind him. For deep down he knew what he had been asked, even though his mind had been in total confusion. Even though Akhen was raging inside he spoke with calmness in his voice that did not match his body language – the two were completely out of sync. His body was reacting to the confusion in his mind and his demeanour was that of an enraged man, but his voice was calm in its preciseness as he spoke slowly….

“So you would like to know if I think that taking children as young as eight to their enslavement in the construction sites and ultimately their deaths is agreeable?” and “You would like my agreement to say that this would be satisfactory.”
Akhen was now leaning across the table upon his knuckles that were pressed hard into the tabletop….

“So this is what you ask of me this day?” Akhen concluded, directing his answer at the grand master and no one else.
Annop was shocked at Akhen’s actions and words even, though he had expected this for a long time – he did not expect this outburst today that had taken him by surprise.
What worried the grand master as well was the fact Akhen spoke so calmly, even though it was quite evident that his body language said nothing of the sort – this was most certainly the calm before the storm. And this was something Annop did not expect, because he deemed Akhen weak.
He believed the king would be a quivering wreck at the mercy of his own emotions; he was the last one to think that the old king was still present in this wreck of a man who stood before him calmly enraged.
Annop did not stand and just answered the king with a politeness that he was very reluctant to use. He wanted to rage back, but he was very unsure of where this was going and decided he would play it cool for a while and let the king have enough rope to hang himself….

“Yes my king that was the question?” Annop said staring directly into the king’s eyes as he answered.

But Annop was not being as clever as he thought he was as Akhen knew exactly what he was doing and answered the question he had been asked.

“My answer is NO! This will not be agreeable under any circumstances”.
Akhen’s voice was still calm but was starting to elevate with sternness in its tone that was only to increase the more he continued.
“And when you speak to me, at any time, bow your head grand master let you not forget your place or who you are speaking too.”

Akhen knew the game the grand master was playing. He also knew that this could be reversed. For as much as the grand master thought he knew about Akhen, he himself knew a lot about the grand master. Akhen realised the grand master himself was on the verge of exploding and truth be known this was a battle of the ego’s and nothing more, a battle that Annop had wanted for a very long time. But Annop had always presumed the king would end up a quivering wreck at the table and never imagined that the king would do as he was now – even though it seemed Akhen was playing into the grand masters hands.
Akhen knew that Annop would underestimate him, because he knew that the grand master saw him as a weak man and through this, the grand master would fall into a pit of un-security dug by himself through his own arrogance – but the grand master had many secrets and Akhen knew them.
He had known for quite a while that Annop wanted his position, a fact the grand master could not hide. It was obvious and written all over his face and he did not do himself any favours, because his actions told the same tale – he could not hide the fact, and his impatience only made it more obvious.

Even though the king seemed to be playing into his hands, Annop was still very concerned, because he knew he would struggle to keep his own ego in check. To explode in front of the masters and rage back would cause a backlash. He knew that, granted, the masters knew a lot, but there were still things they were not privileged enough to know. This situation, if not handled properly, could cause a lot of damage and things could be said that, by all accounts, could cause un-reversible consequences – and this was something the families would not be happy about and Annop knew he would suffer the brunt of their anger. Annop was realising that Akhenaten actually had him over a barrel and that what he had presumed in the first instance was not at all accurate. As much as he resented doing so he would have to submit to the kings wishes if he was to defuse the situation, but there was no telling how far Akhenaten would go. Even in Akhenaten’s simply refusal of the new proposal, was the evidence that something was wrong being presented to the masters, and in a way they could not ignore.
The king had always agreed and never refused whatever proposal he had been presented with, but on this day he was doing exactly that. The masters would never cross the king, but at the same time nor would they cross swords with the grand master. The families knew this and knew that this provided an excellent way of controlling the masters outside of the control of the grand master. As long as they feared both elements, both king and grand master, the families knew that they would fear them even more – for the masters knew that the families controlled both elements, which controlled them.
Even though it was presumed that the grand master was the commander in chief of all the armies, this was nothing more than a deception, as they would never allow one man to have so much power. The grand masters job was to keep the temple in check to make sure the wishes of the families were always maintained, including the controlling of Nefertiti. And even though he gave the army their orders, it was always what the families wished for the armies to do and nothing more.
Annop himself was not aware of any of this, too caught up in his own delusion of grandeur to realise that the families would never trust one man so much. Annop was simply a pawn, as Akhenaten was, bought for a price and that price was called, lust.


Annop now sat with his head bowed, as all the masters did. Akhen still stood pressing his knuckles into the tabletop, his body still slightly showing the effects of the rage that roared in him. But his voice was still calm as he spoke, the lion within him not un-leashed yet, still not un-restrained.

“Now I have your undivided attention I wish to speak and you will listen. You come this day with a proposal that means nothing to you in its true sense. You do not even hear the words you speak or what you ask me for. Has all humanity been sucked from you by payment of nothing more than position? Do you not realise what immorality you asked of me this day?”

As Akhen uttered these words Annop stood abruptly and butted in. With no protocols at all Annop started to try a silence the king….

“Akhenaten you are crossing a fine line now. Let us dismiss the masters and carry this on in private….”
But before Annop could finish Akhenaten cut in, and not so politely….

“SIT DOWN AND BE QUIET PRIEST.” Akhen said with a force in his voice that the others knew you should never trifle with. The lion awoke and was going to be heard.

“I will be heard and you will not interrupt again, for if you do it will be the last time you ever do.”

Annop replied with anger as rage over took him and he feel into the trap his own mind had laid for him.

“How dare you talk to me this way you excuse for a man? You are NOTHING!” He shouted, “You make no decisions, your job is just to agree, to sit there and not be heard.” Annop said.
He had waited for this day for so long and at this moment had no concern for the consequences that he would suffer for this outburst. The masters sat there completely dumfounded, not knowing whether to leave or stay. But there worries were only just beginning.

“GUARDS.” Akhen shouted as he left the table and walked towards the doors.

“Yes you call the guards and we shall see who they listen too.”
Annop said as he raised himself to his feet. He too was walking towards Akhen and the doorway where the guards would enter the room. Whilst this was all going on the masters still sat at the table not knowing what to do or say, uttering no words to each other, only exchanging puzzled looks.
An occurrence like this had never happened before, so no one in the room quite knew how to react and that included Annop and Akhen.
No pharaoh had ever done this, not to this extent anyway. Granted a few had demonstrated their dislike to certain rules pertaining to themselves and their lives, but never had a pharaoh called the palace guard upon a grand master, and what the masters and the grand master himself were wondering was, what exactly was the king going to ask the guards to do.
Truth be known it wasn’t just Annop who had waited for this day, Akhenaten had waited as well, biting his tongue for too many years something he was no longer prepared to do. And on this day he was going to have his say, and nothing upon this earth was going to stop him.







Chapter 10


The seconds ticked past and no palace guards had entered the room. The reason was they were oblivious to what was actually occurring in the boardroom, standing sentry outside soundproof doors.
Akhen in his rage had forgotten about the doors and the fact that the guards could only be summoned via a panic button mounted on the underside of the table, because they could not hear a thing that was going on.
Akhen and Annop now met each other in front of the boardroom doors both staring at each other without saying a word. The masters sat at the table still quiet, still not knowing what to make of the situation – and although it was very alarming, at the same time a few of them found it very intriguing.
Akhen was still calm inside, but his body was still reacting to the rage in his mind.
Annop on the other hand was furious and had totally succumbed to the rage, but stood silently waiting to see what the kings next move would be. Annop had not forgotten about the doors and the panic button, and even though the pair stood in front of the doors, he was quite prepared to come to blows if need be as long as the guards remained outside – because ultimately he knew they would protect the king before anyone else.
Even though in effect he controlled all the armies, the palace guard was another matter all together and in the hastiness of rage, for that moment, he had forgotten that fact. Now realising this was causing a great deal of anxiety and confusion in Annop. His mind was saying one thing and his instincts were telling him something completely different. The dilemma he was in was causing an uneasiness that he did not want the king to realise was present in him. He could not allow this man to see a weakness in him and this is what his mind kept repeating, where as his instincts were saying ‘sit down and shut up, as no good will come from this’. But he was being told by his own mind to do such would be the act of a cowardice, something he could not demonstrate on any level, but what Annop did not realise was that Akhen had a friend in the room as one of the masters was in fact a member of the order – in fact more than one was.


Because of his forgetfulness and the gravity of the situation, Akhen stood there puzzled over the fact that the guards had not entered to room. He opened his mouth to shout again, but before he could Annop stepped forward and grabbed the king’s arm.
Many masters around the table who were now watching what was going on in front of the doors let out a small gasp of disbelief as the grand master did this. The grand master was now, in their eyes over stepping the mark and was starting to walk on very dangerous ground.
Akhen turned to Annop as he did this with surprise in his eyes as Annop spoke in a hushed voice so the masters could not hear what he was saying – even though his voice was hushed, he could not hide the anger it resonated with.

“Be very aware, that what you do next cannot be returned from. You will start a sequence of events you will wish at a future date, you did not start. You know your position and you know what is demanded of you because of the position you hold. Let us forget this even happened and return to the table, where it would be in your best interests to apologise for this outburst and simply agree to the new proposal.”
Annop was already realising that the king had done and said enough already and that the families would remove him for this disobedience. He was realising as well that he had to keep his own ego in check to come out of this situation on top, otherwise he too would be caught up in the tidal wave the families would unleash because of this – and this would certainly lead to his demise if this situation was not handled right.


Akhen reacted by shaking free the grip that the grand master had on his arm and stepped away from him and then moved into the fullness of his face staring this man in the eyes. Akhen was trying with all his might to control the rage that had now increased by a notch because of the grand masters actions and the words he spoke.
Now the dilemma was also in the king, as he was fast becoming the persona he used to be. He could not let his mind take over this situation, as this would end with violence and he could not live with any more violence on his conscience that another human being had been subjected to because of his actions – no matter who they were. But Akhen had something to say and had waited for so long to actually say it. Now the time had arrived he was having doubts, grave miss giving’s about what he was going to do. Tiy’s words started to resound again. Round and round they would go, battling with what his mind was telling him. He could not ignore them, nor could he abide by them. His heart was saying there is always a peaceful solution, but his mind was baying for the blood of this insolent man that not only stood before him, but also had had the ghoul to actually grab his arm. This torrent of confusion could only result in one eventuality as Akhen caved in to what his mind was suggesting – even though the pain he would suffer later for doing so would be unbearable.

“No priest you be very aware. I know, as you know, that you keep certain information from the masters, maybe now it is time they were told this information. Maybe now it is time to talk of different subjects around this table. Maybe now it is time to talk of the immorality of the suggestion you have made. I will have you removed and then I will speak to the masters on subjects they should be aware of and there is nothing you can do to prevent this from happening.”
Akhen said this, unlike the grand master, so everyone could hear and already a few eye brows at the table where lifting in interest.
Annop stepped forward again and this time he griped the king’s arms with both his hands and shook them as though his was shaking a child to try and get them to understand. As he spoke again his voice was hushed, but he could not continue with this for much longer and soon he would be shouting through frustration, even though this would be the worst thing he could do.

“Why can you not just do as you are told? I know the things you will say and they cannot be said, if things are to remain as they are, you know this, you are as part of this as any of us. You actually benefit more from this than any of us in this room, why can you not just be satisfied with all the wealth and luxury that is your life? And if you are to destroy your life, why destroy the lives of all those around you? What have you got to gain from this?”
Annop said trying to remain as calm as he could, but struggling with every passing second

“You know nothing of what I need to say. You would not understand the intent, let alone the meaning of the words.” Akhen said this at the same time as he threw off the grip that the grand master had upon him.
Akhen continued.

“You think you know me Annop. You think you know what resides in my heart when the truth is you have not got a clue. I know you have always wanted my position, you seek the things I have and all that is my life, regardless of what the consequences are to other lives to maintain this. This is why you have no clue about what is in my heart. You are disconnected from your feelings and your emotions, which have been over ridden with your lusts and desires, that we all know leads to the horrific deaths of the people and their children at your hands.”


As the king uttered these words the grand master exploded in rage, but not just vocally, but physically as well. Snarling like an animal he lunged at the king trying to grab him around the throat.
Akhen, not expecting this to happen was taken by surprise for a few seconds, before he started to defend himself, trying to prevent the grand master getting a grip. At that moment the boardroom doors burst open and two palace guards came running into the room with their lances at the ready, startling everyone. As the king and the grand master tussled, the guards tried to get in between them, finally succeeding after sometime when the grand master realised he was no match at all to these men. All the masters had maintained their positions around the table, bar one who had moved to push the panic button.
For a short time chaos seemed to reign, until the guards brought the situation under control. The two palace guards now had the grand master against a wall with their lances at his throat, the grand master in turn, was holding his hands up to gesture that he had submitted. The two guards stood speechless, as they would not speak until such time the king gave them permission to do so. As the king was trying to gain his breath, Annop spoke out in panic, in a vain attempt to persuade the guards that what they were doing was wrong.

“Put down your lances you have no right to do this to me. You know who I Am and I will have you flogged for your insolence for even daring to threaten my person with those lances.”

The guards paid no heed whatsoever to Annop and remained steadfast with their lances raised. And every time the grand master tried to move they lunged ever nearer to his throat. Again he spoke out against what he considered to be a vile act upon him.

“I warn you now, that this that you do this day will not end without consEquences. You will suffer for this insubordination, your defiance of my request will be heard at the highest levEl, and you will suffer, mArk my words.”

Akhen had now regained his breath and to be honest was stunned by the Annop’s actions. Never would have Akhen believed that the grand master would over step the mark to such an extent.
Granted he knew that Annop had a vile temper and certainly he had shown by his past actions, that he was quite prepared not to show anyone an ounce of mercy. But to do this to the king himself was proof that this man would stop at nothing tofulfil his desires. And at this time it was not just Akhen who realised this fact; it seemed everyone in the room did, including the two guards.

“Be silent priest and hold your tongue.” Akhen said with force in his voice. Now standing beside the incarcerated grand master “Do you think you can attack me and get away with it? And hear of all places. What possessed you to think such a thing?”
Annop cut in before Akhen could finish.

“You will not get away with this Akhenaten, none of you present will.” The grand master raged, trying a last ditched attempt to bring the guards and the masters on to his side through this threat, but alas it was falling on deaf ears.

“I told you to be silent, do as you are told.” As Akhen spoke the grand master gestured that he was going to cut in again.

“Guards!” Akhen said realising he was not listening and the guards obeyed the request, thrusting forward slightly till one of the lances was touching the grand masters throat. Annop took heed of the warning and did as the king requested and remained silent. Although it enraged him to do so, Annop realised he was on the back foot. No one was listening to him and if he pursued this, he knew that the guards would do exactly what the king demanded, without thought, or hesitation.


For a moment the old Akhen was very present and was enjoying the situation. As much as he did not want this to happen, it was, and this was a very dangerous time for all concerned. The old mask Akhen used to wear would have no problem having this man dispatched before his eyes, then and there on the spot he now stood upon.
In fact the old character Akhen used to play would in fact enjoy it and revel in the demise of this man. But Akhen was not this character anymore. He had seen through the charade, but that did not stop this persona rearing its ugly head especially when his mind felt threatened, or had levered itself into control once more through circumstance.
Akhen knew he would have to protect Annop from this element and decided that the best course of action would be to have the grand master removed so he could concentrate on the masters. Once Annop was out of the way he could say what he needed to say, even though his mind was still trying to get him to do the complete opposite. Looking over, he could see the masters were very restless and to be quite honest who could blame them, these occurrences never happened, so it must have taken them all by shock when it did. Some were still seated talking in hushed voices, whilst others had formed little groups of two and three and were quietly discussing all that was going on. Akhen could see that some of them wanted to bolt through the open door way, but they did not have the courage to do so, and who could blame them. Look what was happening to the grand master. They knew that the king could have more palace guards there in seconds and they could all meet with Annop’s fait if the king so wished. So better to stay put and let things pan out the way that they were going to, with no interference from them.
Akhen could sense this and knew the masters would stay put – for after he had dealt with Annop, the king himself had some very interesting subjects to discuss with the them, subjects that they would have choice but to listen to and without doubt would never forget. Akhen knew that sooner, rather than later, the families would hear about the events that had un-folded and they would come for him. He knew this was imminent. He must deal with Annop, call more guards and secure the room from the outside with himself and the masters inside. He had waited for this moment for so long and he knew time was very scarce, so he must take this opportunity now, because he knew, he would never get another.


Akhen turned to talk to the nearest guard to him and said quite calmly….

“You need to get the grand master out of here, but before you can do this, I need more guards. Leave now and get them.” Turning to the other guard who still had his lance pressed into Annop’s throat, Akhen said.

“You need to keep the grand master as he is now. When more guards turn up I will ask you to escort the grand master to the palace cells. Incarcerate him there until further notice, do not stop for any reason, whatever that reason might be, even if you run into my wife, ignore her, stop for nothing.”

Annop was not too pleased to hear this, but to be honest what could he do, having a lance pressed into his throat by a very burly guard at that moment in time prevented him from doing anything – but this was not to be the end of this matter, not by a long shot.
The guard had only been gone a matter of minutes before he returned with three more. On their return Akhen beckoned them to another side of the room out of earshot of the masters and the grand master. The three palace guards stood before the king with their heads bowed slightly in respect.
Akhen began to speak.

“Please lift your heads; I need to look into your eyes before I can say what I need to say to you.”
Akhen could see the guards were puzzled and worried by what he had said and especially shocked. As the king rarely asked and would never say please to one’s as lowly as them. So he spoke again to reassure them that it was ok to do as he had asked.

“I know what I am asking of you is against all the protocols you have been taught and have obeyed all your lives. But on this day I need you to do as I have asked. I have something to say to you and I need to look you in the eyes to say it. I wish to ask you and not order you.” Akhen’s voice contained a tone of reassurance about it, and the guards did as they were asked even though they were still very concerned about doing so. The one thing they knew was that Akhen’s reputation very much preceded him, but this was a different king in front of them speaking in a way he had never done before.

“Thank you for doing as I asked of you. I need to ask a question of you.” Akhen said thanking the guards for their agreement. Who he could see were becoming more puzzled by the second and to be honest who could blame them. What was happening was unprecedented.
Akhen continued….

“I need your help, and in doing so I will be asking you to put yourselves at risk, but there is no other way. As much as it pains me to ask you, I must. But if you decide that you cannot carry out my request, then I will not hold against you for doing so. I do understand.”
Akhen could see the lads were listening intently, even though they were still very confused by the whole situation. So he continued with his request….

“If you decide that you cannot carry out this request then you may leave and nothing more will ever come of it. Please be assured of this. My request is simple. I ask you to seal the doors from the outside and stop ‘anyone’ from entering no matter who they might be. I need to be sealed in this room with the ‘masters’ for as long as you can allow. And this happening is solely up to you. I know this is a lot to ask of you, but I must now ask this of you.”
As Akhen was saying these words he in turn looked in each guard eyes. He knew the gravity of what he was asking and he knew he would suffer over this in more ways than one, but he was sure this was the right thing to do and he was prepared for whatever the consequences might be. As Akhen uttered the words the guards all answered at the same time with a resounding yes. This shocked Akhen, but at the same time he knew they would agree as their eyes told him so.

“May I speak please my king?” Said the guard that stood in the middle bowing his head again as he did.
Akhen reacted to this and said….

“Please lift your head and please speak your mind. Please feel free to say whatever you need to. I know you find this awkward and I know you find it hard to do, but please try.”
The guard did as he was asked before speaking.

“My king my name is Anelp. I have now served you for over twenty years. I know that I speak, not only for myself, but also for my two brothers stood beside me when I say; it will be an honour to do what you have Asked of us. I know as well that I speak for the majority of the palace guard my king, and any I do not speak for, will soon find out they are very much out numbered.”


Whilst Akhen and the three guards were chatting, the grand master was having a little discussion of his own, even though it was very one sided. Annop had decided to take these few moments to try and coerce the guard keeping him confined, desperately trying to persuade him into letting him go. The perspiration was now falling down Annop’s brow as he quietly spoke to his incarcerator, so as not to be heard.

“What is your name?” Annop demanded of the guard. |
At first the guard refused to answer.

“I am the grand master, answer me!” Annop said sternly, still trying not to be heard by anyone else in the room, but very much wanting to emphasise his point.

“You are a prisoner of the palace guard for attacking the king.” The guard said. “Whatever status you had before you did this will serve you no good now.” He continued. “Be quiet, you will have your say when the time is right.” The guard finished saying.

“All I ask of you is your name, so we may at least be civil to one another.” Annop replied.
Again this fell on deaf ears.

“Put down your lance and release me and I promise you it will benefit you more than you could think possible.” Annop said very nervously.
Caught between a rock and a hard place, Annop was fast realising this situation had spiralled completely out of his control. And he knew who would be held responsible for this, and in this, there would be harsh consequences to be delivered upon him. His only hope now was dissuading this guard to set him free. The guard would not even acknowledge what Annop was saying, he would not even give him his name, but this was not going to deter Annop, he had to get this guard to set him free.
Annop continued….

“I promise you that I am good to my word and in releasing me you will be held in high esteem amongst those who can deliver what I promise you. I know you have not seen your family since being here and I know you long for this.”
Annop had to presume this, and was about to presume a whole lot more, but he had no choice and only he knew the truth, that none of what he was about to promise would materialize. It was nothing more than lies to secure his release. He would promise the world, but deliver nothing of the sort, for he was an expert in this sales pitch.

“I know you long to see them and I can make this happen. I can have you re-assigned to the army giving you a much higher rank. Better living conditions for yourself and your family, better food for you all and of course much more money and wealth. All this can be yours if you just put down that lance and release me.”
Annop could not hide the desperation in his voice now. The minutes were passing and he knew the longer this went on, the harder it would be for him to escape or at least accomplished the only thing left he had to do.
Annop could see that the guard was listening even though he would not respond in any way. But he could feel the lance was not being pressed into his throat quite as hard now and it was actually lowering slightly as the guard thought over his proposal.
Annop continued….

“I promise all this and more. All I ask of you is this. When the king comes over to order you to escort me to the palace cells, lower your weapon, and no matter what I do from that point on, you do not intervene.”

The guard was not staring at the grand master now and had relaxed, then suddenly his demeanour changed and the lance was once more lifted with the necessary applied pressure as before. Annop gulped as he felt the point of the lance at his throat once again, trying to move back to stop the lances point from breaking his skin. Annop did not expect this reaction and was taken by surprise, which resulted in the grand master reverting to the only method he had left at his disposal.
Annop spoke again.

“I know you fear the king; I know you fear what he will do to you if you do as I have asked.”
The grand masters voice had a very nervous urgency about it now and also a sign of anger could be detected.
“But let me assure you this, if you do not do what I have asked, I will make sure your family suffer in ways you cannot imagine. And once I have finished with them it will be your turn.”
As Annop said this, the guard stared straight into the grand master eyes. Annop could see that his eyes were full of rage and he felt the point of the lance break his skin just below his Adams apple. Annop winced slightly as the tip entered, but stood fast with his conviction.
Swallowing slightly he continued once more in his attempts to persuade his capture, with one last threat.

“Whatever happens to me this day, I promise you that you can either leave this situation a rich man, or you will leave knowing that you have condemned your family to death. The choice is yours.”


Annop could now see that the guard was in a conundrum. He could feel that the guard wanted to push the lance through his neck, but at the same time he was thinking about the consequences that would arise from doing so.
In his panic over the suggestion that had been made, he didn’t even consider the most vital fact. That being, that if he did run the grand master through with his lance and dispatched him, how would the grand master possibly give the orders to have him and his family murdered? And this was something Annop was bargaining on.
Annop was a master, an expert in the art of coercion and of course in creating no win situations for whomever he was coercing. So they had no choice, but to do, as he demanded.
Annop had a common purpose, a purpose that ran through everyone of his ilk, and one element was self-preservation. To make sure someone else would take the fall and not himself. Self-preservation was the number one game plan along with obviously the wealth, the riches of life that they deemed so important.
Annop, by no means, was a one off. There were thousands of people like him who all shared the same mind set, the same common purpose.
Another element was recruitment. The recruiting of new blood to maintain it would stay alive. Because without feeding on new blood, it would die, as all concepts based on lies die eventually, even religions. Its motives could not be hidden from those of morality, even though they would attempt on many occasions to change the very meaning of the word to hide their motives.
Annop had something to sell and was using techniques of a perfect salesman to sell it, simply to save his own neck. But even with all that was going on, his infected mind switched from self-preservation to recruitment via offer and back again. He could not help himself. His infected mind ruled him and in doing so, he had forgot he had a choice. Even though his heart was screaming at him, he could only make one choice. Such was the infection.
The infection self–preserved.
No one was allowed to know the true common purpose until such time they had been through the proving grounds. Out of the hundreds that attended this test, sometimes only a handful, were suitable. The rest were taken to the killing fields and disposed of.
If this guard this day went through with what he was suggesting, he too, possibly, would find himself in the proving grounds. But if he failed to accept the purpose, he would be doomed to the fields along with his family. This was done to make sure the infected mind that had not quite accepted the concept, would not undermine the purpose by speaking of what he knew.
The initiates, would at some level, be told of what the purpose was, albeit not in whole. And if they questioned this, they would meet their end.
To be honest, in reality and away from wishful thinking, Annop already knew in his own mind that this guard would be disposed of. He had already failed the test.
All that was left in his arsenal was empty threats, as he had already realised that no matter what happened now, this situation would lead to his demise – one way or another.
And if this was the case, which it certainly seemed it was, then he was determined he was not the only one who was going to fall.
He was not to be the only one who was going to leave this earthly existence this day.















Chapter 11


Akhen stood there silently listening to Anelp without interrupting. He could see that the three guards stood before him would protect him no matter what and were even prepared to put their own lives on the line to do so.
Akhen felt a pang of shame as he realised that this man had served him for all these years and he didn’t even know his name, even more evidence of what he had become and what needed to be corrected. His mind was ever pushing saying ‘this is the right thing to do’, whereas his heart was saying ‘let this be, do not allow these men to risk themselves for your own selfish needs’, but was it his own selfish needs? Surely he was doing this for the people on whole – to attempt to release them from the slavery that was their lives. Or was he simply trying to redeem himself? Or did they both amount to the same thing? These questions and many more now plagued him, tumbling around in his head. Tiy’s words came back to him once again, this time louder and more assertive.
Everything that is meant to be will be.
So if this was the case, everything he was doing now was meant to be, otherwise something else would be occurring. But was this right? The battle going on inside him was becoming more intense, than the battle he was now presented with in the room. How could this be? He could not allow this to distract him. He could not allow this to get in the way of what he thought needed to be done. He had to choose whether to ignore his heart or his mind, and he had to do it quickly as time was running out, or so his mind kept telling him.
Anelp continued….

“We serve you and your family, my king. We may only be lowly guards, but we have been told that you would see the errors of your ways. It would only be a matter of time and just to be patient, because it would happen someday.”
Anelp stopped, wondering if he had gone too far and waited for the king to respond.
Akhen didn’t respond, as he knew what Anelp was saying was the truth and yes he had most certainly realised the error of his ways.

“Who told you this?” The king inquired.

“I am reluctant to answer that sire.” A very nervous Anelp said wondering now if he really had gone too far.

“Anelp please do not fear me. I know I ask a lot of you all, but please do not do this. You have nothing to fear from me now. You have seen a change in me have you not, for some time now. Even though I seemed the same, I know many of you in the palace have realised that I have indeed changed. So please, who told you this?”
Akhen had a calmness in his voice to reassure the worrying Anelp, and truth be known he already knew who would have said such a thing and just wanted Anelp to confirm this.

“It was Tiy my king, Tiy talked of this happening and said when it does we must help in any way we can. She said that even though this was not what you should be doing, you would do it anyway, so we must protect you.
My king we know what it is you are trying to do and we are with you. If we can be part of the release of our families, friends and the people we belong to, from the slavery that is their lives, then that will be an honour. And even if it cost us our lives, then that is a price worth paying.”
As Anelp said these words his head bowed, as did the heads of his two brothers beside him. Not now, because it was being said to the king, but through humbleness and Akhen realised this. Even though the words Anelp had spoken touched him deeply, Akhen did not answer, he just bowed his head too, but inside he was smiling, because he knew it was Tiy all along. And he knew he would have to speak to Tiy soon, not over this matter, but about what was to unfold.


Whilst this was happening the situation between Annop and his confiner was increasing in intensity.
The grand master still did not know the name of his confiner, but this was becoming less important, he only wanted it to add weight to his threats.
It had been proven to be very successful that when issuing threats, they would always seem more alarming if you finished them with the name of who you were threatening. There was something about saying or writing a name.
Annop had achieved what he had set out to do and could see that his confiner was now fighting with himself, not knowing which way to turn. Annop had him under his spell, casting this with the words he was using. The intent of the words could not be any plainer; he wanted to secure his release and would stoop to any level to insure this.
In his confusion the guard backed off slightly withdrawing his lance so as the point was no longer in the grand masters neck, but the lance was still pointed at him. Still staring in the grand masters eyes, the guard lowered his head slightly as to bow and raised it again.
Annop, by this, knew that the guard was going to secure his release, or at least when he made his play, the guard would not intervene.
Now he would just have to wait for his moment.
He could see the king and the guards were deep in conversation, and even though he could not hear what was being said, he knew that Akhenaten would be casting his own spell. Annop was caught in the trap of thinking that his adversary was doing the same, tarnishing him with his own misgivings. What Annop did not realise was that Akhen was using honesty and not threats or lies. He had just presumed as much because, he could see the three guards stood now with their heads bowed, he could not see that the king also had his head bowed as well.

Akhen raised his head and started to speak to Anelp and the other two guards.

“Raise your heads lads, please raise them.” The three that stood before him did as he requested.

“We need to act fast now, so please do as I have requested.” Akhen said.

“Yes my king.” Anelp answered with the other two guards.
Before they moved away to do what had been asked of them, Akhen stood forward and turning to each of them, in turn, he put his hand upon their shoulder, and without saying a word just looked them in the eyes.
Although the temptation was to bow, as the years of indoctrination kicked in again, they stopped themselves. Even though the situation was one of great gravity, none of the four stood there could prevent their eyes from welling up – as this again, was a most unprecedented occurrence for all concerned and one that would not be forgotten. Not from just what had happened, but the fact that the king and the guards had shared a moment never shared before.
Anelp and his two brothers in arms moved toward the doors to do as they had been asked, as Akhen moved back towards the grand master.
On reaching them Akhen spoke to the guard.

“What is your name?” This one question would only compound the confusion the guard was in, because again he knew from protocol that the king would never ask such a thing. But on the same hand he dare not defy the king by not giving him an answer. Seemingly without hesitation the guard answered, but this was far from the truth.
This poor man was in a world of confusion.

“My name is Cadras, my king.” As he said this he bowed his head and then lifted it slightly enough to stare at the grand master who was now smiling at him.
Akhen continued to speak.

“Cadras, I need you now to escort the grand master to the palace cells as we discussed. I have spoken to the other guards as I wished too. But I am sorry to say I cannot speak to you now in the same way, as much as I want to, for time is too short. Leave now and complete your task and when you have done this, please return to help Anelp and the others.”

“What are you playing at?” The grand master said cutting in. “Do you really think that this is going to end in your favour Akhenaten?”

Before the grand master could carry on Akhen moved right into his face. He was close enough to smell Annop’s breathe.
Composing himself Akhen began to speak to him.

“Annop, what will happen here this day can never be undone? And if all I achieve from this is to let the people know that a king said no, then that will be enough. Now turn around and face the wall.”

“I will do nothing that you say.” Annop said defiantly.

“Then so be it.” Akhen said. “Would you come over her please Anelp?”
No sooner had he uttered the words he was joined by Anelp.

“Would you be so kind and restrain the grand master please and make him face the wall behind him.” Akhen continued.

“My king, as you desire.” And with this Anelp did as he was asked after he had lent his lance against the adjacent wall.

Anelp grabbed hold of the grand master with his powerful hands and before the grand master knew what was happening he had been spun round and was now facing the wall. He wanted to complain bitterly, but to be honest it had happened so fast and with such force that he was in shock and could not utter the words. And truth be known Annop was not a coward by any means, but there was no way he would take on a man like Anelp physically. Well not in a situation like this without the protection of his status.
Things like this did not normally happen to people like him considering the position he held. Lances in the neck, being confined and being man handled, normally he was the one giving the orders for such things like this to happen to others.
Under their rule of law, being a particular person and holding such a position of status put you above the rule of the law used to enslave the inferiors – you were privileged. But as he was fast realising now, that only worked if all followed that rule.
He now knew that Akhenaten was making up his own rules. And as much as Annop didn’t like the situation, he knew that he was powerless and couldn’t prevent it from happening. It was very obvious that all the guards, even Cadras, were following this new set of rules. Annop realised that even though Cadras had indicated he would do as he had instructed by his actions, he could in fact revert back at anytime. But this was a chance occurrence that he had to ignore for the moment. He had to take the chance that Cadras would not revert back to the king’s wishes. And the coercion he had placed in his mind would circumvent this.
In reality though, he had accepted, he was completely powerless. Albeit he did not want too, but the truth was, whether he denied it or not, he had accepted this fact. He had lost power and control to the king, who he saw as not worthy to wield such power and never had a king done so for long. For any who had tried met with a fate that was destined to end their earthly experience for doing so. And the historical records were littered with evidence of all their failed attempts to remove the ultimate power wielded by the families and the priest class.
Annop was doomed whether he did or he didn’t, because the outcome was the same. He would have to resort to all he had left, fully realising the consequences for doing so, if this did not occur.
Annop, as grand master, knew how the armies worked and knew, first hand, how they had to coerce the soldiers into doing what was always needed in the name of the pharaoh.
They knew that human beings are not meant to take each other’s lives. And to get them to do so without thought, hesitation or regret and under orders, needed the highest level of coercion – but in essence, it was the easiest to do.
They used nationalism.
They told them there was something to defend, a nation state, and in the defence of that nation state anything and everything was acceptable, no matter what that resulted in. But they also knew that this would only last for so long. That is why new blood would always be needed, as the lies, it was sold on, would be seen through eventually, by those who lived the existence. And even though discipline would quench the need to question for a time, it wouldn’t forever.
The nation state was the political regime and that was what, in reality, was really being protected – the upper tier and the society who created the rule of law for their benefit. But Annop knew the palace guards were something different altogether. They were a brotherhood sworn to protect the king and his family and protect them they would. And he realised, even if Akhen hadn’t, that the king could use this to his advantage.


Annop could not, for the life of him, understand why Akhenaten was doing this. Even though he had expected something to happen, it certainly was not this.
He had always thought that Akhenaten would be a quivering wreck of a man and not this calm, collected man in front of him now. All these thoughts and many more were now racing though his mind as his face was being pinned to the wall by the powerful Anelp. And even though he knew that this was the case, he knew he would get his moment sooner rather than later, even though he was assuming that Cadras would not let him down.

“Are we ready to do as we are being asked now?” Akhen said to the now still Annop who was making no attempt to struggle from the vice like grip he was caught in.

“Yes.” Said the grand master; even though it was the last thing he wanted to say.

“You may release your grip now Anelp.” Said the king and Anelp did as he was asked and released his grip and allowed the grand master to turn and face them. Annop did this, but stayed silent just staring at the floor to show he had conceded, even though this was far from what he had done, just giving the illusion he had.

“Anelp please now join the other guards outside the doors.”

“My king, as you wish.”
With a slight bow of the head Anelp turned and started to do as he had been asked to.
Then for a fleeting moment the thought of his family’s safety struck Akhenaten with full force.

“Anelp.” Said the king.
Who stopped in his tracks.
“On second thoughts please find my wife and my boys and collect them from wherever they maybe and take them to the royal bedroom and secure them there. Please get, as many guards as you feel are needed to do this. Any other guards you come across please explain what has happened to them in the simplest and quickest terms you can, and tell them to come here to secure the doors. If my wife complains, then tell her it is by order of the king that this is being done. And she has to obey you.”
Akhen continued.
“You know as well as I do that the queen will not want to listen to or obey this request, I am sorry I leave this to you, but please get them to do as I have asked.”

“I fully understand, my king.” Anelp said with a slight bow of his head, turning after this and quickly moving away to do as he was asked.

Akhen then turned to speak to Cadras and Annop….

“Cadras please now do as I asked of you and escort the grand master to the palace cells. As I said before do not hesitate or allow anyone to stop you and if the grand master gives you any problems you must do what you must do to complete your task.”
Akhen looked directly into Cadras’s eyes as he said this.
Even though Cadras was not willing to do this, to look into the eyes of the king, he did as he was requested to do. But only allowed this to happen for the smallest length of time deflecting this by looking at the floor.


Cadras was in a dilemma of monstrous proportions. He feared

the king, but he also feared what the grand master had suggested to him through his words. The riches he could gain didn’t even enter into it this, his dilemma was fear based, not for himself, but for the security of his own family.
He had sworn to protect the king and all that surrounded him; of course he knew this, but what of his family, who would protect them if he didn’t. What if it was his family attacking the king? Even though this was highly un-likely, what if this was to happen – how would he react?
In essence it could happen, as so many of the poorer families were at their wits end. And even though the guards were meant to have no contact with anyone outside the palace walls, this was not the case. Even though those inside were very aware of the dangers involved if they were to talk about anything that went on in side the palace walls, there were still elements they could talk about.
The palace guard themselves were becoming more aware everyday that the part of the system they protected was allowing for their families to be enslaved. Granted they had accepted this in the beginning, for the better conditions they would receive, but that did not suffice anymore, not by a long shot. They could no longer be bought at their families expense, even though they were being so, everyday. But at this moment what choice did they have.
There was an unprecedented un-easiness in the air. The people were not happy. And many were talking of revolt in quite corners in private, far from the madding crowds and the watchful eyes of the priests and the soldiers who patrolled the streets to maintain control of street life.
More families were now fighting back to try and prevent their children being taken, but to no avail. They knew their children were being taken to the temples and the reason they had been told; that they were to bask in the god’s glory for doing their work, to be honest, was wearing very thin. Many had inquired why they were not allowed to see their children even though many now would be in adulthood. The reasons were given that they were still doing the gods work and because of this it was not possible.
Many where realising that their children had in fact fell foul to the carnal lusts of the masters and of course the lusts of whom they served, or died on the construction sites. Many lived in denial of these facts blinded by the coercive lies of the 1st house of the temple. But at this time a unprecedented amount of people were talking about these subjects and were not accepting what they had been told was the truth.
Although many labelled such things as nothing more than conspiracy theories, those being the ones who had accepted the propaganda as truth, many realised that this was just a convenient way to cover up the truth of any matter that had to be bound by secrecy. Many who spoke out were ostracised in public or labelled insane, but even though, more people were finding it from within them to speak out.
If his family and others did attack the king and the houses of the temple what would he do?
He knew in his heart he would never protect those of such a house, but the king, well that was a different matter all together. I suppose it all came down whether the king would do what was needed, if he actually received the will of the people to do so.
Could he trust this man – could anyone if history was to be relied upon?


Still looking at the floor not daring to look into the king’s eyes for a moment longer than he had to, just in case the king could see what was coming Cadras replied.
“I will do as you ask my king.”

Cadras’s voice had nervousness about it, but not so much that the king would pick up on the fact, but Annop did and even though he dare not show recognition of this, his mind smiled.

“Thank you Cadras.” Said the king politely “At some time we need to talk as I did with Anelp the other guards. I am sure that this time will be soon upon us. I shall leave you to do now what needs to be done.”

Akhen turned away from the pair and started to make his way back to the table and the masters. As he did this, Cadras beckoned the grand master to follow him by reaching out and taking hold of his arm lightly. Annop shrugged off Cadras’s advance and looked him straight in the eyes with a stern glare. Still with everything swirling round in his head regarding the suggestions the grand master had made, Cadras had to make a decision. Was he to let the grand master go, to do whatever his was going to do, even though he knew by doing this, he would most certainly face the wrath of the king. Or was he to do as the king had asked him and risk the safety of his own family?
In this dilemma he still couldn’t think straight and could not logically reason all that had happened and all that had been said.
So he decided.
With head bowed and heavy heart, he stepped away from the grand master allowing Annop enough space between them, to be able to move freely.
Annop realising this was to make his play.
Although he risked everything by doing this, he was not going to let this opportunity pass. He had realised that everything he once had including the power, would be taken from him. And he could never live with the embarrassment of being ostracised. He had made his mind up. And if he was to loose everything, he wasn’t going to be the only one.
He scanned the room directly in front of him and saw a gold figurine sitting on a table to his left only a few feet away. With speed in his step, he lunged forward and grabbed at it, gaining a firm grip upon the legs two thirds down. Lifting this twelve-inch high figurine off the table from where it stood, he tucked it at about waist height, slightly behind his back to his left hand side. He knew, he would have to conceal it from the guards and his eyes never left the opening the doors closed into as he moved calculatingly after his prey past it.


Akhen was unaware as he walked calmly towards his destination. He was calm, well he felt he was, but at the same time he was feeling nervous. He had always imagined this moment, but had never quite imagined it happening this way. I suppose to be honest; he thought he would be more prepared, even though his heart was telling him no preparation is needed in these matters. It seemed his mind was playing at games with him, more now than ever before. He had a dread that sat heavy in his stomach; just one he could not define. This was the main cause of the nervousness, but he could not pinpoint any one element, as they didn’t stay around long enough to be recognised.
Many times before Akhen had tried to plan what he would say and do, if this occasion was to rise. He was positive it would. Night after night, laying awake, trying to make plans that he would have forgot, he had even made, by morning. But still he tried to make them, as for in that period just before you fall asleep, as you lay there patiently waiting for oblivion to fall upon you. The mind owns this time and it will do what it does best and, make you think. And Akhenaten had to participate, whether he wanted to, or not.
Annop on the other hand had no nerves; this was a man on a mission, swiftly moving towards his target with precision and calculation.
He had been trained to do this.
Annop had come up through the ranks of the army and had been an exemplary soldier, a knight, and very skilled at his art.
There was an artistic expression in his movements that showed an element of discipline he was bound by at one time. He held an oath then to protect, even though what he protected was only a small minority, which held the majority in fear to them through him and others like him.
Annop had realised this many years since and thought that the only way to limit the oppression of the machine was to become part of the machine, even though in many ways this was a lead role, but from within a cage.
But the cage became less apparent the more power you received. Power is addictive and Annop was addicted and needed his daily fix, as all addicts do, never quite being satisfied.
Akhen knew this felling oh so well, but this was the last thought on his mind. He was almost at the point of panic, his brain flooding with blood, as he continued toward the table and the masters seated around it. Realising the situation was on the verge of being sorted out, or so they thought, the masters had taken their places around the table once more.
Akhen moved steadily towards them with Annop fast in tow.
Annop was making pace and was nearly upon the king. Akhen started to see elements of panic in the master’s eyes directly in front of him. But they seemed to be looking straight past him. Akhen realised that this panic in the masters was not because he was making his way towards the table; something was going on behind him. He slowed to turn round to see what was happening, still moving forward slowly.
Annop was now upon the king and had raised the figurine above his head. As Akhen felt a searing pain in the lower part of his head, Annop felt a burning pain within his upper back ripping out through his chest. The situation had now changed in a bizarre twist and to one that was going to cause Akhenaten a severe amount of sorrow at a future date.




























Chapter 12


The air was dusty and Akhen could see orbs appearing as the dust reflected the sunlight that streamed down from the roof, or to be more accurate, from the precisely cut rectangular hole in the roof of the structure. Although this lit the centre of the pyramid, lanterns spewing light from the shadows lit the perimeter walls, as the sunlight did not carry that far.
As the pair walked into the area both were silent, just walking side by side, but with Iktus slightly ahead by a step or two. The dust rose from their footsteps creating the orb effect, as they neared what looked like the central area – where an object sat that looked like a chair. As they grew nearer to the centre Akhenaten could see it was a chair, a very elaborate one with what looked like a piece of black rock under the seat. Iktus started to slow and Akhen followed suit, finally stopping just short of where the chair sat.
Still neither of them uttered a word.
Akhen knew he had upset Iktus outside and knew he was also doing so by his constant questioning. But to be honest what did the priest expect? He was a thirteen-year-old boy, of course he would have questions – anyone of any age would have – surely, being presented with all this. But he was still reluctant to upset his companion. Although being in this building seemed pointless to him, having fun with servant girls wasn’t and he did not want to jeopardise this, so thought it best now to speak when he was spoken too.
Iktus suddenly called out, but it wasn’t to the boy.

“You may leave!” He said in a raised voice that was not quite shouting, that resonated around the building.
Akhen looked up at the priest to question to whom he was talking too, but before he could utter the words he saw something move from the shadows into the light the lanterns gave off directly in front of him, then all around him.
At first he could not distinguish what exactly they were, but as they moved more into the light he could see that they were men dressed in silvery white and red robes, or at least what looked like robes. As the light from the lanterns illuminated them fully, Akhen could see that the robes were in fact half robes that fell to their waistline, but tailed at the back. These were being worn with black material that covered their legs and then footwear that Akhen had never seen before. In fact, Akhen had never seen men, ever, dressed in such attire. Their heads were covered with material as well and their faces could not be seen. They had moved into the light fully now and Akhen could see that they had their heads bowed. They stood with their arms in front of them and their hands crossed over one another, their arms slightly raised so their hands crossed just below their stomachs on their waists. It looked like by doing this they were concealing something.
Akhen started to turn so he could look around. He could see that at every lantern there stood one of these men, in the same position, motionless saying nothing. Then one by one they moved forward, then turned to their right and started to walk towards the one in front of them. Not looking up or uttering a word, just silent. The one nearest the entrance – that the pair had just walked through – turned right and walked through the opening heading out of the building with the others in tow. One by one they left until the priest and the boy prince were alone.


Iktus waited until they all had left and then he turned to Akhen, as he knew the boy would, without doubt, require an explanation for what had just occurred. But the boy was not asking, and just stood there patiently looking round, it seemed he was waiting to be spoken too and this pleased the priest in some ways, but worried in him others.
Yes he needed the boy to be compliant, but he also needed the boy to realise that power over others was something worth gaining. To have him as he was, did not serve this purpose, but he himself was losing patience with the boy and was struggling with his task, allowing his own immediate needs to get in the way of what he would gain from the outcome of the task he had been sent to complete. Pride was the issue and it was pride that stood in his way. He would have to swallow this if he was to make any more headway. On reflection he thought for a moment on how he was to continue, and decided to change tack as hard as it maybe to do so.
Akhen on the other hand was puzzled, but this did seem to be the norm now. So much had happened in such a short time. And what had just happened, at this time, did not seem out of the norm, if the occurrences of the last two days were to be relied upon as being something to measure from. He realised that things were so different now to how they had been up until this point. To be absolutely honest, he was still reeling from the shock over seeing these things called machines and obviously being inside a building of such monstrous proportions. Still wondering what they were for, as the explanation that Iktus had given did not really suffice and was more than a little confusing.
Changing tact, Iktus decided to take another approach and spoke to the boy prince.

“My prince, I suppose you are wondering who those men were that just left.” Iktus said this very politely. Realising his own attitude had got the better of him and instead of having a young would be tyrant in front of him, he actually now had a thirteen year old child who was completely compliant. This was not good, but he thought it best to pacify him whilst they were here waiting until they were back with the servant girls and let them weave their magic upon him, under the priest’s directions.

“What were they guarding?” Akhen answered, seemingly very direct about what he was asking.
Iktus was shocked by this answer but not in a bad way, not at all. This was proving that he had been right all along and also this was a test as he was realising that the rock was affecting the boy.
The boy was testing his honesty. If he now lied about the Templar’s presence here – in this the high temple – the boy would know, because he knew, what was being protected.
Iktus realised that Akhen’s intent had changed since they had been near the stone. His voice had a difference about it now. It was affecting Iktus, but he could not explain to himself what it was that made the boys voice different. Or how it was affecting him. But he remembered about the preternatural one and it was their voice. And even the prophecy had told of this, but it did not say what the power the voice carries was, it just said it had powers.
What Iktus could not explain, was the fact that this boy was asking a question about something he could know nothing of. Iktus had realised sometime since that Akhen’s father could have never have given Akhen this information, because no one knew of this, it was the most guarded secret in all Egypt. The king would never be allowed to know. For what they controlled was granted to them, or they would seek power in their own right.
The families knew it was in the king’s blood. Maybe only one or two chromosomes, but it was there and sooner or later one of them would be the Sion, as the prophecy dictated. It was only a matter of time. Iktus knew this, but could not accept it was engineered this way. Engineered simply to make every choice made the right one, to allow you to remember, all good things happen in their own time, one element of the prophecy you cannot control.
You may be told what is going to happen, but you’re not told when. And the frustration arises from being told something is going to occur, so you simply try to make it occur before its time, for that is not for you to determine, it already has been by all those involved before. The continuation had to occur in their favour with the intent they desired. No one would be allowed to get in the way of this. The families knew the order, knew. That is why the stone had to be guarded by the Templar’s, for without the stone there was no continuation; all four elements must be present. Or so they thought.
What made it even clearer to Iktus was another simple fact. A boy of Akhen’s age would not care about any of this. Most would be kicking their heels waiting to get back with the servant girls. He knew that the boy had been thinking about them and all he had got up to. He knew part of the boy could not wait to get back there, even though it was most evident now that a part of him wanted to stay here. He knew that Akhen had used the power of command and witnessed firsthand the benefits of it. Iktus now realised it was being used on him. A king with such, would be incredibly powerful on all accounts, but also could be very dangerous.
Iktus realised how he felt at that moment, he felt very vulnerable, like he could not keep anything from this boy, because he already knew and didn’t have to find out. And he hadn’t even sat on the chair yet. Was this the true power the boy possessed? Coupled with the power he had demonstrated in the class room, by knowing all secrets, he could use the power of words to have the most effect and no one could protect themselves from it – this boy could get inside any ones head and in such a way, that to try and stop him doing so was, pointless.
Iktus had known he was right, all along. He had repeatedly told them it was Akhen they sort. He suddenly became overwhelmed with joy as he realised what he was to be rewarded with and a smile erupted on his face. He instantly thought to himself that now this boy could have anything he desired, because Iktus knew he would, desire. And to be honest that is all he had to do – make what was being desired available. His prize awaited and he knew how to get it.
In that second his whole demeanour and manner changed towards the boy as he realised he had nothing more to do than to do as his master dictated and at this precise moment Akhen, being able to do what he could do, made him, by default, the priests master.


“My prince do I need to answer that.”
As Iktus spoke his voice had an element of respect from fear to it, as though he was now subservient to the boy. Iktus bowed as well and this time within protocol.
Iktus knew if Akhen listened to his heart now, this would end instantly.
The boy’s intent was so strong in both elements of duality and this was the problem. The priest knew he must keep this boy coerced by the pleasures of his own mind, power, control and material aspects being what was on offer. Because the lust for such things had an opposite and that was love, which wanted, or had no need for, any of these elements. There was nothing complicated about this, it was about nothing more than morality, about two forms of the same element, the true right from wrong measure. The coercion turns many of the wrong things, right, in the mind of the believer, a very powerful element, but again very simple. Especially if the intent of the words used has been set in the first place as a foot print. If that footprint is bad, then false morality has a leg up over its true counterpart and this simply allowed all that existed, to exist in the way it existed. When the bad intent was created in the first place, good intent was created at the same time. This happens by default. But on the same hand, if a good intent is created, all bad intent is negated by default.
The continuance that was sort was the perpetuation of the bad intent, a destructive element that allowed for society to exist. So a socially dominant element could stay in social dominance to the detriment of every lower element of the society that was created off the backbone of this bad intent.
The society could only exist off of the intent of all actions – the negative intent. In many ways it was not the actions that were at fault, it was the intent behind the actions. Many within the machine called society were coerced into doing things that allowed the machine to run smoothly under the illusion that what they were doing was for the right reasons. This is where the false morality played its part to its most powerful extent. To coerce the believer into believing, that anything needed to be done to protect and maintain the society was acceptable and that means anything.
Iktus knew that the boy’s intent could go either way depending on the actions he either took pleasure in, or found morality in. What had just happened was a good sign, but Iktus also feared that once they were away from the rock that morality could once again step in. The boy’s heart could override the pleasures of the mind he so desired. It was imperative that Akhen stayed in the frame of mind of desire from the bad intent and only through direct actions could this be achieved. If this intent were to lapse the heart would take the advantage to step in and correct the morality. This without doubt would destroy everything that was needed from the boy. The intent that had to be set in place by this boy could not be forced. They could not force the boy to do it. They had to allow the boy, through his own freewill to make the choice himself. All they could do was to try and coerce him into making the wrong decision, which was the right decision for them.


Akhen now stood staring at the chair and the symbol carved into the stone floor beneath it. The chair was sat on the middle of the symbol. It sat on 9ir. As he looked round and scanned the floor he could see other symbols. All the scattered symbols around were part of a bigger one; made up of numbers and letters. Akhen recognised what he could see and knew they made up one symbol, a very important one, even though he could not remember seeing it before, so how could this be possible? He could even vaguely remember drawing it, but could not recall when or why.
Akhen turned to the priest and spoke.

“No, no answer is needed. Those men you dismissed, they were called templar’s. They are trained and paid assassins are they not? They were guarding that piece of rock in the bottom of that chair, because there is a group of people, an order in fact who want to take that rock from this place and from you. But they will wait until all that is needed to be done, is done, before doing so.”
Iktus could see from the boy’s eyes and his demeanour that he was not aware of what he was saying and most probably after this would not remember what he had just spoke of. His voice again had this strange tone about it and Iktus could feel the energy around the words the boy was saying, affecting him, resonating within him and this was happening whether he liked it or not. He could not stop this; he could not prevent this and in many ways was eager to hear what the boy had to say, although his own mind felt threatened by this.
Iktus answered.

“Yes my prince you are correct on all accounts bar one. The rock will be very safe and shall never fall into the hands of the order, this would never be allowed.” Iktus said this with a confidence in his voice that was most certainly arrogant to the core.

“I am to tell you that this will not be the case and sometime soon they will possess the rock from you and there is nothing you can do to prevent this, for this is prophesised and you cannot defeat the prophecy. This rock you try to protect with all your endeavours will be smashed, destroyed and only the tiniest piece will survive. The rest of it will be sent back to where it came from, because you and the likes of you do not realise that less is more in everything apparent.”
Even though Akhen was being very polite and spoke calmly he meant what he was saying and the priest knew this. Iktus had listened to Akhen before when these occurrences had happened in the past and knew that what the boy was saying could not be denied. He knew in this state Akhen could not lie for in reality the boy knew not what he was saying. This was not like a boy of only thirteen years speaking; this was a voice of wisdom like he was tapping in to the wisdom of his ancestors, tapping into thousands of years of knowing. Thousands of years of memories that to be honest, would not be believed to be possible by anyone living in the literal world, but this was the only logic Iktus could form regarding this occurrence. An occurrence he was entranced by.


Iktus knew that he had to accept what the boy was saying, even though it was against everything he held sacred. Without uttering a word he just stood there and listened, he had no choice, he had to listen.
Akhen in the mean time was now walking around the symbols on the floor, pausing at each one for a minute or so, looking at them intently. Iktus had not even realised that the boy was no longer stood before him. And even though the boy was some yards away his voice sounded as near as it did when he first started talking. He put this down to the acoustics of the building, built specifically to funnel energy, to resonate it. They knew from the prophecy that energy was sound and travelled endlessly. But certain substances prevented its travel. They could trap it, contain it, the prophecy called this process alchemy the taking of energy, trapping it and then using it to their advantage – or so they believed. And they were told it had and equal and an opposite called alchamy the giving of energy, which allowed it to flow.
This was the duality.
But again this worked solely on intent. The rock amplified this. The building trapped the energy and funnelled it, the rock amplified the intent, whether it be negative or positive, it was amplified. The prophecy had told them all they needed to know, for this had been done before many times. It was the blue print for the building, the process, for without it, they would have known none of this and could have done none of this.
It was also prophesied that the preternatural one would know this, would, know all of this without ever being in the presence of the prophecy, or even reading it. This is why Iktus had to listen; the prophecy spoke of this and how you would have to listen to the preternatural one’s voice. Again it did not speak of the mechanics of how this happened; only that it would. What Iktus was realising was the prophecy did not need to tell of this, for when you were in the presence of the one, you would realise what their true power was. It was un-deniable, because it was an experience. You lived it. You witnessed the true power of knowing, what the men of science described as the science of memories. When they discovered the prophecy it told of memories. They truly believed they could learn about memories and how to access them. Many had studied this over thousands of years. Always never succeeding, but believing they could, because they could not accept the simple truth, that stared them in the face, they so arrogantly denied. What the one was capable of could not be denied, but also it could not be scientifically explained. And this frightened them more than any other unexplainable occurrence. Because if one can do it, by default, all could do it, because they knew that everyone was exactly the same Equals. They could not accept this, nor could they deny it. No one was any better or lesser than another; again the prophecy spoke of this. It was prophesied that at the end of the sum of all things all would start to realise that they are equal – in parity. It was told that this would enable all to do as all could do. The one just starts the process, but only at the end of the sum of all things. All this flashed through his mind and the priest grimaced as it did. For as the men of science did, he too denied the truth through arrogance and for that split second he felt he could not deny, morality. For that second he witnessed the ugly truth, for the realisation of what we have become is ugly and in such an extent, it actually physically hurts to see it, with a pain that no medicine can cure.
Iktus felt this now and lowered his head once again, but this time not because of protocol, but in shame, as he was overcome by the truth of what he had become.


Iktus had felt this many times, but never to this extent, never had it tore through him in such a way. Did the boy know he was feeling this? As he pondered this fact Akhen spoke again. But this time the priest was not ready to hear what the boy had to say.

“All you are suffering can end in a second if you only forget. But you will never allow yourself to do this, because what you seek and crave for can only be achieved if you continually remember the knowledge, which in turn blocks your path. You search for the memories and by doing so deny yourself the ability to ever access them. Because you have a miss-comprehension of what they truly are. The lust for power you carry is a parasite that will slowly destroy its host, when it does not get what it needs to survive.”

This was not what Iktus wanted to hear; he was reeling from what the boy was saying it tormented him. He stood there with head in hands, covering his ears, trying to block the sound of the boy’s voice, but to no avail.
Akhen’s voice was penetrating.
No matter what he did he could hear the words. They were causing a sickness in his stomach as he was overcome by the realisation of the words the boy spoke. He could not even raise objection for he had no voice too. He could not speak, or move from the spot, except to thrash about aimlessly trying to block the words being spoken that tore at his very being.
Akhen continued.

“What you suffer now every night, as you suffer it now, will not end, nor will it lesson, it will only increase in occurrence and duration. Your sanctuary, in your mind is the knowledge, the position and the power, but these are prisons with walls that only increase in depth and height. Blinded by this you wish to severe the connection to the memories you seek, for these are the true memories and the pain they bring is to heal you. But you do not want to be healed, because within this there is no place for the lusts of the mind and the knowledge that creates them.”

Iktus was now chanting out loud still attempting to stop the words that penetrated so deeply, but again to no avail. No matter how loud his own voice became he could still hear the boy’s voice. He was becoming desperate. The sickness in his gut was now becoming an intense pain ripping through him. He was completely overcome with guilt and frustration. But still he had no choice but to listen.

“You strive for completion as the start of the seven thousandth year is upon us, so the world of lust will continue with all it offers and yes, you will get what you strive for, but expectations lead to disappointment on every level as nothing is as quite as is expected. Lust can never be quenched, like a fire it will consume all around it until there is only one thing left to consume, itself. What you desire will continue till the end of the sum of all things, some three thousand years present. But it will not be easy. In fact it will be the complete opposite. Those who seek such will be consumed by it, living it, breathing it, never relinquished from its grip, only to have what they fought so hard for taken from them as their control of the peoples of the world will be relinquished from them, ripped from their grasp as they try to climb up the ever increasing slippery slope.”

Iktus was now crumbling to his knees a wreck. As the words the boy continued to speak resonated within him like the tolling of a bell. Upon his knees he crouched, still head in hands, ears covered and chanting ever louder trying to drown out the words that attacked him with such velocity. But no matter what he did, he had to suffer this.
Akhen came to the end of what was needed at that time to be said.

“You know this. The prophecy tells you this. And as I, three more Sion’s will tell you this as the prophecy dictates, but your arrogance will not allow you to listen, or accept what is being said and you will deny that you are losing the intent you fought so hard to set in place. But deep down you know the truth, you know you are losing grip upon it, and all that you have created will be un-done, reversed and we shall return to living, as we once did. To know the truth you first must face the truth. As hard as it is too view, all will go through this, for this is the only way that humanity can heal itself. There is no choice. This is inevitable. But now you want it to stop and so it shall.”


As Akhen said this, the pain of morality that the priest was suffering started to ease as his mind started to gain control back. He found himself on his knees cowering and stood up very quickly through embarrassment. He stood up and turned to look at the boy who was some paces away. Even though it had only been a matter minutes that the boy had been speaking for, to Iktus it felt like an eternity. He was starting to think straight now and realised very quickly that he had to get the boy away from the stone.
Iktus realised that Akhen’s compliance to him had caused a switch in duality. The intent had swopped over. He could not allow this to happen again this would certainly destroy all that was trying to be achieved. He would now have to work far harder to maintain the right intent was brought forth when the time arrived; the trouble was his mind was telling him that time was running out. He was once again reliant on the structure his mind was creating, forgetting the boy’s words that had been spoken so clearly not moments before.
Akhen was silent now but still walking around looking at the symbols on the floor. Iktus knew he had to get the boy out of temple before he suffered another onslaught of knowing from the boy’s lips. But before he could devise a plan to arrange this Akhen started to speak again.

“You require removing me from this building do you not Iktus? But surely if this was the case you would either ask or call the templar to remove me.”
Akhen continued.

“I do not know what you are talking about, my prince.” Iktus replied. His voice wavering as he said the lie his mind had generated to conceal the truth of what he wanted to achieve. He could not look at the boy now and turned away.

“Surely you now must realise you cannot lie to me, so why do you try?” The calmly spoken boy inquired. “You ordered them to leave because they are not allowed to hear what you would have said to me if you could have said it. That is why you asked them to leave. Please do not embarrass yourself by lying again.” Akhen said that was more of an appeal to the priest than an order. “I know what you feel and by default know what you are thinking, so go and do what you need to do and I shall allow it to happen without fuss or word.”

Iktus could not reply and would not, because to do so would only prove the boy right. If the boy could pick up on this, he could pick up on anything that he felt or thought about. He had to get Akhen out of the building, but knew he would have to use honesty to do so. Maybe, he thought to himself, I could just ask him and as he thought this Akhen answered him.

“Iktus, if you do ask me to leave, I will, as I have said.” Akhen expressed this with sincerity in his voice and Iktus took the advantage to end a very tricky situation without further recourse.

“Thank you my prince, but first I must….” Iktus could not get the words out of his mouth before the boy interrupted and said.

“Call the templar guard back?”
They had to leave and leave now! So Iktus made haste leaving the boy stood where he was. The priest almost ran through the entrance nearly shouting as he did.

“Resume your places guards.”
The priest then returned to the boy’s side, looked down at him and politely asked through breathless speak.

“May we leave now my prince?”

“Of course we can.” The young prince replied with certainty.

“Thank you my prince.” Said the priest bowing as he said the words lower than he ever had.

“Shall we my prince?”
As the priest said this Akhen acknowledged he would do as he was asked by a slight nod of his head. The pair walked side-by-side exiting the building, but not before the templar guard had taken their places back in the shadows.

Protocol aside, this priest was without doubt frightened of this boy and he knew even though the boy knew this, he did not revel in this power, in this state as the priest himself would do if the shoe was on the other foot, so to speak. Iktus realised, more now than ever before, that his task had to be now solely to convince this young prince that the lusts of the mind would be all that was important to him. That power over people was to be desired for. That to have the ability to command anyone to do your bidding was a good thing.
Iktus knew that when Akhen walked back into the building again and was in the presence of the rock once more, what happened today must not happen again. He had to make sure that the intent was set right, so the duality could not enter into it. Because he had made the boy compliant to satisfy his own desires, the duality of the intent was present and because the good intent is so much more powerful, it would always override its counterpart if it were allowed too. Iktus had to make sure that this could not happen again. He knew what was needed to be done and most importantly he had to make sure that at all times he was subservient to this boy. He knew that this would be difficult. He knew his own mind would beat him for this. But he also knew that if he did not allow for this to happen, then he would lose the prize he so desperately sought and not only that, he would surely lose his own life.























Chapter 13


As Akhen slowly opened his eyes, everything was a blur. He could hear, what he could only describe to himself as chaos, as he listened to the muffled voices all around him. It seemed he was lying on his side and could see someone’s feet directly before him, even though he could not understand why this was apparent. A searing pain was present in the area of his upper neck and he was finding it very difficult to move. He was completely disorientated and was struggling to come to terms with what had happened, as confusion reigned.
As his wits came back to him the voices all around him became clearer, he could hear voices he recognised as some of the masters and the voice of Anelp. He stirred and felt hands upon him. He still didn’t know why he was in this position and did not realise the hands were of those who wanted to comfort him.
Soon Akhen realised that the pain in his neck was the reason he now found himself as such. Slowly he tried to get up, only to be held down.
A voice, that he recognised as Anelp’s was saying.

“Be still my king, you have suffered a nasty blow to the head. Rest a while for the doctor has been called to aid you.”

Akhen did not want to lay still. He was very confused and wanted to know what had happened. He tried to remember what had occurred just before he felt the pain and everything went dark. All he could remember was walking towards the masters sat around the table, apart from that everything was a blur.
“Let me up.” The king muttered moving his hand to his neck, which he touched lightly, but still, felt a searing pain even though his touch was light.

“It would be better if you laid still my king, until the doctor arrives to check you over.” The voice that sounded like Anelp said again.

“No said the king, I wish to get up.”
And with this the king started to rise and push against the pressure holding him down. As he did the pressure released and he began to rise. When the owner of the hands realised that the king would not listen, they changed from holding him down to gently assisting him. As Akhen slowly moved he felt hands under his arms helping him to move. As he started to sit up he could see Anelp and some of the masters who had surrounded him as they were trying to aid him.


Akhen was now in a seated position upon the floor with Anelp knelt down beside him. With one hand holding the back of his head he moved his head slightly from side to side trying to clear his thoughts and become more focused.
He then turned to Anelp knelt beside him and said.

“My family, you are meant to be with them are they safe?”

“Do not concern yourself my king, the queen and the princes are safe and under heavy guard within the royal bedroom. When I was told what had happened I rushed to your aid, but not before I knew that they were safe. Trust me my king the guards with them are brothers and will keep them from harm.” Anelp said with concern in his voice. Not for the well being of the queen and the princes, but for his king who sat beside him.
Akhen turned to face the guard and reached out his spare hand to him, which the Anelp took. Akhen looked into the eyes of his faithful servant and as this happened the pair shared, again for a moment, a mutual respect for one another that defeated all previous divides through position.

“Thank you my friend.” The king said. “Thank you.”

As Akhen sat recovering, he could see that there was a gold figurine upon the floor and behind it he could see a figure lying still face down and could tell it was Annop the grand master by his clothes. Even though his vision was still quite blurred he could see that the grand masters body was blood stained and was lying perfectly still in a pool of blood surrounding it.
As confusing as the situation had first seemed, it was now quite apparent what had happened. The realisation of the actual events, were to shock Akhen to the core and it was something he certainly wasn’t expecting.
Akhen turned to Anelp for an explanation.
Anelp could see what the king was looking at and knew he would demand answers about what had occurred.
Before the king could ask, Anelp started to explain all that had happened.

“My king, the grand master struck you from behind with the gold figurine. You were unconscious for a while, in fact quite a while. Cadras reacted. That is why the grand master lies there motionless.”

Akhen’s thoughts were becoming clearer now and so was his memory of previous events as his head cleared.
He spoke to Anelp.

“I do not understand. Was not Cadras guarding the grand master? Was he not going to escort him to the palace cells as I had requested? If this is the case, how could this have happened? ”

“You will have to ask Cadras yourself my king, for only he can explain this and only he should. When you hear his explanation, I am sure you will realise why it is not for me to explain.” Anelp said respectfully.

“Can you help me to my feet please Anelp? I am feeling somewhat better now.” The still weary king said.

“With the greatest respect my king, should you not wait for the doctor to check you out first. You did suffer quite a blow?” The concerned guard said.

“No, I am fine.” The king said already starting to stand up.
Akhen’s senses were fast coming back to him and he knew time again was of the essence.

Anelp did as was requested of him and helped the king to his feet. Akhen was still a bit unsteady and swayed some until Anelp steadied him.

“Are you ok my king?” Anelp inquired.

“Yes I am thank you, just a bit unsteady, but I will be fine.” Akhen said as he placed his hand upon the hand of his helper, to reassure him he was.
As Akhen said this he looked down towards the body of the grand master, but the full horror of what had happened had not struck him yet. He was still very much dazed. This was something he was to suffer much later, as though he had been physically struck again.


Now he was on his feet, albeit not unaided, Akhen turned and started to scan the room. Most of the masters were now back sat around the table. Some were quite visibly in shock, whilst others just looked extremely puzzled. Who could blame them, Akhen thought to himself? An occurrence like this had never happened in all of his-story and if it had had, it certainly had never been recorded. The families would never allow such a thing, unless of course it suited their immediate needs. Akhen then turned to look past the grand masters body still lying face down on the floor, towards the boardroom doors. The doors themselves were shut with two palace guards either side of them. To the left of the doors Cadras was quite visibly in shock and was being helped by two more guards who were talking to him.
Akhen turned to speak to Anelp, but as he did the left hand door slowly swung open and a guard stuck his head round the door and started to speak to a guard guarding the door. His voice was quite loud and of urgency and could be heard some way into the room.

“The doctor is here for the king.” The guard said to his brother stood by the door. “Please inform Anelp.” He continued before shutting the door behind him. Anelp had told the guards to only have the door open, for the shortest amount of time and they would do exactly as was asked of them. The palace guards were trained to be the elite of the elite – even though this was not common knowledge shared by many – and certainly were on par with the Templar who protected the families and the high priests. They did what was commanded of them without thought or hesitation, but even though they were a brotherhood, they had been infiltrated. But all of them knew this and knew who had succumbed to the temptations on offer, and the blackmail that followed suit.
The brotherhood knew it was better to keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer and this was exactly what they did, always.
At one time the palace guard were not like this and certainly the families never designed them to be this way. And to be honest the families knew nothing of the bond they shared as brothers, because this was kept a secret. The guard many years since had been infiltrated by the order and that is when their true purpose was realised by the many who now served within their ranks. The families had suspected this would happen as they in turn realised how powerful the order had become, even though through their own arrogance they would never publically admit this, but in private they knew this and spoke of this. That is why they set spies within the ranks of the palace guard, but disappointingly, the spies gained no knowledge of the cause. They had traits they just could not hide, that stood out a mile. In their language and in the way they carried themselves these traits always gave them away, no matter how good an actor they thought they were. The brotherhood had a purity of intent within it, that was very hard to mimic and to that end, any spy always stood out like a sore thumb.


Akhen turned to Anelp and beckoned to him that he could now stand on his own unaided.
As he did this Anelp spoke to the king.

“Are you sure you are ok my king, let me go fetch the doctor for you.” As he said this he let loose his grip upon the king’s arm and started to walk in the direction of the doors. As he did this, Akhen grabbed his arm to stop him, saying.

“I am fine Anelp, I do not need the doctor and if I do, it can be sorted later my friend. Time is of the essence. Too much has all ready been wasted with all that has occurred? Please make sure the doors remain closed. Open them only to dismiss the doctor and to set the guard fully. I need to talk to the masters and I need to know why Cadras did as he did, but that will have to wait for now. Go now my friend and do as I ask of you.”

Anelp bowed his head slightly and didn’t even argue. He saw no point. The king had made his mind up, that much was obvious. He started to make his way towards the doors past the dead grand master laid out on the floor. Anelp walked straight up to the guard to his right and spoke to him.

“Tell our brothers outside to dismiss the doctor and ask him to be on his way. Please remind him of how important it is that all that has gone on within this room must stay that way for the time being. No one must have any knowledge of this. Soon enough they will know and they will come, well, not so much them, but their henchmen, of that we can be certain.”

“Very true, I will see to it that all that is needed to be done is done.” The guard said whose name was Rarak.

“I know you will my trusted friend. You know they will come in force.” Anelp said.

“Yes I know, I will talk to the other brothers and send word for all guards to make haste here. We will then set up a defensive position in front of the doors and hold them back, but you know we do have an advantage.” Rarak said.

Anelp knew that his friend was a master in all-defensive and offensive situations. He knew that Rarak would have already worked out how they could best defend the doors to the boardroom He also realised that, as he, Rarak would remember that the templar were assassins and thus theirs was more offensive in stealth. They would not be so effective in attacking more than one assailant at a time, they were trained differently to the palace guard and even though they could defend to a very high degree, they could not defend as well as the palace guard.

“They will come in stealth.” Anelp said “They will try to pick us off one by one. This is how they operate. We all need to be aware of this; they will never attack us as one unit.” He continued

“Very true my friend.” Rarak said. “They will try all the coercive tactics they possess, this is all they have and they will be united in this common purpose we both know this.”

“This much is very true.” Anelp said. “Let us realise that this time will be fast upon us, so do as you feel is right my friend and let us give our king all the time we can, for now, more than at any other time, our king needs us.”


Rarak looked at his friend but spoke no word for now, his voice was silent, as was Anelp’s – they both realised the very gravity of this situation. Both stood still looking in each other’s eyes, as though they were saying goodbye to each other, as their minds took over for a split second.
Rarak then turned away, dismissed the doctor instructing him accordingly, and then he turned and talked to his brothers who stood guard directly in front of the doors instructing them to send word for the others, as their presence was now needed.
Whilst this was happening Anelp started thinking to himself.
Much blood could be spilt on both sides if a resolution were not found, his mind had started beating him and so it continued. And the only resolution that could be found was to try and persuade their king not to do as he was doing. Anelp knew that this was not going to be an easy task; in fact, he knew in his mind that Akhen could not be persuaded to stop this, he knew the king had waited a long time to say what he felt had to be said.
Tiy had warned them of this and had warned that they would have to allow the king to go as far as he felt he should. But Anelp knew the king would suffer the deepest sorrow if it did go too far, because he felt bloodshed could not be avoided, because of what had already occurred.
As his heart stepped in he knew that the families and their henchmen the templar knew nothing of true morality, they only knew a false one, and in their world, taking a life was a moral thing to do if it was needed to protect the society. It was perfectly ok if it was legal! Thus the legal world – because law cannot live without legal – that was the houses of the temple, had created exceptions to the rule, “you cannot do this, but we can, under certain circumstances, in order to protect society’. As though they had created licenses and then gave themselves a license to kill and because those who were doing the actual killing believed this, they also actually believed that they could take a life and it was perfectly acceptable to do so.
In truth they had perfected the art of lying to themselves and some of them didn’t even know that it had happened to them. This is coErcion and this was the Art of the temple simply sold on lies. They were experts in this process using very simple techniques, the most apt being, ‘make them believe they have a master and anything that was to be done demanded by the master, was perfectly acceptable – no matter what.


Anelp himself had gone through the same process. But when he was picked for the palace guard the training given was very typical of what he had always done in one respect, but far different in another – in essence the palace guard who were of order, would try to never take a life. Obeying and practicing palace protocol was something they were very good at and anyone witnessing them believed as much. But Tiy delivered the real training, not a process of learning to become a unit, but to do the only thing they should do and protect life, all life, by remembering how precious life really is. To truly know the meaning of selflessness by remembering it exists.
The guard themselves as a brotherhood, had developed and perfected the art of defence based upon this principle, that they, not only protect themselves and their brothers, but they must also prevent the deaths of their assailants as well if possible. But as the guard knew very well not all of them were of the order, even as hard as the infiltrators tried to be, what they were truly acting as, was always on view – they just didn’t realise this was apparent.
Anelp also knew how hard it was to break away from what he thought was normal; even how hard it was to question it and this is what Tiy had told them.
She said.
“In time you can read people and discover if any of the real them shines through.”
And because of this the order always knew who to approach and who not to. They could never be infiltrated, because once the personality had took hold through the want, need was thrown to the wayside. All that was ever on show was the persona and the mask could not hide.
After a while it becomes very easy to recognise.
Anelp and his brothers defended life, all life. And this is why he thought this situation would be one of bloodshed for the palace guard had never had to defend against the templar. Anelp snapped out of the daydream he was in and spoke to Rarak.

“Is all as it needs to be?”

“It is my friend, sadly it is.”

They shared a last glance before Anelp turned away and closed the doors behind him.


Anelp could see his king was now with the masters asking the ones who were not seated to be. It was quite obvious now that many of them had realised, that a very different king stood before them. He could also see that two brother’s were still looking after Cadras, as the grand master was his first kill, always the hardest to cope with as physical pain is felt by both parties. The only difference being that one suffers no more, whereas the others suffering has only just started and could last a lifetime. This leaves them detached from everyone they care about and that care about them. This was one of the reasons the palace guard could never leave the palace, not just because of the secrets that had to be kept, but because they had to be segregated so the nationalism could work properly in their minds.
All the members of the armed forces were treated the same, even though in time to come this would result in an uprising where they would demand to be able to see and spend time with the ones they loved. This was where it became an advantage to control other armies. Just in case their own armies would not turn their weapons against the people they belong too and potentially their own families, which could quite easily be the case.
In truth the families and the political regime had this already in place and even though these armies were many days march away, their numbers were impressive and their commanders bought for a price. If their own armies failed to do what was politically needed to be done, then they could call upon their services – not only against the people on mass, but also against their own armies that would not follow orders to turn against their own flesh and blood. A sad reality, but nevertheless it was a very real one. They may have coerced the minds of these soldiErs, but they could not coerce their hearts and this was the catalyst that had caused this eventuality.
Cadras was just another casualty adding to the long list that already existed and would only increase as the decades rolled past.
Annop also was a casualty, but his death would be seen as collateral damage as he was easily replaced and would be very soon. This stark reality was known oh so well amongst the ranks, as it would seem everyone was expendable and that did mean everyone, especially those who made up the unwanted necessity. Very much needed, but very much unwanted. All who had killed in the line of duty suffered as Cadras did now and even Anelp himself suffered this. But in the end he realised who that duty actually was too and this had helped him come to terms with what he had done, although he could not turn back the clock and correct the past, he could leave it as it was – the past. And use the experience to help others that would suffer as he once did and as his brother did now.


In the end there was always the wine, cocaine, cannabis and tobacco to turn to. Because even though these stimulants, bar the wine, were not found in Egypt, the trade links existed to make sure there was always a good supply and a continuous one. And to any country that had refused to trade came the inevitable, as they would suffer occupation and the indigenous populations were to be eradicated to the point of genocide and their land and valuable commodities stolEn.
They themselves came under the rule of law set in place by the occupiers as they forced democracy (legal slavery) upon them and from that day forth they were imprisoned and controlled. For the countries (political prisons) that did set up trade links, in time, they too would suffer the same fate as more control was lusted after – Again the addiction never quite being satisfied, being maintained and accompanied by the illusion of possession and the power of desire.
These stimulants were freely available to the soldiers and it was actually the commanding officers that promoted the use of such. It was even found that a soldier would be far more vicious and violent and have far more stamina under the influence of cocaine, where as the wine and cannabis helped to quell the suffering the truth delivered. They also used the paranoia that the cannabis created within the user to their own advantage through handlers who simply kept suggesting that nationalism and protecting the nation state (prison) was paramount and that there were always going to be those who would attack this. They must be destroyed and eradicated, as the nation state must continue through unity for everyone’s protection. Because in reality the political regime only really needed protecting from one element and that was the people themselves. To convince them otherwise they simply sold them lies for their obedience, sold on the sales pitch ‘it’s for your own protection’.
All this raced through Anelp’s mind as he stood silently watching the events unfold in this room of thieves an extension of the house of thieves. Thieves who had stolen the people’s freedoms, stolen their money, possessions and children, which also included up to a short while ago his king, who had allowed for all this to continue in his name. But now a different man stood before the masters, a man who he knew would see the light of illumination in the end. He had been told he would see this and that he would try to release mammon from surrender in entirety, in absolute entirety and then and only then, would all see with real eyes and truly know the meaning of mammon.
What Anelp realised as he stood silently watching was he was witnessing unprecedented events that would surely go down in history, ‘but there again I suppose’ he thought to himself, ‘it depends who writes the history’!









Chapter 14


Iktus and the boy prince were making haste along the passage that they had entered the pyramid by. Both were in silence as they walked quite quickly leaving behind all that had happened minutes before. Akhen was puzzled but, this did seem to be the norm now, never quite fully understanding what was going on – whilst Iktus was deep in thought, still shaking from what he had just been witness to.
He had witnessed firsthand the power of the preternatural one and was truly shaken to the core by what he had just experienced. This left him deep in thought. His mind questioning deeply as paranoia reigned wondering, pondering about one fact. Could this young boy do the same again without being in the presence of the stone – could this happen again before all that was needed to be done, was done? What if it could? What if he himself had started this off in the boy, but it had to be done this way, it was the only way. Had he got it right though – had he made a mistake? Over and over the questions fired around his mind in a relentless torrent, bouncing off the walls and coming back again for another turn.
Bewildered to say the least Iktus just trudged on as all he knew at this moment was, he had to get this boy back to the servant girls and it was time to bring out the big guns. Even though he was in a world of confusion, he knew he had to prevent this happening again and the girls were the key to everything.


As his mind quietened for a moment he realised one very startling fact; he was frightened of this boy, something he would have never dreamed possible. And certainly something he would never admit, but the truth was he knew deep down he was and he could not deny the fact. To Iktus this was horrifying, as he realised at that moment he was now in the presence of the most powerful man on the planet even though he was nothing more than a mere boy. Nothing could ever be hidden from him and everything that sat in place in the shadows would be illuminated and in such a way that in the end all would see. Everything that was the power now was controlled from darkness where the light of the truth was kept away by words – the words of the houses of the temple. This prevented the light of truth shining upon the mechanisms the temple used through these words to maintain they remained in control, which in turn, allowed the veil of normality to be pulled over. But this boy could see through that veil and through its creators. They could not hide anything from him, every sordid dark secret would be known as if reading it from a book and as Iktus knew – as a few others did – ‘all can do as all can do’ as the prophecy say’s. If one can do it sooner or later all can do it and then the shadows would be fully illuminAted for all to seE.
Iktus knew that if this was to occur, everything that was the immorality he lived and the system that gave him that living would once and for all destroy itself as duality ceased. But surely if the boy could be prevented from being able to remember this ability, then all would be ok – wouldn’t it? For without the ability being remembered all would be safe and nothing would be affected, surely?
Iktus knew he was trying to convince himself, for he was worried, he had thought he was on the home straight but that was certainly not the case now. How quickly things can change he thought and things were happening that he could never imagined possible. To hasty to celebrate the spoils of his victory to realise that victory was far from won. Great expectations lead to great disappointments, as the higher you get the further there is to fall and fall you will eventually.


Iktus knew that the boy walking beside him was calm and at this moment, care free. Iktus had noticed many times that Akhen was always calm after the knowing had been. The boy always slipped into a state of serenity; careless and worry free, a simple state of bliss. Although Iktus could not feel what Akhen was feeling, he could tell by the boy’s body language and facial expression that this was the case. His voice was always calm and peaceful and generated a tone that was pleasing to the ear, unlike when he was under the influence of the knowing. Then the boy’s words cut like knives with blades of truth into your very essence, penetrating, collapsing the facade that you wish to remain reality – which most presume to be the normality they will not question. Protecting the lies we label truth in a pathetic attempt to convince others and ourselves that they really are the truth.
In the end you eventually believe the lies as well, you believe your own lies to maintain a warped sanity that is the life you wished for and are frightened to lose.
What Iktus had just experienced could not be denied. He had experienced it. He had lived it. But, he knew that it was not possible and nor could it ever be explained, not by him, the elders or the scientists not anyone, not even the only boy who could do it. Iktus had witnessed many times Akhen’s ability of knowing about many subjects, but never had he witnessed it so personally. The boy had been reading him like he was a book, it just isn’t possible, yet it happened and he could not deny this fact and this troubled his mind, in fact it troubled his mind deeply.
Iktus was not a fool by any measure – or so he thought – and he knew exactly what gave him the pleasures of life and yes he had chose to take them. But that didn’t mean he did not know how those pleasures came about – he just chose to ignore the truth, exactly what the boy had prevented him from doing for that short time.


Iktus knew there was no magic; there was nothing more than illusion. Granted through this process you can just about get anyone to believe anything you wish, but it is still only illusion. What the boy had done was no illusion it really happened and the reality of this experience had sent him into the playing fields of paranoia, but not as a player, but as the ball for his own mind to play with.
Yes there had been talk about such a thing as knowing and he also knew that they studied the science of memories believing they could discover how it was possible, how you can force knowing, force memories. Many had suffered during these experiments as they searched for what they could not find. Relentlessly they keep trying; even now they were trying, because the prophecy has duality. Some of it is meaningful and some of it is meaningless. It depends on what eyes you read it with, or whether you still have the mask on when you do so. What you perceive to be correct might not be, so what you follow could be nothing more than a stage play for you to act out, never actually amounting to anything accept in your belief that it will. Always believing we are much more advanced than we actually are, when the truth is we are still very primitive, especially the ones who believe they are not. Describing and naming that that needs not to be described or named, only being so to host a false accolade called intelligence. Those who measure that accolade by their knowledge of a created false hood to gain position, recognition and standing, with all the benefits that accompany the said height reached.
Iktus’ mind was in turmoil as it tried to protect this, its own brand of the truth, what it wished to be the true. But nevertheless, what had happened had happened and this could not be denied. The foundation stone he was relying upon was crumbling beneath him, and all the beliefs held up by this stone were slowly loosing their foundation since this incident with the boy. Without that foundation they would start to falter and fall and this is what his mind was trying to prevent. For the world his mind relied upon to supply the desires it craved, could not exist without this foundation stone and even though Iktus did not want to accept this fact, it was one he was finding hard not to accept, thus the turmoil prevailed.


Iktus and Akhen were now out of the cool dusty semi lit pyramid entrance and were being bathed once more with sunlight, both of them shielding their eyes as they entered its brightness.
Still, neither of them spoke.
Still the priest walked with hastened pace as the boy prince followed silently. Iktus walked slightly ahead now with his head slightly down, as though he was walking and bowing at the same time. Was this out of respect or fear, or both? New thoughts were starting to plague the priest as the pair carried on trudging towards the machines on their way to the lifts lobby room.
‘What if I fail – what happens if I cannot prevent this boy from doing this again? What will become of this I rely on so much’?
This wave of thoughts were even more crushing than the last and the priest hesitated in his steps and lost focus for a second, slowing and then speeding up to try and correct the pace. Akhen slowed as the priest did, as he was right behind Iktus, but did not wonder why as he presumed the priest had just lost his footing and corrected it.
Iktus had certainly lost something even though he would not speak of it with the boy, he had lost his confidence this is what was diminishing, and this was only part of the foundation stone that was crumbling. Then his thoughts turned sinister as his mind came out of flight mode and returned to fight.
‘What if I destroy the boy’?
It could be done and had been done many times, when someone was perceived as a threat to the status quo. In fact Iktus knew it was to be done again very soon as a removal was needed to allow the succession to the throne to go as it was needed to. A convenient accident is always perceived as being suspicious by some, but those suspicions could always be quelled through threats of violence, or the simply threat of being found out for past events. Or, as on many occasions, a rise in standing accompanied by material gain would suffice.
Destroy who was causing the problem and the problem desists.
But what happens if you destroy that someone who is needed and is to be relied upon? What if they are needed to ensure the status quo stays exactly as it is and will always stay that way?


Iktus began to sweat profusely and this was not from the external heat of the sun he was being bathed in. This was from stress and anxiety. He lifted his hand up towards his forehead to mop the sweat from his brow with the sleeve of his robe, again stumbling as he did.
Again Akhen slowed as the priest stumbled, but as before he said nothing and did not enquire if the priest was ok.
They were now nearing the great doors of the lift lobby passing the dormant machine to their right, sat silently motionless, inanimate with no power source.
Still Iktus remained silent deep in thought and still Akhen said nothing just patiently following the priest.
The prophecy say’s that the preternatural one must set the intent and cannot be forced to do it Iktus thought to, himself. But is this true? Of course it is. Look at all that had been done to set this in place and by whom it had been done by – surely they could not be fooled. But what if they had been – what if he had been? What if all he had been told to believe in was false?
Iktus started to rationalise like never before in his life. He was now starting to question what he perceived to be normal.
‘If we have lied to everyone on their behalf, are they in fact lying to us’?
He shook his head slightly from side to side in a vain attempt to clear his thoughts as the coercion he had suffered kicked in to prevent him questioning further.
‘What are you doing man, why are you doing this to yourself’? ‘Get the boy back to the servant girls and they can weave their spell upon him, nothing more is needed’, he thought to himself. ‘You do not need to harm this boy or be afraid of him, just tarnish his mind, coerce him, do what you were sent here to do, for he must set the intent’.
As he thought this he relaxed and his pace lessoned. Akhen followed suit. Iktus felt better now as the coercion that was his mind took over again but this was only to last for a short while. He did not realise that after being in the presence of the one and after being read by him, the one would always be able to do it, just not at will.
The mask has no control over the knowing, only the true being within does. And the knowing only happens when the being shines through; again the persona has no control over this. Once you have been read the knowing will answer whether you are prepared for that answer or not, so before asking a question, make sure you are ready for the answer.
Alas Iktus did not know this fact, but was soon to find out the hard way.


Iktus stopped just short of the great doors as they approached them and Akhen did the same.
Iktus turned to face Akhen who had still said nothing about what had happened, the building they had been into or the fact they had walked all the way back in silence.
Iktus was now back in the world of the mind forgetting that he was frightened of this boy as his confidence levels had rose due to the coErcion in his own mind taking hold again. But without knowing it, or at least realising it, his level of protocol was to change immensely when speaking to the boy prince. Before it was something he was doing to pacify the whims of a king’s son who knew what that meant, but now it was different and he was to find that it was something that he could not stop as the effectiveness of the boy’s words back in the pyramid had done their job. They were well and truly lodged in the priests mind, whether he was aware of this fact or not made no difference, for this was now something he could not control.
The pair now stood facing each other and the boy prince stood patiently looking up at his priest companion waiting for the priest to say something.
Iktus spoke and as he did his head bowed low and he did not look in the boy’s eyes, the greatest sign of respect that can be given when conversing….
“If it pleases my prince may I ask you a question?” Iktus said almost humbly.

Akhen nodded his head in agreement and patiently waited for the question. Even though his mind did not want him to ask the boy this question, he needed to know, was it was possible, could the boy do the same now they were out of the presence of the stone? He was hesitant and paused for quite some time before continuing, almost like he knew he was going to regret doing this, but could not help himself.

“My prince, what do you know of intent?” The priest asked.

“Only what you and the other priests have told me during schooling, why do you ask?”


Iktus did not answer straight away, but just stood there with his head bowed low. Unlike before, he would not look in the boy’s eyes.
After a few seconds Iktus answered.

“My prince, apart from what you have remembered being taught, is there anything else you remember about intentions?”
As Iktus said this he lifted his head slightly, just enough to be able to look into the boy’s eyes. Only a short while ago he had felt the eyes of this teenage boy burning into his mind, he did not want to look into them again, but felt he needed to as he felt it would kick start the boy’s ability.
He needed to allow the boy to read him again.
Still Iktus did not truly believe the boy could do this, even with all the evidence, his mind still tried to deny it and pass it off as some sort of parlour trick. Yet he was also frightened of this happening at the same time. He wanted to know, but at the same time he was frightened to know, but curiosity had played its part and he was going to believe it was not true, because he felt safe that way. So if this were the case there would be no harm in asking he thought to himself.
Akhen had paused before he answered as though he was not in control and something else was coming into play. As he spoke Iktus realised the boy’s voice had changed again, but this time it was at even more peace than before.

“You have believed as others have that you can control the intent of the whole of humanity through the black rock and the preternatural one. This is what you work towards, this is your false destiny and certainly is not to be relied upon, but you do rely upon it. As it has been said before you will achieve all you have set out to do for that is the way it has been engineered and it is only your arrogance that denies you the ability to see this. Just because it is prophesised, does not mean it is true. There is the litEral and there is the Allegory, what do you seE? The prophecy contains two arts; the art of truth and the art of lying. Again what do you seE? Do you see literal truths and literal lies that can only be separated by the allegory that cannot be recognised with literal eyes? You deny yourself the use of real eyes and no one else, for this is the literal way.”


Iktus stood head down and silent, but if you looked closely you would see that his entire body was shaking so fast it could almost not be seen by the naked eye. He was listening and dreading, in a way fearing what was to be said, but at the same time nervously exited. With anticipation he eagerly awaited for the next word to leave the boys mouth. Was what had happened, to happen again he thought to himself? But it did seem that the boy was directing his answer to the question and not directly at the priest himself, more generalising than direct, even though he knew in his heart that it was direct and it was just a case of the persona not accepting this. The mask was trying to protect itself and still maintain its role as a mask. But the persona was in fear, as the fears were just simple thoughts manifesting in the priests mind, based upon precautionary principles within the self-preservation process. The mind protects the persona for they are one and the same and have exactly the same parameters of operation self, self, self. What the mind feared were the pangs of morality. Something it acted upon to its own determent because it could not do any different. This is what Iktus knew made him shake as the full realisation of the duality of words struck him blow after blow.
Akhen continued….

“What you seek to know, you shall not accept for to do so will render all that you do and have done pointless, but you have asked me, so I shall tell you what you wish to know.
Neither you, nor anyone can set the intent in any way for; it is not possible by this means, you only believe it is possible because the prophecy tells you this. But it is also telling you something else by letting you see that the method it states you should use is not possible. Just because you believe it is, does not mean it is. You and who you work for are trying to set an intent that would affect all of humanity without them even knowing they were affected as they would presume it is normal and thus they would never question it. This is not possible by the way you seek, but you will find a way that will work, but for it to be accepted, you will have to work for at least another thousand years trapped by your own limitations as stagnant as your beliefs. The intent cannot be set it is another facade, a perfectly crafted lie, a meaningless discipline – you would call it a hope, coming froma relianceyou have in something called religion. What you think the rock can do is exactly that, only what you think, its true purpose escapes you as does the true purpose of the preternatural one. Your thoughts are guided by illusion, so by default are nothing more than an extension of that illusion. Your reliance on your beliefs has blinded you to other possibilities or even the suggestion there could be any.”

Still the priest stood there listening silently his mind arguing with everything the boy was saying, but with an annoying feeling that he knew the boy was telling the truth. Even what the boy had said about the stone, he knew was true but his mind would not allow him to accept this whilst it maintained control. Every time the boy spoke this way it proved that what the boy could do was possible even though the priest knew it couldn’t be. This is why they were called the preternatural one; the one who could defy the laws of nature, the one who just knew without being told.

Even though the priest stood there troubled his thoughts were manifesting on one factor and one alone. The prophecy had said that the preternatural one could be stopped by coercion of their mind, as long as it started at a very early age. This was the model that was used on everyone and in this troubled priests mind he did not even realise that he too had suffered from exactly the same. The prophecy said ‘make them remember the wrong things’ and that is exactly what they had done ‘allow the mind to do the remembering, allow it to remember the pre-given knowledge based upon pre-given belief. Install in the mind a core belief system, whether it is gods, demons or deities, position, wealth or power it makes no difference. Make them worship this, make them fear the loss of its presence in their lives. Make them worship possessions and allow those possessions to possess them, make their reliance their own personal possession, give them the power of rEligion, the power of reliance upon that religious addiction and shower them with thousands of these addictions in many different forms – so all can be caught by these protocols. Although the design may manifest in different ways, the core is always the same. The core relies upon belief to exist, as the belief needs the core to exist.
Without either neither can exist.
This was the part of the prophecy that was the blue print, the foundation stone, which the control it gave was built from and this was exactly what they had done and the priest was trying to continue. But they wanted more, always more, never satisfied as the priest knew so well and this is what led to them believing the impossible was possible as the duality of the prophecy came into play.


Iktus himself was suffering that duality, as he stood listening to all that was being said by the boy prince and also listening to his own mind trying to deny the truths the boy uttered.
To be honest if his life could end that moment he wished it would, for never had he suffered so from mere words and the suggestions those words delivered.
Akhen continued….

“In truth what you seek to do is not possible as I have said, but you will not believe this and you will continue to strive to make it so regardless. The turmoil you suffer now is only the beginning as the more you resist it the more painful it will become. The process has started for you now and this cannot be reversed as once morality has a foot hold, it will soon replace the foundation stone you rely upon, replacing beliefs for truths. This will come to all in the end even though it will take many thousands of years to happen, eventually it will come to pass. To resist this will only lead to a life spent in misery as you continually search for the next situation, experience or substance that can give you a false reality to allow you to escape this. Remember, ultimately you asked for this and thus engineered this as we all did to experience the world of lust. There is no one to blame but yourself as everyone can only blame themselves; we are all responsible for this, all of us equally.”
Akhen then became silent and just stood smiling kindly at the priest, even though the Iktus was still stood head bowed looking directly at the ground where he stood. He remained this way for some time until he heard the boy prince ask.

“Iktus why are you stood silent like this?”

Iktus realising that the boy was now back to himself, sighed with relief, but still did not lift his head. He had received the answer he had wished to receive and now regretted receiving it, but he had to know and had to ask.

One thing was very plain to the priest now he had to have an audience with the elders of the second house of the temple and more importantly he had to get this boy back to the servant girls, this was now imperative and no one would be allowed to talk to this boy unless they had a pretty face and body to match.
As his own mind came back into control a passing thought was shot across the bows as he realised the full extent of what the boy had said moments before. He now knew more than the families, he knew that what they were trying to achieve was not possible, but surely if this was the case they would not have gone to so much trouble building what they had built believing that they could achieve what they had led him himself to believe could be done. This one thought fractured his mind again and insanity reigned for a second, until it reverted back to full mind mode and it delivered a thought to counteract the last one.
‘This is not so, take no heed of this boy for he is nothing more than a boy, how could he possibly know more than the people who had been studying this and writing about this for thousands of years’?
Iktus shock his head slightly then started to lift it, but still not enough to be able to look into the boy’s eyes. Even though this was occurring he was still in a world of confusion, deep in thought.
Iktus needed time away from the boy. He needed to collect his thoughts, but at the same time he was now afraid to be alone as he feared what the boy had said and knew that in those moments he sat alone in the darkness of night suffering as he had, he knew that those moments were now going to last longer and would be more intense than ever before, because of the boys words, the boys simple words.

















Chapter 15


After a few moments of deep thought Iktus answered the boy prince.

“I am sorry my prince I was just thinking, please do forgive me.”

“What is there to forgive?”

“I should not act this way in front of you my prince, this is not the required way when in the presence of royalty, so again please forgive me.”

This puzzled Akhen as the priest had not acted this way before. He knew the servants did at the palace when they were in his presence and the guards, but never the priests. The priests did in his fathers and mothers presence, but never to Akhen and his brother. This just added to even more confusion he had about the whole reason he was here, he thought to himself ‘what next’?
Not knowing quite what to say Akhen decided to change the subject, because for some strange reason he felt uncomfortable with the way the priest was acting.
Ignoring what the priest had said Akhen turned and spoke to Iktus.

“Where are we off to now Iktus, are we to visit the factories you spoke of?”

“My prince alas we have spent too much time here already, so we shall have to see them another day, maybe tomorrow. For now we must return to the living quarters so you can eat and bathe and relax.” The anxious priest said.

“But it is still quite early in the day, so what is the hurry?” Akhen inquired curiously.
“My concerns are that you do not realise what the time it is my prince, and I am concerned that you have not eaten or taken refreshment and this is gross misconduct on my behalf as my job is to look after you and I have failed in this.” Iktus said this with his head bowed even lower.

“Please do not be concerned with this.” The boy prince said “I am fine, but something is strange because I do not understand why you have changed?”

“What do you mean my prince?” Said Iktus; even though the priest knew exactly what the boy was getting at.

“Is it not as obvious to you as it is to me? You and the other priests never treat my brother and me with such protocol. Granted you do my mother and father, but never us, so what has changed to cause you to do this? You are showing me protocols at their highest are you not?

Iktus realised that the boy, if anything, was certainly not stupid and remembered that in his schooling days as a normal boy he was quite astute about all matters. In the confusion that had reigned since they had been in the high temple Iktus had lost his way. He had nervousness in his stomach again and was beginning to blush, because this boy not only had found him out, but also, the boy was on the verge of realising that he was a liar by answering the way he had. It was obvious he had changed towards the boy, how could he have been so stupid to not realise that the boy would recognise this. But in the confusion, he had most certainly lost his way and was making very stupid mistakes, ones, that would now be very hard to correct without looking a fool, or even more to the point, untrustworthy.
He still needed the boy to trust him and yes he needed to be subservient to the boy, but not quite as much so quickly as it had already raised suspicions and suspicions were the last thing the priest needed on top of everything else that was going on. Without even knowing it he had caused it, the boy and his preternatural ability, whether he realised it or not, it had done its job to the fullest extent. How could he now get out of this the best way? He needed to limit the damage that could be caused, or at least, correct the damage that had been caused. Racking his brains he had to devise a scheme that would allow him to limit the consequences of his actions, but he knew the boy prince would require an answer and soon.


Again the priest was stunned at how quickly things could turn around and how complicated something so simple could become.
Then a solution struck him.

“My prince when you were being tutored you were being treated as a boy, but now you are on the threshold of manhood and this means that you are to be treated as though you were the king himself.” Iktus said through gritted teeth.

“So does this mean, that when we return to the palace that you will continue the same to me and of course my brother who is of the same age?” Akhen replied quickly.

“Yes my prince this will now be the new standard set.” Iktus replied breathing a sigh of relief as he felt the boy had accepted the excuse.
He made a mental note that he would have to instruct all the priests involved in the boys tutoring that this was the protocol to be used from this point. The one thing the priest knew was that to be a good liar you must have a good memory and he would have to remember this for he was sure the boy would.

“I presume this is the power you talked of earlier, the power we have because of our position within the society we help maintain?” Akhen inquired.
“Yes this is my prince that is exactly it, so if it pleases my prince can we now make our way to the living quarters?”
Iktus was still on edge but was feeling somewhat better as the boy answered. He was noticing that the duality was at play again as the boy in front of him switched from one extreme to the other in only a matter of seconds.
This was becoming too much for poor Iktus to bear, but at least the result for now was a good one, at least the boys mind was now back in control.
Iktus just knew he had to get away from this boy as soon as he could for the mental strain and stress upon his body was intolerable.

“I suppose we could visit these factories you spoke of tomorrow and yes I am quite hungry and thirsty, so I think going back to the living quarters is a good suggestion, so yes, let’s do this, oh and of course the servant girls!” Akhen said quite excitedly with smile lighting up his face.

“As you wish my prince, as you wish.” An exhausted Iktus said with baited breath. “Please follow me.”
Who then turned and pushed open the doors so the pair could walk through them.


This had been a most trying time to say the least and the priest was realising that his task was not as easy as he had first thought.
How hard, could it be, to coerce the mind of a young teenage boy, the priest had thought to himself?
No wonder when he had suggested to the grand council that he could do this job they questioned if he could amongst themselves, quite openly talking about the priest as if he wasn’t even in the room. Did the members of the grand council know how hard this was going to be if Akhen did prove to be the one they sought? Was this a vital piece of information they just happened to not tell him – was there anything else they just happened not to tell him?
Iktus knew that the members of the grand council had a complacency that was unsurpassed and to be honest was disgusting to witness, even more so if you were on the receiving end of it.
At that moment in time he was not looking forward to being in front of them again, but knew he had to, well, as soon as he had delivered the boy prince back to the safety of the girls, which was most certainly a priority now. And of course as soon as an audience could be arranged, but the priest knew that the grand council would convene on a minutes’ notice when they were told the reason for doing so. There was nothing more important to them than this matter, for they stood to bear the full brunt of the family’s anger if this, that had been planned, was to fail – and of course in turn that anger would be passed down the ranks and Iktus was fully aware of where and who’s shoulders that blame would fall upon.


As they walked through the doors it was a very different sight from when they had previously walked through them.
At that time there was a very confident priest with a bewildered boy and even though – in many respects – the boy was still bewildered, the priest’s mannerisms and the way he carried himself had changed dramatically. All and any confidence that he had at that previous time had been drained from him and showed so clearly.
His head was low as the pair walked along the path that lead to the lifts, but this wasn’t just from protocol, the priest was suffering from stress and this was quite evident. As they walked towards where the lift would greet them Iktus didn’t change and even if he had wanted to he could not hide how he felt.
This was unlike the priest – well to be honest – unlike any who sort and had sort, the power of position. At no time would they show weakness of any kind and if they did have to show it would be done in solitude, in a state of complete social isolation, alone to suffer the pain of self-realisation, as this was deemed the ultimate weakness, as it was to show the effects of this.
Whenever they were on display within the society, the persona must always be on display and the mask was never to be taken off, metaphorically speaking. Never should you allow your feelings to get in the way of what needs to be done, nor should you ever question what is done with a moral viewpoint. To carry yourself, as the priest was – to be honest – evidenced this fact. But the priest Iktus could do no different, as he had no energy to do so. The previous events with the boy had left him drained and as he looked up quickly at the boy walking beside him, just long enough to see how the boy was, he saw a bright, happy boy full of life and the energy that gave and wished the same for, himself. His mind was telling him to snap out of it, but his body was too tired to react and react it did not, no matter how many times he tried to convince himself he could snap out of this state he now found himself fully immersed in.


As the pair neared the opening from where the lift would emerge they stopped. Silence reigned as still no words where being spoken by either of them.
Iktus leaned forward and pushed a button that protruded slightly from the wall and then went back to the same hung posture that he had had since the conversation with the boy outside in which he heard that which he did not want to hear.
One fact resounded in the priests mind and one fact alone. And it was something he had said to the boy not such a long time ago, when he himself had explained to the boy about the power of words. Even though Iktus fully realised the extent of what that power could manifest into. He had never thought or imagined it could be reversed and truth be known how much more powerful the boys words were than his own, even more powerful in every extent than the words of coercion. Stark evidence that the teacher should listen to words he say’s to his pupil more than the pupil himself. Iktus realised now that he had been taught a very valuable lesson even though it was one he wanted to deny, but could not for he was using exactly the same process on the very one who had reversed it, even though the boy was not aware he had done so.
The lift emerged from the opening in the floor before them with a servant stood head bowed and silent at the controls. Still the priest’s demeanour did not change, his behaviour stayed as it was. Still he stood their head low and shoulders dropped.
Iktus stepped forward into the lift and Akhen followed suit turning as they did to face the lift lobby room. Still the priest uttered no words, just nodding at the servant that they were ready to depart. The servant shut the gates and manned the controls and the lift jerked in to life and started to descend and the trio disappeared from sight as the lift made its way down to its destination.


Akhen himself was becoming more excited by the second at thoughts of the servant girls and what would inevitably happen when he was left alone with them. His soreness had quelled and he was feeling full of life and full of anticipation, but also he was feeling curious. Not just about the girls that was obvious, but about everything else. Yes the machines were remarkable, but they did not seem strange to him, even though he could not explain this. Also the building and the chair with the rock mounted in it, again strange, but he had no concern over these matters, as he didn’t about the men dressed in strange clothes and footwear. He presumed they were guarding something, but to be honest he was not bothered what it was, why should he be? All that was important to him was the wine, the comfort and, of course, the girls, the beautiful girls who were certainly the object of his desire. What the boy was curious about and was planning to investigate was the building he was staying in. He knew that more existed within it than he had seen and knew that the priest would not tell him even if he asked and especially now. So he would investigate when the time arose and all was quiet.
He wondered about the priest.
Akhen had seen this before and it always seemed to happen when Akhen could not remember parts of the day. He had always been like this, his immediate memory being very short, sometimes forgetting what was said to him only moments before. He knew he had angered his father and mother many times because of this, but he could not help it.
At schooling there were certain times when the priests he had been taught by that day seemed like Iktus, they seemed very tired. Not as tired as the priest seemed at this moment, but nonetheless very tired. Then one day they weren’t there and Iktus had arrived. This all seemed very strange but that wasn’t unusual, many unusual things happen in the palace and he had got in trouble for asking questions about them.
He remembered seeing his Mother and father on their knees in front of a statue after he had followed them one evening to the temple room. Although both Akhen and his brother were made to go to the room and kneel and say words of worship to the gods, it was never just to one god in particular, it was always to all of them, as equals – and Akhen had never seen this statue before.

Akhen had been thrashed by his father many times for asking why they had to do this, he just could not accept that there were these invisible beings that demanded he should do this and all he had asked for was evidence that these invisible god’s existed andwhy was it all based on what seemed to be lies. He had asked many questions and knew all the answers he had received just didn’t make any sense at all. He also knew that the priests and his mother and father were lying to him. Even though he could not say either way whether these gods existed or not, he knew they were lying and they seemed to believe these lies, and there were books that also contained these lies.
Akhen had read them, well truth been known he had been forced to read them, but he knew they were nothing more than lies. Why so many lies?
But in the end he was taken aside by his father and two priests and threatened by words, very angry words, not only from the priests, but also from his own father and this had saddened Akhen. So in the end to keep his father happy, because he truly did not want to cause his father sorrow, he accepted the words of the priests about the gods and succumbed. Without even knowing it he had been coerced and it was only through what Iktus had said earlier had he realised and remembered that this had occurred.
e HeHeWhat he witnessed that night was his mother and father worshipping one god and one alone and decided he was going to question them about this. So one morning, soon after, as they sat eating breakfast, Akhen asked both his mother and father, quite openly, about what had happened that night in the palace temple. Akhen was sat next to his brother who at the time was quickly told to take no heed of what his brother had just said and was told to depart the table to get ready for schooling whilst Akhen had to sit there. Akhen was told to be silent by his father until his brother had left and then his father asked Akhen to repeat what he had just said. Akhen could tell by his father’s voice that he was in real trouble, because his father was not happy. So Akhen did as he was asked, even though he feared to do so and repeated the question. His father didn’t actually answer the question, but instead delivered a torrent of verbal abuse upon Akhen that deeply upset him. This event led to the talk he was to have with his father and the two priests. But to be honest none of that mattered now, after what Iktus had explained to him regarding such things as the gods and what they truly were and this had all been done by mere words.
As Akhen thought this a word appeared in his mind from nowhere, the word was monotheism. Akhen did not know what this word meant as he had never heard of it and nor had he even heard it said by anyone – not even in schooling. He also knew he had to ask Iktus what this word meant, but he realised that now was not the time, so decided to wait.


The lift came to a halt and Akhen and his priest companion exited and made their way to the seating area. Again the priest said no words to the servant as they exited and still he walked with head low and shoulders slumped. As they walked into the seating area they were greeted by four servant girls again wearing very little attire and this pleased the young prince immensely, his eyes lit up once more and he could not stop himself from smiling. Still with head bowed the priest spoke to the boy as they came to a stop in front of the girls.

“My prince, if it pleases you please go with the servant girls to be bathed and looked after. I will collect you tomorrow in the day and we can carry on with all I have to show you.” Iktus said in a very humble but hurried fashion. Akhen did not need asking twice and didn’t even reply to the priest and started to walk towards the girls who bowed their heads in respect a little lower than when the boy and the priest had first walked in. As Akhen was greeted by the girls two of them joined him to his sides and the other two led the way in front.
With this Iktus sighed with relief and turned to walk back to the lift area, but before he could escape the boy’s company – which he so needed to do – Akhen stopped as the girls did and turned and spoke to the priest.

“Iktus, before you go I have a question for you.”

With heavy heart the priest turned round and replied almost as though it was an effort to even speak with his head still bowed low.

Yes my prince whatever you command.” Replied the priest who realised from the boy’s tone that he was now using exactly what he had required of him in the first place, except it was being used on himself now and he was too tired to use it to his own advantage.

“What does the word monotheism mean?”

On hearing this word uttered from the boy’s lips the priest – if he had the energy and putting aside the fact that by doing such a thing he would destroy all that he had done – would have exploded upon the boy with a torrent of abuse for even mentioning such a word in front of the servants. For even though they would not know what it meant – as he presumed Akhen didn’t because of the question he had asked – certain words were not to be said in front of them, just in case more is needed to be known.
The inferiors were controlled by the need to worship multiple gods. The fear that was held by the priest hood, amongst others, was that they would find one god to worship such as the priest himself did, but not a god as the priests worshipped, a mortal god who was nothing more than a mAn. It had proven that it was far easier to control them with multiple gods and not just one, as the prophecy suggested this should be the starting point. Because each god was said by the priests to demand a multiple of things from their worshipers and not one god could demand all this, or they simply would not believe one god could demand all this and start to doubt the priests. But the biggest fEAr was that they would find a champion amongst them, that they in turn would look on as a god, one that demanded nothing from them except to treat each other with kindness and respect, love and compassion as he did, because he truly served them. And he would ask that nothing be worshipped again and that the temples were tore down, but only when the people were happy for it to happen. Iktus knew that if such bad pharaohs could exist as they had done, then by default one day there must be An opposite, because duality was present in everything without exception. And a true king would be looked upon as a god at first, because the coerced would simply know no better.


Iktus himself prayed for GOD every night without fail, upon his knees, filled with hope and that hope never left. And by day he would go to the temple to do the same, hopE. He had told the boy there were no such things as gods only hours before to break one form of coercion to be able to install another and now after all that had happened previously, the boy asks about the very same thing completely out of the blue and even calls it by its true name. Before he had even begun the next phase of the coercion. Even at this tender age the boy was mastering the power of words and the true ability in using them he possessed. Not just when the knowing was present because this was different. The boy was toying with him, playing a game. The duality of the boy’s intent was equally as powerful as its antithesis and this was absolute evidence of the fact. For the first time Iktus was realising how dangerous a king with such a mind would be using this negative intEnt with all it had to offer and of course how loVed he would be if the opposite was to occur. Even though the priest really was only ever actually concerned with his own selfish needs, this thought just popped into his mind from nowhere. It must have seemed like an age to the boy waiting for an answer from him regarding the question, but the boy just stood patiently waiting as the girls by his side did.
The boy was embarrassing him. The priest truly wanted to get extremely angry about this and wanted to demonstrate this anger, to the point of lashing out, but he couldn’t for so many reasons. And on top of this he now had a very generous portion of guilt to contend with as he realised what he was in fact going to help un-leash upon the world. He would help release a true monster, a very powerful dark persona that would be permanent for decades.
For a second he came to his senses – or so the priest thought – and shrugged off the guilt and replaced it with a happy thought once more as he realised what he stood to gain from all this. And then with a vengeance un-paralleled, the guilt struck again and so did all that had happened earlier. The sickness he felt in the high temple, only that short time ago, swirled in the very depths of his stomach again. To be honest this was the straw that broke the camel’s back and the priest – no matter how he tried to prevent it – felt himself buckle under the pressure. He felt his eye’s well up with tears and he felt an over whelming urge to crash to the floor on his knees head in hands, screaming ‘stop!’ Never had he, in all his life been struck by such a powerful emotional force as he was now, and still the boy stood there waiting patiently, silently watching, because even though the priest had not looked up he could feel the boy’s eye’s burning into him.
‘I’ve got to End this now, I have to get a way’ he thought to himself as his mind entered flight mode. So he just said what he needed to say, more a desperate plea than an answer.


“My prince if it pleases you it has been a long day and you need your rest so may we pick up with this question tomorrow when you are rested? But only if this pleases my prince” Iktus bowed just a little lower as he said this.

“Of course we can.” The answer came, but it seemed the boy pondered for a moment before answering, or was he just prolonging the priest’s Agony for that bit longEr. And with this the boy prince turned away from the priest and beckoned the girls that he was ready to go with them smiling to himself. From Iktus came a sigh of relief, as he wiped the tears from his eyes – finally he was away from the boy and he didn’t even try to hide the pain he was suffering. He was exhausted and was mentally drained and needed to rest, but knew he would first have to meet the members of the second house of the temple to explain a few things that he felt they were not aware of and certainly should know.
Did they really realise how hard it could become to control Akhen?
To be honest he would rather wait till he had rested and was more emotionally stronger, but feared that he needed to tell them now even though part of him, truly, didn’t want this to happen. Whether what they were doing was possible or not, he knew it didn’t really matter. As he truly believed the political regime he belonged to – in fact the very thing that owned him – would continue as it had always done. The only difference now was, he had realised from the boy’s words that, what he was addicted too, wasn’t going to last forever. For the first time the priest knew that this was true and nothing could change this fact, nothing. Full of despair and sorrow the priest walked through the seating area and for at least once in his life he was going to know the true meaning of sorrow. At this precise moment he could not get any lower than what he was now and decided that he needed some solitude with many quarts of wine. A very rash decision, but to be quite honest he didn’t care and the meeting could wait – he needed to escape this pain and drown it and drown it he would, for this had seemed the longest day of his life so far and it was only going to get worse, before it got better.



















Chapter 16


The boardroom was now coming back to some sort of order after the chaos that had reigned for a time amidst all that had happened. All the time this was going on the intercom was blinking madly in the corner of the room, which to be honest, with all the confusion, no one had noticed. But who was on the end of the intercom was not at all happy that she could not get an answer from the room, or an answer to why she was being held captive in the royal bedroom with the her twins.
Leaving where the intercom sat, Nefertiti again approached the bedroom doors and pulled them open with force, again to be met by two palace guards who prevented her from leaving by barring her way. But this time she decided to speak to them as the frustration she was suffering was getting unbearable.

“How dare you do this to me, I am the queen.” She said glaring at them both as she spoke like a woman who had most definitely been scorned. “There will be repercussions for this from the highest level.” She declared with an alarmed and very angry threatening voice as the mask she was wearing at that time, demanded answers.

“We are sorry my queen.” One of the guards said, who was stood to Nefertiti’s left hand side. “These orders have come from the highest level my queen; they have come from the king himself.
Nefertiti forgetting herself for moment, because of the situation and the anger she felt by being held captive, suddenly blurted out.

“He is not the highest level by a long shot, so why should I adhere to such orders and another thing…?”
Then she realised what she had said and stopped herself, but to be honest she could see the damage had already been done by the reactions in the guard’s body language. Although she could not see their faces because of what protocol dictated, she had certainly seen a reaction occur.

“I do beg your pardon my queen, but I don’t quite know what you mean.” Said the guard who had spoken previously, inquiring politely to why the queen would say such a thing.
Nefertiti, who was about to unleash another torrent of abuse directed towards the guard for such an insolent question, restrained herself, and simply huffed in disgust and slammed the doors shut behind her, leaving the two guards pondering outside.


As the doors slammed shut in front of them the two guards turned around and resumed their position either side of the doorway, staying silent for a while. The guard who had spoken to the queen now stood allowing his body to relax back to a comfortable position; instead of the very uncomfortable standing to attention position his fellow guard was still maintaining. He knew he had to place himself in this position in the presence of the royal family – a position, in fact, he was supposed to maintain at all times as his fellow guard was. But, Farik was old school and had been a palace guard for nearly as long as his good friend Anelp and he knew the guard that stood beside him had not been at the palace long and didn’t yet understand the ways of the guards in many respects.
Farik turned to his fellow guard and spoke.
“Relax lad, you will do yourself an injury trying to maintain that stance. Take it from me you will ache all over later.” He said smiling to himself

“But we have to, don’t we, what if someone comes and Discover’s we are relaxing?”

“Oh, you have so much to learn lad, who exactly is going to come? The queen is under our guard in the royal bedroom and the king is busy in the boardroom, so who exactly is going to come and catch you? Relax a while and conserve your energy, for if things go as they might, you may well need it all. What’s your name?”

“It is Harian.” the young guard answered still nervous about relaxing his stance even though he was trying too.

“Ah Harian?” Farik said under his breath – “look you are new here are you not?”

“Yes I am.”

“You know my name do you not?”

“Yes, you are Farik one of the palace guard commanders alongside Anelp who is the other.”

“So if you know this, then listen to what I am telling you. You do appreciate that I have been here a long time, do you not?”

“Yes I do.”

“And do you not then appreciate that if I tell you something, even though it goes against what you have been taught to do, it is in fact ok to do, because I am doing it.”

“Yes sir, I see your point quite clearly.” As Harian said this he started to relax and his shoulders dropped to a far more comfortable position.
Farik could see this and spoke again.

“Now that’s better lad, are you not far more comfortable now than you were?” Harian smiled and nodded to say he was.
Farik continued.

”I know it feels awkward, but you will get used to it, it’s always hard going against what you have been told you should do. Oh, and by the way less of the ‘sir’, we are all the same here, rank only ever enters into it if we are in the presence of those who we protect, apart from that it is always first name terms, ok!”
Again Harian smiled to show he had fully understood what his commander had said.


The pair now stood quite relaxed, even though Harian was still feeling quite uneasy about doing so. He wondered to be honest what was going on, as he hadn’t actually been told. He was in the guard’s quarters when Anelp, his commander, had come running in and told him to join the guard he had already deployed to the royal bedroom. He did as he was commanded to do, even though his commander had asked him very politely to do so, something he always did, which to be honest he had found very strange, considering how he was spoken to by previous commanders when serving in the regular army.
One was a very pompous self-righteous man, who loved nothing more than to bark orders at everyone all day long, who controlled the unit he had belonged to before. He was regimented to the core and expected everyone else to be exactly the same. Harian was young and had only been serving in the army for a matter of months. To be completely honest he did not want to go into the army and only joined because his father wanted him too. He came from, what had become, a quite well off middle Egyptian family and his father wanted him to seek officer status, something he had failed in doing himself ending up a quite successful accountant, but had gained his status through a club he belonged too as many did.
It had become very obvious to Harian that his father was trying to live out his dreams through him, trying to make his son all that he was not and all that he had failed in being – pushing his son into seeking a career within the army.
Harian, truth be known, was a pacifist at heart and couldn’t hurt anything and this was quite obvious and this had led to his life within the unit being one that was not happy at all. He was picked on by the others and routinely bullied because of his soft heartedness, his kindness and his lack of ability in all things training related. His father had found out that he was not doing as he should be and was quite disappointed in his son and had made that very evident to Harian. And even though Harian had pleaded with his father that he wished and longed not to be in the army, his father would have none of it and had in fact placed such a guilt upon Harian for his failures, in his father’s eyes, that he was on the verge of suicide because of the life his was forced to be subjected too. The situation became so intense for Harian after a particularly nasty beating at the hands of the bullies in his unit; he decided it was time to take his own life or leave.
After contemplating suicide for a while, alone in his bed, he realised he could not go through with it and decided to do the nearest best thing and go AWOL.


Out of desperation Harian waited one evening till the dead of night for his chance to arise, when all was quiet and the sentries on guard would have most certainly nodded off to sleep – more from boredom than anything else. Harian knew this occurred because when he found it hard to sleep, he would wander away from the sleeping quarters to find a place of solitude just so he could escape the horror that he found himself in and had seen the sentries asleep. Many times he had slipped past them un-noticed, even to the point he had done this twice to return back to the sleeping quarters before he was missed. Even though he feared being caught, this was something he had to do to keep his own sanity.
All was quiet in the camp so Harian slipped away into the dark of the night and decided to make his way to his aunt Isabel’s. This was the only place he could think of going, as his aunt cared for him deeply as he did her.
Slipping past the sentries he started on the long trek that would last many days as he had very many miles to cover – as his aunt lived some distance away by foot. It was a very dark and lonely journey and even though his way was somewhat lit by the moon, until the cloud cover took away his beacon of light, Harian found it quite treacherous, but anything was better than having to put up with what he had endured over the last few months. Stumbling and falling many times did not deter him, nor did the threat of being caught, even though it would most certainly result in him being killed for desertion, legally murdered because he refused to comply and be instructed in the art of killing fellow human beings, no matter who they were.
In truth Harian would rather die himself, at the hands of another, than be faced with the prospect that he would someday have to do this, that he would in fact have to take another’s life.
Tired and hungry he carried on, sleeping by day and travelling by night. In the day it was too hot to sleep and by night it was so cold progress was hard, but nonetheless he carried on. Even though search parties had been ordered to look for him, they did so with no success, searching only in the day and not at night when Harian was on the move.
To be honest he had not returned to his family home as it was first thought he would. A captain was ordered to his father’s house to inform his father that he was missing and of course to search the house to see if his son was in hiding there. Even though Harian’s father was very upset to hear the news about his son, he was more upset about being told he was to have his house searched and more to the point, that he could not prevent it from happening. Even though he had nothing to hide, it was the principle of the matter, as he had position that gave him status and occurrences like this didn’t normally happen to those who have such status.
Although he voiced his objections to the captain, he was told quite abruptly he could not stop it from happening. Harian’s father then realised that although he had status, he didn’t have quite as much as he had first thought. So he reluctantly complied, stood aside and allowed the search of his home to be carried out.
In truth the last place Harian would go was his family home. Firstly, it would be the first place they would look for him and secondly, he truly believed his father would hand him in to the army, after trying to make some sort of deal with them. But even though in some cases this would have been possible, in many it certainly would not have been, as the army took a very dim view upon anyone who deserted there post, whether in war or not.
You did as you were told when you were told and you never questioned, no matter what was being demanded of you, no matter what!


Many days later Harian arrived at his Aunt Isabel’s house very hungry, cut and bruised and completely exhausted. It was still the early hours, so he felt it best to wait till morning before approaching the house, and decided to find a place nearby that would give him some form of protection from the elements, as it was particularly cold that night. After scanning the area the best he could in the moonlight, he decided to seek shelter in an out building that was some distance from the main house. As he made his way to the door of the out building, he once again scanned the area for any sign of life, cautiously moving very slowly. On reaching the door he pushed it open slightly causing the door to creak, something he did not expect, and this stopped him dead in his tracks as he nervously waited for any sign of movement from the house or the surrounding area. After a while of standing in complete silence and stillness Harian realised that no one had stirred and the coast was clear. Slowly he pushed opened the door trying to stop it creaking and even though it still did, it did so far more quietly than it had when he had first pushed at the door. Harian slipped inside the building and again tried to push the door shut quietly, very slowly moving the old door until it was almost shut, which was good enough.
Inside the building Harian could see, in the moonlight that shone through an opening in one of the walls, what looked like a pile of hay in the corner and he made his way to it. Kneeling down he cleared an area big enough for him to lie in and then he lay down, covering himself from head to foot with the hay. Not many minutes after Harian was a sleep and for the first time for many nights he was warm snuggled in the hay.


Morning came in a blink of an eye as Harian stirred and opened one eye to be greeted by the sunshine pouring through the opening in the wall. He was aching all over and was very hungry indeed and tossed off the hay from his body as the sweat ran down his filthy unwashed skin. Never in his life had he been in such a state and this was a complete culture shock for him and was to such an extent he began to weep. Sobbing bitterly he just lay there wondering what would become of him, even trying to cry quietly, because he did not want to be heard, but he had been and who had heard him was making their way towards the door. As Harian sat in the hay, head in hands weeping, the old door to the building creaked open, which startled him and made him look up towards the door. There in the door way was his Aunt Isabel looking directly at him in a caring and loving way as she always did when she saw him. Isabel made her way across the building to her nephew, who now on seeing her, was sobbing even more and at this point his shoulders dropped, as he gave up and embraced the sorrow he felt. Isabel walked over to him with the most caring expression on her face and knelt down in front of him and took her nephew in her arms, even though he smelt like a cesspit. Harian buried his head into his aunt’s bosom and as he did, his sobbing became uncontrollable and he wept as though he was weeping for the planet and everything that lived upon it.
Isabel just held her nephew for some time in her arms, waiting patiently for the intense sobbing to pass, as she knew it was something Harian needed to do, as if it was a pressure valve releasing the pain that had built up over the last few months.
Isabel knew her nephew was not cut out for the army and had at one time expressed as such to his father her brother. But she knew that her brother was very pig headed and knew he would not listen to anything she suggested, he never had had and she knew he never would, unless of course, he had something to gain materially from it.
She knew her brother was completely consumed by the material world around him, knowing that, nothing else mattered to him bar the position, wealth and the status this brought. The love he should have shown his family, was invested in the love for material gain being proud of what he had achieved and the way that others around him, looked up to him, because of the position he held – even though this position was quite lowly in the measurement provided by the society that they all lived in. Always striving to maintain the mask he presented himself as to the society he was trying to impress, but this came with a price, as his sister knew so well. Isabel had lost her own son to the army, being killed on a training exercise that had gone horribly wrong – this had destroyed her, because at that time she too sort what her brother sort. Only by the death of her own son did she seE things for how they really were and in doing so, she had pleaded, almost begging her brother, not to make Harian follow in her son’s footsteps, as she loved Harian as if he was her own.


As many moments passed Harian’s sobbing started to subside and he was becoming calmer. Realising this, Isabel released her arms and allowed Harian to look up to her, even though at first he would not and spoke with his head down.

“I am sorry Aunty, I did not know where else to go.” He said between sobs shaking his head. “How did you know I was here?”

“My dear boy your father sent word that you had gone missing a few days ago and I have been waiting for you to come here as I knew you would. I heard you last night, I heard the door, but knew you would be tired and even though I so wanted to come to you, I felt it better that I allow you to rest. I knew seeing me would upset you and I felt it would be better now, than in the early hours of this morning.
Any ways enough chatter, we can speak later, come now, you need to bathe and dress in clean clothes and you need to eat and I also need to dress your wounds.” Isabel said smiling as she did so.” Come now into the house, food is already under way.”
Harian did as he was asked and started to stand up, but then a thought crossed his mind that made him turn and face his aunt with an alarmed expression.

“What if they find me hear aunty – what will become of you?”
“Do not concern yourself with this sweet Harian.” Isabel said as she put her hand up and started to softly stroke her nephew’s cheek. “Things are already in hand.” She reassuringly said. “Come now and let’s get you sorted out.”

The pair left the barn and walked over to the main house side by side. Even though Harian felt like death warmed up, he felt happier now and had a calmness inside that had come over him when the sobbing had subsided. His aunt entered the house first and made her way into the kitchen and Harian followed behind her.
The house was a modest farmhouse, nothing like where his aunt used to live, or the house she used to live in. No servants could be found here as there were before in his aunt’s house, she lived a humble existence far from the hustle and bustle that was the city. She was happier this way, not having to compete within the fashion parade that was her life at one time, forever trying to keep up.

“Sit at the table my boy and I will bring you something to eat and drink, you must be famished.”

“Thank you aunt, I have not eaten for several days and to be honest the food they served in the camp was not what anyone would actually describe as food.”


Sometime later Harian had eaten and bathed and was now dressed in some of his cousins clothes. His cousin had been a bit smaller than him body wise, but the clothes fitted reasonably well and would suffice and to be honest were far better than what he was made to wear in the army. He walked through from the bathing and dressing area at the back of the house towards the kitchen and could hear voices. Stopping by the doorway, he paused for a while before entering the kitchen listening to his aunty talking to a man trying desperately to hear what was being said. The man had a deep voice and was very softly spoken and his aunt’s voice was one of politeness as usual, but with an air of flirting in it as she talked to the man. Even though Harian could not actually hear what was being said he could tell that his aunty was definitely flirting by the way she was laughing now again after the man had spoken.
Harian edged closer to the doorway still making sure he could not be seen, he needed to find out who this man was and why he was here, but still he could not hear what was being said. Then he started thinking to himself ‘well I know my aunty would never do me any wrong, so surely it would be safe to enter’. But then another thought crossed his mind ‘what if the man in the kitchen had actually fooled his aunt and he does mean me harm?’
A bit confused Harian stood there not quite knowing what to do when his aunty came through the door.

“Ah, there you my boy do you feel better now?” His aunt said smiling as she did. “Hurry now I have someone here who I would like you to meet.”

Before he knew it the door was wide open and he was on view to the man stood in his auntie’s kitchen, who, on seeing him started to walk over to him.
Harian was hesitant and Isabel could see this, so she offered some kind words of encouragement.

“Go on my boy, he is a dear friend and I know he will be able to help you.”

It seemed Harian had no choice, so stared to walk through the door way into the kitchen to be greeted by the strange man who stood there still after realising that Harian was still very anxious about who he was considering his circumstances.

As Harian entered the kitchen fully the man stuck out his hand in a friendly gesture and said.
“Hello Harian my name is General Sarim and I am a dear friend of your aunts.”
Harian froze on the spot and refused to take the Generals hand. As he did this his aunt intervened.

“Harian, please my boy.” She said now standing to his side looking up at him. “You trust me don’t you?”
Harian said nothing but nodded his head in agreement.
“Then trust me now, Sarim only wants to help you, I promise you this, please trust him as you trust me.”

Hearing the reassurance in his aunt voice put him at ease, well enough, to take the Generals hand and shake it. The General had a firm, but very friendly handshake and as they shock his left hand rose and held onto the boys shoulder in friendship and a gesture of his own to reassure the boy.
With a very deep warming voice the general asked.

“Would you care to join me Harian at the table, so we can sit and drink some tea and have a little chat about what has occurred and the best way we can resolve this issue, the best way for you!”
Harian nodded in agreement and started to walk across the kitchen towards the table and as he did the General put his hand upon the boy back again to reassure him, as he realised Harian was still very wary of him and rightly so after all he had been through.
They both sat down opposite each other, whilst his aunt went to make some tea.
Sarim started to talk to Harian.

“Firstly Harian please allow me to explain. I am no longer a serving General in one sense, but in another sense I am. I know that sounds complicated, but you will understand what I mean when I have explained it to you.
Many years ago, as you know, your cousin was killed in a very unfortunate occurrence and he was one of the soldiers under my command. To be honest what occurred could not have been foreseen and nor could his death resulting from this, but nonetheless it was under my command and I bear the responsibility for that as I do the deaths of many other soldiers. Upon this happening your aunt, like any other parent of a deceased soldier, required answers, answers that were not forth coming. Your aunt, in my view, was treated with the utmost disrespect like so many other parents in this situation. The army are quick enough to take their son’s and make them fight, I might add for the wrong reasons as well, but when they do die, and many do, and it comes to explaining about exactly what happened to them, they do not want to explain and many parents never get any form of explanation at all.
Your aunt came to me and told me of her son, your cousin and how she had been treated and the fact that your uncle had also died serving in the army, again with no full explanation regarding his death.
At the time I ignored her for I was a pompous fool and had her removed from my office, but as you probably know your aunt can be very persistent when she wants to be.”

“Now, now Sarim, remember I am only stood here.” Isabel said as she placed a cup of tea upon the table in front of the General putting her left hand upon his shoulder and squeezing it as she walked past him.
Sarim chuckled, as did Harian.

“Your aunt never gave up and pursued me to a point it made me realise that she was entitled to some answers considering, that not only had she lost her beloved son, but also her beloved husband as well. It made me realise that they, like so many others, weren’t just dispensable implements to be used, abused and discarded of when they were no longer useful, they were in fact human beings and they were a mothers and father’s son and husbands and fathers too. So I started to ask questions and was soon told to mind my own business and to be careful as I was nearing retirement and I could jeopardise my future security. I decided the best thing I could do was to shut up and allow my retirement to go through without a hitch and then I could start to delve deeper. I know it seems I was bought off for money and in some respects that is very true and yes I have to live with that now, also I have to live with the facts of what really went on in the army I was supposed to be running.
Please remember I am only human and at the time, and this is not an excuse, I didn’t realise what a monster I was, well not until meeting your aunt, who so politely told me.
So now I can explain what I first said to you and now I have said all this, you will understand what I meant.”
Harian sat there listening and was very intrigued by what Sarim was saying, but to be honest, was not sure how this affected him. But out of politeness he was willing to allow the General enough time to explain himself, to be honest, what did he have to lose?



Chapter 17



“As you know Harian there is something very wrong with our country and the way it is run, I am sure we can both agree on that fact. If you are perfectly honest with yourself, there are many elements you could relate to, that just do not seem right. I am sure it is quite evident to you as well, that the people on a whole live in perpetual slavery to the priests of the temple who run the political regime that pretends to do everything they don’t do with promises that always just seem to remain promises, never actually manifesting into anything that was promised – and the figure head we all blame for this is the king. I know this might sound strange to you coming from someone who held the position I did, but all I ask of you is to hear me out.”

Harian knew what the General was saying was true as he had questioned the actions of the houses of the temple many times in his own mind and could never quite understand why things happened the way that they did, or why the temple did as it did. Yes, they had promised so much to help the people, to eradicate such things as poverty and crime and to give everyone a better standard of living, but this always seemed to result in things being done that were to the people’s detriment and not their benefit.
Harian knew that it wasn’t just himself who realised this, he knew a lot of his friends realised the same as they had often talked about such subjects and other matters regarding the actions of those in power. Because of this he was still prepared to hear the General out and realised General Sarim was deadly serious about what he was saying.
Again the General continued.
“After trying to help your aunt and realising that things were certainly not as they would first seem, I was approached by a man I had known for a long time whilst I was serving in the army and trust with my life. This man’s name is Farik, who now is a commander in the palace guard, one of only two. The other is a man called Anelp, again a man who has become a very loyal and trusted friend.
Little is known about the palace guard outside of the palace and I must be honest I even held a very dim view of them, which is done on purpose to disguise their true purpose as confusing as that may seem. The rest of the army look on them as being weak and they are recruited from weak minded soldiers who are easy to scare and also ones who will do anything to gain material wealth and of course position. The reason for this is quite simple; to allow for the destruction of the king and all his position should stand for once and for all.
You see the king is where the finger of blame for all that happens daily is pointed at and in one sense this is very true, because he does allow it to happen, but he couldn’t stop this if he wanted to, because he is legally castrated. In other words he has no power whatsoever, more just a figurehead or a mascot. But the people do blame him so he is protected by, what is thought to be, a very weak guard, even though it is quite the opposite. Thus if the people do attack the king, because they do blame him, then the guard would not be able to prevent his death and because he is seen as the one to blame the houses of the temple would get what they finally have been trying to achieve, a republic run by something that is called a senate, which is exactly what the houses of the temple really is.


This is not a new concept Harian as they have been trying to do this for a very long time. As it is recorded this has happened many times before and has failed many times before, but they still keep trying and they will keep trying – they can do no other. I have been told they will find a way to continue this even with a king or queen in place, but eventually they will try again to destroy whatever man or woman holds this position. This would result in pure control of the people of, not only this country, but also every country across the known world and future ones discovered under a one-world senate enforcing one type of education, one religion and one set of laws.
This in time will be labelled democracy, which is legal slavery, enslaved by legal means.
They will convince everyone, as many are convinced now, that this is the only way humanity can live, to a point where people will actually defend the slavery they are in, fighting to keep it, always resorting back to it and it’s feudalistic ways – especially those who hold positions as I did, or any other position within the construct. But the truth is that many of us have realised this and we know in our hearts that life does not have to be this way, it can be different. I do not know why at this moment, but this can only be achieved by a king and that is why, no matter what happens, the people will always demand a king sits upon a throne and for this reason their republic will inevitably fail.
That is all I have been told and I trust who told me this with my life, but there is more I need to tell you which is the reason I am telling you all this.”

Harian still sat quietly taking everything in sipping his tea as he listened and even though he didn’t fully comprehend all that the General had spoke of, especially about the king, he knew that General Sarim was telling the truth as he saw it. He could also see a man sat opposite him who had held one of the positions he had talked about and yes, he could see, that this man had changed and in truth he was explaining that through realising what he had. It had made him a better man, not in the sense he now was enriched in material betterment, but the fact he had become a better man who held a whole new set of principles based on morality.
As he sat there quietly pondering Isabel approached him and sat in the chair next to him slowly sliding her hand over his in a loving caring way.
“Oh, my dear Harian.” She said stroking his hand caringly. “My dear boy please know that I too agree with all that Sarim has said to you and please know I agree also with what he is about to say to you.”
Harian turned and smiled at his aunt as the general continued.
“I know some of this is hard for you to comprehend as it goes against everything you have been told about certain people, especially about our king. But if you are willing to allow me to continue, as I am sure you are, everything will become much clearer.”
Without even waiting for an answer the General carried on for he could see that the boy was intrigued with what he was saying even though he had not expressed he was.
“Many of us know about a prophecy that exists, many of us, that is, who are of order - something you most certainly would never have heard of.”
At this point Harian raised an eyebrow and for the first time since the General had been talking felt the need to ask a question.

“Of order?” Harian inquired with curiosity.
“Yes my dear boy.” His aunt said before the General could answer. “Sorry Sarim.” Isabel said to the General. “Maybe this would be better coming from me?”

“Of course my dear lady, no apology needed.”

“Thank you Sarim.” Isabel said turning away from the General and turning to her nephew, who to be honest looked quite puzzled.
As she did this she held Harian’s hand a bit tighter to reassure him and then she began.

“Many years ago Harian many of us realised, as Sarim does now, that there was something very wrong with the way we led our lives. You remember the house I used to live in and the servants who served me and you when you came to stay, and also the clothes I used to wear do you not?”
Harian nodded to agree as he did clearly remember these things.

“Well that was how I used to be. My life was a never ending fashion parade and I truly thought myself better than most other people and was quite happy to wear the toils of people who were paid a pittance to make the clothes I wore upon my back.
I did not care that they could not support their families or their loved ones. That they lived in squalor and poverty, that they had to listen to their children cry because they were cold and hungry at night as they lay in their beds.”
Harian could see a tear form in the corner of his aunt’s eye and slowly slide down her cheek as she said this.
Sarim could see this as well and offered his hand across the table to her in comfort, which she took gratefully.

“Do not upset yourself my dear friend.” Said the General giving Isabel’s hand a soft squeeze as he did.

“I still need this.” She said turning to Sarim. “I still need to allow this to happen.”
“I understand my dear, I understand.” He said with a soft caring voice. Letting the Generals hand be, Isabel wiped the tear from her cheek before returning her hand to Sarim’s, patting it softly, to indicate she was ok now and could continue.

“As you can see Harian this still upsets me deeply as I recall the monster I was. I believed that this sort of attitude was perfectly acceptable and it was perfectly acceptable to do as I was doing as hundreds did the same. I truly believed these people to be inferior of me and because of this there duty was to serve me because of my status – how wrong could I have been.
One evening I was being dressed for a social engagement and found that the dress I was to wear was not quite finished and I was extremely annoyed about this fact. To be honest I was so annoyed that I set off to find the seamstress who had made the dress to give her a piece of my mind. After inquiring of the guard as to where I could find her, I set off to her home with two accompanying guards.”

“You had guards aunty?” Harian butted in sharply.

“Yes my boy I did. Anyone could, if you could afford them that is, and as you know at that time I was very wealthy.

“But aunty, that is not there purpose, surely, they are meant to be there to protect all the people, not a select few who can afford it?

“My dear boy, there is so much you have yet to realise. The guards on the streets were there simply to maintain control of street life via policing them and to ensure that those of status were protected from the rest of the people. That their possessions, property and them themselves were always protected. And some of us had to pay depending on the level of our status, not being quite high enough to be as privileged enough to get the service for free. They maintain also that crime exists and will always exist so their presence on the streets will always be demanded for and is warranted. This is why Sarim called them a political force, a political army, because that is exactly what they are in every respect.”
Harian just sat there shaking his head in disbelief even though he knew in his heart that his aunt would never lie to him – and he also realised, from previous experiences with the guards on the streets with his friends, that they sometimes had acted quite strangely towards them, something Harian had always wondered about. And only now by listening to his aunt and the general had he realised why this had occurred.
His Aunt spoke again.

“As Sarim said Harian, I know there are so many aspects regarding what you will hear today that will seem very confusing to you, but much of it, if not all of it, will make sense in time. But I want you to know that you cannot blame the guards who police the streets, for it is not their fault. They have been coerced through nationalism and the power over coat. Many are proud to do as they do and many take advantage of the little power they have. It makes them feel like a big fish within a small pond with not very many other big fish. They just do not realise how big the pond actually is. And nor do they realise how small a fish the really are. They call this a lead role in a cage and this exists at every level within the political construct even as low as the trustee’s.”


Isabel stopped as she could see that Harian was becoming perplexed as all this swirled around in his mind and he was fighting to come to terms with it all. This always seemed to happen, a result of information overload.
She decided to continue with her story that she had been telling before she was side tracked, which to be honest was easy to do. Every part, although at first glance looks completely separate, is in fact just a individual part of one big puzzle that fits together perfectly. But this was very hard to see at first glance as she very well knew.
Harian now sat staring at the table and his empty cup, but lifted his head when his aunt spoke to him and looked at her.

“I know how you feel my dear boy as all of us have gone through this and in some way still do every day. You see it seems when this process starts in you, it will never stop and you will see and hear so much you didn’t before. You may have read or heard the same words a thousand times, but never really hearing or seeing what really is being said.
Now you will, for now you will not be able to ignore it.
What happened to me that night caused the start of this in me and no matter how painful I find it is to recall the events of that night, I am thankful for it. More thankful than you can possibly imagine – because without them I would not be who I am now.
Do you sort of understand what I am saying Harian?”
Harian paused before answering looking back at his cup for a second, and then he looked back at his aunt and said.

“I do in some ways aunt, but much of this is still very confusing.” He said turning back to look at the cup and shaking his head as he did. “It is so hard to except, even though it makes absolute sense. I am so struggling to accept it as it is against everything I thought was normal.”
As Harian said this he blew in desperation and shock his head once more accidently tipping the cup over as he did, spilling the dregs of tea left in the bottom of the cup over the table. He began to start to say sorry for the spillage and his aunt stopped him by saying.

“Shhh, not to worry my boy that can always be cleaned up.”
Isabel got up and left the table and moved towards the sink to collect a cloth to mop up the spilt tea. She did this, returned the cloth and sat back down.

As she did she spoke again.

“The night that my life changed was the night I was explaining about to you before we got side tracked. I know you are suffering and you are probably wondering how this will help you, but I assure you it will.”
Isabel then looked at Sarim across the table and said.

“Would you make a tea my dear friend, I am sure we could all do with one.”

“Of course I will.” Said the General standing up, collecting the cups from upon the table and moving towards the sink.
He then turned and said.
“Tea Harian?”

“Yes please.” Harian replied faintly seemingly very despondent in his answer. Then he turned to his aunt and said.

“Would you continue aunt please?”
His aunt smiled at him and said.

“Of course I will my boy, but first let us give Sarim time to make the tea and I, if you don’t mind, need a little fresh air.”


Isabel made her way back in doors as Sarim was putting the cups of tea down upon the table. Sarim sat opposite Harian and his aunt sat next to him as before.
Isabel and Harian thanked Sarim for the tea and Isabel continued with the story.

“I left my house with the two guards and made my way through the city, through the areas I knew and felt relatively safe in. After some time we started to approach the slums, that I always knew existed, but had never seen. I inquired of one of the guards to why we were heading towards what seemed to be a very rough part of the city and he answered by telling me this is where the seamstress lives. I was shocked to say the least to discover that, whoever had made my dress, which I must admit was beautifully made apart from the fact it was not finished, lived in such a place. I remember the smell, that awful smell as we approached and remember becoming quite fearful, even to the point I wanted to turn around and go home. But I was going to have my say and I was going to punish who had ruined my evening by not finishing my dress.
We continued on and as we did the smell was almost over whelming and I brought my sleeve up to my nose and mouth to prevent myself breathing in such a foul stench. The streets became grimmer, darker and more desolate as there were many men, women and children sleeping openly on the streets with no form of cover from the elements. As we continued one of the guards expressed that he would like me to stay close to him, as this was not a part of the city that ladies like me should ever come to. I did as he suggested and was happy to. We turned a corner after walking what seemed miles and I was shocked to see what I saw. There was an open sewer running outside of what shacks there were and there were bodies, human bodies, laid beside it rotting. Not just those of adults, but those of children as well and I even saw dogs ripping at the bodies, fighting over what flesh was left.
At that point I really wanted to turn back and without warning became very ill indeed – turning behind me and vomiting everywhere. The guards stopped and waited for me to recover and then inquired if I still wanted to continue, for who I sort lived only a short distance away.
I have to say at this point, that which I witnessed that night no human being should ever have to witness, let alone live in, but maybe, because it does exist, maybe they all should have to witness this. I told the guards that I wanted to proceed as I was realising that something was already changing in me. I have never been more disgusted, not with what I was seeing as that was beyond belief, but disgusted in the fact that this was allowed to happen, when so much wealth existed.

A short time later we arrived at a very run down shack with holes in the walls and pure filth all around it. The stench by this time was completely overwhelming and was so even for the guards – who in turn, had covered their own noses and mouths. I was told that who I sort was a women by the name of Anelka and the guard entered the shack, without even the politeness of knocking and dragged out a women and threw to the floor in front of me.
I was stunned, to stunned in fact to even talk. The women looked up at me for a second and then bowed down in the filth upon the floor begging for my forgiveness. One of the guards started to shout at her and even raised a foot to kick her, to which I found the courage to shout ‘stop’! The guard backed off and looked at me sternly wondering why I had said such a thing to prevent him from carrying out the act upon her. Never, in all my life, had I been in a situation like this. I turned to the guards and told them to stand back, which they did, even though I could see they did not want to. I then stepped over the woman and entered the shack and I saw for myself how she lived with her family and at that moment my heart broke. I saw the despair in her children’s eyes as I did in hers before she bowed at my feet. I turned round, and I am ashamed to say, but I just ran. Ran out of the shack, past the women still on the ground and past the two guards, even though they caught up with me some time later.
I later found out, which was to add even more sorrow to my already mounting pain, that before the guards caught me up they both kicked the women repeatedly whilst she was upon the floor. The force of their kicks resulted in the women dying from her wounds in the filth where she lay with her children watching, knowing what she was leaving her children to live in, alone.”
At this point Isabel broke down in tears and wept as her nephew had that very morning.
Harian moved close to his aunt with tears in his eyes as he felt her pain and wrapped his arms around her. Sarim got up and stood behind Isabel holding one of her shoulders and one of Harian’s. He too had tears in his eyes and was beginning to weep.
To be honest the General expected this as he had seen his dear Isabel this way before, but knew he had to allow her to go through this, as hard as it was to watch.
Harian had also realised that his aunt was progressively getting more upset the more she spoke, but just didn’t know what to do.
As all of them fought back the tears Isabel started to talk again removing herself from her nephews arms before she did.
Through the sobbing she said.

“The day after I returned home I was in such a state. I could not sleep and in my disgust at myself, I destroyed all but a few of my dresses. I know this means nothing, but I was distraught. I then decided that I needed to help this women’s family as I felt responsible for her death and called upon a dear friend who I could trust. I explained to him what had happened and what I would like to do regarding this becoming more distraught by every passing moment until again I broke down.
He comforted me and told me that what I wanted to do would not help. He said whomever you in trust to do such a thing would only result in one of two eventualities if not both. Firstly the aid I was to give would never reach the family, because along the way someone would steel it and either sell it or keep it for themselves. I suggested that he should do it for me to prevent this and he said he could not and would not dare too because of the second eventuality. Anyone trying to do such would be punished by the political regime via those who policed the streets, because they required this situation to exist, because poverty breed’s crime and they most certainly needed crime to exist as I explained before.
I shouted at him, calling him a coward in the state of despair I was in and he sadly admitted he was a coward and that he could not help me. To add even more insult to injury I went to another friend to seek help through the houses of the temple, blinded to the fact that they were actually the ones truly responsible for people living in these conditions in the first place. I then found out that my friend wasn’t really my friend at all, as one night I was visited by the guard who police the streets and was told to mind my own business and not to get involved in the business of the temple and if I didn’t I would regret not doing so. I was told to go back to my life and enjoy it and to leave matters that do not concern me well alone, but I would not listen.


I did let the dust settle for a while and remained silent about what had occurred, but I still had friends I thought I could turn too. I did this and secretly met with a friend one night, even though I had realised I was being watched and had been for some time. I told my friend I would go to the king himself if I needed to. How naive I was at that time, truly believing that the king would do something about this awful situation.
He said he would do all he could to get the king to grant me an audience – I did not realise he was lying through his teeth as no one was ever granted an audience, but like I said I was so naive. I did not hear back for a while and presumed all was going well and I would receive word soon that an audience had been in fact granted.
One afternoon I was sat in the garden enjoying the sunshine and a cup of tea when a knock came upon the door. I shall never forget that day for as long as I live. I got up and answered the door and there stood an army Captain and two guards. The Captain introduced himself and asked if he could step inside the house so he could talk to me regarding a very urgent matter. My heart skipped a beat as I truly thought my request had been granted and I was going to meet the king, I was so overjoyed.”

At this point Sarim who was still stood behind Isabel removed his hand from Harian’s shoulder and put his hand on Isabel’s other shoulder. It was though he knew what was coming and was making preparations for this.
Isabel continued but Harian could see that his aunt was becoming very upset again and took her hand from off the table and placed it in his own.

“The Captain started to say that he had some very bad news for me and explained how he didn’t quite know how to tell me, as this was his first time.
To be honest he did seem quite young to be a Captain, but as the guards who police the streets, they all seem to be getting younger, or is that just a sign of me getting older. Or is this just a way they can use coercion over experience, those not being older enough to realise the difference.
He repeated that he did not know how to tell me and then as he said this, my heart sank. This is not about an audience with the king is it I asked him? To which he replied he knew nothing of such a matter and then he just blurted it out. I am so sorry this is about your son, he has been killed.”
As Isabel said this she again began to weep and dropped her head as though in shame. Sarim gripped her shoulders gently as Harian held her hand softly to comfort her as she fought back the tears and tried to compose herself to be able to finish what she was saying. Managing to do so after a minute or so, she continued.

“He said that my son had been killed during a very unfortunate accident, and I am so sorry for your loss. I just sat there completely speechless, my world, to me, had just ended. The poor Captain did not know what to do or say and I am sure he was very polite, but to be honest from that moment on, I did not hear another word he said and it was only some time later that I realised he had actually gone.
My mind, from this point, went into over drive as everything that had recently happened spun around it and of course I started to put two and two together. After the threats I had received and obviously even after that trying to get an audience with the king I thought my son had been murdered to warn me off. I was convinced of this and that is when I went to Sarim for answers, which were not forth coming as he has explained.”


Sarim had moved from behind Isabel and was now once more sat at the table opposite Harian.
He started to speak to Harian.

“I did investigate your cousins death Harian, as I said before, but like I said I was warned off. I cannot tell you conclusively that your cousin was murdered, but at the same time I cannot tell you he wasn’t. Considering the circumstances that your aunt has explained, it does point to the fact that your cousin’s death resulted from some sort of foul play. But we have to deal with facts and not speculation and I could not get to the facts.
I suppose it could be suggested that because I was prevented from investigating this matter more, it was because someone was trying to hide the something. But they did this over any soldiers death, never releasing information to the families regarding how they died, just the fact they had. I do feel that the truth will be known in time and we shall know once and for all what actually happened and more to the point was it deliberate. But for now we have more pressing matters to talk about.”

“I agree.” Isabel said “And part of this is contained within what I have left to tell you my boy.”
Isabel’s voice was calmer now and Harian could see she was more at peace with herself. He realised as hard as it was to talk about, she had too, she had to come to terms with what had happened to her and the losses she had suffered regarding his uncle and cousin.
He knew from his own experiences that it made it easier to cope with as it had with him. When he found someone else within the army unit that was being bullied, he could talk to – as he was bullied far worse as his bullying also contained racism.
Isabel continued.

“After all this, I decided that I could no longer live in the house I was living in and I would most certainly never have servants again. I gave them as much as I could, to try and make sure they would be all right when I let them go. Whether that happened or not I don’t know, but at least I can say I tried – and I need to be able to say that. I gave away all my clothes and brought more modest ones and decided I would move here to the country far from the insanity that the city was. I realised during this what the city does to people and noticed this in my so-called friends, who to be honest started to fall by the wayside as I changed and I was changing.
The process had started in me and I actually started to see those, who I called my friends, for who they really were and it was shocking. I had never realised that human beings wear masks and was shocked to see how many of these masks we have.
I realised that I used to wear masks and when I realised it in myself I could see it in my friends and this again shocked me. I told them I couldn’t live as I used to, the clothes, the food, the status and the position it all had to go. They looked at me as though I had gone mad and all the time I was thinking you are the mad ones for still wanting and desiring such things. I found that I was becoming more at peace with myself and even though, as you have witnessed, the pain still exists within me and very strongly. But this happens less now, and slowly, I know, I will forget all this ever happened and truly be at peace – as I feel we all will be one day.


I was walking one day down by the market, it wasn’t long before I moved here. I was buying food and enjoying the day when a man approached me who was dressed as a tradesman, but he just didn’t look like a tradesman. I know his clothes depicted this was his profession, but he looked different – and most certainly spoke differently.
He said good day to me as I did to him and he complemented me on how nice I looked – that hadn’t happened for the longest time and it was very pleasant because he said it with sincerity and was not trying to gain anything by doing so. I found this strange. It is funny that men actually believe that we do not know what they are up to and try to hide their real intentions from us. But it is very obvious and it is so pleasant when you do not see it.
We didn’t talk much that day, but I know in the few words we did share, so much was said. A while later I met him again and after a few moments I realised he was different to everyone else and had a kindness about him he seemed a very gentle man. We talked a little and then he had to go, but before he left he said he was meeting some friends that evening and he felt I would like them. He asked me if I would like to join them and I agreed, so he gave me the address and the time they usually got together – he said he would meet me outside. That night I arrived at the address a bit early and he was there, waiting for me and he smiled so kindly when he saw me.
It was strange because the place was not in the best part of the city, but for once I was not afraid to make the journey alone. It was a bar, not a particularly trendy one, but I didn’t expect that, as I would have not so long before that evening. We went in and went and sat with his friends a mixture of both women and men. Ah…. that evening was so much fun.”
Isabel smiled as she said this and then continued.
“We met again a couple of days later and he asked would I like to join them again and I must admit, I was so happy he had asked me!
That night I again walked to the bar and there he stood outside patiently waiting for me. We greeted each other with a smile and went in and joined our friends and then I heard the most remarkable thing, and this is what I was told.


They told me they all belonged to a very ancient order some called the watchers, even though they did not have an official name, as one was not needed. They told me that there were those who are controllers who have the greatest need to be controlled and there are those who are watchers and control nothing until such time as they knew they ad too.
The controllers wear their masks all of the time and this allows them to be spotted by a watcher. The order could never be infiltrated because of this very natural process. That is why my new friend had approached me. Even though at times we all still wear a mask he knew I had put the important ones down never to wear again, as he had. They told me there was no membership, no oaths not even a place they called a meetinghouse; this is how it was done. They even said in a future time these places would be shut down to stop this process, but as well, for more important reasons. But still we would gather and talk and share, helping each other benevolently and taking great comfort from doing so. They told me that the order had a purpose to fulfil each millennium that was part of a prophecy and they would not intervene till all parts were in place, because they knew that until this happened, the time was not right. Then they would know what to do without being told because they would remember, because their hearts knew what needed to be done.
The order had access to parts of the prophecy that no one knew existed, as they knew both parts and the apposing side only knew one. But the prophecy only went up to a certain time and then it would have to be written by the next Sion. Each Sion could talk and write about the next one thousand years, but progressive Sion’s could talk of the previous and the next up until the Sion with the earthly power the 6th. He would be able to talk of them all and all to come and our purpose is to allow this to happen, because if you create a bad intention you by default create a good one. But if you create a good intention all bad intentions are negated by default.
They were the good intention created by the bad and by default knew both parts. I asked them if this was the case and you do know the bad part of the prophecy then why do you let it happen? The answer was so simple as they told me it had to be this way as humanity on whole at one time decided they would like to experience freewill, to experience everything the world offered. I inquired if someone or something gave this to us? And they said there was nothing that could give such a thing, as humanity was the sum of all things. There was nothing greeter than us and at the same time there was nothing less than us. It was quite strange at first because everyone got their turn to speak, but they all said the same and knew what the others knew. And it was as though they knew when to speak and when not to and no one cut over anybody else, nor power talked – but it wasn’t in a freaky way it seemed quite normal, because everyone was so relaxed and it was fun. They told me that no one knows who we are, why we are truly here or where we even came from – all we know is that we are here. They said so many speculated about these matters but the simple answer was that no one could remember and that the harder we look for the answers, the further away we get from them.
I was so intrigued, because it all made such simple sense, none of it was complicated. I asked them how was the prophecy handed down through them? And they said that it was done at a time and in a way that the information could not be corrupted. It was done when they were children between the age of one and two. The child has, at that time, no comprehension of what it is being told and what is passed down is done so, purely. There are very few this has happened to, but enough exist to make sure the order stays, as it is needed to be. But we have an opposite and you were close to being recruited by them, as you were that is, now you scare them, which is why they stay away from you.
The funny thing was, that when they said this, again it made perfect sense because that is exactly what I saw in my friend’s eyes, I saw fear. They feared me challenging them – even though I didn’t – because they were so shallow and in some way my words carried something that attacked that shallowness. I must tell you now, that night was one of the best nights I have ever had, never had I shared so much time with true beings, I know you know what I am talking about Sarim?”

“I certainly do.” Said the general in a very deep calming voice.

“But I also know that this is not all new to you, is it Harian?”


Chapter 18

Never had a man been so pleased that a day had ended, but never had a man woke with such a hangover as Iktus did this morning. His head was pounding and sickness riddled his stomach as he slowly dragged himself from his bed. Wiping the sleep from his eyes he wandered across the room to the toilet, his head pounding even more with each step. He was used to drinking and the effects of wine, but the previous night he had consumed more than his fair share trying to blot out the day’s events with the boy prince. But this day was to be no different and in many ways much worse, as he not only had the boy to contend with, but he also had to seek an audience with the members of the second house of the temple – this was not a day the priest was looking forward to.
Leaving the bathing area he walked back towards his bed and picked up along the way a bottle of wine that was half full, sat on a table. He slowly walked carrying the bottle over to his bed and sat the bottle down on a bedside cabinet that also had a bag upon it. He opened the bag and removed a small vile full of elixir sitting that down beside the bottle. He then filled a glass two thirds full of wine and dropped in two drops of the elixir. Swirling it around and then lifting it towards his mouth, he grimaced and drank the mixture down in one go. Placing the glass back on the table he felt himself retch as the after taste of the elixir filled wine washed around his mouth, but he knew he would soon feel much better, well physically at least.


Sometime later Iktus was dressed and was feeling quite a lot better as the elixir was doing its job, even though he still couldn’t face anything to eat. Leaving his room he walked hesitantly down the narrow hallway that served as access to the sleeping quarters for the priests, making his way to the control area where he could seek communication with the second house of the temple.
He had in fact always hated them, hated the members of both houses in fact, until he temporary became one and the hate was only there because of envy. In honesty he wanted to be where they were again, the very reason he was doing this. He had had a taste and of course it wasn’t simply about having power over others, in reality it was more about the privileges they received – a fact he knew so well.
As he continued to walk he started to think again about the events of the previous day and what the boy had said to him. A great deal of confusion was still very present in him because of this. In many ways he still needed to believe that the members of the second house were in fact wielders of great power, far more than the master’s wielded. But in reality, that day, he realised that the members of such were nothing more than men with grossly enlarged ego’s suffering from the highest delusions of grandeur, as all, limited by position and deliberately kept that way – in essence the ultimate lead role in a cage. A truth he knew and was prepared to be, for those privileges again. But even though this was the case, he still didn’t relish being in front of them, least not today.
Iktus walked with heavy heart as the pangs of morality fought against the mind based position it sought and fought to keep control of. A battle that would create many casualties as his beliefs died. He had changed and he realised that all confidence he once had was now as the embers of a fire that was slowly going out. Now again a wind would blow and a flame would appear from the embers, but not for long.
As he neared the control area he could see the priests – three in all – manning the station and dealing with their daily duties. They were of lower grade than him and as such could not question outside of their pay band, only asking questions equalling the position they held. Knowing this Iktus knew, that even though confusion was very evident within him, they could not question him over it, but they could report it, as nearly everyone seeking a step up is a reporter. Knowing this he needed to pull himself together, well, he needed to try and told himself so, lifting his robe and rolling his shoulders slightly, he re-asserted himself just as he was approaching the control area counter.

“Good morning sir.” Said a priest stood behind the counter bowing his head slightly as he did. Iktus was far from feeling the need to be pleasant and polite needing to say what he needed to – without courtesy or conversing over whether it was a good day or not.

“I need to ask the second house to convene about a matter of great urgency.” He said very abruptly with a nervous tone in his voice, even though he was desperately trying to disguise this and soon enough it would disperse. “I need to request they do this without delay.”

“Very good sir, but it is highly irregular to do this, one moment please I need to speak with my colleague.” Said the priest after which, he turned and walked to his right and spoke to another priest sat behind a desk just out of Iktus’s earshot.
Iktus knew what he was doing was outside of normal channels, but this was no ordinary matter. The two priest’s conversed for a moment and the man sitting at the desk looked up briefly at Iktus, before answering his colleague. The first priest then walked back towards Iktus with the normal corporate arrogant look upon his face.
He spoke to him.

“May I inquire sir what this matter of great urgency is?”

“No you may not.” Iktus answered abruptly. “But you may tell them that I have news for them, they will know what it is about.”

“Very good sir, I will convey your message to my colleague who will contact the house for you. Whilst I do this would you please take a seat over there?” Saying this as he pointed to a seating area to Iktus’s left.

“I have no time for this.” Iktus muttered under his breath, but he knew that the corporate way had its way and it had to be adhered to at all times. There were forms to fill out in triplicate, records to be made and kept, and all of this had to be filed away for future reference, because, everyone of course had to cover their own backs in this dog eat dog corporate world. No one could be quoted and everyone was frightened to be in case that led to some legal measures being employed, because someone wasn’t happy. And someone was going to make a gain from that un-happiness.
He walked over to the seating area and sat down looking back at the priest at the counter who hadn’t even attempted to do as Iktus’s had asked, because he was too busy filling a form out to protect his own arse.
Iktus thought to himself ‘it is a wonder anything actually gets done around here considering all nonsense that has to be gone through first’. Sighing to himself he sat patiently elbows on knees staring at the floor beneath him.


Iktus had been sat there for quite some time now. He sat with his hands resting in his lap with his left foot tapping on the floor out of impatience.
Then the priest at the counter called over.
“Sir, may I speak with you please?” Iktus picked himself up, which was almost an effort to do, and made his way back to the counter.

“Sir, my colleague has been in touch with the house and they are asking for more information as it is highly irregular for the house to convene from a request that is presented this way, and….”
Before the priest could finish Iktus cut in, his temper now quite frayed.

“LOOK! Who is your colleague talking to at the house?”

“I am sorry sir, but you know you cannot speak to me this way, I resent the….”
Before he could utter another word Iktus lunged forward and grabbed the priest by the robe and dragged him halfway across the counter top.

“I don’t give a damn how you think I should speak to you, just tell him over there at that desk to ask for Grand Councillor lord Balbus and tell him that I need the house to convene, and do it now!”
As Iktus said this in a very raised and insistent voice he pushed the priest back over the counter, who now was in total shock.
Iktus continued.

“You do know who I am do you not?” Iktus said to the stunned priest who just nodded to acknowledge he did.
“WELL!” Iktus shouted at him, which made the priest jump and scuttle off to his colleague who had no need to be told, as everyone had heard Iktus – who was now stood there rapping his fingers against the counter top in impatience.
Then the strangest thing happened to him, he was suddenly filled with remorse, as he realised what he had just done and he started to question himself. Why was this happening over something he deemed as so none important as he was privileged enough to do this? He had led men to their deaths before, even priests, two in fact not so long ago, just because they heard what the boy had to say. So why on earth was he feeling like this – why was he so racked with guilt?
Moving away from the counter he made his way over to the seating area and sat down quite despondently, leaning forward with both elbows resting on his knees. He then entwined his fingers and started to rub his thumbs together from a mixture of inner anxiety, nerviness and stress. His mind couldn’t help but to react to the inner anxiety he felt, as his mind had become nervous being faced with a pang of morality. It felt like his stomach was being twisted, screwed up and turning. This in turn caused stress that manifested in a dull ache in his shoulders that was quite uncomfortable. And what he couldn’t work out was how he knew this – how could he possibly know this and he could not understand why this was happening to him? His mind was in chaos, because his heart had simple spoken in a language he could not ignore and he knew this fact, as it was being spoken very loud and very clear.
All of a sudden Iktus was hit by a very stark realization.
It was the boy, the boy had started this in him and as he said this to himself the boys words came flooding back to him,
‘to know the truth you first must face the truth. As hard as it is too watch, all will go through this, for this is the only way that humanity can heal itself. There is no choice. This is inevitable’.
He knew that this was going to happen, as he could not deny what the boy had said and even though he prayed it wasn’t true, he knew it was. But it was happening so fast, why, was it happening so fast – or was this the way it happened? He didn’t know, he felt so confused, his mind was starting on the process of trying to make sense of something it could not understand, because it could not accept it. Finally his mind gained some control back when he heard the sound of a man’s voice. It was the voice of the priest who had been sitting behind the desk.

“I am to tell you sir, that Grand Councillor lord Balbus will see you shortly in the conference room. I will let you know when the lord is ready for you.”
Iktus just looked up at the man stood beside him and nodded not even attempting to change his posture, which was very unusual, he was showing signs of weakness, something you never did and he knew he was.

“Will that be all sir?
Again Iktus didn’t answer, just nodding as before. The priest left his side and walked back to his station. And Iktus went back to staring at the floor in front of him deep in thought.


About half an hour had passed when the priest came over to Iktus again.

“Sir, Lord Balbus will see you now.”
Without a word Iktus stood up and started to walk in the direction of the conference room. A short time later he arrived outside the conference room doors. Raising a clenched fist he knocked upon one of the doors three times as protocol dictated. A voice from inside said enter and the priest did as he was instructed to do.
Iktus pushed open one of the ornate double doors and stepped inside the room. At the far end of the room stood a man with his back to the priest, and as he walked towards him, he wondered how he would be greeted.
Lord Balbus was an aging man in his late sixties, but looked far older, his body showing signs of suffering the effects of many years of addiction to cocaine, wine and tobacco. He had been a lord and a member of the second house for many years and was known for his slyness, especially when it came to doing the families bidding – as he always made sure he came out on top. He came across very pompous most of the time, and vain to the core. But when he had explained what it was Iktus needed to do, on behalf of the house, it was more like he was explaining it as though he was a partner in the crime and in a lot of respects he was, just not directly.
On the temple bench’s he displayed arrogance, pompousness and complacency that was unsurpassed amongst his peers, but when it came to business he could personally gain from, he spoke as those he was speaking to – manipulating them with their own level of education. If this man fell into a cesspit, he would come out smelling of roses. He was definitely highly polished and proved this, because nothing ever stuck to him, no matter how deep and obvious the corruption was around him. It was though he was untouchable and he was not the only member of the house this applied too.
As Iktus approached the lord, he turned to face the priest and spoke.

“You have news I presume.”

“Yes my lord I have.” Iktus said this bowing his head slightly, but what was he to say?
The incident with the priest and then the strange occurrence after had taken precedent and he had not thought about what he was going to say. He was worried and was sure this showed and he knew that the lord would see this in him. After all that had happened how was he to approach the subjects he needed to talk about without being relieved of his duty? If he told the absolute truth of the matters that had occurred and the after effects, he would surely be relieved.
“Well?” Said Lord Balbus impatiently.
Taking the bull by the horns Iktus decided that it would be best to be honest about some facts and lie aboutothers and just hope and pray the lord accepted what he had to report without question.

“My lord, the boy is without doubt the one you seek and he is already accepting the coercion, the techniques are working well and the stone definitely had a direct effect on him – something I witnessed with my own eye’s. His attitude has changed from when I first bought him here and he is already acting the part as the, would be dictator.”

“This is good news, but what do mean when you say the stone affected him?”
Iktus was thrown by this question and didn’t know how to reply. It confused him. Surely the lord’s knew exactly what the stone could do, as they were the ones that had made the suggestion in the first place that the stone could set the intent that was required. This was all becoming far too confusing and Iktus couldn’t help but show signs of this, because of the length of time between answers.
Before Iktus could reply, lord Balbus spoke again.

“You seem confused Iktus, why do you feel this way?” Lord Balbus Inquired.

“I, I – don’t know what you mean my lord? Said Iktus trying to cover up any signs of weakness he was showing. This man questioning him was like many others in the house and could smell weakness as though it had a scent.
Iktus could feel that breaking point coming on again. He was nervous and was starting to sweat and felt very uncomfortable. His mind was telling him to run and run fast on one hand and on the other it was telling him to pull himself together and just lie to this man – because that was all he was, a self righteous pompous man and nothing more. But this man could deliver what he sought, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The battle raged in him again with fury, as he wanted so much to just lie and be done with this issue, to collect his prize and live it, fully. But his heart was directing him differently and no matter how he tried he could not ignore it.
He wanted to tell the truth. He wanted to tell this man that he knew, he knew the truth regarding the houses and the power they professed to wield, when in fact they were just political puppets brought for a price. He wanted to tell him this. He wanted to tell him that he was wrong about the stone and it could not set intent in anyway, as the boy had told him. There was so much he wanted to say, and even though he knew there would be consequences for doing so, he felt compelled to.
Then something happened to Iktus that he did not expect and all of a sudden calmness came over him and to such an extent he felt safe in it, and more to the point he felt he could now say anything he chose too.
Lord Balbus spoke again.

“Iktus it is obvious that something is very wrong with you as, you certainly do not seem yourself today.” Even though the lord was expressing this with a form of kindness in his words and voice, it could also be detected that the lord was getting quite frustrated with the priest, especially with the delay between answers. He decided that a sign of friendship might help him get to the bottom of what was troubling the priest.
“Iktus, come and sit with me and let us discuss this off the record for a moment.”

The pair walked over to some chairs that were sat around a table in the corner of the room. The lord gestured for Iktus to sit down before he did so himself. The pair now sat opposite each other.
Lord Balbus spoke again.

“What is troubling you Iktus? You do seem very confused.”
Iktus was still calm and just spoke without thought of whom he was speaking to.

“My lord, I witnessed the boy’s power and it has affected me in a way I never thought possible and it is not just when he is in the presence of the stone. This boy has a natural power, the power of knowing. I do not know how such a thing is possible, but he can read you, he read me, as though I was a book and I could not stop it from happening. He told me that what you are trying to achieve is not possible and that the prophecy tell this. Is this true my lord – is this true?”
Lord Balbus sat back in his chair and laid his left arm across his stomach, resting his right elbow on the backside of his left hand, he started to tap his fingertips of his right hand on his lips. Then stroking his chin he spoke.

“It seems much has happened and you do seem very confused, although now you are much calmer than you were. Let me explain something to you that is for your ears only.
The boy is absolutely right on one account, because it is true we cannot set intent, to be absolutely honest no one can, well, not in the way we have suggested. The stone is about ownership and nothing more. It was found many years ago and, yes, it did come with a prophecy. Who possess the stone has the ability to own this planet and every living thing on it, to such an extent, that they can control life and death itself. But there is no magic involved, no gods just simple belief systems, core belief systems based upon words written and spoken as they were law.”
Lord Balbus now sat back in his chair even further and now crossed his hands over his groin and continued to speak.
“This law comes in many different forms, but does exactly the same every time. It just simply controls people. It controls their behaviour, their beliefs, the way they lead their lives it controls everything. This law allows for us to have the positions we have and maintains these positions are always going to be needed. It allows us to do as we do without question, because they dare not question and they accept that they cannot question, just follow blindly andobliviously. We have set it up in such a way, that if they are brave enough to question, we have perfect loopholes to allow us to send them down very blind alleys. But why am I telling you this, you know all this already don’t you?”

“Yes I do and I accept that this is the way things are and that they have always been this way. I also accept why I started on this quest and what it will result in for me, but I cannot dismiss what I experienced at the boy’s hands and I cannot dismiss the fact that you know that you cannot achieve what you have had me do.”

“Iktus your purpose was to bring the boy here and coerce him, which you have done. Yes I admit that we lied to you, but we do this every day of our lives, because this is the only way this system can survive. It is built on lies, and lies maintain it exists, because without them it will crumble. The boy and the stone are very important, even though we lied about why it does not distract from the fact that they belong together, allow me to explain.
We have always controlled the line to the throne and we manipulate that line at will, to serve a greater purpose, or should I say a common purpose. That purpose is to never to allow the king to have control in his own right, but to make every one think he has. So he remains where the finger of blame is always pointed at, this distracts the blame away from ourselves and of course, who we work for. Akhenaten has been chosen as the next king above his brother, who will be removed from the line. Again you know this – do you not?
Iktus nodded in agreement and then answered.

“Yes I do, but why all the elaborate hoax’s – why could you not just tell me the truth?”

Control, it is simply about control. Let me put it this way. If we just give you something without you having to work for it, you would become complacent and that is a privilege that is far above your pay bracket and also in doing so we would lose an element of control over you. Sometimes we do the complete opposite as circumstances dictate, but in your case, we required you to work for what you are to receive.
Look Iktus to be perfectly honest with you, only very few us know this is a hoax, because they have to believe, it is imperative they believe exactly what we want them to. It is not just the inferiors that are fooled and coerced by beliefs in external entities. I know you still believe and I know you still get on your knees to something you believe is your master! And this is my point; they have to believe they have a master and that they are to do, exactly, as that master’s servant’s dictate.
All that is important is that the boy thinks that control, desire and material gain are what should be sought after and nothing else. Your job is to simply deliver this and allow him to control and desire. Then he will allow for us to do as we have always done and as long as he gets what he desires he will never question the real reason he holds the position he does, and more importantly, for what reason.
You can deliver this can’t you Iktus – you can deliver this boy to us in the way we need him? And you do still want to enter the first house again don’t you?”


Iktus didn’t answer straight away, for as much as he wanted what the lord was offering in his mind, in his heart he was looking for something completely different and had been since that morning. He needed to be out of this and just felt he needed to be left alone to live his life in peace somewhere far from this. He had already started to question his beliefs and was fast realising that he too, had suffered the ultimate coercion. He was only now realising how deep this deception went and actually how many people this was fooling. As much as he wanted to accept the lord’s offer as he did before, he could not get his head round this one element.
He questioned the lord again.

“I have listened to you my lord, I have listened intently and I knew the boy was telling me the truth. I just did not realise that it was already known. And this still does not distract from the fact or explain how this young boy could know such a thing. And another thing that bothers me is why so grand a deception, the buildings the lies about the stone and what it can do? Said Iktus completely ignoring the part about re-entering the first house again, he was not concerned with this anymore, but was only concerned about getting answers for the questions he had asked.

“Iktus in the grand scheme of things these are small deceptions, but if you want the truth I shall tell you.
When you create a lie that you require to be believed, then you create a big one. The reason for this is very simple, as the bigger the lie the easier all that need to accept it will accept it. This is one reason why everyone has been told there are multiple gods instead of just one and again this is why the buildings, like the one you took the boy too, will project into the sky taller and grander. Positioned deliberately to bare false evidence regarding elements that will come into relevance at some future date. Once again to merely deceive the people, to simply fool them, as it has always been done. I cannot bear witness to what you heard as I was not there, but what I can tell you is that no one could possess such a power as to just know, no one. You were in the building at the time were you not?”

“Yes my lord, but it also happened outside the building, we….”
Before Iktus could finish the Balbus cut in abruptly.

“You see that shape, the shape that building is built in has been known for the longest time to effect people quite strangely when they are in there, especially those of us who are susceptible to, how can I say, coercive processes, such as yourself. This can play many tricks on the mind, even to the point of hearing and seeing things that are not really there, just projections created by a very over active imagination. This is probably what you experienced and….”
This time it was Iktus who cut in abruptly.

“My lord you are wrong because this also happened outside the building and even here in this building….”
Balbus cut in loudly, standing this time as he did, to emphasize he was getting very annoyed with the priest.

“IKTUS! I will hear none of this and more to the point we have exhausted this conversation. I have not to tell you that everything we have spoke of must never leave this room and I ask of you again; do you want to enter the first house again?”
Iktus thought for a moment and gave the only answer he could. Not because he wanted to, but because he knew if he didn’t, he would never leave this building alive.

“Yes I do my lord.” Iktus said this bowing his head as he spoke.

“Well you know what is required of you then.”

“Yes my lord, I do.” Iktus said subserviently. This was far from the truth, as to be honest, Iktus never wanted to set eyes on the boy again, let alone spend the next four days with him. And again to be honest there was no point trying to explain more to Balbus, because he did not want to listen and would rather prevent Iktus from talking of such, so he could remain in complete denial.

“You may go Iktus and I shall inform the house of your progress.”
And with that, Lord Balbus turned his back on the priest and started to walk away from him heading for a door at the back of the room.
Iktus got up and started to walk towards the main conference room doors where he had entered from, once again, deep in thought. He realised that what he had presumed before was true and that through complete arrogance, they allowed themselves to live a life of denial and certainly would not allow themselves to except something that was against what they deemed was possible or not.
Iktus knew that what the boy could do was very real and thought to himself ‘well, if they want to find out the hard way, let them’. He was stunned at the lengths these people would go to and the illusions and hoax’s they would conjure up to keep things in order, an order of their design. But all of this had not helped him. In many ways it was even worse now, as now, he understood the depth of the deception and not only the depth, but also how many had been deceived – including not least, himself.


Iktus also felt a fool, but was in some ways thankful to the boy, because in some way the boy had set him free, releasing him from the deception that was his life and the deception that bought him to his knees each night – Balbus had just confirmed this.
In this reflection he also realised that the previous night, when he was suffering his most after the day’s events, he did not get on his knees and nor did enter his head too. In some ways he was still incredibly confused. But on the same hand, he also had a clarity he had never experienced before. But he still had the boy to deal with, something that was becoming an ever-increasing burden to him.
Leaving the room he passed by the control station and the three priests who manned it. Iktus didn’t acknowledge any of the priests and didn’t even see the stern look he was receiving from the priest he had dragged over the counter not an hour before.
He was in his own world and was oblivious to anything that was going on. He realised that come the next few days he had some harsh decisions to make and he knew they wouldn’t be easy. But for now he had to make his way to the boy prince and on his journey to him he had to decide what was the best way to limit the boys ability, without alerting him to what his true purpose was.
To be honest he didn’t even know if he could, ‘but I suppose’, he thought to himself, ‘I am going to find out one way or the other’.
Iktus strolled at a very slow pace, not in any hurry whatsoever. He needed time to think and the longer the journey took, the longer he had to contemplate – not just about dealing with the boy prince, but about his whole future.

















Chapter 19


Although Iktus was feeling better physically, he still wasn’t mentally, his mind awash with all the recent occurrences. Still walking with head down in deep thought he was now making his way back towards the priests sleeping area, dorms some called it. Walking past many servants and lower priest, who in turn all bowed their heads and the priest said ‘good morning sir’, but Iktus did not reply or even acknowledge any of them including the priest.
A man lost within his own mind deep in thought, not just about the boy, but about a far more serious matter. Lifting his head for a moment he reasserted himself by rolling his shoulders and moving his head side to side, as though he was trying to relieve a pain from an aching neck. He was hungry now, but did not want to face the other priests within the dining area having to sit and make polite conversation, whilst he ate, was not on his agenda today.
‘Maybe it will not be that busy, as it is well on the way to being mid morning’ he thought to himself ‘and most of the priests will be on their duties’, so maybe a quiet meal could be had. Iktus decided he would go to the dining hall and turned right by the entrance to the dorms, which he had just come up upon.
Walking through the doors to the dining area Iktus scanned the room to see if it was in fact quiet and he was pleasantly surprised to find it was – only two priests were sitting the far side of the room chatting to one another.
Walking inside, he made his way over to where the food was laid out on long tables, with refreshments at the very far end of the last table. He chose what he required and then made his way across the room to a quiet corner and sat down. Still in deep thought he started to eat and took a drink from the class full of juice that sat in front of him.
He then stopped and got up and made his way back to the end of the tables and poured himself a cup of black coffee, chuckling to himself as he did, as he had forgot to get his favourite morning drink.
As he did this, a voice spoke out from behind him.

“Good morning Iktus, you are late for breakfast today, what’s so funny?”
The voice was of a man called Belca, who was also a priest at the same grade as Iktus was. Iktus knew this man and knew he was also seeking position within the temple ranks much the same as he was. And even though under different circumstances he would always talk to Belca, on this day he desired not to, but knew his lack of response would be seen as discourteous. So decided a polite answer might suffice and then he could eat in peace with a bit of luck.

“Oh nothing, I just found something amusing, I had quite a heavy night last night and I am suffering for it.” Iktus said half smiling as he did.

“We have all had them.” Belca said chuckling. “Are you on late duties today?”

“Something like that, and yourself?”

“I have quite an easy day today and thought I would grab a cup of coffee whilst it was quiet, you know how it is. We have a new batch of slaves arriving later this afternoon, as we have lost a quite a few these recent weeks. I have only to oversee their arrival and placement, then the day is pretty much my own, and you?”

“Oh just the normal stuff.” Iktus said secretly not wanting to discuss what he was doing, as he couldn’t and was trying to discourage further conversation.
“Well maybe we can catch up in the mess hall later over a wine or two, as you haven’t been there for a couple of nights.”

“Yes maybe we can.” Iktus said, but he knew already he had no intention of doing this; he had other things on his mind.
Belca poured himself a cup of coffee after Iktus had finished and turned and said.

“Well, maybe later then?”

“Maybe?” Iktus replied again half smiling as he started to walk back to where he had been sitting, with Belca walking over to the other side of the room where the two other priests sat.


Iktus knew courtesy to those of the same rank or higher had to be maintained at all times and was heavily frowned upon when it wasn’t, this was the doctrine of how business was done. And the temple was a business, and the most powerful one at that. At that time most of the populace were led to believe that a good majority of the people were in poverty, and as so much this was true. But poverty was not viewed as being the same by everyone and to many; there were different levels of it.
A good percentage of Egyptians were of what was called middle Egypt and all of them had involvement in businesses in one way or another and many of them interests in quite a few at the same time.
The temple was no different.
Everyone had tasks and these tasks had to be completed on/or before certain times. They carried time limits and the punishment could be harsh if the targets were not met. Not by physical punishments, but mental one’s, dishonour through being disgraced, simply loosing face in front of your co-workers. There were mantras that had to be followed and repeated, that allowed for the company rules to be adhered to at all times. It was an institution that was united in a common purpose, a purpose that always served the needs of the owners and shareholders of the business and this is when the mantras would be most commonly used as protection of the business.
The one thing that stood out more than any other was that no one dare express an opinion of their own and would always revert back to a mantra. They could never allow themselves to be quoted, they could never comment, they could not give legal advice and of course they were always only just doing their job, no matter what that entailed – personal feelings could never enter into it, they were simply robots, emotionally void.
The temple hid behind a facade, nothing more than a showy misrepresentation intended to conceal something unpleasant. Because the truth of what it really did was very unpleasant, as what it stood for. It preached compassion, caring and love, but did the opposite of everything it preached, as it was about control, lies and slavery and this is what was being protected by the facade and the mantras.
Iktus had known this for the longest time, but had chose, as many had, to ignore these facts. Those held in slavery were vast, but did not only contain those in the lowest form of poverty; it was everyone without exception, including not least himself. Again he had just chosen to ignore this fact to receive the benefits for doing such.
But since the incident with the boy realisation was coming in waves that were at times crushing and now Iktus could not ignore them. As the boy’s words in the temple had allowed him to realise what he had truly become, he now suffered this without any form of control over it. He saw his life and the lives of others in truth now and it was horrific and horrible to see and very painful.
He looked across at Belca and the two priests he sat with, who were chatting and smiling.
Iktus realised that they were heartless machines emotionally void of compassion, caring and love, but what struck him more was the fact that he realised that up until the occurrence in the temple with the boy, he was the same – an emotionless monster, selfish to the core and destructive with no sense of responsibility or respect for any other form of life but his own.
This saddened him beyond imagination.
As he sat there consumed by this it was though a light came on in a dark room and he could see again. He realised that no matter how dark his mind was and even though he loathed himself because of his intent and actions towards others. And even though, metaphorically, this left a very nasty disgusting taste in his mouth.
He realised love existed in everything. Because; he loved.
Even though he realised that on the surface he was a monster, he loved, a love that came deep from within him. He realised that the material gains he sort weren’t love they were lust and what he truly loved were those he missed so deeply, those who were always in his heart.
He missed his family and had not seen them for the longest time and this brought another form of sorrow, but this time it was not a selfish one like the rest, even though it could be viewed as such.
He felt for his family, as he knew they missed him because of the closeness they had shared. He also realised that they too were slaves to a system he helped to maintain, being a cog that helped the wheels of greed, obsession, deceit and secrecy turn. That allowed for the corruption, the flamboyant hoaxes, the false unity, the fabricated religion, the conformity and last but not least the hatred, to hide in the shadows, as they were one and the same.
His family as everyone else suffered the effects of this and he knew that he had helped maintain this, he was to blame, not the only one, but he was to blame.


When he had joined the priesthood he didn’t realise that it would become his life and to such an extent that he would have sold his own family to receive material gain and position. And even though this had not occurred, he realised he would have done it as many had.
The priesthood wasn’t just a job it became your life and over took everything that was important before. Loved ones were left behind in the wake of advancement, an obsession that was un-paralleled as you sought progression. An obsession that turned immoral actions and intent into false morals that the obsessed believed were moral, but even though he had lived and breathed this, he knew love still existed in this and knew love existed in everyone, no matter how dark the part they played in this play called life.
Iktus was sat drinking coffee completely stunned by everything he was awash with. He couldn’t get over the fact that one minute he was on calm waters and then the next the water raged all around him being caught in its crushing waves. There was no warning, it just would change in the blink of an eye and so dramatically and there was nothing he could do about it. The subject matter just came and went.
One minute he was an emotionless monster still self obsessed with his own selfish needs. Trying to devise a way to save his own skin and come out of this the best way he could. Next he was amerced in love for his family and the sorrow that brought, as he had not seen them for such a long time.
The mixture was incredible, ‘was this the duality the boy had spoke of – was all of humanity to go through this’? As he said this he suddenly said to himself ‘if this is to be the case then I feel for humanity, I feel for it deeply if this is what it is like to seE the light, or to have the light brought to you‘. As he said this quietly to himself a wave of calmness came over him and he reacted by chuckling to himself, ‘this is madness he thought to himself’, from complete anxiety to calmness in a matter of seconds, this is complete madness.
He now realised why those who did question were labelled mad, because it did in all intense and purposes seem you were in fact going mad. And even if they didn’t feel they were, anyone they were talking to, about such subjects certainly would presume this, if they were acting as the emotionless monster. Because the monster could not understand why these feelings were being expressed. Another thing Iktus had realised was that everyone who had ever questioned him had done so with feelings and he had acted as cold machines completely in a, none compassionate way. Again he chuckled as he realised this, but not as though he was making fun of it, but because he now realised how easy it was to see through it and how, now, so many things made complete sense. In fact he would go as far to say it was common sense, something that was very much lacking in the world as he was now viewing it.
He could see that none sense laid down in doctrine, legislation and law had over ridden it. To convince them all, that this was the only way life could be, that humanity had to be this way and it was the only way it could survive, which he now realised was far from the truth.


Time was getting on and he had to make his way to the boy prince, even though he knew the boy would be quite happy in the company of the servant girls. Iktus was feeling more relaxed about everything now as a form of forgetfulness had come upon him. He knew now, that he could not change what had happened, or what he had done. In truth he could not change what he had said to Belca a short time ago. But what he did realise was he could change the way he spoke or acted towards anyone now, he could change and had done. Even though many nights he had relived the horrors he had been part of and had instigated in his own right, reliving them through pangs of morality. He now knew why that had happened. He was aware now that they had allowed him to realise what it truly meant to be human, to have a sense of humility, to be able to feel and allow them feelings to override what his mind was suggesting. Because that is what his mind would always do and he recognised this now. It was as though his mind was not bound by any moral parameters and the suggestions it came up with were as immoral as it was.
Granted, he knew this was his thoughts and he knew how dark his thoughts could be. But he had not realised that the pangs of morality he had suffered were not his thoughts, they were something different, coming from a different place that just used his mind to communicate with him. He had presumed that this was coming from some external force, because this is what he had always been told. But now he realised there wasn’t one and there never had been one, this was just part of the temples coercive lies. The boy had suggested this and Balbus had confirmed this, because in the position he held, if he didn’t believe, surely he would have been found out and dealt with.
It was all making complete sense and as the boy had said it was simple, so very simple. He still needed answers to some questions and knew the only boy who could answer them. He needed to know what was communicating with him to allow him to comprehend the sense he could now see with such clarity and the facade of coercive lies that surrounded that sense.
He knew it was from within him, even though his mind was up to its old tricks once again as it suggested that he was wrong and this was coming from Temu and you must obey him, serve the temple and get that position you seek.
This had to be expected as something as powerful as a human mind wasn’t just going to roll over and have its belly rubbed, oh no, it was going to fight and it would fight hard. Iktus knew this and even though when this happened he would be completely amerced in it as though it was a dream, he knew if he could just find the strength to prevent it, by ignoring it, he would find some solace in doing so. He knew he had started, metaphorically, on a path, but knew he was only at the beginning surrounded by woodland, with trees that blocked his route persistently. He knew in himself that this was going to be a rocky journey with many twist and turns. He had known on those long and lonely nights, that at any time he could have embarked on this journey, because only then do you see the footpath in front of you. But as the boy had said, once you set foot on this path, there is no turning back and it is the fear of that, that keeps you playing in the playground of the mind, which in turn is the world as he knew it, the playground of immorality.
What happened next was quite strange and again would bring a smile to Iktus’s face with a slight chuckle. He had finished his meal and drunk the last of his coffee and without thought or hesitation he gathered up all that he had used, piled it up and took it over to one of the servants and said thank you. The servant didn’t quite know what to do and took the used cutlery, plate, glass and cup from Iktus very reluctantly and very nervously. And even though he knew if he had been seen by Belca and the other two priests, that he would be without doubt reported for such conduct, he didn’t care, because during that meal he realised what he needed to do now. Iktus knew he was about to walk on the first part of the path, the part that is none control, but before he could do this properly, he needed to speak with Akhen, as he knew the boy would help him take the first step.
Leaving the dining area still chuckling to himself over the servant’s reaction to what he had done, he started to make his way to where Akhen was. It would never be heard of, that a priest of Iktus’s rank would clear his own table, and not only clear it, but remove the items and take them to a servant. That was the servants job, as they, as everyone, served, they just didn’t know they were, in most cases, that was the genius of the system, because genius is not about how complicated something is, it is about how simple it is and Iktus could see how simply this all worked and that to him was genius.


All was quiet in the sleeping quarters as the boy prince slowly opened his eyes and realised he was not alone in bed. Without even turning and looking he could feel soft skin against the back of his hand and the warmth coming from it. As sleep departed and his senses returned he yawned and turned his head to the left to seE who was occupying the bed with him. Laid there, still sound asleep and looking more beautiful than ever was one of the servant girls – the one that Akhen had taken a shine too, even though the other servant girls were beautiful, they did not compare with Tiy.
Akhen remembered, that was her name, as the events of the previous evening came back to him and the memories of what he had demanded. Looking under the covers quickly and then putting them down he grinned to himself as he realised they were both naked. Without thought or hesitation he put his arm around Tiy and she reacted by snuggling up to him, sighing as she did with a sweet smile upon her face. They laid like this for some time until Akhen realised there was someone stood beside the bed to his right. He turned with a start to see Iktus’s face. He was smiling at him. Turning so quickly had woken Tiy who looked shocked and worried, because of where she was.
Iktus could see this and spoke to her.

“Worry not, I will turn so you can exit the bed and get dressed and then could you leave us as I have something to discuss with our prince.”
Akhen did not react to this except to turn to Tiy to give his approval. She did as was asked of her even though she was a little confused. Priests never acted this way, ever; she would have been in a great deal of trouble because even though servant girls could please them, they were never to still be in the bed when morning came. But Akhen was not to know this and a different priest stood before them that morning, even though neither of them realised why. The fact she was still in the bed or the fact that Akhen didn’t know the protocol surrounding this mattered not to Iktus now and nor did pointing this fact out.
He had turned his back out of courtesy, something again, no priest would do.
After allowing a short time to pass Iktus turned back round to face the boy, who was, to say the least a little confused and this showed.

“Why do you not bow this morning Iktus and why do you look me in the eyes as you did before, but you didn’t yesterday?” Akhen asked, now sitting on the side of the bed with a sheet keeping his dignity.

“If you ask yourself truly Akhen, is there any need for me to do such things?” Iktus said in a quiet voice.

“But you said I deserve this because of who I am and then you told me I am no different. Yesterday you were different towards me and now you are different again, what is correct and what is not?” Akhen sounded confused; in fact he was completely confused. All the tyrant he was yesterday had disappeared and even though he had commanded something from Tiy the night before, he knew deep down she wanted to do it and that too had confused him. In that second he became a worried child, vulnerable, again acting not above his thirteen years and had a look upon his face as though he had been told off for something and he didn’t understand why.

“Please do not be alarmed by this Akhen, sometimes all we need is a friend, can we be friends?” Iktus said this, again, without thought or hesitation and then his mind kicked in to remind him of his true purpose regarding the boy.
Iktus was doing his level best to ignore these thoughts and spoke again to the boy.

“Have you many friends Akhen?” He continued.

“Friends! What does this mean? The meaning of this word escapes me?”
Iktus realised in that second how sad the boy’s life had really been. Locked up in a palace only knowing his family and having guards and servants he could not hold a conversation with. He knew that Akhen’s parents did not love in an affectionate way, but he did have his brother and that was it, it did seem a very lonely existence.
Iktus felt for the boy and realised in all that he had been taught he had never been taught about something as simple as friends.
He spoke again to Akhen.

“Was there not someone in the palace that was not a member of your family who you liked and trusted and spoke too?”
Akhen seemed deep in thought for a moment not speaking and then answered.
“There was this one servant, who was one of my father’s personal servants, she was kind and smiled at me a lot.”

“Did you speak to her?”

“Yes I did, but I had to keep it secret, otherwise I would get in a lot of trouble for doing so, we both kept it secret.”

“So you trusted her to keep it secret.”

“Yes I did, she had a lot to lose if we were caught, far more than I did.”

“That Akhen is a friend. Someone you can trust and tell anything to. Confide in them. They are like family that we chose for ourselves. It is mutual. Something that is shared without having to be said that it is being shared. Do you understand Akhen, that is a friendship, that is a friend?”
The boy sat on the edge of the bed thinking for a moment and then said.

“Have you any friends Iktus?”
This question hit Iktus hard, because he had had friends, loyal trusting one’s, if only he had been as loyal and trusting.

“Yes Akhen I had friends, but I am sorry to say not anymore.”

“Why, what happened to them?” Inquired a curious boy.

“Some I lost touch with and others I did far worse too, but let’s just say, now I realise how important they are.”

“Yes.” Said Akhen. “My friend, as you call them, went a way, I don’t know why and I dared not ask, but I do miss her.”

“I know how you feel as I miss my friends. But something you remember from friendship is equality, equals no matter what you’re standing or position is, or how it may differ. That is what a king’s son had with a servant was it not?”
Akhen thought for a moment and then answered.

“Yes, and this is what you would like you and I to become?”
“Yes I would Akhen as it seems we are both in need of a friend.”
Iktus smiled as he said this and Akhen followed suit.
Iktus realised how wonderful it was to see someone smile, especially a child and in all truth the boy sat before him was still only a child.
Iktus felt a wave of calmness come over him, even though part of him, his mind, was trying to punish him with all he had done to the boy and also the lies he had told him. The coercive processes that he had allowed the boy to be sucked in by, that would grab him by the ankles and drag him into a pit that was full of depravity and selfish desire. But putting this to one side Iktus was determined to make, this, his last day with the boy worth wile for the right reasons.
Akhen spoke again.

“Friends, as equals, you said?”

“Yes Akhen, just as you was with…. Do you remember her name, the servant you were friends with?”

“Yes I do, it was Castine.”

“Well then, just as you were with Castine, exactly the same and as you know, this will have to be our secret, because friendship between too such different positions is not allowed and we will both be in trouble if it is found out.”

“I understand Iktus and I would like to be your friend.” Akhen said this smiling at Iktus as he did and this melted the priests heart, to a point that he was welling up and turned away from the boy so he could not see he was getting upset.
As he did he said.

“I am going now to make preparations for we have much to see today. I will call the girls and ask them to bring you clothes and food and once you have bathed, dressed and eaten I will collect you and we shall be on our travels. For what I have to show you will astound you and in some ways shock you, but you will be safe with me, that I can promise.”
And with this Iktus walked towards where the servant girls would be and called to them. As he did, although he sounded quite forceful in his orders he tried to do it in the nicest way he could, trying not to allow his feelings to get in the way. For even though he wanted to release them from their servitude, it was not for him to do and he knew the only way this could be done, was by exposing the lies for what they were, to expose the corruption for what it was and to help in this process in any way he could.
He knew that he had to make contact with the order, something he had feared for so long, as all did within the construct, even though through vanity they would not show this. Today he would be acting, truly playing the part as he was with the servant girls, but he wouldn’t where Akhen was concerned. Today the boy would know him and see him for who he truly was and through this Iktus knew he would receive the answers he needed, just not in a conceited way. And even though it seemed that he was using the boy in one way, his intent was pure, as he truly wanted to become a better man and knew in his very being that Akhen could help with this.


After talking to the servants at the lift area, Iktus strolled back through the seating area, pausing for a moment by the fountain allowing the water to run over his fingers. Still his mind was playing tricks with him, but for now he was keeping it at bay. After a few seconds he dried his fingers on the edge of his robe and walked into the living quarters where Akhen sat waiting patiently for him.

“Are we ready Akhen, are you ready for our journey?”

“Yes I am.” Akhen replied with a voice full of anticipation.

“Then let us go now, we have much to see.”

Akhen got up and joined his new friend and they both walked towards the lift area. As they walked Iktus suddenly stopped and spoke to Akhen, but not before he quickly looked round to make sure they were not being listened too.
As he spoke he put his hands upon Akhen’s shoulders in a gesture of friendship.

“Akhen, today I must tell you something. You may not understand fully what I am about to say, but later, it will make sense. Even though we are now friends I cannot show this in the presence of anyone else. I know you will realise from your friendship with Castine in the palace, that there are times when that friendship must be hidden from view, even though we both know this should not be needed to be done. But as things stand it has to be this way. I will be acting and playing the perfect part as though it is a play we are taking part in. But when the times arise for our friendship to shine through, it will, I can assure you it will. But for now all I need you to understand is why I may act the way that I do and know that this is all it is, an act. And even though I may talk abruptly to the servants, please know I do not mean too, but it is expected of me to do this and I must at all times do what is expected of me, whether I agree with it, or not. That will allow me to truly show you what I need to show you. You have no need to answer, what you do not understand I will explain later, but for now please just nod that you are in agreement with this.”

Akhen did what was asked of him and yes although he did not fully understand all that Iktus had said to him, he trusted him and that was good enough.
Iktus removed his hands from Akhen’s shoulders, but not before he gave them a gentle squeeze of reassurance. They both turned and made their way towards the lift area, silent as they walked, both smiling from what had just been discussed.
When they arrived at the lift they met a servant with his head bowed low and Iktus said to him quite abruptly

“We are ready to depart.” As they entered the lift Iktus made sure the servants head was bowed by looking at him quickly and then turned to Akhen. Lifting his head slightly he looked the boy in the eye’s and winked and then put his head back down slightly. Akhen on seeing this smiled and then the lift jolted into life and they started to descend and he steadied himself so as to not loose balance.
He was again nervous but excited at the same time about what he was going to see and seE he would.


Many hours later the pair arrived back at the sleeping quarters with a boy and a priest trying to hold back the tears they so wanted to shed. Fortunately on the way back all the servants would not look at either of them and this allowed the grief they both felt from being discovered.
They had walked quickly from the lifts and Iktus had told the servant girls who greeted them that they still required time alone. To go and make ready with refreshments and then leave them be, until such time they were called upon.
Once alone the pair started to weep and weep they did, for what Iktus had shown Akhen, had not only upset the boy, but also for the first time the full realisation of what Iktus had seen struck him and he was devastated.
The pair sat upon the edge of the bed.
Akhen needed comfort and moved closer to Iktus and the pair, in each other’s arms, wept uncontrollably. After a while the pair started to feel slightly better and separated but still sat close to one another.
Akhen spoke as he still sobbed slightly.

“They are human beings, how could they be treated this way – how could anyone do this?”

“I know Akhen it is hard to imagine that we could do this to one another, but I am afraid that is the way the world is at this moment. What we are and what we stand for allows this to happen, this is what is hidden by all the lies, all the deceit and that is why I cannot and will not be part of this anymore.”

“I do not want to be part of this.” Akhen said starting to cry again and standing up he declared. “I refuse to be part of this, why didn’t you warn me of what we were about to see before we went – why?” Akhen said this looking directly at Iktus, who was still sat upon the bed, who once more had tears rolling down his cheeks as he listened to the boy’s frustration.

“I could not Akhen, I had to let you see what the system we belong to does. I needed you to see this with your own eyes. Before today I have seen this many times, but never has it affected the way it has done today and in some ways I feel very fortunate to have shared that with you. I am afraid that you will be part of this Akhen, as it seems to be your destiny. They will never allow you to escape this, as they need you. But I am sure one day you will change things and your words will be remembered by so many. You are special as we all are, but you have a gift, that one-day you will probably call a curse, but it isn’t. What you will become I know must happen, even though I cannot tell you why this must happen. Soon you will forget what you have seen and you must never tell of what you have seen, for I was not meant to show you this, but I knew I had too….”
Akhen cut in.

“I will never forget what I have seen…”
Before Akhen could continue Iktus said.
“Akhen in you there is a calmness that you won’t remember a calmness and knowing that I have witnessed in you many times. Try to find that now and let it over come you. Lose yourself in it and the pain will cease. Please know there is nothing either of us can do to help those poor men, women and children even if we try, it will happen again. I have read ancient books that talk of this and they have explained about how this has happened many times before. But you told me that this will end and I know you are right. I now know with all my heart that you are right. Please know dear Akhen that you have allowed me to remember what talks to me, what guides me, and what eventually all of will be guided by. You have given me so much and I have given you so little, but one day I will repay you and I will make amends somehow.”
Iktus was now fighting back the tears as he laid his heart out in front of this boy, who was now much calmer as he found the serenity within him.
Then he spoke softly.

“You are leaving aren’t you?”

“Yes I am my friend, our journey together ends here until we meet again, which I trust will happen.”

“In a strange way I knew this was going to happen, I don’t know how, but I just seemed to know. I also know that we will meet again, but I am sure under much different circumstances. I do know that what we witnessed today will end, I don’t know when, but it will. I will do as is required of me, because if I do not choose too, I will be forced to.
To you my friend I say one thing; go and find those you seek for they are waiting for you and they expect you. They have been expecting you for a long time.”

Iktus was stunned by this and was fully aware that Akhen knew exactly what he was saying, unlike, when it seemed, he was under the influence of something. Iktus stood up and looked down at the Akhen through tearful eye’s and then they hugged and held each other tight and Iktus felt the friendship they shared, a feeling, he had not felt for the longest time.
Standing like this for sometime the pair remained silent. Then they separated and Iktus felt awkward not really knowing what to say, so Akhen spoke.

“Farewell my friend. Find what you seek and be what you truly are and follow the guidance, follow your heart my friend, just follow your heart, it will never lead you astray, never lie to you and will always be there for you, no matter what.”

“I know other priests will be here as soon as they realise what has happened.” Iktus said inquiringly as his mind stepped in for a moment, allowing him to doubt about what he was planning to do.

“They have no need to know about this until long into tomorrow and that is how it shall remain. Take care my friend.” Akhen said with a smile on his face, which reassured Iktus, something he still desperately needed. He didn’t know whether what he was doing was right or wrong as he listened to his mind, but his heart was telling him it was right and he was going to follow his heart.

“Thank you Akhen, thank you for everything and I will do as you say and I will follow my heart, I just didn’t realise it was communicating with me, but I do now. Thank you for setting me free, thank you!

With this Iktus turned and walked out of the living quarters and for the first time in his life he didn’t know what tomorrow would bring and even though this was frightening in some ways, in more important ways it was exciting, very exciting.





Chapter 20


Farik still stood relaxing with his back against the pillar by the door looking over at Harian who was slowly becoming more relaxed. He knew Harian’s story, but now was not the time to be talking of such things. He also knew that the boy had no idea of what the beauty he helped keep behind these doors was capable of.
Farik knew nearly all of the guards would agree that Nefertiti was probably one of the most beautiful women they had ever laid eyes on, they would also agree that this was one woman you should never cross. Underneath the beautiful exterior dwelled the mind of a tyrant, very much a dictator in her own right whenever and wherever she got the chance. She was very proud of her position and displayed this at every opportunity that arose. Thinking she was better in every way possible and they had witnessed this many times. She treated all of them and the servants with the upmost disrespect and complacency without a single ounce of tolerance, kindness or compassion.
All the guards and servants had realised for some time that Nefertiti had the king wound around her little finger weaving her spell with the beauty she was adorned with – none knew this more than Tiy, Farik’s dear friend. She most certainly used her beauty to her advantage where the king was involved and it was so obvious she did this, many could not understand why the king allowed this to happen and questioned; was he really that shallow to be entranced by this beauty? The answer, again, was quite obvious and could not be denied, but was never spoken about in earshot of any it concerned, for the repercussions for doing so where severe and harsh and had happened many times.
Although the guards and servants knew that Nefertiti could not order anyone to be put to death for their insolence, she could via the king who was the only one who could give such an order. This had occurred many times in the past, but not so much over the last few years and was a completely none existent occurrence for the last two.

It was Nefertiti that had almost certainly tried to persuade the king that Tiy should be put to death, because of what had transpired and what Tiy had done and said. Even though it was the king who, after listening to the queen, had placed the order on her advice. It was realised by many that it was the manipulation upon the king, by the queen, that had caused the problem in the first place. The king just resented being made to face something he was already very aware of. Especially by a servant, even if that servant meant something to him that he could never admit too.
On one particular day the queen was being her normal stuck up self-strutting around the palace as though she owned it. The king was in a board meeting with the masters and the grand master and her boys were being educated. So she had time on her hands and was going to make some one’s life a bit more miserable than normal, just because she could. She was gloating to herself that she had everything under control, with a very malicious intent and to be honest it could have been anyone that day, but it happened to be Tiy.
At that time Nefertiti was the chief wife and ruled the others with an iron fist, to a point, whereas the other wife’s would never set a foot out of place. She did not like the fact that Akhenaten had other wife’s, but this was a fact at the time she had to except, even though that was to change some years later when she would get Akhen all to herself. The other wife’s detested Nefertiti and her very apparent influence over the king because of her beauty. As none of them knew they were in any way a comparison and that Nefertiti knew this fact, something she most differently used to her advantage.
It had now got to the stage that they could have no time with the king alone themselves, as Nefertiti would always find a way to prevent this happening. And the last wife that had squared up to her had met her end by Akhen’s own hands at the wishes of his chief wife. Akhen himself had strangled her as Nefertiti looked on with a malicious satisfaction. Not because Akhen was doing such an act, but because he was doing what she had suggested in the way she had suggested. It was at that point she herself realised the control she now had over the king and the extent that now reached.
Tiy, whether it would serve her well or not, could only tell the truth no matter what was asked of her, by whoever was asking. The trouble was this inevitably was going to get her in serious trouble one day, as many people, if not all, did not like to be told the truth about themselves. But even though she knew this was very apparent and possibly could cause her demise, she could not change and to be honest she would not change to appease the masks worn by those held in delusions of grandeur.
She was at this time one of the king’s personal servants, bathing and dressing him every morning, serving him food during the day and bathing and dressing him for bed at night. She was basically at the king’s beck and call, whenever and however he demanded and he did demand of her.
Tiy herself was very beautiful; in fact in some ways she was as beautiful as Nefertiti and certainly attracted the attentions of all the male members of the palace household including without doubt the king.
Nefertiti had witnessed on many occasions her husband getting rather too friendly with Tiy and this was certainly not approved of because of the position Akhen held and the lowly position Tiy held. And most certainly his wife disapproved of this for obvious reasons.
On many occasions she had caught Tiy washing areas upon the king’s body that he should really be washing himself and the fact the king seemed very aroused by what was going on upset the queen deeply. The same had happened as well when the king was being dried and dressed and even though the king had four servants to do this for him, it always seemed that Tiy would be the one with hands on. Whilst the others just stood round holding individual items such as towels, clothing and fragrance. The attire the servant girls adorned also upset the queen greatly. But it was worn as the king himself directed and could not be worn any differently. The attire they wore was the same as the servant girls all those years ago when he was a teenage boy on his adventure with the priest named Iktus. When he had become what he was now. These events resulted in the queen having an immense dislike for Tiy and a wishing she could have her removed, but her husband would have none of it.


After walking around the palace looking for a victim that she did not come across – because to be honest if anyone saw the queen coming they would make haste to get out of her sight, even to the point of hiding from her. The queen would never normally pick on a guard, although she would temp them with her beauty, trying to get them to look up and break protocol so she could have them punished. The palace guard were quite aware of her tricks now and knew exactly the game she was playing and no matter what, when they were in her presence, they would not breach protocol.
The queen also had a very childish streak that again was very malicious; repeatedly walking past the guard just to get them to bow, sometimes more than a dozen times, deliberately trying to catch them out so she could again, punish them.
More through boredom than anything else she wandered into the royal bedroom to use the toilet, as even though there were many toilets throughout the palace that the royal family could use, she would only use the one within the royal changing area. As she walked into the changing room she saw Tiy cleaning and tidying up over by the bathing area. After a quick scan of the room, even though it was quite large, she realised Tiy was alone and quickly in her mind she knEw she could not miss this opportunity and started to scheme.
Almost immediately she had devised a plan and began to put into action.
Tiy at that moment was not aware she was not alone in the room and was totally unaware that she had been joined by the queen and just carried on with her duties. At that point cleaning the royal bath humming as she did.
Even though she missed her family immensely and truly detested the way the world was, especially the fact that she knew exactly what human beings were capable of, being, there seemed to be no boundaries to the misery they would cause one another daily. No limits to the depravity, violence and the pleasure gained from such obscene intentions and the actions they lead too. It was hard knowing this and having to be aware of this without action, for she knew everything had to run its course and had to without her intervention whether she liked it or not and if she was needed to intervene, she would know when it was the right time to – a view point, it would seem she held not on her own. Tiy tried to make the most of her life and reflected on her memories, not the bad times because there were many, but the good times, because they were plentiful as well. Tiy felt, even though there was certainly a lot to cry about, there was also so much to smile about and she tried at all times to maintain this, even though sometimes it was quite difficult to do so. But for the most of the time she succeeded and that pleased her.

Tiy turned round after bending over the royal bath and cleaning it, which she had been doing for time, as the bath was quite large and was shocked to see the queen standing directly behind her.
For a split second there eyes met, which was in the eyes of protocol completely unacceptable behavior. Even though on this occasion it was completely unavoidable, as was Tiy dropping the cloth she had been using to clean the bath.
This gave Nefertiti the ammunition she needed to start the process of destroying this annoying inferior nuisance once and for all.
Shouting as she did, Nefertiti started the process.

“HOW DARE YOU LOOK ME IN THE EYES YOU CLUMSY FOOL?” The queen said to the now perfectly still Tiy standing with her head bowed.
“You will suffer for this insolence and I will make sure you suffer the highest penalty possible.” The queen continued.

“Please accept my sincere apologies my queen, it was an unavoidable occurrence as you startled me, as I was not aware you were stood there.” Said Tiy honestly as she truly did not wish to upset the queen, even though the queen had made much trouble for her over the last 10 years.
She did not hold any animosity against her in any way, and actually felt sorry for her. Tiy remembered when the queen first arrived at the palace and remembered how different she was then, in respect of the way she was now.
She knew there was goodness in her, that had been swept aside as the power and position had overcome her, as the lust in her mind had taken hold.
Nefertiti in the beginning was kind and considerate and even though she was going against palace protocol by being this way, she was loVed deeply by the servants and the guards. She was even known to wink when walking with her husband, the king, when she passed them. She had to meet a standard that was expected of her in being the queen and unfortunately that standard had turned this beautiful loving creature into a monster, with very seductive skills.
She had been manipulated and that was obvious, as it was known she had spent many hours with the priests learning the protocols she must adhere to, coerced to a point where the real her didn’t exist anymore.
Tiy could not see what expression was on the queen’s face, but she could feel that this was not going to end without recourse and realised there would be nothing she could say that would appease her or change this fact. The queen stared at the Tiy with a wicked expression upon her face and an evil glint in her eye. She wanted to frighten this serf and she wanted to relish in doing so and she wanted to see the fear in her eyes as she did so.

“Lift your head.” The queen demanded. “I wish to look in your eyes.”

“But my queen, I am not allowed to do such a thing, so why do you ask this of me?”

“Do as you are told slave.” The queen said, leaning forward so she was speaking directly into Tiy’s ear with a hateful tone in her voice.

“I cannot my queen and you know this, I know it seems I am disobeying you, but you are asking me to do something that is against what we are supposed to maintain at all times.”

“If you do not do as I command of you, I will call a palace guard and have you executed where you stand and nothing can prevent this, so do as I have commanded of you, NOW!” The queen shouted and as she did Tiy had no choice but to comply and lifted her head and looked upon the queen’s eyes and as she did she said….

“Why do you do this to me my queen – what do you hold against me? I am nothing more than a slave and I know my place and have tried to maintain as such. You know as I do, you could not give such an order, but to prevent you getting any angrier I have done as you commanded. Even though I lose whatever I do, for this is a no win situation for me as you are fully aware of.”
Even though Tiy felt this was going to end badly for her, she had resided herself to this fact and decided it was about time the queen heard a few home truths.
Amazingly the queen just stood and listened and let Tiy speak. It was though the queen herself was allowing the servant to incriminate herself. She was aware from the palace spies that Tiy had entered a period in her life where she had found honesty the last piece of her humanity she could cling on to. And in a way, for some strange reason, there was an element of intrigue on the queens behalf as to how a servant could be this way, to a point this honesty could cost her, her own life.
Tiy continued….

“So what do you ask of me my queen, what do you ask, to have me do as you have demanded?”

The queen stood there for a moment staring silently at Tiy trying to work out where she got her strength from, because it was very obvious that she had strength. Was it from within? Was it in a way something that she felt safe in and did it guide her? Was this what the honesty she had found resulted in and still did, even though she faced what she did now?
Then she asked the first of many questions.

“You have known my husband for a long time have you not, in fact for many years, from when his was a teenage boy and were you not one of the servant girls who was there when my husband first experienced sex?”

“Yes I was my queen, in fact, I was his first.” Tiy answered looking directly into Nefertiti’s eyes, who to be honest, did not expect the answer she received, which led to the next question she would ask.

“Have you had sex with my husband since that time, all those years ago?” The queen inquired.

“Yes my queen I have.” Tiy answered completely honestly.

“On how many occasions has this happened?”

“Too many to say my queen, as to be perfectly honest I never kept count.” Again Tiy answered completely honestly and was quite shocked at the queen’s reaction to her honesty. But could see in her eyes she was boiling and this was certainly going to lead up to a verbal, if not, violent outburst.

“Has this happened recently?” The queen inquired with more anger in her voice than before, slowly, gradually increasing in volume.

“Yes, my queen very recently.” Tiy explained, but then asked a question of her own.
“My queen, have you not done the same?” Tiy inquired, which to be honest was a step too far, but if the queen wanted Tiy to break protocol, then at least she may as well make it worthwhile and get a few things off her chest.
To her surprise the queen stayed remarkably calm, but was this, the calm before the storm.
Nefertiti asked another question, but this time she looked away

from Tiy as she asked it.

“Were you forced to do this against your will?”

“No my queen I wasn’t and again to be perfectly honest I enjoyed making love to the king and would again as I care for him very deeply.”
But this was certainly a step too far in Nefertiti’s opinion, as the queen was prepared for most answers, but this one shocked her more than any other. How dare this pitiful servant say such a thing to me she thought to herself, struggling to keep her anger at bay.

“So my husband didn’t force himself upon you then?” The queen turned and faced Tiy when she said this and Tiy could hear the anger mounting in the queen’s voice as she spoke and could tell by her body language that the queen wanted to strike her.

“No my queen he did not, he was kind and soft and gentle, in a loving way. I have seen a side to our king that many would not have seen and I know, no matter what he has done, he is a good and true man and that will shine through in the end.”


As Tiy finished what she was saying the queen turned and looked away again, but Tiy knew what was coming and she knew the queen was going to turn and strike like a cornered rat, lashing out at her uncontrolled and violently.
Just as Tiy expected the queen did exactly that and turned quickly to try and take the servant off guard. The queen did not know that Tiy had been trained, in the dead of night, by a host of the palace guard. They had taught her how to defend herself and as much as she did not want to hurt anyone physically, she would defend herself.
As the queen struck out wildly, it was totally uncontrolled and Tiy could almost see what was coming in slow motion before it came and countered the blow, deflecting it, which sent the queen off balance. Tiy realised at this point she had completely over stepped the mark and would have to make use of this chance as she would never get another. Using the queen’s own weight against her and the fact she was off balance Tiy quickly, but gently, placed her on the floor. Putting one knee upon her chest, whilst her left hand gripped her shoulder pushing down and with her right hand she placed it securely across the queens mouth.
Tiy held the queen in this position for a moment and then calmly spoke.

“I need you to listen to me now.” And whilst saying this she gave the queen a gentle but quite firm shake and said. “Are you going to listen, my queen?”
The queen was stunned to say the least and gave a slight nod of her head in agreement. To be honest she had never been physically man handled and this was a complete shock to her system, so out of fear she complied.

“I am going to remove my hand from your mouth now, but I warn you do not scream for the guards as you really need to listen to what I have to say and when you have, you can do with me as you will. Do you agree to this?”
Again the queen nodded in agreement and did not put up any fight, which Tiy could feel; there was no resistance from the queen, just compliance.
Tiy slowly removed her right hand and started to speak.

“I know many things about you my queen, many things indeed. Some I know will shock you, especially when you try to fathom how I could know such things. How I know is not important, all that is important, is that I do. When you were first chosen for this role, because you were chosen, it was because you had pretended to be something you are not, exactly as you are doing now. You allowed your parents to control you and make you into something for their needs and not yours, for their selfish desires. Of course you impressed the priest’s but was this not the only way that you could have ever stood a chance of gaining this position? Because to be honest, well, if you would be that is, you would agree that’s all it is to you and all it’s ever been is a position.”
The queen at this point just nodded silently in agreement, as Tiy paused for an answer before carrying on.
“I know my queen, you are not the monster you make out you are and pretend at being, which I know brings you much pain that you suffer alone and nor is your husband our dear king. You both may act this way, but that is all it is, an act, played out by a persona, this is not the real you, as it is not the king. It is something your minds have created for you to live out not bound by any moral boundaries whatsoever.
When you first came here, even though it was arranged, you were humbled by the fact you had been chosen and you treated all of the servants and the guards with a secret respect and I would like to let you know that we all adored you because of this. To be perfectly honest it lit up our lives to see you each day because of the cheeky girl who bent the rules, even when walking with her husband. We miss her, my queen, we miss you deeply and all of us long for her to return. But we know that that will never happen, for you have been brought for a price by the families, like so many others and your job is to simply control our king. To keep him the monster he pretends to be and to keep him doing the things a monster does. To try and prevent him being what he truly is, which again saddens us all deeply. But unlike you my queen, he will change and he will reflect and in that reflection he will truly seE and realise what he has become and he will suffer because of this and he will voice this suffering, not caring who can hear. You believe you are privileged and you are, you, have just missed the true meaning of what it means to be so. You could change so much if you so desired. But unfortunately, like many others, your desires are not selfless they are selfish, simply because in reality, as things stand as they do, desire can only be selfish.
Your desire was and still is position, which you received, now your sole desire is to maintain this at any cost, even if it means the demise of your own husband.
Does this not sadden you my queen; does not all that I have spoken of sadden you?”
As Tiy finished speaking she released her grip from upon the queen and sat down beside her.


The queen herself was just laying there stunned by all that had been said and all that had happened, too stunned in fact, too move. As she laid there the full realisation of what Tiy had said struck her and the tears started to flow. As hard as she tried to prevent them she could not and she started to sob laying there starring at the ceiling.
Never had such a sadness come over her, never had such a sadness brought the pain inside she was now feeling and never had she sobbed so uncontrollably.
Tiy realising this moved slowly towards the heart broken queen with her arms open as a gesture of comfort and in full amnesty and the queen responded by moving and placing her head in Tiy’s lap. Nefertiti was still sobbing uncontrollably as Tiy softly placed one hand upon the queen’s brow and started to stroke her hair very gently. The queen nestled into Tiy for the comfort she so needed. She needed to try and ease the ever-increasing pain she felt inside as the full realisation of what she had become struck her. The queen was realising she truly was a monster and it physically hurt, in fact, the pain she felt was indescribable and unbearable, to a point she felt she would never escape the despair it brought. She nestled for a while in the lap of the servant sobbing uncontrollably, until the tears started to subside.
She then lifted herself away from Tiy and sat alone, now starring at the floor collecting her thoughts, with the last remaining sobs subsiding.
Tiy stood up and walked over to the side of the bathing area and decided to perch on the side of the royal bath, her hands resting in her lap and her head down, as though she was waiting for the inevitable. She had said what she needed to say and knew for well that this would have consequences, most probably severe ones, but what was done was done and what had been said had been said and nothing could change this fact.
The queen was now on her feet as well, but stood with her head low, as though she was ashamed of herself, as though, in all honesty, she could not deny what had been said to her, because she knew it was the truth.
Tiy decided to break the awkward silence that loomed in the air by asking the queen….

“What would you have me do now my queen – do you wish me to call the palace guard, so you can have me dealt with?”
The queen stayed silent for a while before answering.

“No, just go.” The queen said in a very quiet, but disturbed voice. “Just go.”
Tiy didn’t need telling twice, even though she would have preferred to get what was going to happen over and done with, instead of having the palace guard come for her in the dead of night, which they most certainly would do. Tiy also disliked the fact that she had now placed her friends, the palace guard, in such a position, but again this was how it was meant to be. It was not for her to decide this and she just needed to do what she was being commanded to do and so she did.
Without another word Tiy stood up and left the royal bathroom leaving the queen still standing where she was, head down, starring at the floor definitely shaken from the experience and all that had been said.


Farik could recall all this as he remembered Tiy telling him all about the day she came to blows with the woman Harian and he still kept incarcerated behind these doors. He remembered what an awful time it had been for all concerned, not just for Tiy, but also her friends in the guards who were faced with a moral dilemma over what Nefertiti demanded the king should do to her.
Although ultimately they would do what the king commanded of them, they had never been in the position that this would happen to one of their dear friends. Someone they all loved and cared for very deeply.
Tiy wasn’t just a friend, she was like a mum to them all and just as loving and caring. It had to be said that sometimes her honesty was brutal, but it was always said in the nicest way, but that didn’t always make it easier to know. Tiy made you look at yourself in a way you never would and many knew that this woman could cut anyone down to size with mere words alone, no matter how big they were, although that was mostly in her younger years. She was the check and balance amidst the guards, something they could reflect upon. In some ways she was seen as their un-official leader, although she wouldn’t even dream of such a thing and spoke many times of how damaging leadership had been and how damaging it still was.
Tiy had talked about the need to be equals and even though there were official ranks in the palace guard, they all knew this was only for protocol sake. In their true way they all worked as a one and always listened to the oldest and the wisest who always asked them for their opinion, because they were always asked for one. Everyone had an expertise and would be called upon if a situation arose that required their specific talent. In truth they were a group of brothers in the right sense, they were a family and this is what Tiy allowed them to remember.
As Farik recalled, in essence Tiy would never have come to any mortal harm – even though she did suffer injuries – as the king cares for her too much. Even though at one point he did forget himself at the height of Nefertiti casting her spell of damning words upon him. But Tiy still doesn’t hold it against him, she said the king was special and just wasn’t himself – but one day he would be. ‘It’s funny he thought to himself chuckling, I wonder how she knew?

















Chapter 21


Later that night Tiy lay awake in her bed patiently waiting for the inevitable to happen. She knew it would, because there was no way the queen would ever let her get away with what she had done.
The moon was high in the sky that night and lit the room and gave ample light to see by. All of a sudden there was a gentle knock at the door and then it opened slowly.
Tiy did nothing and nor did she panic; as she knew whoever was coming through the door would treat her with respect and decency. They would listen to her side of the story, even though it wouldn’t change a thing. She knew the guards would have to do their job, but she also knew they were her friends.
Then a voice spoke…
“Tiy are you awake.” The voice said softly. “May we come in?”
“Of course you can, I am decent.” Tiy replied.
As she did two guards came through the door after leaving their lances outside propped against Tiy’s quarters front wall. They entered slowly and shut the door behind them.
Tiy spoke….
“Firstly please let me apologise for putting you both in this position, I am sorry, but some things just have to be said.”
Before Tiy could continue the guard to Tiy’s right spoke…
“Tiy listen, we know you probably only said what we would all like to say, but we have a problem, because Nefertiti is demanding you are executed. The king is very angry, but we know this is her doing and the king will come to his senses.”
“Our king will do what he feels is right and that will be what is meant to happen. He is a good man who has just lost his way and has been tempted by a siren, who is far more than she seems.”
“That you can say again, you would have to be blind not to see it, she certainly knows how to use her beauty and I know I am admitting it, but you have to admit she is beautiful?”
The three of them laughed slightly through blurting lips, because the honest truth was, she was beautiful and they had to admit this. They all knew she acted like a spoilt brat most of the time, but she was dangerous with this. Completely without scruples, she never hesitated to walk over immoral ground.
The guard continued…
“Tiy the king is really mad and has demanded that you are put in the palace cells for the remainder of the night, and you know we must do as he has said.”
Tiy nodded to say she understood completely.
“He wants you up in the throne room tomorrow about mid morning to answer to Nefertiti’s accusations. She, in fact pressured him hard to have you executed without trial tonight. You really have upset her, what happened?”
“She asked me some questions and I replied honestly. She attacked me and I defended myself. I also used the opportunity to remind her of a few home truths, but I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true.”
“Well as you can imagine that is not quite the version of events the queen has told the king and he does seem very convinced by her story.”
“He hasn’t heard the truth yet and that’s all I can give him.”
“Some of the lads have prepared a cell for you, so when you’re ready we can go.”
“I am ready now.” Tiy said and got up from the bed dressed in a long robe and started to make her way towards the door. As she reached it the two guards joined her, but made no attempt to restrain their prisoner. They walked through the door into the hallway one guard in front of her and one behind and were so shocked by what they saw; they stopped dead in their tracks. Who was stood behind the door next to their lances was the queen herself. She had followed them as she expected they would be soft on Tiy.
The queen may act like a spoilt brat but she was watchful and devious and she had done not a little spying herself. She knew for well how the palace guard on whole felt about Tiy and she was going to make sure she was treated like any other prisoner if not worse.
She already knew she had something over the guards, because they had left their lances outside and even though she couldn’t hear what was being said, she knew in normal circumstances the door would always be open and they had been in there far too long under normal circumstances.

On sight of the queen all three had stopped dead and bowed silently waiting for the queen to speak and she did.
“I know this woman is your friend, but she is also a prisoner and should be treated as such. Why is she not shackled?”
At first neither guard spoke, but after the moment’s pause the first guard spoke, stood directly in front of Tiy.
“My queen we did not feel it was necessary as we felt we would not be met with any resistance.”
“Does not palace protocol dictate that all prisoners must be shackled when placed under arrest?” Said the queen cleverly.
“Yes it does my queen, but surely we can use discretion if we feel it is appropriate?”
The queen was shocked by this answer and was soon getting the measure of the situation and was realising how devoted they were to Tiy, for the guard to stick his neck out for her as far as he was. But she was going to see this serf in shackles and she was going to make her friends do it to her.
“Where are the shackles you should have brought with you?” Inquired the queen abruptly with a tone of slyness in her voice.
“We didn’t bring any my queen.” Answered the guard.
“Well you better go and get some this minute.” Demanded the queen who was enjoying every minute of this and had forgot all that Tiy had said to her not hours before.
“Yes my queen.” And with this the front guard picked up his lance, bowed a little lower and then made his way back along the hallway.
“You behind her.” Demanded the queen. “Pick up your lance and make this woman get on her knees with her hands behind her head. Then I want you to place your lance pointing directly at her throat about one inch away.”
“My queen is this really necessary?” Said the guard behind Tiy.
“Do as you are commanded to do.” Said the queen in a stern voice. “I already have you on the fact you have broken two protocols, do you want to add insolence to this?”
The guard didn’t answer and moved round to face Tiy who already had started to comply with the queen’s demand. As she knelt down she looked up at Belmain and mouthed don’t worry and smiled at him. He in turn mouthed sorry as he stood back, took his lance from leaning on the wall and placed it about an inch from her neck.
Tiy by now was on her knees, hands behind her head bowed. The queen stood by watching silently smiling to her-self. This was when the power overwhelmed her, this was when she felt self-satisfaction at what she could do because of the position she held and she was gloating over it, enjoying every minute.

Not ten minutes later Hakten returned with the shackles in tow to find the situation far different from when he left it. Although he was shocked at what he found, he did expect as much, he knew exactly how malicious the queen could be, she had demonstrated this many times. Arriving back out of breath he stood with head bowed waiting for the next instruction.
The queen spoke.
“Place those shackles upon the prisoner and do it now!” She insisted.
Hakten spoke.
“Please my queen is this really necessary?”
“Your cohort in crime has just tried that one to no avail and let me warn you, you are not going to get out of this lightly. The king will hear about your lack of protocol over this matter as soon as I return to him, unless you do exactly as I say.”
The queen had felt humiliated and vulnerable at Tiy’s hands, now she was going to repay that.
Nefertiti continued. …
“And before you put the shackles on, strip her naked. Then when we take her to the palace cells we shall go the long way past the servants and guard’s quarters, where all the servants and guards will be called out to view her. And if you do not want to feel the kings wrath, you will do exactly as I have commanded.”
Both Belmain and Hakten started to raise objection and as they did Tiy stood up and took her robe off letting it fall to the floor in front of her. Then she held out her hands to gesture for them to clamp the shackles on.
“Also when you put those shackles on her I want them done up tight, so tight in fact, she bleeds from her wrists.” The queen said with a tone that was calm and calculated.

Hakten moved forward with sorrow in his eyes and looked straight into to Tiy’s, to reassure her that he did not want to do, as the queen had demanded. Tiy reacted by nodding it was ok to do so and that he must. Reluctantly Hakten moved forward and started to clamp the shackles around Tiy’s wrist, so tight in fact Tiy winced and let out a small cry when they were tightened. It was breaking both Hakten’s and Belmain’s hearts having to do this, but they knew it would make matters far worse if they didn’t.
Lack of protocol was deemed as a very serious matter by the king and they knew the queen would somehow swing it round to being Tiy’s fault, but knowing this did not make what they were doing to their friend any easier. They both realised, as Tiy did, that they had to do this if Tiy was to stand any chance with the king. Even though they felt they knew how he would react over whatever Tiy had done, they couldn’t be sure he wouldn’t be under the queen’s influence when he was deciding her fate.
Hakten had finished putting on the shackles and stepped back and Tiy’s hands fell to the front of her from the weight of the iron. The queen moved forward to make sure they were tight and could see Tiy was distressed by them and she even grabbed the chain between them and pulled it, which made Tiy wince once more. This time she cried out a little louder.
The queen with a smug look on her face then stepped forward a little nearer and whispered in Tiy’s ear, so the two guards could not hear what she was saying to her.
“How does it feel serf – do you now feel humiliated? You are going to suffer I will make sure of this, I promise you, I will make sure of this!”
The queen then stood back expecting Tiy to react in some way, but she didn’t, just standing with her head bowed not showing any sign of response. The queen was displeased with this and it showed in her face, she then spoke to Belmain and Hakten.
“Take hold of her arms and lead on.”
The pair did as they were commanded and took one of Tiy’s arms each, but they refused to be brutal with their friend even though they knew the queen expected this. They both held their friends arms instead of gripping them and they knew that Tiy would not resist, but they knew the queen was watching them and would be watching very closely.
Just as they set off the two guards looked at each other with disproval, but they knew they had to do this even though they were hurting inside, because this did pain them immensely and in all honesty it was probably one of the hardest things they had ever had to do.

The four set off with Belmain and Hakten at Tiy’s side and the queen bringing up the rear. They walked down the dimly lit hallway out towards the courtyard.
Hakten who was stood to Tiy’s right, on approaching the doors to the courtyard, stopped and left Tiy’s side to open the doors. Once he had done this he then took his place back at Tiy’s side placing his hand gently upon her arm again.
The palace courtyard was vast and served as a sterile area specifically laid out so that any invading party could be trapped there and could not access any other parts of the palace. Designed in a way that the palace guard could cut down any foe where they stood, centralising the point of attack. The courtyard served many purposes not least it was where the palace guard paraded and did what was required of them through protocol, even though it was just an act to them. It also served as an execution area and was where all executions were carried out – there was even seating for the king, queen and all the dignitaries, who would witness, if not enjoy, these vile deeds against human beings.
Many, if not all, of the servant quarters were also accessed from the courtyard, again very specific in design. The slave quarters were placed in arms length of the guard’s quarters for very obvious reasons, as one of the palace guard’s duties was to keep a watchful eye over the servants and to be close at hand to quell any insurrection if it did take place. It was known that if something was being planned behind closed doors against the regime in supposed power, it would be where they sociable met and the sleeping quarters, was the only place this could happen.
The quickest way for the four to reach the palace cells, which were under the guard’s quarters, was straight across the courtyard. But the queen had other ideas and knew that she could parade the now naked shackled Tiy, with no dignity at all, in front of all of them.
She wanted them to know what Tiy had done to her, well her version anyway and she wanted them to see what happens when you do such a thing to the queen of Egypt.
After exiting the hallway into courtyard both Belmain and Hakten tried to pick up the pace a little to try and get this awful situation their friend was now in, over as quick as they could. But the queen realised what they were trying to do and spoke from behind them.
“Guards, what’s the hurry, slow your pace.”
Belmain and Hakten had no choice and did as they were commanded, even though they were disgusted by the queen’s actions and looked at each other quickly shaking their heads slightly as they did.
The queen saw this, but did not comment just remaining silent, waiting patiently for her moment to come. As they reached the first section of servant quarters the queen told them to stop and they did as requested. She then walked around them and took up position in front of them. After turning round, she spoke to them and told them to follow her now and they did as they were once again commanded to do.
As they walked the queen started to speak out loud for all to hear.
“Here me now, all who dwell here, here me now the queen of all Egypt, I have need to speak. Exit your quarters and listen, do as you are now being ordered to do, do it now!”
The queen had, without doubt, a triumphant tone to her voice, as though she had won some kind of competition.
As she spoke servants started to appear outside of their quarters looking puzzled and bemused with what was going on, then with heads down they would lift their heads enough, now and again, to see what was happening. The further they walked and the more the queen repeated her words, the more servants appeared. Silent not daring to talk out loud, but whispering was going on between them. Some were shedding tears; for they could see what was happening to Tiy and felt for her and the indignity she was being forced to bear. But none of them would cry out and complain, as they feared the same would happen to them, or much worse.
The queen continued this for sometime till at last they were outside of the guard’s quarters, there she stopped and so did Tiy and her escort.

“Guards!” The queen shouted, “Here me now Nefertiti queen of all Egypt, here me now and obey, exit your quarters on my command!”
After a few seconds two guards exited their quarters to see what all the fuss was about. As soon as they saw the queen those froze on the spot and put their heads down, the queen spoke again.
“You two guards, go tell the rest that they are commanded to be outside and wake those who are not awake, do it now!”
The two guards did exactly as they had been commanded to do and some minutes later a torrent of guards exited the quarters and lined up with the last to exit, which was Farik who didn’t line up as the others had, He glimpsed quickly at Tiy, Belmain and Hakten and then made his way directly towards the queen.
On reaching her he spoke with head down.
“My queen may I speak?”
“Yes if you must.” Replied the queen indignantly.
The queen knew that Farik was a commander of the palace guard; the queen made it her business to know everything and as such, knew that she would have to allow him to speak because of his rank. Protocol dictated that the palace commanders could question situations, otherwise they could not do their job properly, but only they could do this because of their position. But even though Nefertiti knew she had to allow this, it still didn’t mean she agreed with it believing her husband and herself should never be questioned because of their position.
“My queen, this is highly un-heard of and you cannot treat a palace prisoner this way…”
Before Farik could continue the queen cut in abruptly.
“Do you dare to question my authority over such a matter and what I have chosen to do?”
Nefertiti was not in the mood to be questioned by a guard, even if he was a commander.
“To be honest my queen I do, because protocols are set for a reason and the prisoner must be presumed innocent and treated as such, until such time, if, she is found guilty, which is for the king to decide and no one else.”
“How dare you be so insolent to me…”
The queen could not finish for this time Farik cut in.
“I am not my queen, I am merely pointing out the truth and what is legislated, which I am led to believe, is what all must follow at all times.”
The queen was not happy with this, but knew he was a clever man and had her over a barrel. She knew that Farik would report her conduct to the king, which to be honest could swing his judgement in Tiy’s favour. So if this was going to be the case, she would have to use this situation to do all she could to Tiy now and then get back to work on the king, to make sure, he made the right decision, not for himself, but for her.
She spoke again.
“Stand aside commander as I am dealing with this situation personally. Join your men and once I am finished you can deal with the prisoner exactly as protocol dictates.”
The queen was hinting at something and Farik knew exactly what that was. If he was to bind her by protocol, she would in turn bind him by it to make sure Tiy received no special treatment by her friends and was treated as a normal palace prisoner. He knew, that she knew, the palace cells were a grim place, cold by night and sweltering hot by day as he knew she had visited them one day out of curiosity.
Farik did as he was commanded and went back and joined his men leaving the queen on her own. The queen then moved further out into the courtyard to address all that now stood, heads bowed out side their quarters.
“Prisoner, come to me.” She demanded and Tiy did as she was commanded and made her way to where the queen was now standing. As she approached and was in reach of the queen, the queen reached out and grabbed the chains between the shackles on Tiy’s wrist and pulled at it leading Tiy in to a position she wanted her to be in. Tiy let out a cry as the queen did this to her and many that stood there with heads bowed witnessing this event gulped as they too felt Tiy’s pain in some way.
Once the queen had positioned her exactly where she wanted her, she then walked away and addressed the crowd again.
“Lift your heads and look upon this wretch, lift your heads and view her for the last time, for come tomorrow she shall breath no more. Look upon her body and shame her, for what she has done is truly shameful. I command you now, lift your heads.”
Even though every servant there was hesitant to do so, they did as they were commanded. The guards were not so hesitant and lifted their heads straight away, Farik being one of the first. The queen scanned the crowd and could see the emotional stress in the eyes of the servants, but the guards were a different matter altogether. The look they gave Nefertiti actually started to un-nerve her as she could see the contempt they held for her because of what she was doing to their friend.
Nefertiti suddenly felt very alone and very vulnerable and even though she was determined to carry this through, she started to have reservations about doing so. Never had she seen a bond between people that was so obvious and never had she felt so threatened by it.
Composing herself she continued to speak.
“This wretch in front of you this day did attack me, the queen of all Egypt, your queen. Not only did she attack me physically, unprovoked and violently, she attacked me verbally as well in a manner that cannot and will not be tolerated. She is guilty of this and she will face the punishment for this, which is execution. Let this serve as a warning to you all. Let all of you take heed from this and let all of you know that you will do as you are told without question and at all times you shall know your place.”
As the queen finished speaking she started to lose her nerve completely as it looked as though most of the palace guard wanted to run her through. Becoming very worried and frightened for her own safety she decided it may be best to leave the situation as it was and return to the safety of the kings side. Even though part of her said that she would be perfectly safe because of whom she was and the position she held. The other said she wouldn’t be and she needed to make haste and depart now.
She spoke again.
“Commander I need four guards to escort me back.”
Farik reacted quickly and chose the four nearest guards to him, who made haste and went inside their quarters returning with their lances and then joined the queen where she was standing.
Before the queen turned and left she said one last thing to Farik.
“Protocols commander, protocols!”
Farik responded with.
“Yes my queen.” Trying to hide the contempt in his voice as he did.
The queen then turned and with her escort she made her way back to the king.
Farik waited until the queen had disappeared back into the palace interior and then he ran into the guard’s quarters and grabbed the nearest cloak he could lay hands on. Picking it up he ran out of the quarters and straight over to Tiy throwing it over her as he reached her. Then slowly he began to remove the restraints that bound her wrists so tightly apologising as he did.
“I am sorry my dear friend, but this may hurt a lot.” He explained as Tiy winced as he started to undo the first shackle.
Tiy’s wrists were bleeding and Farik could see that they had worn her skin, even in the little time they had been on and of course the queen tugging on them had not helped.
Tiy was silent and patiently let her friend do, as he needed to, as much as it hurt, but she was glad of the cloak to cover her for obvious reasons. She knew the queen was vindictive, she just didn’t realise how vindictive she was.
Farik finished and then turned to everyone who was still stood watching, as Tiy pulled the cloak around her.
“Please return to your quarters and please don’t worry, we will care for her.”
Slowly the crowd did as they were asked and Farik could see the care in their faces and also he could see the disgust in their eyes at what the queen had done. He thought to him-self for a second, ‘well she didn’t make any friends today’.
Farik then turned and put his arms around Tiy and cuddled her and she nestled into his strong chest for comfort and then she started to weep.
Farik spoke softly to her.
“Don’t worry, I am sure that will be the worst of it, even though I do not know what happened. I know the queen is only giving her side of the story and that is far from the truth of this matter. I know you better than most.” As he said this he relaxed his embrace and put both hands on her cheeks and lifted her head so he could see her eyes and then he spoke again.
“You do have beautiful eyes you know.” And Tiy smiled through the tears and then hugged her friend once again, slinging her arms around his neck.
As she did this Farik removed his hands from her face and put them around her slender waist and they stayed like this for a moment, until Tiy felt better.
They separated and as they did Farik spoke again.
“Let’s get you into the guards quarters and find you something to wear, it may not be flattering but at least they will cover you. Would you like me to send someone to your quarters to fetch some clothes for you to wear?”
Tiy answered, concerned about this.
“But, you will get in trouble for this, you know you will?”
“Let me worry about that. Don’t you worry, I have the queens measure.”
“Only if you are sure.” Tiy replied still worried about Farik doing this, but she knew him well enough to know, if he said something he meant it. Farik put his arm around Tiy’s shoulder and as he did they started to walk towards the guards quarters. Still stood outside were many of the guards still very concerned for their friend. As they reached them Farik asked one of them to go to Tiy’s quarters to fetch some clothes for her and he did as he was requested. Surrounded by guards Farik and Tiy walked through the doors into the quarters and made their way over to a free bunk. There he sat her down and went to fetch her some tea. Soon after he returned with the tea and some bandages and some warm water in a bowl.
He then started to clean and dress the wounds on her wrists.
Tiy looked at him caringly and said.
“Thank you.”
“You would do the same for me wouldn’t you?” Farik said half grinning as he did.

Some time later the pair sat drinking more tea, that Farik had made them. Tiy felt better now in her own clothes and after washing and having Farik dress her wounds. She knew she was with friends and even though she had to face the king later that morning, for now, she was quite relaxed about the fact.
Tiy finished her tea and placed the now empty cup on a cupboard next to the bunk and stood up looking down at Farik, she spoke softly to him.
“Thank you for all you have done for me my dearest friend, but isn’t it time you put me in a cell?”
Farik looked up at her, again half grinning as he did.
“And why would I want to do that?”
“Farik you must, what if the queen comes back to check? You know she probably will do.”
“She won’t be back tonight or even in the morning, I can assure you. She was very nervous at the end and was quite clearly concerned for her own safety. The queen knew she had over stepped the mark she won’t be back. You can stay in my quarters behind my office tonight, well, as long as that is ok with you?”
“I can’t allow you to take that chance, you and the others have already done too much for me.” Tiy said sounding very concerned for her friends. “And if you allow me to do this where will you sleep?”
“Right here.” Tapping the bed with the palm of his left hand.
“Where you will be sleeping is where I am supposed to sleep, but Anelp and myself would much rather bunk down with the lads, you know how it is.”
Tiy smiled and realised that her friend was not going to take no for an answer. To be honest after the events of the day and the night she was tired and needed to sleep.
“As long as you’re sure?” She said still concerned
“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” He said smiling and with this he stood up and started to lead the way to his quarters.
As they walked together Farik stopped and turned to Tiy and said.
“Any way, what did you do to her – because she is rattled by whatever happened?”
Tiy looked him straight in the eyes and said.
“I defended myself and I was honest and that was it. Some of what the queen said is very true, just not in the way she tells it. I can tell you more if you would like to hear it?”
“Very much so.” Farik said smiling. “Then you must get some sleep, as you have a long day ahead of you, but I am sure everything will be ok, I am sure it will be.”
“I know.” Said Tiy smiling back at her friend. “It will be as it is meant to be.”
The pair then walked off towards Farik’s quarters chatting as they did. As they passed other guards sat on their bunks, they both smiled at them and they, in return, smiled back. This day was going to be a very interesting for all concerned, very interesting indeed.
As Tiy awoke it seemed she had only been asleep for a matter of minutes and not hours. She could hear the hustle and bustle of the guard’s quarters as they went about getting ready for their daily duties, laughing and joking with one another as they did.
Tiy exited the bed and pulled on a robe and made her way into the guard’s quarters.
Farik was sat at the far end talking to Belmain and Hakten. Farik looked up and saw Tiy standing in the doorway and they exchanged a smile. He then excused himself and got up from where he was sat and made his way over to Tiy.
On reaching her he spoke.
“Good morning, sleep well?” He inquired
“I did actual and thank you for asking.” She said smiling back at him.
“I was just having a word with the lads, they are a bit worried, but I reassured them it’s all going to be ok.
“You are always so optimistic.” She exclaimed.
“What and you aren’t?” Farik said smiling as he did. “I am too long in the tooth to start worrying now, anyway, would you like to bathe and then eat, or vies versa?”
“I will bathe first and I will join you soon.” Tiy said and then she looked concerned as a thought crossed her mind. “Has there been no sign of the queen?” She asked inquiringly.
Farik moved closer and put his left hand upon her right shoulder to put her mind at ease and comfort her.
“I know deep down you are worried, who wouldn’t be faced with what you are. But I told you I have the queen’s measure and I knew she wouldn’t come back. She will be making the most of her time working on the king, but I am sure he will see through her lies. As arrogant as she is, she wouldn’t just enter these quarters, she knows better than that, as she is, she knows, she has no friends here.”
Still concerned Tiy spoke again.
“But not all are of order here are they?” Tiy suggested still with worry in her voice.
“Don’t worry the queen will never know what went on here last night, her spies know it would be far too obvious to tell her. Besides their job is to stay in low profile and not bring attention to themselves, don’t worry, we have their measure also. Now go and bathe.” He said with smiling eyes. ”Then you can eat and we can make ready.”
Tiy did as she was requested to do. But before leaving she wanted to voice another concern, but Farik stopped her and just beckoned her to do as he had said. Even though Tiy was, to Farik and many others, a fountain of wisdom. They also knew she was also only human and as such suffered all the inflictions of this, as the rest of them did. As Farik had, there were certain masks Tiy had put down never to wear again and if he was absolutely honest, she had put down far many more than he had. But he knew she was worried and rightly so, for the queen was a monster through and through and he knew she could work a spell upon the king with her words and beauty. Deep down he knew everything was going to be ok and he knew Tiy also realised this. But sometimes when you are faced with such adversity it is hard to remember this. He knew Tiy’s strength was the honesty she displayed and led her life by and he knew that this would serve her well this day.

Tiy returned sometime later bathed and refreshed and made her way over to where other guards where sat eating. She greeted them with a smile and they did the same. Farik brought her over some food and placed it in front of her with a cup of tea and she thanked him for doing so, with a sweet smile.
Tiy chatted with the guards sat with her and finished her tea, but didn’t touch her food. She wasn’t in the mood for eating and couldn’t stop worrying about the day’s events that were to unfold; she couldn’t stop her own mind from torturing her. Even though she was smiling, the guards knew she was putting a brave face on it for their benefit. They knew she would always try to put others before herself, but they knew if they did actually ask her, she would admit she was worried, she would be honest.
In Tiy it was the not knowing that caused her all the discomfort and dis-ease. If she simply knew what was going to happen, then she could reside her-self to this fact, but the not knowing was hard to come to terms with, but soon enough she would know.
Tiy smiled politely at the guards she had been sat with and then stood up and left the table. Putting her chair in she turned to see where Farik was and spotted him over the other side of the room near the armoury. She picked up the plate of food that was untouched and the cutlery and the cup and took them over to where they would be washed. Then she started to make her way over to him passing many guards on the way, all said good morning to her with a smile.
This made Tiy feel warm inside, with a feeling of belonging.
On reaching Farik, who was stood alone and quiet, she spoke to him.
“Any word yet from the king?” She inquired.
“Yes there has been, a short while ago, we must leave soon.”
“So that’s why you are stood alone and you keep telling me not to worry.” As she said this Tiy raised her left hand to his face and cupped it gently.
“I know.” He said. “Easier said than done eh?”
“It always is my friend, it always is.”
“I know you will be fine, but I know that I have to take you in shackles and that is what is really concerning me.”
“You must do as you must do Farik, it is the way.”
“Not if I had my way it wouldn’t be, I can assure you of that. In fact much would change if I had my way.”
Tiy could sense Farik was frustrated more than worried, which she had first presumed he was. Even though she knew he was concerned for her well being, she knew it would be hard for him to put shackles on her as it had been for Hakten. But she knew it would be harder for Farik because of the deep friendship they shared; nonetheless they both knew it had to be done.
Tiy spoke.
“I know it would my friend, we all know that much should change, but for now, for whatever reason, it is and must be this way, as hard as that is to except.”
“I know you have talked of this many times and I, like the others, have listened intently. But sometimes it is just too much to bear and I get thoughts of revolution, of rebellion to overthrow this façade of lies and its controllers. To release the people from the political slavery they are bound by.”
Tiy could see that Farik was getting emotional and his words and the way he spoke them portrayed this. This was all being brought on because he detested the fact that he would have to place such a dear friend of his in irons. To be honest she knew he detested doing this to anyone, but to a friend, it just made it a whole lot worse.
Tiy lifted her other hand up to Farik’s face and gently moved his head with both hands, so she could look into his eyes.
She then spoke softly to him.
“You are loved by so many and we all know that you love us. We know that you are selfless, kind and caring, but we also know what grinds you, how do we know this, because it is obvious because most of us are ground by the same thing? Farik you have taken more chances with the king and queen than anyone I know and for some reason there is a strange respect shared between you. One that is unlike anything anyone else shares with them. Yes you could raise an army in your own right and you could take down the houses of the temple and its true masters, but what would this honestly achieve? Nothing my friend, as the people will only resort back to the same slavery, the only difference being, the ones at the top have changed.”
Farik stood still quietly listening and knew that the words his friend spoke to him were the words of truth. She had explained many times, how in the past, this had happened, but this still didn’t stop him thinking about this and that it was possible to change the way of things by this method.
Tiy continued.
“You know my friend that if you attack this system with violence, then all that will perpetuate is violence, because ultimately that is what it is based on. It only works through threats and of course they result in violence if those threats are not adhered to and obeyed. It is not for us to do this; it is just for us to allow our king to speak when the time is right and to share what he knows.”
“I know you have spoke of this many times and you know I agree with you, but it is hard sometimes, it is so hard.” Farik said looking deep into Tiy’s eyes.
“I know it is and know that we all sufferer with the feeling of uselessness from time to time, but it just cannot be changed now and we must remember to trust in what our hearts tell us and our hearts no nothing of violence, but they do know patience.”
Tiy’s words were even softer now and she cradled his face even more showing the friendship she felt for him.
“You are remarkable sometimes.” He said smiling as he did. “I just don’t know where you get this patience from and you can talk of it now faced with what you are faced with”.
“You may deem it remarkable in the times with live in to be able to trust your heart, but it isn’t. If I cannot trust my heart, then I would have nothing, the friendships I have are in my heart and I trust my friends, as I know you do. I know my friends would never intentionally harm me and I know my heart wouldn’t. Part of this is patience and this is what my heart offers me, the ability to be patient and trust in that patience, even though I did the complete opposite with the queen.” Tiy said this smiling. “Alas we are all only human and that is why I know you have these thoughts. But I know you listen to your heart otherwise you would have done as you have thought long ago.” Farik was smiling even more now, as he understood what Tiy had said and humbly realised that the qualities Tiy had spoke of were very much present in him. She had a way of doing this and it always made him smile.
He spoke again.
“You really do trust our king don’t you?” He inquired.
“Yes I do.” She said smiling. “With all my heart.”

Hakten was making his way towards Tiy and Farik and looked worried as he did. He could see they were deep in conversation and could see Tiy was being very caring towards his brother holding his face dearly and smiling. He thought to himself ‘they would make a lovely couple’, but this was soon masked by the worry he felt regarding what was going to happen to Tiy over the incident with the queen.
As he reached them he spoke to them both.
“Sorry to interrupt, but we have just had word from the throne room and the king requires you to be their promptly.”
They both said thank you to Hakten for the information and then Farik inquired.
“Have we news of who is there – have they convened a court?”
“All I was told is the king and queen are there, but no one else seems to have been called, so no a normal court has not been convened.” Answered Hakten.
“A session behind closed doors, the queen is most certainly up to her tricks.” Farik could not hide his worry as he said this. “I don’t want to ask you this Hakten, but would you go and fetch the shackles please.” Although it was an awful thing to ask of him, it wasn’t as awful as having to put them on Tiy and Farik was going to do this and no one else.
Hakten nodded silently and then left the pair to do as he was requested.
“A session behind closed doors – what does this mean? Tiy inquired not seemingly alarmed by this.
Farik turned to look at her and spoke.
“Tiy, generally palace court sessions are held in front of masters from the temple as a form of regulation, especially if it is one of their own on trial. But in certain cases trials are held in closed session so the facts of any case being heard can be kept secret and of course the outcome. The king himself becomes judge, jury and executioner, which as you can imagine results in a conflict of interests where no true justice can prevail. To be honest this has not happened very often, but I should have expected this, knowing the queen as I do.”
“So basically what you are saying is the trial will not be fair because of the influence the queen has over the king, but we knew this, we knew she would do this?” Tiy said not surprised at all.
“I just thought that because the king does care for you and he does, that is quite obvious, we have all seen the way he looks at you.” Tiy looked away and started to blush slightly, for she knew it was not only the king who felt for her in such a way and even though he had tried to conceal it, she knew Farik did as well.
Farik continued.
“And because of this he would have tried to make it as fair as he could for you and held an open session under court protocol. That way the queen would have to give her evidence and then she would have to remain silent and allow you to give your side of the story. Now the king will have her lies as truth and she will on every occasion possible reinforce those lies. I don’t want to worry you with this, but I have to tell you what you are to face and how wrong it is, because, justice can never prevail if a conflict of interests exists and even though in any court session this does exist, I just feel it would have been better for you if the queen was under protocol control.”
Tiy looked back towards Farik and spoke.
“Farik my dearest friend, please know that I hear your concerns and I know this all troubles you, but please trust our king and know that he will make the right decision. We have both talked of change this day and many others and change, as you know, always comes from a catalyst, which is the mechanism that causes it. Sometimes a bad deed allows for eventually a good deed to overrule it when it is recognised for what it is. Maybe it is now time for our king to recognise this fact, maybe he needs to make a wrong decision so he can realise what the right one is.” As she finished speaking Hakten joined them carrying the shackles looking quite solemn.
Tiy spoke again.
“Now do as you need to and let us go and get this over an done with. I know you are both sad, but trust your hearts and know that everything will be as it is meant to be and none of us can, or should, change this.”
Hakten smiled at Tiy and then handed the shackles to Farik who took them from him thanking him for fetching them.
Hakten walked away from them.
Farik then turned to Tiy and spoke.
“Even though I am sure the queen will notice so, I am not removing the bandages from your injured wrists and before you argue that I must, know I will not and I will take the blame for this.” Tiy could see that Farik would not listen even if she did voice a concern about this, so she let them stay on. To be honest she was pleased for this, as her wrists were still quite sore.
“I am going to put these on as loose as I can.”
As he said this he moved the shackles forwards and Tiy lifted her hands so as to allow Farik to put them on her.
“The king will expect us to use the tunnel between the palace cell room and the throne room.” He explained.
“There is one?” Tiy exclaimed quite puzzled by this.
“Yes there is and has been for a long time. It serves as a way of taking prisoners from the throne room to the place of execution out in the palace court yard and it also serves as an escape route for the king if we need to get him out of the throne room quickly. The whole palace is riddle with them, you didn’t know this?” Farik asked.
“No, I didn’t know that tunnel existed, I only know of one.” Tiy explained. “The one that leads beyond the palace walls and into the city itself, even though I have never been through it.”
Farik looked surprised at this, not because Tiy knew about it, but in the fact he didn’t know this tunnel existed.
“Such a tunnel exists?” He asked intrigued.
“Yes if we had more time I would show you.”
Farik suddenly was taking a lot of interest in this and realised even though it would cause severe repercussions, this could be Tiy’s way out and to save her, these would be worth suffering.
As he thought this he stopped what he was doing and paused for a moment, then he spoke.
“You do realise that you could leave by this tunnel and although they will try and hunt you, you would stand more of a chance outside the palace walls than you will in front of the king coerced by the queen.”
“Farik, my dear Farik, I know that my safety is your greatest concern and I know this will pain you, but you know as well as I do that I cannot agree to such a thing. I cannot and will not allow anyone else to suffer on my behalf. I am meant to be in the palace cells under guard and even if I did allow this to occur, too many questions would be asked that no answers could be given to that wouldn’t be lies.”
Tiy knew that even though Farik was quite laid back and level headed, she also knew that he had a wild streak in him and occasionally could make quite rash decisions where his friends were concerned. Granted, through nothing more than a boyish cheek, many times he had got away with it and of course he was also held in quite high esteem because of the natural fairness he possessed. Which in this day and age was a rare thing and this certainly had helped. But Tiy knew to do as he suggested would only allow for the blame to be rested upon one man’s shoulders and that would be Farik’s.
“You know as well as I do that all of this is based on lies and in fact lies are the foundation stone that this system was built from and in turn allow it to exist. These lies will be seen through one day and through the truth being known the foundation stone will crumble and all that rests upon it, will in turn, crumble as well. For this to happen honesty must prevail and must be at the forefront of all we do and say. To do any other will only perpetuate what exists as attacking it with violence would. I must face the king this day and I must rely upon my honesty to allow him to make the right decision, because I am sure in my heart that one day our kings words will finally allow the foundation stone to crumble and the lies to be seen for what they simply are, nothing but lies.”
Tiy looked at Farik who was listening intently and knew her words were registering with him. She knew her friend would see the sense in her words.
“Now place the shackles upon my wrists and let us go to the king. I am sure that soon there will be a time when I can show you where this tunnel is, as I am sure one day it will be needed, but not for a long time yet and not for the likes of me.”
Farik wanted to question her and convince her that she should make good her escape, but knew she was making sense and even though his mind wanted to question that sense, he knew not too. In knowing this he did as his friend requested and started to carefully put the shackles on her wrists even though he was struggling to do so.
When he had finished he looked up at her and said.
“You are sure about this?”
“Yes I am and even if I wasn’t, this is how things must be and it is not for me and you to intervene, as much as we want to.”

As Farik stood there recalling this, his heart sank a little as he remembered having to put the shackles on his dear friend. He remembered even though her wrists were bound in bandages, it still caused her pain, as these vile devices were not designed for comfort. Cuffing some ones hands was absolutely barbaric, but he knew the system he, in some way still helped maintain, was just that, barbaric and it was to its core.
They said that they were civil and acted as so and that they were to deliver civility to the barbaric hoards that lived in anarchy that surrounded Egypt. And to any within its boundary of reach who rejected this, harsh consequences would be felt by any and all barbaric means at their disposal, hidden behind what they called civility.
There was nothing civil about the way they treated people, nothing civil at all. They had changed the meanings of words and made everyone accept the new definition over the old one to allow them to do as they did.
It was obvious to Farik and many others that the real barbarians were those who were in control, who would cuff, beat, maim, incarcerate and murder anyone who questioned them or went against their way, their order of things. There was no politeness in this, no decency or respect for human life. There was just conformity delivered from a central point of administration of law, a law that in essence would allow for anything to be done to keep order, political order that is, and how it deemed things should be. Those who delivered this were convinced that human life was worthless and as such could affect any amount of damage upon it to keep the political status quo.
In truth that was what it amounted to, status and it was those of status that were protected and the political order of things was just to make sure that those positions of status were always, seen to be needed.
Farik knew by Harian and him doing. as they were that the order of things was about to change as Tiy had once said to him and as she had said the king was doing this. How it would change he did not know, but he knew that his life and the lives of many around him were in fact going to be very different from now.
Tiy had been right about the king.
She had always maintained that this would happen and it was their job, those of order to support him in this time of transition. Farik now realised that what Tiy had said about the king and the truth he must tell was very apparent and what he was doing, in the boardroom, was just part of this. What would happen from this point on he was very unsure of, but he would do everything he could to allow the king to say what was needed to be said, not because he had been ordered to, but because he knew in his heart, this was the right thing to do.


Chapter 22


All was quite in the throne room as Akhenaten and Nefertiti sat in the vast area impatiently waiting for Tiy to appear to answer the accusations against her. The king was impatient and did not like being kept waiting and this showed as he rapped his fingers against the armrest of the throne – sighing under his breath as he did.
Nefertiti was sat looking at the king and even though she wanted to speak to him, she remained silent. She had been bending his ear about what he should do with Tiy nearly all night. Even though she had not got her original wish, regarding the servant’s punishment, she was determined that she would suffer. But to be honest she had pushed the matter too far. This had resulted in the king becoming quite frustrated with her, as he was tired of hearing about it. Even though he agreed, if indeed, his wife was telling the truth about the incident and what had occurred, that Tiy should suffer. But he also knew that his wife could sometimes over exaggerate situations especially if she had something gain from them.
He knew that his wife had always had a problem with Tiy being one of his personal servants and she had in the past made sly comments that insinuated as much. Even though she had never directly expressed them, knowing her place, she would never do this.
Akhen was positive that the queen knew nothing of the relationship he had with Tiy. It had always been easier to keep this from her, as it allowed for a more peaceful life. And as such, he could have his cake and eat it, a privilege he made the most of whenever he could. But with this current situation it certainly did seem that the queen knew more than she was letting on. Especially due to the fact she wanted Tiy executed without even a trial. Maybe now, in some way, she knew the truth about them. But even if this was the case, to be honest, it was nothing to do with her, as being the king he was entitled to do this. But maybe the queen was going to use this opportunity to rid herself of Tiy once and for all and that certainly did highlight the fact that she did know more than she was letting on to.
Akhen knew that many within the palace thought him a fool where his wife was concerned and, as much was true in some ways. But he wasn’t as foolish as they may have first thought. It was true that sometimes she played him a merry dance, but that was a small price to pay to be with someone who was adorned with such beauty – because she was truly beautiful. He knew they would never express such a thing to him; they would never dare, because of his reputation over what he had done to many who dared to before.
He was the king of all Egypt and they would bow to his superiority and his supreme power and they would know their place and this also included his wife. He ordered and they did as they were ordered and that was the way of things and had been for all time and that was not about to change.
If he made a decision, then that decision was final and no one should even dare to question it and that meant no one. He was the one with supreme entitlement and the only one embellished with this. He had the power over life and death itself and he would be obeyed and not least by his wife.

Under normal circumstances the throne room would be filled with guards guarding all the entrances and exits, as there were many. The king and queen would never enter the room via the same way everyone else did. There were routes throughout the palace that allowed the king and queen to move about sometimes like ghosts completely unseen. This in some way was designed to allow them to almost seemingly appear like spectres and added to the illusion that they were in fact god like – true gods on earth.
Although this deceived many, there were those who knew it was nothing more than an illusion and that is why the guards were needed in such abundance.  |
On this day though the queen had demanded of the king that they be alone with the prisoner and no one should be present to witness what was said or decided. The queen knew that although her husband was an absolute despot, there were occasions before where he had listened to what was suggested by others, even though a guard would never dare do this. But even though this was apparent, she could not take the chance that, for the first time, he would listen to what a guard had to say as they tried in vain to protect their friend, and chanced their arm.

Meanwhile in the tunnel that led from the palace cells Tiy and her two guard companions were making their way towards the throne room. As they ended their journey they came across two other guards standing sentry outside the door that led to where the king and queen sat impatiently waiting. They both looked very concerned at first, but seemed to relax a little when they realised that Farik was accompanying Tiy.
Farik stepped forward and spoke to them.
“Morning lads, how’s it looking in there?”
Both of the guards said good morning, then the one to the right of the door way continued to speak.
“To be honest.” He said worryingly. “It’s not looking good Farik. When we went in first thing the king seemed in a very bad mood and the queen didn’t look very happy at all. I am sorry to say, but it doesn’t look good.”
“Not to worry.” Said Farik. “I will take Tiy in and see what I can do…”
Before Farik could finish what he was saying Tiy stepped forward and spoke to him.
“Farik, you know you cannot do this, you know the king will not listen to you and I know you are only trying to make the situation better. But I feel by you doing this, it will only make it much worse, you will most certainly anger him more.”
“Tiy is right Farik.” Said the guard who had spoken by the doorway. “The king has demanded that we take Tiy in and put her to her knees in front of the throne. Then we are to leave and come back to here, no one it seems is going to be allowed to be present.”
Farik was very concerned by this.
“We will soon see about that.” He said as he started to make his way towards the door only to feel Tiy’s heavy hand upon his arm, which was a struggle for her to do with weight of the irons around her wrists.
“Farik please let this be. I know you care about me, but we must do as the king has ordered, I must face them alone.”
Farik realised that Tiy was right, but he had to display to her for some reason, that he was willing to contest this, even if it was to the king.
Maybe it was his stereotypically masculine side speaking, in away bravado on his part, to show Tiy that he would use any influence he had through his position to secure an outcome that was acceptable. But he knew in his heart that he had no need to do this and he knew this would not impress Tiy. He also knew on reflection that Tiy would know why he was doing it. She was aware he felt helpless and useless in the fact he could not prevent this from happening and she also realised that this hurt him deeply.
“As you wish my friend.” He said to her softly. “I don’t know what come over me, I know deep down that you are going to be alright, you know how it is?”
“I do.” Tiy said releasing her grip from his arm. ”I will see you soon.” She said to him softly and then turning to the others she said. “I will see all of you very soon. Now let us not keep the king waiting any longer.”
With this Tiy turned and faced the door and one guard placed himself in front of her and then the other came behind her. The guard in front opened the door and the three of them walked through it.
Farik stood and watched as they climbed the staircase that led up to the throne room with a very heavy heart and as they disappeared out of sight, he slowly and sadly shut the door behind them.

Moments later Tiy and the two guards, now stood by her sides holding her arms, emerged in the room. From a doorway that was behind where the throne sat off to its right. They strolled across the vast room and made their way towards the area that was directly in front of the throne. They all walked with heads slightly bowed in respect, just enough to show this without it preventing them from walking properly. On reaching the front of the throne the two guards, seemingly forced Tiy to her knees. And even though on first appearances it did look like they were quite forceful, they actually did not need to be. Tiy knew what to do and offered no resistance, just kneeling continuing to bow.
After this the two guards waited by Tiy’s side to be dismissed which, came from the king himself.
“You may leave.” Akhenaten said very abruptly and with this the two guards bowed a little lower and made their way back the doorway they had entered the room by.
Tiy now felt quite nervous, but at the same time she had a calmness coming over her as she resided herself to the fact that she would not be heard and this was going to go all the queens way.
At least if she was sentenced to death it would be a swift one, she knew her friends the guards would make sure she did not suffer. Even at this time faced with such peril, she felt for her friends and the position they had been put in and the fact that they would have to do the awful deed the king would require done on behalf of his queen.
The king spoke to Tiy.
“I am sure you are fully aware of why you have been brought here this day, so I have no need to mention what you are accused of. Is there anything you have to say for yourself?” He said with a condescending manor.
Tiy spoke.
“Yes my king I know exactly why I have been summoned before you and even though I know not what the queen has told you, I do know most of it will be true, just not in the way the queen has told it.”
Nefertiti at this point became enraged and shouted at Tiy leaving her seat to do so.
“How dare you suggest as such you wretch?”
Then turning to Akhenaten she said.
“My king her crimes are added to by the insolence she now shows me…”
Before Nefertiti could continue the king cut in.
“Nefertiti, she has a right to be heard and I will hear what she has to say. Please be quiet and allow her to speak.”
“But my king I have told you what occurred and that should be good enough, do you now question my word, the word of your queen?”
Akhen was losing patience and this could be heard in his voice.
He spoke again to Nefertiti trying to calm her.
“My queen you must know that this servant has been loyal to me for many years and even though I have heard you, I must here also what she has to say. At no time during her service to me has she ever caused me alarm in any way and I will hear her.”
This was not going to pacify the enraged queen and she once again raised her objections.
“If this was anyone else my king you would accept my word as truth and dealt with this swiftly, but you offer this wretch a voice, is there more to this than meets the eye?”
This comment displeased the king greatly and finally his patience wore through. After being kept waiting for so long and now with the queen openly defying him in front of a servant he felt the anger mount inside him.
He was about to snap and voice his opinion, but then, on consideration, he suddenly realised two very simple facts. Did the queen now know about what he and Tiy had shared for years? Because if truth was known, they had shared something even though he was not going to let this affect any decision he might make. He was the king and as such, entitlements had no bearing in this matter as there were plenty more where Tiy had come from he told himself – and he had pleasured himself many times with servants over the years. And even more to the point, why was the queen was so eager to not have Tiy give her side of the story? Was the queen actually telling the truth? Because it certainly didn’t seem that way by her actions and it seemed obvious that she was trying to conceal something.
In realising this, the king decided that diplomacy was more favourable than anger, but he couldn’t help himself as sarcasm overcome him.
“Concerning your last comment my queen, could you please explain what you meant by the end of it, because it is obvious, you did mean something?” The king was now looking directly at his queen standing before him waiting for an answer to his question.
Nefertiti spoke.
“My king this does not distract from the matter at hand and I am sorry I made such a comment, I forgot myself for a moment and I meant nothing by it.” Nefertiti bowed her head as she said this being very aware that she had let her mouth run away with itself.
“I have told you the truth of this matter and what has been done to me by this servant and this should not be questioned. All that is required is that you make a decision regarding what should happen to her for this gross misconduct she is guilty of.”

The king sat there for a moment without answering looking at his queen, but could not get the previous comment out of his mind. Even if Nefertiti was telling the truth, was she making this sound worse than it was? In some way she now knew the truth of what Tiy and he had shared and her demands of him were being fuelled by jealousy? At that moment whether Tiy lived or died didn’t actually matter to him, but she was a good servant and he remembered she was also very good at other aspects as well that pleased him. Even though he could have his pick of anyone he chose, as they would not resist him, he too would have to agree that Tiy was very beautiful, even though he could never admit this, because of his position. He would have to decide whether what Tiy gave him was worth upsetting his wife for. As appeasing her did allow him to have a reasonably quiet life where she was concerned. But if she was lying over this matter, what else had she lied about.
He spoke to his queen again.
“I have decided that I will hear the prisoners side of this affair and that is final…”
The king couldn’t finish because his queen lifted her head in range as the tantrum she was about to have took hold of her.
She started to bitterly complain.
“My king do you not trust and believe me and more to the point will you take a servants words over mine?”
“Nefertiti!” Akhen raised his voice to her. “Know your place and if you cannot, then you will be removed from this hearing.”
“My king…”
But before the queen could utter another word in desperate protest, the king snapped back at her.
“NEFERTITI!” He shouted. “Know your place and leave now I will not tolerate such behaviour from you.”
Nefertiti was furious, but at the same time was very aware that she had severely upset the king and realised that she needed to do as he requested. This troubled her deeply and this showed on her face, as she could not hide behind the stark realisation she was now contemplating. Through her actions that day and because of her own hastiness, she could have now quite easily undone all that she had fought so hard to achieve. If the king did realise that she had been lying through Tiy’s words, he would distrust her and in so, would question what she suggested in the future. Because if the truth was really known they weren’t her suggestions in the first place, just the ones she was employed to give.
She had allowed her feelings to get in the way and this had blinded her and because of this she had strayed into the waist land of caring. What the king wanted and what he did with the servants she should have ignored and she knew this, but she had allowed herself to become emotionally attached and had lost sight of her goal. She had been promised something by the temple, if she could do as they required and she had done this up until this point. But human emotion could have possibly destroyed this. How could she have been so stupid? But not all was lost; she still had something that played on the king’s weakness. No matter what the outcome of this day’s events were she would have to try harder and override them – seductively and secretly, to try and keep the king under control.
Nefertiti wanted for only one thing and this one element was all she lived for, for all she wanted was to be Egypt’s first queen. Seen as its ultimate ruler, in the shadow of who really ruled. Knowing this fact did not concern her as long as she was seen to have ultimate power.
Nefertiti stopped complaining almost immediately as the sound of the king’s voice drowned out her own. Head bowed and silent she waited for the king to speak again. As much as it still enraged her to do so, she would do as the king requested and leave the room peacefully. Still the emotions tormented her as she fought off thoughts of the king’s betrayal, because in her own mind, he had betrayed her. Even though he had other wife’s, Nefertiti was fast convincing the king he did not need them. As none of them could possible match her and none could give him what she could.
In some way she had accepted the other wife’s at first, as they were of the same class, but servants, well that was a different matter altogether and one that she could not overlook or ignore. It sickened her to think of him lying with a servant, how could he do such a thing? It made her skin crawl to think of it, but she knew thoughts of this were getting in the way of what she really needed to do. She knew now she must kerb her emotions to be able salvage anything from this awkward situation.
“Nefertiti, please do as I have requested.” Said Akhen, which was more a plea than a request, but still said with force in the words.
Without another word from the king the queen bowed slightly lower and started to walk away in the direction of the nearest set of doors that would allow her to exit the throne room quickly. But this was nothing more than a deception.
The queen was, by hook or by crook, going to hear what was to be said in that room that day and she knew exactly where to go to be able to do so undetected.

Now the queen had left the room the King sat silent contemplating all that had just happened. He had known the queen to be defiant in the past, but never to this extent.
Granted she did act like a spoilt brat from time to time, but he had realised that his wife suffered the infliction of beauty coupled with being his wife. This had given her the ability to sometimes think she had more power than she actually had. He also realised that this allowed her to have a more persuasive nature, especially on him. He knew that she had used this before regarding certain matters she disagreed with him on.
In the past he had conceded, but he had only done this for the quiet life, but this matter was different for many reasons the most apt being he had never before thought that his wife would lie to him.
Akhenaten was prepared to tolerate a lot of things, but now in his later years, he had become intolerant to lies and he detested them. Even though in fact, he conveniently ignored the fact his life and the position he held could be perceived as one of the biggest lies being told – as was, what he stood for.
If he was absolutely honest there had been times when he was alone, that he had reflected on past events and had memories of these occurrences that seemed like they had happened in dreams. Never quite being able to fully understand why he remembered such and what was so relevant about them. But in some strange way these memories were about lies and they had brought on the loathing of them he now felt.
Many times he had done as he was doing now and he had tried to listen to both sides of the story and judge accordingly. But he had always heard lies said as though they were truth. Of course there were also the decisions that would always be in the favour of the temple and its interests. A biasness that he accepted once, but now for some reason it left a nasty taste in his mouth every time it occurred. At this point in his life he still relished his position and enjoyed the power it gave him, but there were nagging doubts arising that he constantly put to the back of his mind. But always within him was this nagging from what would seem an internal voice that he could silence, just not permanently?

The King, still silent, rose from his chair and started to walk towards the still silent Tiy who was now suffering. Not only from the iron clasped around her wrist, but also from kneeling on the stone floor.
She was uncomfortable, to say the least and signs of this were showing as she tried to move undetected to ease the pain coming from her knees.
The king stopped within two yards of her and spoke looking at the floor before him as he did.
“As I said before I am sure I have no need to recount the reason you are here and based on the facts I have already heard, you are I am sure fully aware of the harshness of the sentence I must deliver if these facts are true.”
There was no emotion in the Akhenaten’s voice as he said this, as he had said this at least a hundred times previous and repeated it as a mantra coming from nothing more than a heartless machine.
He continued.
“Now is your chance to voice your side, but be warned.” He said with harshness in his voice. “I will not tolerate any lies and you will be punished even more sternly if you do in fact lie to me. With this in mind tell me now your side of this story.”
The king was almost cold in his delivery of this warning as though, if he did have a heart, it was truly one made of stonE.
Tiy began to speak awkwardly trying to conceal the pain she was now in through the position she had to maintain, a position that amounted to nothing more than torture.
“My king the queen asked me to break palace protocol and look upon her eyes, which I did as she commanded me to do. The queen by doing so placed me in a position that I would be punished for regardless of what else may have happened. She asked me many questions, which, I answered honestly and because of my answers she attacked me.”
Before Tiy could say any more the king had some questions he required answers to and spoke to her ignoring the break in palace protocols for he was far more interested in the questions the queen had asked.
“What sort of questions did she ask of you?”
“She asked me if we had ever had a sexual encounter and how many times had it occurred?”
“Did you answer these questions absolutely honestly?”
“Yes my king, I did.”
At this point the king realised that his queen may have in fact lied to him because she had not mentioned any of this. But he wanted to confirm this and to know the extent of the lies and what else had been said between Tiy and the queen.
He still had to be sure that Tiy was not lying herself.
He then looked up and directly at her knelt on the floor and spoke.
“Raise your head and look upon my eyes and know that there will be no punishment for doing this as I have requested this of you.”
Without hesitation Tiy did as the king requested and raised her head and looked him straight in the eyes, still trying to remain composed through the pain that was increasing.
“I ask you now are you being truly honest with me?”
“I am my king, I have always been truthful with you as I am being now.” As she said this she stared deep into the kings eyes.
“How did the queen react to your answers?”
“She attacked me my king and I defended myself and restrained her upon the floor to prevent the queen from doing so again. I know this was wrong and I know that I should have allowed the queen to strike me unrestrained because of her position, but for some reason, instinctively, I defended myself. I know I should, in the eye’s of protocol, be punished for doing so.”
With this Tiy bowed her head again in respect of what she had said.
The king was listening intently to Tiy and decided to change his line of questioning before addressing what Tiy had admitted too. But before he continued, he again wanted to look into Tiy’s eyes.
“Raise your head again for I still have need to see your eyes.”
Again Tiy complied with what was requested of her and raised her head.
Once Tiy had done as he requested he spoke again.
“Do you believe in the protocols you are to adhere to at all times?”
Tiy knew by answering this question she would probably anger the king and anger him greatly, but she was fully aware of the fact that she lived her life in honesty and knew even if that honesty would cause her demise, she would still have to be. She now, even faced with this almost certain prospect, would not allow herself stoop to lying to save her own skin and knew in her heart that this was the ultimate test of this.
With a shiver running down her spine and a nervous twist in her stomach, she said what her mind was pleading with her not to say. In honesty, she said what her heart needed her to say with a polite tone, but most certainly with conviction.
“No my king I do not.” Tiy said this looking directly in the kings eyes and as she did she felt her body react from the fear in her mind, but at the same time a warmth emanated from her heart as she spoke her truth.
The king stood their shocked by this. Never had a servant had the nerve to say such a thing to him, never had one been so honest. In the memories he had been party too he knew that this had been said to him before and even though his mind denied such, he knew another part of him recalled this.
He wanted to react in a blind rage, but was being prevented from doing so by intrigue. He was not stupid, he knew that this servant realised by saying such a thing this would not help her. In fact it would do the complete opposite, but nonetheless she had said it.
Composing himself to keep the anger at bay he asked another question.
“Why do you not believe in these protocols?”
Tiy was surprised the king had reacted this way and honesty expected him to explode in rage at her, but she could tell by the tone of his voice he was trying to keep his anger at bay. She knew, sooner or later, though her words of truth, that these words would cause him to vent his anger. This did frighten her, well, in her mind it did, but she had now set foot on the path of truth and could not turn back and because of this she could only answer the question honestly.
So she did.
“Because my king, I know in my heart that all human beings are born equal and the protocols support a way of life that says that some human beings are born to be slaves to others and this is wrong and against everything my heart tells me is right.” Tiy waited for the king to respond, but no response came. Instead the king just stood before her looking as though he was deep in thought.
Tiy continued.
“My king no one has the right to be in command of another human beings life or death and nor do they have the right to physically or mentally abuse them because of this equality. Through the code of conduct that exists and the laws that created this to provide social division, many men, women and even children are enslaved. Many live in poverty, while the few live in riches, on the pretence that they are better in some way, which allows for this slavery. In my heart my king I know that no one is any better than anyone else, but at the same time no one is any less.” Even though Tiy wanted to continue she feared to at this time, as she could see the king was becoming quite agitated with what she was saying.
She could see her words were cutting deep. Even though she knew she would probably get the speech, that all of position gave, dictating that this is the only way humanity could be, based on the mantras, the indoctrination and the beliefs they had accepted over the truth for selfish personal gain. She knew her words were having an effect and were attacking this belief structure. In truth she knew the king would deny the equality she spoke of, because to do any other, would dismiss the very position he held and all the other positions of status maintained by a false need for such. Created and maintained by delusion and denial in the mind, to combat the antithesis that resided in the hearts of all. Because in truth, all knew, that all were equal, without exception. In truth the denial was an excuse and nothing more, an excuse that allowed them to deny the simple truth, that what they were doing and continued to do, was wrong.

To say the king was shocked by this was an understatement and while he was listening he had started to pace around in agitation. He had gone from looking into Tiy eyes, to looking away from her as her words dug deep.
He wanted to shout and voice his anger at the insolence she was showing, but in some strange way he admired her for having the nerve to say such things to him. As the king all Egypt, no one had ever dared to talk to him of such matters, or in such a way. He could see before him, someone who had resided herself to what fate was going to deliver to her with a strength that was remarkable. But as the indoctrination once again took hold, he dismissed her words in his mind and allowed it to take over once again.
He still had questions he needed answers for and he, as king, would be told these answers before the day was out.
Pulling himself together through the denial that resided in his mind, he once again stopped in front of Tiy and spoke.
“That is all very well.” He said with a complacent tone. “But this does not distract from the fact that you did in fact prevent the queen from striking you and in doing so, you did in fact manhandle the queen, which as you are aware of is not acceptable…”
Before the king could continue Tiy spoke.
“Is it acceptable my king for the queen to order shackles put on so tight they cut and wound the skin?” As Tiy said this she lifted her hands, struggling to do so, to provide evidence of what she was saying. “And also my king is it acceptable to parade a palace prisoner around the palace courtyard naked?”
The king had put up with a lot all ready, but to be interrupted by a servant was the last straw. He exploded in rage moving very close to Tiy to intimidate her.
“HOW DARE YOU INTERRUPT YOUR KING AND I KNOW NOTHING OF THIS, WHAT LIES DO YOU NOW SAY ABOUT YOUR QUEEN?” In his blind rage he had not noticed the bandages under the shackles on Tiy’s wrists.
Tiy was struggling to keep her arms up, but even though the pain seared through her arms and her knees, she was determined to keep them there on show.
Before the king could continue Tiy spoke out loud and with all the might she could muster she thrust her arms forward towards the king in a gesture of recognition.
“Look my king, look! What I say is the truth, look at my wrists. I have nothing to gain by lying to you. What is done, is done my king, but you should know all the facts regarding this matter, the true facts!”
The king could take no more.
Tiy’s words had caused so much confusion in him and in his own mind; he was trying to justify his actions and the actions of his queen. The confusion was turning to blind rage. Pure frustration surrounded him, eating away at him, because this servant before him would not obey him and dared to interrupt him.
Tiy had nothing to lose now. The outcome would be the same no matter what and because of this she was determined that the king would know the truth of this and of what had occurred.
Undeterred by the intimidation Tiy spoke again.
“What I say is the truth my king, my friends tended my wounds and can bear witness to all that happened. I told our queen that we loved the true her as we love the true you, but you both act as monsters, blinded to the truth of what you stand for and what it allows to be. It is wrong my king and you know it is, if only you could be honest with yourself.”
The king, steeping forward with a raised right arm and with hatred in his eyes went to strike Tiy shouting ‘SILENCE’ as he did, but then he stopped, because of what he witnessed.
He witnessed a servant and a woman at that, not flinch or close her eyes in anticipation of the blow that was about to be delivered. He saw the conviction in her eyes, a conviction in what she was saying and at that point he realised she was telling the truth and was willing to stand by that truth no matter what that resulted in. Words escaped him, as blunt stark realisation came over the king, engulfing him in a wave of undeniable facts. He could question no more and just stood there shaking with rage, still his mind wanting him to strike this insolent sErf that knelt before him.
Everything he was and everything he had gained through his position was now in jeopardy. He was now aware that his queen had lied to him, because of Tiy’s actions and her conviction in the words she spoke.
His whole world had turned upside down in a split second and as much as he wanted things to be as they were, he knew that they would never be the same. How he regretted now not listening to his queen who had suggested that he should just put Tiy to death without trial. If he had have done this, he would still be blissfully unaware, but now he was very aware, very aware indeed.
He was being made to question himself, question the darkness of his own mind, something this would have prevented. In truth and for the first time in pure honesty, he had listened to simple words that had affected him in a way he could not have imagined possible.
He needed a solution and his mind provided exactly the solution he needed. Without saying another word he put his arm down and strolled off towards the door where Tiy and the guards had entered.
Moments later the king returned with the two guards who had first escorted Tiy into the throne room. On reaching Tiy the king ordered them to seize her and bring her to her feet.
Tiy could not move and could not stand and as her friends tried to help her to stand she let out a cry in pain and if it wasn’t for her being held up, she would have collapsed on the floor again. The guards realised this and tried to help her, but the king was all out of patience where Tiy was concerned and demanded.

“Bring her to her feet! Make her stand!”
The guards did as they were ordered to do and did so with disgust in their hearts. Finally Tiy was nearly standing, but could not hide the pain she was in. This didn’t seem to affect the king in anyway and at this point Tiy started to weep, not because she knew what he was going to do, but because she could not bare to have someone she had been so close to at times do this to her.
“Stifle your tears!” The king demanded. “You will get as you deserve. I now sentence you to death tomorrow morning at dawn. You will be taken from this place to the execution cell and you are to have no visitors. Now take her!”

From her secret hiding place the queen smiled a wicked smile that for a second replaced the worry she now had over what had been said. But at least with Tiy out the way permanently the king would not be able to question her more and in time, would forget her words.
As the king said this the two guards beside Tiy holding her up winced as though they had been struck. Never had they imagined that this would be the outcome and now a fury raged inside of them they were both finding hard to conceal.
As they started to move away Tiy looked up and spoke to the king.
“My king this changes nothing and I still love you and I know in my heart that the true you will shine through in the end.”
Stunned by her audacity the king once again found himself speechless and just turned his back on her and walked away towards his throne.
As the two guards took Tiy from the room the king, on reaching his throne sat down upon it breathing a sigh of relief. Never had he known a day like this and never did he want to suffer another one the same.

Moments later the queen entered the room and made her way to her king who was sat with head in hands, as all that had happened and had been said whirled round in his mind relentlessly.
As she approached the king she knelt in front of him placing her arms over his legs and looking up at him she spoke.
“Be comforted my king for you have truly made the right decision.”
The king looked at her after taking his hands away from his face and spoke.
“The right decision for who Nefertiti – who gains the most from this decision?”
This puzzled the queen.
“What do you mean my king?” The queen inquired nervously, because she knew deep down what the king was getting at.
“You have lied to me and please don’t embarrass yourself by trying to deny this, it is obvious. This decision is only right for you, no one else gains but you.”
The king then looked away from the queen in disgust. On seeing this, the queen stood and placed her left hand gently on Akhen’s cheek trying to get him to look at her speaking as she did.
“My king, her deceptive words are playing with you, confusing you, please forget them. Come tomorrow this will be ended and all can go back to how it should be. They must know their places and maintain them at all times, that is what protocol dictates.”
The king then did look at her and lifted his right hand to remove hers from his cheek.
As he did this he also spoke.
“You were listening weren’t you – you listened to the whole thing?”
“No my king you ordered me away. I saw the prisoner in the passage way when you ordered her to be taken.”
“What were you doing there in the passageway with the guards and how did you get there? You left the room by the nearest doors, please don’t take me as a fool.”
As the king said this he looked away again and became very despondent and even though Nefertiti tried to bring him round to look at her again the king refused. Everything he thought couldn’t possibly be true was in fact the complete opposite. Everyone except Tiy, someone he had just sentenced to death, was lying to him, making a mockery of him, even his queen. He had sensed this before from the grand master, but thought he was imagining things, but now it was self evident, in fact it was so obvious, how could he have not seen this before.
The queen tried to smooth the situation over.
“My king let us retire from here and have some food and wine and put this behind us. Preparations must be made for tomorrow.”
The king didn’t respond and just sat there gazing into the vast room and then turned his head to look at the place where Tiy had been knelt before him – her words echoing in his mind tormenting him. Looking straight through his queen as if she wasn’t there he was in a world of his own. He couldn’t even be bothered to question his queen anymore. He knew she had lied and was continuing to, that much, again, was very obvious and could not be denied. But this was not going to end here and he knew this. He knew that by listening to Tiy’s words, something had changed in him, even though he didn’t know what at that time, he knew something had.
Turning to his queen once again he raised his right hand and touched her beautiful face softly.
“Leave me for a while and then I will join you. I am fine I just need a little time alone.”
“Are you sure my king?”
“Yes I am.” He said nodding as he did.
“As you wish my king.”
With this Nefertiti left his side and walked towards the doors that would take her to the central section of the palace where she could make her way to the royal living area. As she turned her back to the king she began to smile, because she knew that the king was not affected by the day and what had been said, as much as she first thought and this was good. Nor had he the energy to keep questioning her and soon all would be forgotten and she knew she possessed exactly what would make that happen. This seductive siren was already scheming before she had even left the room, but she wasn’t the only one who was thinking of change and how to make it come about.








Chapter 23

Farik stood patiently waiting as the door opened from the throne room and though it came a guard with his right hand behind him supporting Tiy. Farik watched as Tiy hobbled behind the first guard, in turn, supported by the guard behind her. Although she could now walk as the pain from her knees was slowly going, it was still quite obvious that it was troubling her to do so. None of them spoke as they saw Farik, but he could see, by the looks on their faces, that all had not gone well.
“What happened?” Farik said as he came to Tiy’s aid and to relieve the guards.
The guard to the front supporting Tiy spoke.
“Tiy has been sentenced to death tomorrow morning at dawn.”
Farik was stunned at first and couldn’t quite take in what had just been said. He looked at Tiy, who he was now holding on his own, even though Tiy’s strength was returning; she still needed support from her friend, and asked her.
“Is this true?” He said softly, a hint of disbelief still evident in his voice.
Tiy nodded and spoke.
“Yes it is.” Tiy said smiling tenderly at him as she did. “And this is the way it is meant to be.”
Farik knew Tiy well enough to know that by the tender smile she gave him and the fact that her voice was so calm, there was no use trying to change this. He was shocked at the king’s decision, but wasn’t shocked at Tiy’s response to it. He could offer to go and see the king, which would probably only result in his own arrest and knew Tiy would not allow this on her behalf.
She could see his concern and spoke to him to reassure her friend.
“Farik please do not worry, it will all work out fine in the end you will see, please trust me.”
“How can you be so sure? I know, many times you have been right over the outcome of incidents and other matters, but this?”
“Please trust me Farik, I know in my heart I am going to be ok.
Please don’t worry yourself, just do what needs to be done my friend.”
Farik knew that no matter how he felt he had to trust Tiy. As impossible as it seemed, he could see that Tiy was unconcerned by what the next dawn would bring. All that was left to be done was to take the shackles from off of Tiy’s wrists, which he promptly did. Even though Tiy was at first very reluctant to let this happen, but in the end she let him and was pleased for them to be off. Then they began the journey to take his friend to the execution cell. As much as he resented the fact, he knew they had to do as the king had ordered.
With the queen Farik would push the boundaries of protocol, but the king was a whole different matter altogether and Tiy had always maintained they must do as the king asks. She had even asked Farik and Anelp to promise they would, no matter what he asked and a test of that was about to become very real the following morning.

Not one hour later in the royal living area the king sat alone staring blankly into the large room. He had dismissed the guards and Nefertiti was off with their sons eating elsewhere so the king could have some peace.
Nefertiti knew the king was still very despondent and had been since the incident in the throne room earlier. She would give him some peace for now, but was planning to work her magic on him later, casting a spell with her words accompanied by her seductive beauty.
Akhenaten sat there with a very troubled mind still staring into mid air, not actually looking at anything in particular. Pondering whether he had made the right decision was not what troubled him. It only took a short while after leaving the throne room for him to realise he had made a very grave mistake and it needed correcting.
What troubled him was the fact that he knew his queen had lied to him and he was realising, through reflection of past events, that this was not the first time. Tiy’s words, without doubt, had affected him deeply, but in some strange way, they were bringing resolution allowing him to recall events with the ability to look at them differently. But the process was affecting him being illuminating on one hand and very punishing on another.
Rising from the chair he shook his head and walked over to the window to get some fresh air. To see if that would help to clear it, but still it continued, still the process carried on.
Like a fire that had been lit that could not be extinguished, Akhenaten knew that this was not going to go away.
The king knew what he had to do. He had to talk to someone about this and he knew exactly whom that someone was. He needed to do this to clarify if this was not the first stage of insanity, as that was truly how this felt as the fire raged out of control in his mind.
The decision was final and he left the window and walked across the room for many paces before he reached the open doors. No guards were present; no one for the queen to ask of his whereabouts, buying him the time he needed with this certain someone.

Farik, Tiy and the two guards were nearing the execution cell and all but one of them had very heavy hearts. Tiy was now walking unaided by Farik’s side with the two guards bringing up the rear, recovering from kneeling on the cold stone floor of the throne room. As they neared the cell Farik turned and spoke to Tiy as they still walked.
“We will try to make this a little more comfortable for you.”
Tiy spoke back.
“You know I appreciate all you are doing but please do not go to too much trouble on my behalf. It could only lead to more trouble for you, as I am sure the matter of my wrists being bandaged is going to be mentioned.”
“You know I will take full responsibility for that and what we are to do now.”
Tiy smiled.
“You really are as stubborn as me sometimes, aren’t you?
Farik just smiled back without answering.
As they reached the cell the two guards behind them disappeared off in the direction of the guard’s barracks, which was off to the right of them.
Sometime later they returned with blankets, food and water and half the guards from the barracks in tow. The two guards had informed them and those who were not on duty surrounded Tiy and Farik, including the two guards.
Tiy could see the worry in their eyes and the pain that hunched some like old men and others it had lifted in angry concern. She knew she needed to speak to them and reassure them as she had Farik – as he did seem far happier now.
Tiy spoke to them all as they silently listened.
“You know me well enough to know that I will never lie to you and I am not about to now. Please know my friends that I will be fine and you must do as the king asks of you, because very soon he will be asking. Now do as you must and leave me here and I thank you for being my friends and of course for the food, water and the blankets.”
Many of the guards wanted to question and Tiy could see this in their eyes, but this time Farik spoke.
“Lads listened to me, go back to the barracks, I will be along shortly and I will explain. Now go on make your way back please.”
Very reluctantly the guards started to drift back towards the barracks and as they did Farik collected up the blankets and made his way into the cell. Once he had placed the blankets down on the stone bunk he returned outside to collect the food and water. He placed these in the cell upon a stone table and then walked back to Tiy’s side.
“Ready?” He inquired politely
“As ready as I will ever be.”
Tiy then left Farik’s side and entered the cell with Farik shutting the heavy door behind her – it clanged as it shut. Through the bars of the door he spoke to her.
“I’ll send two guards along shortly, at least they will give you someone to talk too. I haven’t locked the door and I don’t plan too, so please don’t argue about this.”
Tiy just smiled and didn’t bother to question this, finally just saying.
“Thank you.”
With this Farik, left and made his way back to the barracks leaving Tiy watching him from the cell door.

Meanwhile the king was making his way through the palace and knew that the route he needed to take would take him very close to where Nefertiti and their sons would be.
He needed to take a tunnel, but knew it would be guarded by two guards as it always was. On approaching the tunnel door Akhenaten came across the two guards who immediately bowed their heads low on knowing he was in their presence, standing to attention as they did.
The king spoke to them.
“I need to use the tunnel, but I do not have need for an escort.”
Although the king could not see their faces the guards both looked puzzled by this.
The king continued.
“Also I have need of you not to tell anyone I have entered the tunnel, not even the queen, do you understand?”
Both guards nodded their heads slightly to infer they did understand without saying a word, even though they did find the king’s request quite strange. Stepping aside, both guards removed themselves out of the way of the door to allow the king to pass.  The guard on the king’s right leaned slightly to the side as they did and opened the door for the king. The king stepped through the door and the guard shut it behind him.
After the king was out of sight the two guards looked at each other very puzzled, metaphorically scratching their heads, for as far as they were aware, the king had never done or said this before.
Akhenaten also found this quite strange as he strolled through the tunnel on the way to his destination. He had never been in the tunnels alone and found it quite eerie at first, walking down the stairs that led away from the door. Although the tunnel was reasonably lit, anytime before, he would have been accompanied by at least two of the palace guard, if not four and on most occasions with the queen at his side. Now on his own it seemed a very lonely place, but at least the walk would give him time to ponder and he so needed to do this.
He was still quite confused. His mind was telling him to return to the royal living quarters and just wait for his beautiful wife to return with his beloved sons. In some way, that was exactly what he wanted to do and even found himself stop, through hesitation, because of this. But undaunted he, after a few moments of deep thought, resumed on his journey, trying to keep his mind at bay and the justification he was trying to make.
Tiy’s words were echoing in his mind, which, to be honest, were causing him a great deal of discomfort and were causing a lot of the confusion, trying to deny what she had said. It was the equality she had spoke of that was causing him to try and justify why that equality was not present, to justify why some human beings were enslaved to others, because it was not present.
His mind was telling him that he deserved what he had, because of his position. And his position, as all others, was the way things should and always have been. That position (Status) gave the right to enforce slavery upon others who were of lower position. That they were confined to their pay grade and should never step above it, nor comment on matters that were above their position.
Tiy had done just that and defied him undaunted by the consequences she could face for doing so. Strong willed and defiant she had said her piece and made herself heard with a conviction that had impressed the king. Whilst at the same time it had angered him and confused him.
Never had he had to justify his position, the life he led and the system he helped maintain, not to anyone else, but to himself. Tiy’s words had brought on realisation within him. He believed up until that point, and still did in some way, if he listened to his mind, that it was perfectly ok to live this way and yes some human beings were born to be enslaved to others. But now he had to justify that against equality, the fact that, all human beings were in fact equal and if there was to be a standard, then everyone was entitled to that standard without exception.
This one quandary was at the core of the confusion he suffered, because no matter how hard he tried he could not justify what he stood for and maintained.
Nearing the end of the tunnel the king knew he would have to cross the central area of the palace and was aware he would have to face at least eight guards, having to explain to them why he was alone. Even though he knew he would not have to give any explanation as he was the king and could do anything, within reason, without question. He knew what he was doing was highly irregular and also needed them to not tell the queen where he was.
He needed time.
Nearing the door that would exit into the central area he paused for a while trying to think of how to cross this area and enter the throne room almost opposite. Exiting the tunnel he was in to get to the door he needed to walk through. After those, many moments deep in thought, he decided on what he was going to do and pulled the door open and entered the palace central area.
As he did so eight guards who immediately stood to attention and bowed their heads, again puzzled by why the king was alone, but not daring to question this, greeted him.
Walking forward so he was in the centre of them all, he spoke to them calmly without hesitation.
“I have need to be in the throne room alone and also call upon you, to not mention to anyone that asks, that I am in there, this includes the queen.”
Even though he knew, as he had asked the other guards, he was asking them to lie and as much as he now detested the fact he was, he also knew that from this point he would never ask anyone to lie on his behalf again. But he needed to buy himself some time. Because in reality he was a prisoner within these walls and could never spend time alone, unless of course if the queen suggested it.
He was now realising that the queen, at all times, had to know where he was. And the only time she didn’t was when he was being bathed and dressed. Or at any time he could in fact sneak off, like a mischievous child defying their parents to do something they would most certainly disagree with. Apart from these times, the queen controlled his whole life and had even tried to control what happened when he was bathed and dressed, until he put his foot down about this for very obvious reasons.
Each guard in turn bowed to show they understood and the king, on seeing this, walked across the central area to the doors of the throne room. On reaching them, the two guards stood on sentry outside the doors, stepped aside opening one door each as they did. The king entered the room and the doors shut behind him. Sighing with relief as they closed, which was not something he ever did, he lent upon them.
Now alone in the vast room he stood slouched against the doors deep in thought, ‘what a bizarre day’ he thought to himself ‘and it’s not even over yet’.
Outside the throne room the eight guards stood quietly, as they always did, but all were dying to speak to each other. One guard across from the throne room, guarding another passage, couldn’t take any more suspense and spoke to the rest of them.
“One of us should go and inform Farik that the king is in the throne room alone, I wonder if he is going to see Tiy through the escape passage, we should warn him?”
Silence reigned for still sometime until one of the guards on duty outside the throne room spoke up.
“He is right you know, we should send word.”
Then another spoke from across the central area, on guard by the entrance to the royal living quarters.
“I will go if you all agree.”
“But what if the queen comes back, she will notice that we are a man down and you know what she is like?” Said another Guard guarding the opposite side of the throne room.
The first guard who had spoke out spoke again.
“Look we all know what happened today and we are all aware of what Tiy has said about the king and what would eventually happen regarding him, just maybe that is today. The king, if he does use the escape passage, will have to cross part of our barracks to do so, as you know, to get to the passage that will take him to the execution cell. Now chances are, no one will be there, but, to make sure, let us warn Farik of what is going on and make this as easy for the king as we can. The least he has to explain to anyone about what he is doing the better for Tiy in the long run. I agree you should go, do all agree?”
A resounding yes was heard as all eight guards said they consented that Farik should be warned and the guard who had suggested that he would go, started to make his way towards the barracks with speed at his heels.

Inside the throne room the king still stood slouching against the doors contemplating what he was about to continue with. He knew his actions, from this moment on, were going to displease the queen greatly and in another place, in another time, he would, because of this, probably do the complete opposite to what he was about to. But he felt compelled to do so and even though his own mind continually told him he was acting as a fool to do this, he knew that deep down he could do no different.
Moving away from the doors and standing up straight, at the same time fighting the suggestions his own mind delivered upon him, he started to make his way across the room towards the door that would lead to the passage he needed to take. As he came up upon the throne he stopped directly in front of it, but couldn’t at first make sense of why he was.
The king stood and stared at the throne that seemed to look different for some reason, not in its appearance, because it looked exactly as it always had. But there was something different about it, or at least it seemed there was. Was it meaning something different now to the confused king?
Was it about what it stood for and what he stood for? A perspective change that was creating a monumental battle in him that he was caught in the middle of. One side maintaining its power through power itself, whilst the other was about undoing that very real power and what it stood for.
In reality it was nothing more than an inanimate object that was given power by suggestion of what it stood for. By nothing more than words contained in verses, a metrical formula that the brain re-lied upon to be able to ignore the truth and how dire that truth was.
Where did this reliance come from?
Other verses, this, by no means was a new concept. Granted the suggestions it manifested were the same, resulting in nothing more than simple command structure, which the few could use to control the many. All that had changed over a millennia was the delivery and the names, it was always about the namEs, the need to identify and what that identification meant, spelt out by the verses.
As the king stood there looking at the throne contemplating all this, his mind started to defend itself against what his heart was telling him was true.
‘You are the king and without this and all it stands for, you would have nothing and would bE nothing’, it told him trying to maintain its importance. Not bound by any moral boundaries his mind defended the world it required to live in by using words, again, in verse and where do these words come from? The temple. The houses of the temple.
Within the truth in his heart he knew they needed these verses and the words they contained. Because without them, they would not exist and nor would the power they had fooled everyone into believing they possessed. A power that was nothing more than an illusion. But because the consequences were very real for not obeying the temples words, as such, this maintained the beliEf that they did in fact have the power in the first place.
The result. A perfect system of control but not a new one a very ancient one.
As this came over the king he shook his head trying to clear it. But no matter how he tried, and the more he stared at the throne, the more this resounded in his mind sending it into chaos as he fought to keep his own sanity. More than ever he needed to talk and time was wasting and he needed to get to who he needed to talk to now!
Leaving the throne behind in his wake the king made his way to the door that would lead to the passage, still very deeply affected by what was happening in his own mind.
On reaching the door some time later, he opened it and disappeared into the passageway shutting it behind him.

A very breathless guard suddenly ran into the guardroom stopping as he did in front of a table where two guards sat drinking tea chatting.
Trying to speak through his breathlessness, he finally managed to do so and said.
“Farik, where’s Farik!”
Both guards looked up as he did with the one sat to his right answering.
“He is in his office, what’s up?
“It’s the king.” He said starting to move in the direction of Farik’s office. “He is on his way here for sure, I have to let Farik know!”
The two guards looked puzzled as they watched their brother run through the barracks towards Farik’s office.
The guard that had answered looked at his friend sat with him and spoke.
“The king coming here? The guard said re-acting in disbelief as he did. “We would know about it because he would be under escort and if he is coming here, he’s on his own.”
Without saying another word the pair got up from the table and started to run towards Farik’s office as well, full of curiosity.
As they reached their commanders office the messenger was already relaying his message to Farik.
Farik was sat in his chair behind his desk listening intently as the messenger spoke.
“….the king went into the throne room and requested that none of us tell anyone, including the queen, of his whereabouts. That’s when we decided I would come and inform you, because if he is coming here via the escape tunnel, we need to clear the way for him.”
Farik then spoke.
“I wonder.” He said out loud. “I wonder if he’s coming to undo what he has done. Tiy said everything would be ok, maybe this is how it will come about.”
The messenger spoke again.
“It certainly seems that way and maybe we should clear the areas he needs to access to make his journey as easy as possible for him.”
“I agree.” Farik said almost immediately. Being echoed as well by the two guards who had now joined them.
“Set about making this so. Clear the areas needed and I will go to the execution cell and relieve the guards on duty there. I know the king will find it strange that they are not present, but I am sure he has more important things on his mind.”
As Farik said this, the guards did exactly as they were requested to do and started to make their way out of Farik’s office with him in tow.
In some ways Farik was not shocked by this information and was not shocked that the king was in fact on his own. What did shock him though was the simple fact that Tiy knew something like this would happen.
There had been a confidence in her voice, but not one loaded with complacency, in fact quite the opposite, a humbleness unmarred by the inflictions of those who normally carried complacency through position. She never ceased to amaze him, she took no credence from being right about matters that she knew in some way would occur, always maintaining this was from her heart.
He knew, that she knew he admired her, but she always humbly deflected that admiration through her words, by simply saying ‘what will be, will be’. But he still could not get over the fact she did know and this always made him chuckle as he was now. He knew that many, including himself, would relish in this ability boasting that they could do it, but never Tiy. It was just part and parcel of her life and she accepted it for what was it was, never allowing it to consume her, never allowing her to become complacent over the fact it occurred.

The king was now about half way down the passage that was dimly lit. Still not quite sure about what he was doing, but nevertheless not being able to stop himself, from doing it. His mind relentlessly tormenting him by saying he was about to throw everything a way, including his beautiful wife.
It was getting harder to ignore and as he suffered this quandary he came to a halt as one word suddenly echoed over the chaos of confusion in his mind; rE-vErse.
Where did this come from and why could he hear this louder than any other thought that was apparent at this time? So many thoughts in chaos and then from nowhere a word that delivered a form of order, but at the same time another branch of confusion. Instantly his mind countered this and brought up the accusation of insanity as though it was trying in vain to protect itself from this one very simple word, which had two very distinct meAnings.
RevErse, rE-verse.
But what did these meAnings mEan? Why was he feeling this way and why was this happening? His mind kept telling him, as he stood alone in the passage feeling he was losing everything, including his own mind? His body re-acting to the stress his mind was convincing his body to feel. Aching in his shoulders that caused him to feel lethargic, not wanting to continue on this journey, urging him to turn back to the safety of his position, his wife and his life, as he knew it.
All this being caused by words and the verses that contained such words, how could this be? How could this be possible? But against his better judgement, according to his mind, he had to continue. He had to find re-solution for this quandary that now plagued him with a vengeance unparalleled.
He could not make sense of this.
Riddles, it all seemed like riddles.
But he knew in his heart he had to continue regardless.
Sometime later the king came to the end of the passageway and stopped before the door. Knowing that on the other side of this door there could be many guards, he tried to compose himself.
Doing so, he found the courage to ignore his own mind that was trying to deter him and opened the door.
‘Why was he so worried’? He told himself. ’I am the king and as such, should worry over nothing’, his mind told him trying to reassert the authority it wanted to maintain. But he was worried and for the first time was apprehensive of meeting anyone accept the one who he needed to see.
Walking through the door and then shutting it quietly behind him he paused to listen to see if he could hear any voices and was pleasantly surprised not to hear any. Moving slowly forward he walked attentively trying not to alert anyone to his presence there.
Looking round as he walked he saw no one and decided just to make his way to the passage that would take him to where he required to be.
Moments later he arrived at his destination and was again pleasantly surprised to find no one there bar who he sort, even though normally a price would have to be paid for this lack of protocol.
He could see the door to the execution cell and made his way to it, stopping directly in front of it.
Looking inside he spoke and not in a way he had ever spoken to anyone except his wife and his boy’s.
“I suppose I will have to stand here to talk to you?” He said in a now very calm voice.
Shocked by the calmness in his voice himself, he realised that a wave of calmness had come over him since he stood in front of the cell. It was a though he had finally reached a place he had been searching for, for a long time, not quite knowing where it was, or even if it actually existed.
An answer came from within the cell.
“No my king, you will find the door is open.”
Normally he knew he would have re-acted to the lack of protocols that were being shown and had been. But for some reason none of this mattered anymore and he pulled the door open and stepped inside the execution cell.
“May I sit down beside you?” The king inquired in a fashion, he couldn’t even believe he was doing.
“Of course you may my king.” Tiy said.
The king sat down beside her head down slightly like a scolded child would fearing what his mother was about to say to him over something he may have done she didn’t agree with.
The king noticed that Tiy at no time was bowing her head and was portraying the equality she had spoke of.
He commented about this.
“You are not bowing your head?”
“Have I need to my king?”
“No, you have no need to.” At first he felt very uncomfortable saying this, but then he realised this was no normal situation.
Lifting his head he looked directly at her and spoke again.
“On the way here I could think of so much I wanted to ask you and in some ways demand of you, but now I am here with you, I have forgotten it all bar one question. Why is the word reverse so important and what does it truly mean?”
Even though Tiy expected the king to ask her many questions, she was pleasantly surprised by this one, because it would allow her to answer so many that had not been asked.
“My king.” She said softly touching his right hand with her left hand as she spoke and looking directly into his brown eyes. “That word is very important on many levels and on some, that will not mean anything to you at this time. Please do not feel I am being condescending when I say this, I feel you know me well enough to know I would never do this. But you have a fire alight in you now that cannot be extinguished and this fire will start to rage when it needs to and that will cause you much discomfort.”
Even though the kings mind was telling him to erupt in rage to the suggestion of such a thing, he could not as the calmness enveloped him more to counter such an occurrence.
Tiy continued.
“Even though I enraged you today by saying what I did, I spoke nothing but the truth and deep down inside you know this. Even though your mind will deny this time and time again, your heart will tell you it is the truth and in time you will listen to it. You are special my king in a way you could not imagine possible at this moment and nor would you accept it. But in time you will.
You have a purpose and a very important one, one you will realise yourself one day and it is all to do with the mEAnings of that word. But more importantly the true meaning of RE andwhat you will deliver to humanity by knowing the meanings.”
To say the least the king was probably more confused now than he had ever been, but still remained calm and just listened to what Tiy was saying. Although he didn’t quite understand what she was saying, he did know she was speaking the truth and his heart was telling him to listen, even though his mind was telling him the opposite.
Tiy continued.
“What will happen tomorrow is unimportant, as all that is important is that this process was started in you and if that was all that was required of me, then I face tomorrow knowing my life has been worthwhile.” As Tiy said this a tear slowly rolled down her left cheek.
As this happened Akhenaten felt a pang of morality come over him and sorrow filled his very being as the full realisation of Tiy’s words took hold and the sight of what was happening. Without the ability to try and prevent it the king also felt a tear roll down his cheek as the full extent of the sorrow took hold.
Then something very strange happened. Without warning or hesitation they both embraced and held each other close. They stayed like this for many minutes sobbing as they did.
Tiy could feel the pain the king was suffering being released and the tears came in torrents. The king himself could not understand why this was happening and nor could he stop it, he was completely at Tiy’s mercy and knew that this had been done using nothing more than words and the rEAction to those words.
After a few moments the sobbing subsided and the pair released their embrace.
The king sat silent for a while, head down in a pit of despair, with Tiy watching over him like a concerned mother.
The king then spoke as the calmness came over him once again.
“I am sorry and I also thank you.”
“My king please know that this will be very hard as you posses a very powerful mind which is a curse and you will revert back many times and suffer for doing so. So before you thank me, realise what I have actually done.
The monster hides in the shadows and does not like its whereabouts to be known, because when you know where it lives, you know it exists and that is why it hides so you believe you are it. It has many masks for you to wear and many personas for you to act out wearing these masks.
In time my king you will realise this occurs and you will find ways to prevent it taking hold of you, but many times you will fail and suffer the pangs of morality as you are now, but more importantly in the end you will be at peace with it through amnesty. And even more importantly you will realise that this is nothing external and is nothing separate from you. Your mind does not control you, you control it and you in time will realise this my king. As all will when they stop looking for things to blame their actions on, always trying to justify them with reason, reasons that never result in them being to blame.
In time you will also realise that when you relinquish control and find amnesty you find peace. Until such time you are always controlled by the masks (the persona’s)and live your life in purgatory instead of peace.”
The king was listening intently, but could not take in all Tiy was saying to him. He needed to say something to her and he needed to say it now, but it was to be his mind talking, although part of what he needed to say, came from his heart.
“Regarding tomorrow, I will order that you are taken to the palace kitchens and that is where you are to serve. As much as I don’t want to do this as I want you near me, I cannot, but I can revoke the order I gave and I shall do post haste.”
The king had a serious tone in his voice and Tiy realised that the powerful mind she had spoke about was once more in control again, just not fully. She knew the words she had spoke had gone in and would surface again many times, as the battle raged within him
Tiy needed to ask a question of the king regarding this decision.
“My king, what of the queen she will not accept this.”
The king replied with a sternness that was not directed at Tiy, but more to enhance what he was saying.
“The queen will accept my decision as final. She will be made fully aware of this decision tomorrow and will accept it as being the decision of her king and shall not question it.”
“As you wish my king.” Tiy said bowing as she did.
The king then stood up and made his way towards the cell door, but before he left, he turned and looked at Tiy and gave her the most beautiful smile. Not just with his mouth, but also with his eyes. This warmed Tiy’s heart, as she knew he had truly listened and he could deny that most powerful mind control when he truly needed to.

Farik was brought back from his memories of all of this with a start as the door behind him once again opened to reveal a very unhappy queen.
Nefertiti stood silently staring at them both as they resumed standing to attention and blocking her path out of the royal bedroom.
Farik knew what he was dealing with and knew if the queen, did in fact want to leave, she would and she would quite happily ignore the kings orders as she had done many times.
The queen spoke to them both in a vile tone as though she was a serpent with a voice.
“I have need to pass to be with my king. Let down your lances and let me, your queen, pass.”
The queen almost spat this at the two guards as though they would be washed aside by the current of her words. But to no avail, as the two guards stood their ground even though Harian didn’t quite fully understand what was going on, he did as his commander did and didn’t question.
With bowed head, enough to show respect, Farik spoke to the queen,
“My queen, we are under orders as you know and as palace guards we do as the king says and no one can countermand his orders….”
The queen cut in before Farik could finish.
“You must follow his orders as you are his servants and at all times you must know your place. But I am his queen and as such I am not his servant and I do not have to follow his orders. So step aside and allow me to pass!”
The queen’s voice raised in tone as she got to the end of what she was saying and Farik knew he could not contain her any longer. He could not explain why he was doing this to her either, even if he wanted to.
With this he stepped aside and as he did Harian followed suit, even more confused than ever.
As they stepped aside the queen spoke again.
“Be watchful over my boys and remain with them, both of you.”
With this the queen walked between them and disappeared off down the hallway on her own.
When the queen was out of sight Farik turned to Harian and spoke.
“I need to leave you here with the boys as Anelp and our king will most certainly need me now. The queen has a sting in her tail and this could affect everything, I must go.” And without any other explanation Farik left.
Harian wanted to raise objection to this because of what the queen had said, but knew he had to do as Farik had suggested. Not just because he was his commander, but also more because he trusted him.
He was gullible yes, especially to the queen’s ways, but Farik knew he would do as he had asked of him, because of trust. Everything they were was based on trust, a trust that was never abused, unlike the world they existed in, that abused it every minute of every day!




Chapter 24

  To be honest, Harian was still quite puzzled by all, his aunt and general Sarim were telling him. But he did know what his aunt meant by this question and answered her accordingly.

“No aunty, it’s not.” He said staring into his cup, which was now nearly empty. “There were others like me, two in fact. They too suffered the same abuse because they didn’t believe in what they were doing, or what they were being commanded to do. I am sure the sergeants were ordering the beatings we received. Because I had seen a sergeant talking to one of the bullies whilst looking over at me, then later, I was beaten. They came for me in the dead of night. I cannot explain or express the shock I suffered after being woken by being dragged by the feet from my bunk on to the floor.
They didn’t even bother to hide their faces as they reigned blows and kicks upon me, leaving me on the floor blooded and bruised when they had finished. They walked away mocking me, all three of them mocking me, as I lay there in tears curled in a ball trying to protect myself.”
Harian said this with tears in his eyes now and emotion in his voice that expressed his disbelief that such things could happen. That human beings could do this to another of their own kind and seemingly relish in it.
He continued.
“This happened many times and not only to me. I am positive they enjoyed what they were doing. They took pleasure from seeing me suffer and inflicting that suffering upon me. I know they even killed as well, I know this; I know they beat someone to death. Because I witnessed it, they said he took his own life, but the truth is they took his life from him. They murdered him in cold blood and I was too much of a coward to say anything.” There was anger in Harian’s voice now as well as sorrow and the tears were flowing steady down his cheeks.
This twisted him into a knot and the bitterness bled through not only in his voice, but also in his bodily actions. As though it was twisting his body into knots he could not undo or prevent.
He was disgusted with himself because of his cowardice, but what could he have done? As no one would listen to him he kept telling himself and he would have probably been next.
Sarim sat there listening to the boy, shaking his head as he did, then he spoke.
“I knew there were incidents where this had happened, but I did not realise it was being orchestrated, I just thought they were one off’s. I know that might sound as though I am passing the blame on to others, but I was truly unaware of the extent of this abuse.
Only after leaving the army was I made aware of these facts. I didn’t know there were so many monsters and I was not aware of the fact that monsters were what we were breading.
I honestly did not know there was a difference; I was blind to it, as so many still are. I didn’t know what a true human being was, unlike now.”
Isabel spoke as Sarim finished.
“Sarim the coercion you suffered, as many have, to do as you once did, was very powerful. Once you fully don and accept that mask, then it is very difficult to seE otherwise and take it off, it affects you like a disease. I know, because even though we suffered different coercion, it still amounted to the same thing and resulted in us treating fellow human beings with the utmost disrespect. I am just as guilty of this and carry the same burden.”
As Isabel said this they both stretched out across the table and gripped each other’s hands to comfort each other.
Isabel spoke again.
“But, as we both realise now, it serves no purpose to continually carry this burden around. We have both remembered that we were once like this and that, in itself, is enough. All we can do now is use this to allow ourselves to never be like that again.”
Looking up as he spoke Sarim said.

Looking away from Sarim, Isabel turned her attention to her nephew who was still staring into his nearly empty cup.
“So my boy, you know the difference between a monster and a true human being?”
Harian looked up and spoke to his aunt looking puzzled as he did.
“I kind of get what you are on about, I just didn’t realise that there were such things. That there was such a distinct difference that could be explained. I just thought some people were just nasty by nature.”
“My boy, no one is nasty in nature, it is not possible. Please allow me to explain what I mean. The meaning of the word, like so many others, has been abused and changed to suit particular needs.
Most would say that someone’s nature contributes the complex of emotional and intellectual attributes. This determines a person’s characteristics, actions and reactions that might come about due to circumstances they are presented with. Harian this is describing the monster and not the being.”
Although Harian found this quite confusing, he knew that his aunt would explain, and in a way that he would understand.
She continued.
“From the meaning I have just given, you can see it talks of very particular aspects, person, characteristics and action, these are legal aspects, not human aspects. Let me break this down in a way that, if you like, is just a different perspective.
Look at the word person, coming from the word persona; meaning mask. Now look at the word characteristics; containing the word character. Now look at actions; containing the word act. Now look at the word nature; coming from the word natural. Legal is in form only i.e. person=persona=mask. A human being (man or woman) is of substance, or words of nature. The human being wears a legal mask to identify them via a name.
You must always remember Harian, legal is the antithesis of moral or natural, it is its exact opposite, as is what is asked of human beings to do in its name.”
Isabel could see that her nephew was looking even more confused, but she remembered this very well, because to be honest, this was how she rE-acted when she was first told this by the order.
As simple as it was to comprehend after being told it, did not in any way help when first trying to understand it. This was exactly what Harian was going through and the confusion it brought on was showing in his face and in his body language.
Undeterred Isabel carried on knowing that her nephew would grasp this, and in doing so would make sense of so much that had happened before.
Isabel continued to explain.
“If you look at what I have just said it shows you something, that is quite obvious. But because we think literally and not laterally, we do not seE the obvious. What we seE is what we are told to seE, we are directed away from the obvious and catapulted into the arena of complicated.
We try, at all times, to solve a problem by using the same method that created the problem and thus the problem does not get solved, it just manifests into a different version of the same problem, never actually ever being solved.
Look at what I have said differently.
Within the words it is explaining its true meaning and function we just don’t see it. The true human being dons a mask, and then plays at being a character in an act, that on pretence is directed as the true nature of human beings. But it is quite clearly telling you that this is not the natural behaviour of a human being, it is a pretence that is made out to be the true nature.
The masks we wear are the characters we play under direction in an act that is said to be the only way life can be. This, my boy is far from the truth, as far from the truth, as you can get. The characters live in a place that is not bound by any moral parameters. The true human being lives in a place that is completely bound by moral parameters.
The characters are the monsters that live in the mind, whereas the true human being lives in the heart. The monster will do monstrous things to human beings, whereas the true being would do none of it and in fact do the complete opposite.
The monster only thinks of itself, it is purely selfish, whereas the being is the complete opposite and always puts others before itself, totally selfless. In essence our natural way is to give and not take, the monster is as the word itself, it contains mon; from mono, singular, self and truly only thinks of itself.
Everyone is a distinctly different individual, but this is the characters and not the true beings, as although we do look and are completely different on the surface, underneath we are the same flesh, blood, muscle and bones.
The world we live in is of particular design and is of a legal design, designed to accommodate the characters and nothing more. To accommodate the masks that the character needs to wear to take part in it and of course to legalise the immoral acts carried out. We don so many masks at times it is very hard to realise who and what the true us is anymore.

There is so much to this, but for now I will end with this as I can see that this is going to take a while to sink in. To be honest this is nothing out of the ordinary, it does take a while for us to accept this different perspective. It took us all some time, because in all honesty the most obvious is most definitely the hardest to see, realise or comprehend.”
Isabel stopped talking and just looked at Harian who was still sat looking down, but not at the cup he was holding now. But at a pattern in the wooden table they sat at, that the grain of the wood made.
Seemingly he had switched off, but this was something that Isabel and Sarim expected, as it had happened to them when they were first told this.
The mind does this to protect itself, it hides away out of reach and the human being becomes distracted as the mind tries to divert attention to something else. But another part of Harian was listening through the distraction and nothing the mind could do would prevent this.
Isabel spoke again softly and caringly.
“Harian our true nature is only that which is natural to us. It is all the good we are and all the good we do on behalf and for our fellow human beings. In our true nature we could never willing hurt another human being. That is why they have to use the characters that we posses and if we don’t at first posses them, then they will give us the ability to create the character. Which becomes a mask we don, when acting as this character, a personality.
Soldiers are created by using this process because my boy, they have to be created. Even though it is through the body that the killing of another human being occurs, it is under orders delivered by the mind. Every time a soldier kills, this affects them, because you cannot go against what is natural without consequences. That is why my dear boy I knew you would never make a soldier.
I did try to express this to your father, but my brother would not listen and that is why you sit here, with us now. No matter what, I know in my heart, that you could not kill another living creature.
Even as a boy, you were the one who loved everything, all creatures the same, all seen as equal. The nature within you is too strong to be overridden by their coercive lies, as it will be in everyone, one day, many thousands of years from now. When those who deny, finally, recognise.” Isabel smiled as she said this with a sweet caring smile, even though her nephew was unaware of this.

As Isabel said this Sarim nodded in agreement and smiled back at her from across the table and Harian lifted his head up and looked at his aunty, puzzled.
So much to take in, where did he start with the questions that he couldn’t really be bothered to ask. How would this help him in his current situation? He thought selfishly.
It all seemed like riddles, characters, acts, masks and monsters what was his aunty talking about? Then to make matters even worse his aunt started to talk about many thousands of years in time; had she lost the plot?
His father had said his aunt had gone a bit weird, just before she moved to the country.
He was tired, confused and scared and was on the run and this was playing on his mind.
Sarim could see that Harian was having trouble accepting what his aunt had told him. They both could see this, they both had experienced this and not just once. Still their minds fought daily to cling hold of what little it could, cling hold of the world it needed to survive and flourish. To hold on with a vengeance to whatever it could, to prevent the heart gaining anymore of a foothold.
Like a cornered rat it knew its time was coming, it knew that the more the heart took hold, the more morality would show it for what it really was.
Sarim decided to speak to Harian to try and relieve some of his confusion; his voice was soft and gentle.
“I know Harian that in many ways what your aunt has told you does not make any sense. Well, to your mind it will not and in fact your mind will call it the words of insanity. But my boy, it is just defending itself from what it knows is the truth, the truth about it, a truth it does not want you to know.
When I was first told this I reacted similarly to you, but I was more pompous and aggressive, rude and obnoxious. But that was what I was like on a daily basis. I did sit and listen and then dismissed it as the words of madness. I went away laughing and returned to the grind, living as the monster I was. But a fire was alight in me and it was raging and I could not put it out and I did try my boy, oh, I did try.
It made no sense to me, or should I say to my mind, because I could not imagine life to be any different and to be perfectly honest, I didn’t want life to be any different. I had position, respect and many at my disposal, to a point I could physically dispose of them if I so wished.
I was consumed by the power I had, the position the status and all the trimmings that this delivered to me.
I drank the finest wine and ate the finest food, when I knew many of the people were starving. Did I care about them as I fed my face, did it ever cross my mind that they were actually starving, not just adults, but children as well?
The answer is simple. I didn’t care and it never crossed my mind. Then one day I was told what you were today and as I said, I dismissed it. Many weeks later I was at a function, a military one and went to the food table and was served some food by a man who was obviously hungry and was made to stand there and serve people like me.
Something changed in me that day and I didn’t actually eat anything, I couldn’t. Before this I would have filled my face, but not this evening, this evening it was to be completely different, even though when I first walked in I didn’t know it was going to be.
From that point I stood with many senior members of the army, masters and lords making small talk about what was happening and about what was going to happen.
Although I was very polite and seemed as though I was interested in all they had to say, I was completely distracted and couldn’t help looking over At the man who was to serve me food.
I was trying to devise a way I could give him the food I was meant to eat, but knew if I was seen or caught, there would be harsh consequences to face for doing such a thing.
This is how they keep you as a coward, simply, because of the consequences. Because it was cowardice on my part and selfishness and to be honest, that was what was eating away at me, destroying me from within.
That night I watched everyone and studied them whilst I listened and politely said yes and no in the right places. I could see the monsters for the first time, all around me. Not one of those men and women of dignified status surrounding me were truly themselves as they feasted, drank, smoked cannabis and snorted cocaine. They were all monsters and I could see it, I could truly see it for the first time. In that realisation of what I could see they were, I suddenly realised what I was and that stark realisation, hit me like a lance being stuck into my ribs.
The pain from such realisation is absolutely destroying and as of that point, I felt I would truly die from this emotional pain that enveloped my whole being. I had to leave, I had to remove myself and get away from them and I made my apologies’ and left. I realised from that point I could no longer do, act and play the part I had been playing for so long, my life had changed and, as they say, the rest is his-story.”
Harian looked at Sarim as he finished speaking as something the General had said struck a chord in him. In front of him sat a former General in the regular army and he knew how they acted. He knew how pompous they were, how self-righteous they were. He had suffered at their hands, not directly, but certainly indirectly.
The story he had been told by his aunt was now making sense in some way because of the General’s words.
Sarim could see that Harian was listening intently now and wasn’t so distracted. He knew the boy was listening to him and he knew he had to continue to allow Harian to come to a point of full realisation through him, himself.
What the General had seen that night, Harian in turn was seeing in the General. Sarim realised that the greatest way to deliver something that was completely different to the way we view things was to simply offer an example of it, as he was offered one.
Even though the situation had stark differences, the outcome would be the same. As the effect on him was as simple as the effect that was as apparent in Harian now – you just have to seE it.
Striking whilst the iron was still hot Sarim decided to explain a little more to extend the example to allow the boy to realise, not only what he was saying, but also what his aunt Isabel had said.
Isabel knew what Sarim was doing and remained silent smiling at Harian as she did.
The General continued.
“As you know Harian, I was a General in the army and you are also aware I no longer do that now. Now I am in a different army, unlike any you have ever seen, although it is very unfair to call it that. As it would offer, to no one, any violence whatsoever no matter what, but in calling it an army, you will understand a little more.
In a sense that is what I am a General in now, even though my duties are not as they once were. Mine now, is more about coordinating the transfer of information, than it is of fighting personnel; information to human beings. Many of the soldiers in this army are as you are yourself and are absent without leave from the political army. It is named this because that is who the soldiers really serve and do the bidding of, but this is not who they are meant to serve. They, in their entirety, are meant to serve every man, woman and child on behalf of the king, who in turn, is meant to serve everyone in entirety – as their ultimate servant. But, what we have instead is a king who maintains the political elite; the temple and those they serve, in absolute entirety.
The king acts in this way, which is the antithesis of what he should be doing. He is the absolute epitome of the hierarchal belief system everyone is fooled by, instead of being the protector and preventer. But this is not for our king to be, as many more will suffer his enslavement. Bending to political pressures, lies and deceit, legally castrated to do no other, even if they wished to.
Within the light the king is nothing more than a mascot, a figurehead somewhere for the finger of blame to be pointed at. When the real culprits hide in the shadows, pulling the strings of the corporate puppets, hidden from view, in the dArkness.
I might add at this point political puppets as I was for too many years. Believing I had taken an oath to serve my king and all he protects, when in fact that oath was to be abused by the temple and its political masters. To make me do their bidding in the king’s name, to a point, they will one day despise his position for allowing it to happen and for not stopping it, thus delaying the failsafe.
As you are aware there are those who fight in combat and there are those who police the streets. In both circumstances they serve the political regime at all times. And they are proud to do this, as I once was. I was a puppet for these political puppet masters and know their ways oh too well. Because there is always strings attached in anything they do and they need people, as I once was, to react when those strings are pulled – they need the monsters to react.
The people of this land have been led to believe that those who police the streets and those who fight in combat are there to protect them and keep them safe. But this is nothing more than a lie and they have been royally duped in more than one sense.
They are there simply to protect the temple, the aristocracy and those who work within the political mechanisms from the people. In case the people one day actually do get wind of what has been done to them, because, daily they do suffer at the temples hands and it’s devices of control.
Harian you will realise one day if you don’t already that oppressive law gain the lawmakers control of everything. And to achieve this they only need one aspect – words and the control over the mEAning of them.
What your aunt explained and pointed out was examples of this. The fact that even if the meaning of the word is quite clear to us, another meaning has been applied to the word that takes precedence and that is the meaning we seE, hEar and dEliver. They know that everything is a double-edged sword; the very words contain this as everything does and no action or re-action happens without words being said. If you control the words, then you, by default, control the actions as long as only one side of the duality is on view or accepted.
What I have explained is how this manifests and how the political puppets re-act to words they are told to listen to.
The spoken word can kill and has done thousands upon thousands of times and will do many thousands more, because of peoples belief in words.
It is not the belief that causes death; it is the words within that belief. To believe that life will get better for the human race is not a bad thing, but to believe that you have to kill to do this – is.
You, I Am sure, know what happens if you speak out against one of the gods in disbelief, you know the temple does not tolerate disbelief. You must accept the laws of the temple and are made, if necessary, to do so by those who police the streets and Harian that is their true purpose. But that does not mean all of them have accepted the words that created this. There are many who believe they are there to serve the people and this is their true purpose and it is not just to serve the select few – and they question Harian, they just never get any answers above their pay scale.
I am the first to agree that we do need them on the streets, but as servants to everyone, without exception.
Yes those who have done wrong must realise that this is not acceptable behaviour and it will not be tolerated, but they need help not punishmEnt.
The first part of that help is by those who are peacekeepers and that should be their sole purpose and not act as tax collectors, enforcers of oppressive laws and a private protection force for some. Without help being applied the system of punishment is perpetual as are all who are needed to enforce it. Unwarranted jobs created by a system that has no heart, caring or discretion as the people who fill the positions within it. This is what creates the monsters your aunt talked about and the masks they wear everyday as part of it, needed so they can take the part.”
As Sarim said this he too looked down at the table as shame came over him for a brief moment. It was like a grief that took hold of him emanating from his very being coursing through him. Resulting in a feeling of sickness in the depths of his stomach, but he knew it would soon pass as all things do.
This was just a gentle reminder, because as soon as it had come, it was gone and Sarim sighed as it did. He had realised only months previously that a true teacher actually needs to listen to himself. For it is not only the student before them he teaches, in fact he actually teaches nothing the human being needs, but everything the monster requires.
What they do, without even knowing it, is offer the ability to remember and to reflect on what you have remembered being able to see it with different eyes. In doing so you realise that you will sometimes suffer when you offer this to other human beings, when they are not present and you are talking directly to the monster, but it is only for a brief time.
This happens when you become an example to show others a different side to things they may not have ever considered. But if it sits in front of them, then it is very hard to ignore.
To Sarim, Isabel, had been that example, even though she was still suffering trying to come to terms with her son’s death. She still managed to be an example and in some ways it was imperative she was, for her to do what she had done for him.
Lifting his head he looked directly at the boy who sat across from him and could see that he was on the verge of crashing.
Sarim could see that Harian’s mind was going into flight mode, because it could not comprehend what it had been told.
The boys eyes were twitching from side to side trying to maintain the beliefs the boy had received from his education from words in books and of course the spoken word; words in their most powerful form. It was trying to protect itself, to maintain the control. It could not allow separation to occur, as then it would be realised, undeniably, that it contains nothing that is right and everything that is wrong. That any decision didn’t have to be made by it, they could be made from somewhere else – in fact the very place he had been told never to make a decision from.
The pre-given information and its processor were losing their power as realisation set in even though denial was very apparent.   The beliefs were very ingrained and deeply rooted latching on to every aspect of the boy’s life. And even though he was in a world of confusion, he had an advantage that he didn’t yet realize. He was aware that it was wrong to take life no matter what the reason given or suggested and the words that warranted such were wrong as well – soon he would remember this.

He knew himself, as it was absolutely obvious, that human beings were very susceptible to suggestion, whether that be right or wrong in it’s application. But this was not necessarily that easy to see under the influence of a powerful coercive suggestion. As delivered by the temple and its schools, that should not be questioned – unless of course it was in support of the debate.
In his time he had been a great debater and was looked on as being very intelligent and was looked up to and respected for it. But he had realised that what he carried was intel, he carried the suggestions, except they were not his, they were what he had been taught. The suggestions of others he had accepted as his own.
It always made him laugh when he remembered back to when he was told about the word schools and what it really means; the process of institutionalisation.
But even simpler than that was the fact that schools of fish all do the same and look the same. So when children are schooled they do just that, never questioning the direction they are heading just following blindly.
Not all are susceptible though. They are labelled as troublemakers and are left that way, because they will make up the part of the population that will ensure crime exists. And thus the positions that are there to deal with that crime are needed, nothing is by mistake, all is perpetual.
Sarim turned his attentions to Isabel and it was obvious she was sensing what he was, as she too, studied her nephew.
Both Isabel and Sarim could see that Harian was struggling to take in all that she and he had said. They both knew this would happen, they had experienced the same and reacted the same in denial.
Isabel could see that her nephew was restless and uncomfortable listening to Sarim even though he was listening intently. She knew part of him could not ignore what was being said and would intently listen.
She felt maybe it was time for a break and started to suggest as such.
“Harian dear, would you like some more tea?” As Isabel said this she rose from the table to make her way over to the kettle and to stoke the fire below it.
Harian didn’t reply at first as he was deep in thought, so much whirring around in his head, trying to make sense of it all.
Looking up he replied to his aunt.
“No thank you aunt Isabel, if it is all the same to you I could do with some fresh air though.”
Both Isabel and the General could hear how despondent Harian was, even though he was trying hard to hide it. But it was so evident in his body language and in his mannerism.
Before reaching the fire she stopped at Harian’s side to speak to him directly. As Isabel spoke the General remained seated and silent just smiling at the boy, her words were calm and caring as always.
“You do what you feel you need to do. I know that all this might seem strange to you at first, but I promise it will all make sense in time.
It is progressive and once started it cannot be ignored.
We have all gone through this Harian and in some; it just takes longer because of our individuality and what that mEAns to us. We try to deny what we recognise; if it is against the script we have been taught and lead our lives by. This is completely understandable, but this is not human nature at work, this is a spell cast on us by words that affect our minds that we believe we are. Because we have been convinced of this from a very early age.
Go and walk. Contemplate all you have heard and then we must discuss what is to be done now, because of the position you now find yourself in. But, as you do please remember this my dear boy and consider it. You chose to leave because of what you deemed was wrong. Ask yourself this; what within you made that decision, your heart or your mind?”
Harian looked up at his aunt as she spoke and saw in her eyes they were smiling as well as her mouth. As always she spoke calmly and kindly and he felt ashamed that only a short time before he was accusing his aunt of madness in the words she was using. Already realisation was striking him, nudging him like someone who was pinching him softly, who he could not see, touch or hear. Nonetheless it was happening and he could not deny this.
Yes he was confused and yes he could not understand how all of this could help him in the current situation he found himself in. But on the same hand, he also knew that his aunt would never do or say anything that would harm him.
He trusted her like no other in his life and because of this knew that this was only being done for his own benefit, even though he could not understand how this would help at this moment.
Rising from the table Harian made his way to the door not looking at his aunt or the General as he did. His mood was not so sombre now, as the gloom had lifted, as he realised what he had about his aunt. No longer did the black rain cloud hang over him looming and threatening to soak him as his mind struggled to find shelter from what it could not comprehend. Fearing the truth would rain down on it and the winds of change would blow.
Although he feared what had been said, being to him the words of madness that he feared would infect him like an incurable disease. He could not deny that it did in fact make sense and was the fear warranted, as was there really anything to fear?
Was the fear also made more threatening by the insecurity that came with it? Not knowing which way to turn as paranoia reigned and seemed to be very much apparent whatever direction he turned.
But he remembered the journey to his aunts and realised he had overcome this, not by trying, but because he had to.
Maybe at the precipice we do actually change, maybe that is when the real monumental changes take place in us, he thought to himself?
He was now outside and was met by the warm air and the sun high in the sky casting it shadows.
As Harian walked he watched the shadows and suddenly a thought popped into his head.
Maybe we are nothing more than mere shadows of our true selves?
Could it bethe shadow is the true us following patiently. Waiting for the time when the monsters and the masks they wear are dispensed of, when we need them no longer. Also did this reflect that in the shadows there is a hidden hand teaching all, never to venture into the shadows to protect itself from discovery? Why was he thinking this way, this had never happened before?
Harian just stood for a time looking at his shadow cast before him as the sun warmed his back. He was feeling calmer now, not so confused. He could sense that there was definitely something different about him now and the way he was thinking. But the point was, that in some ways compounded the confusion if he let it, was the fact he wasn’t actually thinking. His mind was completely blank, so where were these thoughts coming from that seemed like messages and were they thoughts at all?
Was this what his aunt and Sarim meant by separation and the fact you will realise yourself and can only realise yourself through experience. The words just enable the experience to be possible through creating the circumstances needed.
Never had this happened to him, never had he viewed life this way and never had he felt such a calmness come over him. The only other time being when he fell head long into the pit of despair. But when he realised there was nowhere else to go and he did not truly want to end his own life, the pit gave way and the walls fell down. And the same calmness, as he was experiencing now, fell upon him and he changed.
Maybe we need things to get to such a state. So that, we can be faced with the precipice we need for the change to occur to correct the state of things that ails us.
This time Harian smiled as this message appeared from nowhere, he smiled because he knew exactly what it meant and for the first time he started to really appreciate all he had been told.

Watching from the window Isabel could see what her nephew was doing and was also chuckling to herself. Even though she could not see his face, she knew all was well with him.
“And what are you chuckling at?” Came the deep voice of Sarim enquiringly.
Turning to face Sarim Isabel answered.
“And what kind of question is that you old fool – you know exactly what I am chuckling about don’t you?”
Sarim chuckled himself and smiled at Isabel adoringly, because in truth he did adore her.
She had a motherly way about her that just made you feel safe, but Sarim carried far deeper feelings for this woman stood before him, ones that he knew she felt back.
Although their lives were separated through circumstance and had to be for now, he knew in time, all of this would be put aside. They then could both explore what they felt for each other unhindered. But they had both agreed for now, things must be the way they were as; this was needed to allow what needed to be – to be.
Turning back to the window Isabel once more looked upon her nephew. Sarim just chuckled some more without answering for he had no need too.
After a few moments Isabel turned away from the window and set about making tea for everyone, including her nephew. Even though he expressed he didn’t want one, Isabel knew he would when he came back in which was imminent.
Moments later Harian came back through the door looking far more at ease than when he had left. Both Isabel and Sarim knew not to question this and just allow him to enjoy this calmness he was experiencing.
Harian made his way over to the table and sat down opposite Sarim as his aunt placed a cup of tea in front of them both serving her nephew first with a smile as she did.
“Thank you aunty.” Harian said looking up at her as he did.
“You’re so very welcome my boy.” Isabel replied.
Isabel then placed a cup of tea in front of Sarim and he thanked her. As she was about to return to the side for her own, she was suddenly taken by surprise, as Harian got up and flung his arms around her and embraced her tightly.
The pair of them uttered no words, as none were needed, as the intent of the action said more than words could ever say.
Releasing his grip upon his aunt he kissed her softly on the cheek before sitting back down. Isabel fetched her tea truly moved by what had just happened. She remembered how Harian used to do that when he was a boy for no apparent reason. Memories like these always moved her to tears, even though on this occasion no tears were shed, as they were not needed. All that was in need to be said and demonstrated had been, simply through the embrace.
Sitting down back at the table by her nephew Isabel smiled at Sarim as though to tell him to continue. As all that needed to be said had not yet been and Harian needed to know more.
Sarim started to speak once more.
“Harian we have told you much this day and I know this has affected you and we need not discuss this. But if you do require to then we shall, otherwise nothing more will be said.”
Harian smiled at the General, but made no attempt to talk and was quite happy to sip his warm tea and listen.
The General continued.
  “I have more I would like to discuss with you in a different vain and this relates, of course, to how I can help with the situation you now find yourself in. Please understand you are neither the first nor the last to go absent without leave. Many over the years have done this and only now do I truly understand why this occurs, well, since leaving the army that is. I always looked upon those who did this as cowards, but now I see they are really heroes,as you are. For as you have, they too refused to take life and have stood by their decisions, even though their lives are severely affected by this as yours is.
They know in their hearts that they would be committing murder, even though they are told that it is not murder and it is the path to the gods and their everlasting favour. You, as them, have seen this for what it really is and have turned your back on the lies. The legal lies that allow this to happen and even though they will spend the rest of their lives running, they would rather do this than be legally murdered for the decisions they have made.
They, as you, would be offered no quarter and if you were caught they would make an example of you and you know how powerful an example is. You would be tortured and then murdered in cold blood in front of everyone to serve as a threat to any who were to do the same.
This is how the system works and it works very effectively as a deterrent, all they have to do is make an example and you would be that if you were caught. Know when I say, that they will endeavour to take you alive, because the death of your earthly body would be painful, horrific and very long lasting. They have perfected the art of killing very slowly, very slowly indeed.
I do not say this to glorify what they do; I say this as the truth, because the truth is they have done this a thousand times. And it is not only the army that commits legal murder, sometimes it happens daily to protect the system and to keep it running efficiently.”
The General paused there, as he could see Harian was contEmplating what he had just said. He could see he had struck a chord in the boy and wanted to give him time to feel.


Harian sat listening to Sarim and knew the General was telling the truth, because he had witnessed this during his short time in the army – he had witnessed what they do.
A young boy and he was only a boy had run away and was caught. He was dragged through them as they stood on parade. He was not seen for days, but they heard his screams for hours until he had succumbed to the pain and fell unconscious.
When he awoke it started again and they all suffered through hearing this. The fear spread like a ravenous disease amongst them chilling them to the bone.
Harian knew how effective this was because he had even contemplated taking his own life because of the fear, a fear of this happening to him, if he did in fact try to leave.
Then one day whilst on parade the boy was brought out bloodied and bruised unable to walk unaided. They had broken his legs to such an extent, even if he was allowed to survive his ordeal, he would never walk again. He could scream out no more as his throat was so swollen from being hung till nearly dead. He had been allowed to recover for a time and then they would do it again and again and again.
Dragged to a waiting alter he was laid upon it. Four soldiers lined up around him carrying swords. He wasn’t even lashed there, for he had no strength to move, all of it being beaten out of him.
Then the charge was read out and the words were said that gave warrant for the horrific murder that was about to take place, and of course to give the legal reason for it.
Once these were read out the order was given and the four soldiers literally hacked him to death and Harian remembered how horrific it was. For he watched, he had no choice but to watch. Doing any other would warrant the same happening to them.
He had to watch as everyone else did.
What had struck Harian though was the fact that so few controlled so many, and the fact that if the many did turn on the few, they wouldn’t stand a chance.
It was the words and what they manifested into that maintained the fear, the control and nothing more.
Harian knew the power of words and knew that nothing on this earth was more powerful. Listening as he had to his aunt and the General, allowed him to remember and reflect on those memories. Allowing him to view things differently and to such an extent he could not ignore it.
As much as it hurt him to do, he had to. Forcing separation from his mind that said what had been done was acceptable. That murder was acceptable, if it was warranted in defence of something.


Harian again turned his attentions to what the General was saying and Sarim could see this and continued to speak.

“You my boy will spend your life running from them, always looking over your shoulder, never feeling safe. But I may be able to offer you something else, if you are willing to listen?”
Sarim stopped speaking and waited for Harian to answer, for this time he had too. He had to choose to want to listen to what Sarim was about to say, a decision could not be made on his behalf.
This was a turning point in his life that would be like no other. At each of these individual turning points, the decision to do so must be made by those who were about to turn and not those who had helped them find the sign post.
Harian realised the General required an answer. So looking directly at the general he did so.
“Yes General, I would like to hear what you have to say.”
Sarim continued once more.
“I would like to explain something to you first so it gives you the ability to understand what some of us are willing to give up in pursuit of what we feel is right. Your aunt and myself long to be together, but because of what we do, we cannot be.”
As Sarim said this, Isabel stretched out her hand once more across the table and so did the General. Their hands met and their fingers entwined lovingly.
“When the new order comes, we can be, as we would have long left this land for another, somewhere, if you choose too, you will be as well. In that time to come we will finally be able to live out our lives together with all of this seeming like a bad dream, a distant memory that will one day be forgotten, well, by us anyway.
No doubt it will happen again, but for your aunt and me and many others including yourself, we will find the peace we seek and long for. Your Aunt talked of times, thousands of years from now that will be not unlike the times we live in now. Everything must run its course and in the time frame set out for it to do so. We are nothing more than parts of that process.
Until this time we must be apart and live our lives separately, forever longing to be together. This is what we sacrifice to make sure that what needs to be done occurs. We have relinquished our own freewill for the greater good, that we feel, will one day come about through humanity itself.
Because in truth that is all we have to rely on, as we know in our hearts there is no outside force at work here, why? Because there isn’t one.”



















Chapter 25

  Harian, was quite curious about what Sarim was saying, curious in the fact that, even though he could see the love that his aunt and the General shared, they were prepared to live separately for what they felt was right. To put others needs before their own.
Was this too good to be true though – was this like looking a gift horse in the mouth? Or, was this just his mind, playing tricks on him? Also, the General had gone out on a limb by what he had said in his last sentence, blatantly denying the gods existence. But Harian knew in himself that the General was right on that account and knew at least Sarim had not be lying about that. But distrust of the General was still very present in his mind.
In his heart Harian did trust Sarim, but his mind was saying otherwise and still he could not ignore what his master dictated he should believe in. Again, the thousand years to come, had been mentioned and Harian’s mind was telling him that this was all mumbo jumbo and not to believe a word of it. That this was a belief in something that was not right and could not be validated. But, the belief he had been subjected too from a child could also not be validated he told himself, as his heart countered what his mind was trying to convince him of oh so powerfully.
‘But there are books about this, to validate this’, his mind said to him. Then his heart countered by saying ‘how do you know what was written in those books is true, what do your instincts tell you about such subjects? Neither, can be validated within the books whether they be true or not, but instincts will lend a measure to measure from. A compass, so you may remember your way. And what is that compass? It is a moral compass. Look at the words again and seek the words of morality, if they cannot be found in their purest form, then you have your validation’.
All the General and his aunt were trying to achieve could have been blown out the water; if he still carried the beliefs he once did by this one statement. It was as though the General knew that he would not react. That he knew how he felt regarding such issues.
The General was most obviously trying to win him over and get him to agree to, something. Did he know, or was it more to the point he just didn’t care. Living in a world that he felt he could say what he wanted, when he wanted too, regardless of the consequences?
Maybe he just had to hear him out before judging him, his mind told him.
Again his heart stepped in and said.
‘Maybe in what now was to be said, explanation would become very apparent in its own way, without the need for judgement’.
One thing Harian was very aware of was there had been some form of separation in him. He could tell there was a difference, more now than he could, as it certainly seemed it was progressive and he had no control over that progression.
Sarim took the cup before him from the table and drank a little from it, before placing back where he found it.
Harian noticed the General placed it exactly back where he had found it and he found this most interesting. The General even moved the cup slightly to correct its position, before preparing, to continue to speak.
Even though Harian noticed this, he did not comment, but now he was going to study the General more closely when he spoke. To Harian it seemed quite obvious, that this man sat before him knew everything needed correcting, even down to the slightest little thing that was out of place. Was this necessarily a bad thing? He did not know, but to be honest it didn’t feel as though it was. Even though his mind was certainly passing other judgements regarding what had happened and the reasons for it.
Sarim looked up at Harian and continued to speak to him.
“During my time as a General I was recruited into an order controlled, primarily, by the lords of the temple on behalf of the families, but run by businessmen, who are directors. The families create the orders, the lord’s place the orders and the directors initiate the orderslaws you would call them, others call them directives. These laws or directives are the orders that initiate all acts. They are what I would have followed to the letter, as a General – that was my job.
Never question if it has the stamp of legality placed upon it, the seal that made it legally water tight.
Nearly everyone who held a position such as mine, or similar, were recruited. For those they couldn’t recruit, came the ever-increasing confusion over what they were actually being asked to do. And even if they did voice an opinion, doors would shut rather quickly in their faces. Doors blocking their passage through to some form of conclusive reason, being told it is legal, do not question it.
Their system is water tight for a reason. Because this denies anyone access to the real reasons and agendas at play. A sort of self-preservation at work, but there are many elaborate theories regarding what this order know and I can tell you none are true.
By degree you know and by degree you don’t, it is that simple. Dependant on what position you are on – the scale of ordered reference. It is all about information and, are, you of position to know. If you reach the sacred third degree, their words not mine, as it is said, then doors fall open to you to allow access to the information that is hidden behind them in the shadows. But only if you demonstrate a quality they need, or can make use of.
It is a proving ground and nothing more. For those in power to recruit the human beings needed who have succumbed to the corporate monster and its dead words. Those who truly believe they actually are the monsters they act out. They even convince you, if you allow them too, that you have sold your soul to do this. And once it is sold it cannot be purchased back, but this Harian is just trickery, illusion that susceptible human beings believe in. Simply because, in essence they are ruled by their own minds, something they are most probably un-aware of.
They even agree to be ruled by someone else’s as well, if that someone else can feed their minds, with all it desires; wealth, standing and status to mention but a few.
If you accept this offer you have a form of anonymity from the oppressive laws, as they then, do not apply to you. Well, as long as you continually play their game. To do any other will bring about the full force of that law upon you. Being ostracised, humiliated and shown as an example in the public eye. Who are told what trough you ate from and what eating from that trough amounted too. All this happens when you fail to abide by the rules of the game.
Accepting the bribe – because this only works so well because of the two key components, them being. Bribery and black mail - allows you access to another set of laws strictly for only the privileged few to use. Every part of the system is controlled and governed by the initiates. They keep it running effectively, efficiently and of course profitably. Because those targets must be met and if not, the underworld must be paid.”
Harian looked quite puzzled when the General said this and it showed in his facial expression. Something the general picked up on.
“My boy, please do not take what I have just said literally. I know you would have been taught about the underworld in all the religious mumbo jumbo you have had forced down your neck since being a child, as we all had. But this word does not mean this, it has a very explicit meaning not known by many, allow me to explain.
In the religious teachings Temu created the world and all of us and as you know. He is seen as the one god, although many are said to exist. In the teachings they are telling you to accept that this is true and not only that it is true, but it is the correct version of events.
What I will tell you now that this is true, but it is laterally true and not literally. I know this may sound a bit contradictory and confusing regarding some of the things I have just said, but it will make sense in a moment.
The word the world means to nearly everyone the earth we live on, this planet if you like. When in fact its true meaning is commercial construct and yes the temple did create the commercial construct. It is the first and most powerful corporation ever to exist and all other corporations are only extensions of this through the initiates.”
“Corporations, what are corporations?” Harian said puzzled by the word he had just heard.
Sarim suddenly realised that Harian had no knowledge of this word or even its accepted social meaning, let alone its true meaning.
Sitting back in his chair he rubbed the back of his head with his left hand, smiling slightly as he did, but not as though he was making fun of Harian.
Sarim was smiling because of a fact he was told by a lord who at the time was a close associate. Joking one night at a party whilst making fun of a servant who had a limp and looked less than intelligent. The lord had turned to him and said ‘if you want to maintain control, keep them primitive, the less they know the more you can get away with’.
Sarim remembered this as though it only happened yesterday, even though it happened many years ago. This fact had stayed with him and it was only now that he was remembering it through what Harian had said and this was what made him smile.
Realisation from his memories always made him smile now, as he knew it did Isabel, who commented on the General’s display of recognition?
“Something tickled you old boy?” Isabel said smiling herself as she did.
The General didn’t answer straight away and removed his hand from the back of his head. But he was still smiling.
Looking straight at the woman he loved more than life itself, he answered.
“You could say that.” Sarim said coyly.
All the time this was going on Harian sat puzzled by the General’s actions and even more puzzled by the cryptic messaging going on between Sarim and his aunt.
Almost the instant the General started smiling Harian’s mind suggested that he was making fun of him. That the joke was on Harian and this showed in his face, something the General noticed. Looking at Harian only for a moment and then looking directly back as Isabel flicking his eyes in Harian’s direction as he did, told Isabel to look at Harian.
As Isabel looked at her nephew she realised that Harian had taken what had happened the wrong way. It was obvious he felt he was the brunt of the joke that made Sarim smile.
Isabel spoke to her nephew.
“Harian dear boy Sarim is not making fun of you because of what you asked. He is simply smiling because you helped him remember something. What he remembered made him smile. I do the same and so do you, or have you forgotten?
Harian did not answer his aunt; instead he just sat silent, listening.
Isabel continued to explain.
“Harian we smile because we realise how obvious what we have remembered is and the fact we never realised it before. That is what makes us smile. We smile at ourselves and it is only your mind and what you have been taught, that tells you any different. It is defending its importance as it is defending the useless knowledge it has accumulated, that it deems important on your behalf, simple because you were told to do it. We all were through education, not just in school as it started long before that. It started with your mum and dad, who had it done to them by their mum and dad.”
Reaching out her left hand she it placed upon Harian’s to reassure him and to enhance what she was about to say through the power of touch.
“Harian your mind can only work with pre-given information and nothing else. Asking a child or an adult about something they could not possibly know about can provide simple evidence of this.
Look at what has just happened. You asked about something you have no knowledge of. So if that situation was slightly different and Sarim had asked ‘do you know what a corporation is’? You would have replied no. You have no pre-given information regarding this subject, thus you do not know what it is.
This will be new to you and you will see it as being that and miss the obvious.
If the case is that all human beings have to be taught new things, which from birth they all do, then in reality something would have to teach the first ever human beings. And this is what the temple has relied on to make sure the story they preach is accepted. And I mean truly accepted by the majority who daily accept the words of the houses of the temple without question.
Please consider this. What if the real story is about a prophecy that was written by us. Written when we were different, before all you see that is wrong existed. What if we decided on mass that we would like to experience freewill and to such an extent we would forget what and who we truly are? That everything we have knowledge of we engineered to allow this experience to occur. To allow us to become the antithesis of what we truly were, because Harian life could not be this way if we were more than a shadow of our true selves. This that we find ourselves amerced in could not exist if we were more. It could not possibly exist and nor could what we do to each other each day.”
Harian had now turned and was looking directly at his aunt, but not just his head, his whole body had turned.
Isabel could see this and knew this was a good sign.
“There are those of us who truly feel in our hearts that this is the correct version of events. That we wrote a failsafe into the system and it truly is just a system that only ever has five outcomes. Everything repeats itself as though it is limited only to those five occurrences, actualities or reasons. But this is deliberate as is the capping of advancement. In reality there is only two, but we are eluded by the five’s.
If you are finding this hard to accept then simply look at fashion, music or plays and watch them repeat time and time again. Even to the point that some adorn fashions from hundreds if not thousands of years ago. I know you have seen this you just may not have ever recognised it.”
Harian at that moment was looking at his aunt but he was not with her or the General in the room he was elsewhere remembering. Remembering the times he had seen woman dressed as the women did in the images of them in the history books he had seen at school.
He also remembered types of music repeating itself. Then he remembered what had happened outside and found himself starting to smile. And as he did he was back in the room again and reality struck as he suddenly said to himself ’this is a bit of a coincidence considering what happened outside’. And the fact his aunt had mentioned exactly what he had realised it was quite freaky in a way.
Harian was now smiling, quite a broad smile indeed.
Isabel could see this and realised what was happening and allowed her nephew time to come accustomed to this. All it ever takes is time.
She knew the longer he was allowed to float on the sea of realisation, the more he would benefit from it and the more he would remember and that was truly what this was about – memories.

All the time Isabel had been speaking to Harian, Sarim had sat there patiently listening. He had found in himself since realising all he had, helped by his dear Isabel, that his patience levels had rose and he was now more comfortable to sit and listen when needed to. Something he would never have done before. Always to eager to voice his opinions and force them upon others, whether they wished to receive them or not. A trait many carry, but will never admit too – it seems the monster will never admit it is a monster.
Now he could see Harian was ready to hear what next he had to say, but he would not continue speaking till Isabel gave him a sign he should.
Still Isabel sat watching Harian waiting patiently herself allowing her nephew all the time he needed.
Harian sighed a little and that was what his aunt was waiting for. She then turned and looked at Sarim to indicate that it was time to carry on telling all he needed to tell.
Sarim saw this and prepared to carry on clearing his throat slightly before he did. This caught Harian’s attention, the desired effect.
“I shall continue if you are ready Harian?”
Sarim said this with a gentle tone to his voice.
Harian answered almost immediately.
“Yes please continue Sarim I am eager to hear more about these things called corporations.”
“Well my boy, the commercial construct manifests into our lives by the use of corporations and only by them. Everything is about business and the combination of these businesses doing business together. Everything that you need daily, is sold to you in some way by a corporation, nothing is free. Even if you buy from the black market you do not escape the business world. For they are as much part of the black market as they are ordinary trading. Even within this market you will find the roles being played, as they would be in a corporation.
The hierarchy exists and is just as much on show if you care to view it slightly differently. View it in its most simplistic form. The initiates keep watchful eye and no trading escapes the temple tax, whether it be legitimate or not.
The word corporation is made of two words that explain how simplistically it manoeuvres through each mode of trading. When you appreciate what the words mean joined together, corp being the first; meaning dead and oration being the second; meaning speak. Combine them and you have dead speak which manifests as the language of secrets, its real name being the language of the shadows.
The language of the shadows is a language you would most probably understand Harian. Or you would at least think you understood it if you ever heard it, and I promise you, you have heard it. The only difference is that within the words spoken or written hide alternate meanings to those words you have never been taught. These are called binding words that you will become bound by, just like a book is bound.
You have heard of the book of the dead have you not?”
“Yes Sarim I have, everyone has.” Harian said quite assertively.
“Have you read any of it?”
“Parts yes, but not all of it and only what I was forced to read in schooling”
“Did you find it hard to read and comprehend when many around you knew exactly what it means?”
“Yes I did, to be honest it made absolutely no sense to me. It is wrote in gibberish, but yes many did get it, or certainly seemed as if they did.”
“Do you believe Harian that you have a master, or there is something better than you?”
“No I do not, everything is on parity and equal, everything.”
“Then that is why my dear boy it made no sense to you, because before it can, you first must accept there is something greeter than you, that is your master, lord or god. Without this acceptance the words and the combination of words will not work. They are words for monsters wrote by monsters and do not affect the true being in any way whatsoever. But what the monster will do in the name of these words, does affect the being.”
“So the book was wrote with words from the mind and it is the mind that is affected by these words – yes?”
“That is correct.”
“So these words do not affect the true us, but the true us is affected by what the mind orders to be done to another human being in the name of these words?”
Sarim stayed silent as Isabel made Sarim aware that she wished to speak by a quick glance of her eyes.
She had turned towards Sarim to do this, but now was back facing her nephew.
“Everything, that happens, Harian is done in the name of something or other, whether that is the temple, Temu or some other corporate body. Everything, including all bar none that exist in the commercial construct have the same corporate hierarchy there are no exceptions to this. They all have their own doctrine written exactly the way the book of the dead is written. Once you accept the hierarchy, you accept the words of the doctrine that allows the hierarchy to exist, because in simplicity that’s what they maintain in perpetuation.”
Both Isabel and Sarim could see that Harian was grasping all that that was being said by them. Not only grasping it, but also truly starting to understand it. The blank expression that had been apparent on Harian’s face was now replaced by one of profound realisation as he slowly worked out for himself what they both were talking about.
Both sat there quite a taken back by this, as normally this did not happen straight away sometimes taking an age to occur. This pleased them both immensely and this showed by the smiles that had appeared on their faces, like the sun lighting up and warming all it looked upon.
This was the re-setting of the moral compass and Harian was accepting the re-set and not fighting it as nor did he fight the manipulation both his aunt and the General were doing to him. Their intent was pure and for the right reason only ever to allow him to see what he already could see, but was for now, just out of focus.
Only Harian could bring that back into focus, neither Isabel nor Sarim could do it for him. He alone must make the choice himself to see, for he alone allowed for the temporary blindness that did not exist, but believed it did do.
Both Isabel and Sarim knew that they could manipulate Harian to a signpost, but only he could choose what way he wished to turn. Even though each turn lead to the same place, the only difference being, how hard the journey would be.
Harian spoke.
“So in the mind of the believer they acknowledge the hierarchy is acceptable and thus become part of it. Maintaining it through the words they use and of course this takes over their lives as the words do. It is simple.”
“Couldn’t have said it better myself.” Sarim said chuckling.
“So this is why education exists in the form it does and teaches what it does, it’s creating the maintainers.”
“Go on.” Isabel said.
“Because if it doesn’t the system grinds to a halt and would one day be forgotten, because the system must be renewed constantly with new maintainers fighting for and accepting the hierarchal positions. It cannot perpetuate without renewal. Although it is perpetual now that is only because of the maintainers learning this from records.”
Harian was now smiling broadly and at the same time shaking his head from side to side, as full realisation came over him like the sun appearing from behind a mountain. As the sense of being human enveloped him.
“I must say this is genius, it is so simple, I just can’t get over how simple it is. We are not human beings we are beings playing at being human. And the true sense of being is our sense of humour the elusive sixth sense, our true earthly power. In these times there is a complete forgetfulness of the mind even existing, nor anything it has ever created. Which happens to be everything bad we have ever created from our minds. None of it is needed.”
Turning towards his aunt and Sarim, Harian lifted his head and looked at them both. Then he placed his chin in his right palm looking back at the table smiling. Quietly chuckling to himself he looked up again and caught his aunt’s eye. He could see she was about to start laughing and Harian instantly burst out laughing with Isabel and Sarim following suit.
No words passed their lips until they all just sat there smiling some moments later, then Isabel spoke.
“When we laugh at ourselves, we find ourselves, we find that we crave for the most, we find that we miss the most, but only when we remember it exists. Imagine what would happen Harian if the whole planet could wake up in the morning feeling this way; imagine what that would be like. And one day Harian I know in my heart, in my very being, that this will occur. Because we still have the ability to know what it is truly like be as we once were. Eradicating all that is now through nothing more than forgetfulness – because in all honesty things are forgotten quiet quickly if they are allowed to be.
Any way I going to make some tea whilst Sarim chats to you some more, would you like some?”
“Yes thank you I will.”
“No need to ask you old boy is there?”
“Do I ever say no?”
Isabel smiled back coyly at Sarim who returned the same as she stood up and made her way towards the fire.
Sarim began to speak again.
“To put it simply Harian the language of the shadows is just a simple deception and all things are done in the shadows using this language – all things corporate.
Everything is behind closed doors and in secret this is the real meaning of corporation. But we are amongst them without detection; playing the monsters they are, applying the corporate masks as and when it suits us, to maintain the course of events is not interrupted.
Remember Harian those who think they have total control are manipulated by those around them, to the point they will only ever make what decision you tell them to make – you suggest they should make via wordsmithery.
Dead speak is the language of the mind, the language of the shadows because your mind is nothing more than a shadow of your true self. Never be mistaken, it is part of you, it’s just part of you, you will have no need for one day and nor the things it does.
The corporate mind is susceptible to corporate propaganda written for it by the wordsmiths continually telling them what to think. Because without being told, they would not know what to think. Society is the political hierarchal structure that is maintained by the wordsmiths never allowing it to be forgotten. Simply by maintaining its elements are always thought about, are always present.
You are truly not part of society; society is a part of you, it lives in your mind.
So in reality, you can see, the temple did create the world we live in and they maintain it through political, corporate and social mechanisms through the members of the order.”
“I can see what you are saying now, I can see how simple it is.”
Harian was smiling as he said this and Sarim returned the smile as he continued.
“The underworld is the hidden hand controlling the world from the shadows, controlling the commercial construct and controlling those who maintain it. Controlling those who occupy the top slots, normally occupied by those in law, law enforcement and of course the armed services. Those in law who work for the underworld are the most coerced and they will get paid, no matter what. Because part of what they are collecting, well a good proportion of the payment must go back to the temple. And Harian be sure the temple always gets paid regardless of where that payment originates from.
Look at it another way. What do you get for free from the temple? I do not need an answer from you, because you can only give one – nothing. It is always pleading poverty so it can raise taxes. Once you have them oppressed, you have to keep them oppressed and taxation does this perfectly, especially when they believe it is the law and they must at all times obey the law.
Another way of looking at it is that you are told the only way to Temu is through the temple, because the temple is Temu and in relation to creation. The temple certainly did create part of us. It most successfully created the monsters and the masks we wear to play them, needed, for it all to work. Again look at it laterally and not literally.”
Whilst Sarim was speaking Harian was intently listening and he could see all the General had said and to be honest, it made perfect sense. In fact it wasn’t that hard to see at all, it was all very simple, when explained the way Sarim had explained it.
“It is all really is so simple isn’t it?” Harian said accompanied by a smile directed at the General.
“My boy, it is as you said, genius, absolute genius, because of how simply it works and it is only the simplicity, that allows it to keep working. You have to realise Harian, where the religious side fails, politics steps in, because politics is only an extension of religious dogma, the belief, it is about reliance, they just convinced humanity they must rely on something and gave them something to be RE-lied upon. Multiple gods just gave them the ability to re-lie over and over again, just to make the web bigger. And remember the web only services the needs of the spider that spun it and it is all about the spin.
It is solely about maintaining belief and if that fails, then they resort to violence and threats of, which you have witnessed. And how do they get away with it? They create the word legal and place that in front of every act and convince the populace that if it’s legal it’s ok. A magical 5 letter word that allows for nothing more than simple sleight of hand in the darkness out of there focus.
Magic is about illusion; it is the pledge, the turn and the prestige. The Order I belong too are masters of this. Trick is, never focus on what you are told to focus on, because chances are you will miss what really is going on. Also always remember that those who profess to have power only have what power they have been given. They are more controlled than anyone else and they are the least trusted. Because it is most evident, they will go against their own kind for nothing more than material gain and a power overcoat.”
Harian was intrigued by this and wanted to know more. He was finding this fascinating, simply, because it all made sense. But he was confused about the word anonymity and needed to know more about this and more about this underworld.
Sarim paused and once again took his cup from the table and took a sip from it. Again the General placed it back in the same position, almost perfectly.
Harian decided to take this opportunity to ask the questions he wanted too.
“Sarim….” Harian said politely, but not being able to finish what he was saying as the General butted in.
“Yes my boy, I know you have many questions and I am sorry for butting in so rudely, but I was just about to say, is there any questions you require answers for?”
“Where do I begin?” Harian said almost under his breath.
“Start at the beginning my boy, it is always the best place.
Harian sat for a moment and contemplated what he wanted to ask and the first word that came to his lips was anonymity.
  “You say General that you are afforded anonymity from, what we deem is the normal law, could you explain a little about this?”
“The normal law, or more correctly the laws of the oppression emanating from the temple, work via nothing more than identification. Even though it is common sense to name a child at birth, it is also a requirement of law. To those who police the streets it is a requirement that you, when asked to, give your name; this is so they can identify you. But it is more than that, much more.
Normally the members of the order are known by the costumes they wear, depicted by whatever theatre they play in, but as I said, not all are part of the order. Certain phrases used and by the use of certain handshakes, allows for identification to be made in any social setting and not outside of it. Outside of this it is simply about names and privileges allotted to those names called titles. Then the appropriate treatment can be applied to the particular person, which is what the title creates through entitlement.
Remember Harian the human being does not own the title; the title owns the human being. The human being is not given the title the title is given the human being. At all times all slots must be filled, so the machine can work. Without this, the machine cannot operate properly and starts to break down.
This is what they are looking for, because they know fore well that certain particular persons are untouchable, they have anonymity. Failure to recognise this could put them back years if they are trying to climb the ladder of opportunity.
The system cannot work upon you if it cannot identify you, because of its structure and its safe guards. But they will overrule this as long as they are sure you are not a particular person.
In most cases of arrest, whether you give them permission or not makes no difference. They will arrest you and violently if necessarily, depending on whether you cooperate with them or not. And even if you did know one or more of the phrases and/or the handshakes, this would make no difference at all. It’s solely about circumstances and not what you say, or how you say it, but about when to say it.
In any circumstance outside of the social arena they will only ever use their name, as I would and still can. Anything else is not needed and to think it is, is just another deception told by those who wish to keep the illusion of what they’re not, alive.
The members of the underworld are those who are classed as particular persons and have this anonymity. Harian this really is just about privileges, you either have them or you don’t, it is that simple. But you must be a member of the temple to have them.
To disguise this the temple conjured up a rumour that spread like wild fire. In its suggestions, it suggests, that the order were in fact worshipers of demons that lived in a place called the underworld, or netherworld. And if you do not obey the temple, as the order don’t then your soul would rest there, forever in damnation. This rumour was incredibly effective; again, working through nothing more than simplicity as the god’s rumour does. It was the antithesis that was needed to make it all work effectively.
They, the temple that is, also accused them of doing witchcraft. This was a play on words coming from which craft. In other words, what is your trade? What is your occupation, or what are you occupied by – what mask do you wear in the underworld?
The temple needed to break any association with the order, or at least in the public eye, that could be made. This is why they conjure up such stories, as they always serve multiple purposes. I could elaborate more on this but for now, I trust this will suffice?”

The General said this with almost an authoritative approach directed at Harian, which he certainly picked up on. But this did not dissuade him he wanted to know more.
“General surely you cannot leave it there, I have so much to ask you and you did seem quite happy to answer my questions?”
“It is not you Harian, its talking about it and I apologise for my stern outburst, sometimes I forget myself and who I am talking too, this comes from leading a double life.”
Harian felt a little like a told off child, but for now he was willing to let it go but doubts had been raised. Although the General seemed to be back to his calm self, it was the instant transition he recognised. Was it, the fact that it was said that a leopard never actually changes its spots? Or was this just his mind playing tricks with him again. But there was a nagging doubt he held about the General feeling he knew more than he was letting on, ‘I suppose’ he thought to himself, ‘only time will tell.’
Putting this to one side for now was hard. Harian was now seeing how it all slotted together, but also he was aware that the General had changed for that split second. That also slotted together and gave evidence of what the General had been explaining.
This change he certainly had seen in men like Sarim before and many others too. In a split second they could become the complete opposite of what they were, exactly what the General had done. Harian knew he was hiding something that possibly wasn’t sinister, but he knew the General was.
Harian offered a suggestion of his own and said.
“So this is really about offers and acceptance of those offers, basically bribery. They allow you to do what is not deemed acceptable and then hold that against you. So you will do all they require and that’s where the black mail comes in.”
“Absolutely, you’ve got in one.”
“What, it really is that simple?”
“Yes my boy it really is that simple and in many ways quite pathetic that we can be fooled so easily, but that was the way it was designed to be and it works perfectly.”
“Who designed it?” Harian inquired.
At this moment Isabel came back to the table with tea for them all saying.
“Harian we shall talk of that later, for now my darling nephew please listen to what Sarim and I have to say.”
Isabel said this with a smile as she placed a mug of tea in front of him. Then she moved away to the other side of the table and placed one in front of Sarim.
Both said thank you and a silence ensued for a moment whilst they waited for Isabel to collect her own cup and then seat herself back at the table.
Harian wanted to know more, but appreciated that his aunt had said what she did for a reason. He would not go against her, as he knew she always had his best interests at heart.
Harian decided it was best to just sit a listen after what his aunt had just requested.
Isabel turned and looked at Sarim and he continued to speak not before he drank a little from the mug in front of him.
“Now where was I, ah yes? Some Harian would call this a club, so to speak and for many that is all it simply is. But it is so much more to the few as I have explained. It also needs to be noted, that any level of membership comes with a price. I was and still am of the few and that is why your aunt and I cannot be together.
Your aunt kicked up quite a fuss over your cousins death and rightly so, but this aroused suspicions amongst those who look out for such things. Questions were being asked, questions, that required answers.”
Isabel looked at her nephew with a smile and nodded slightly to suggest she agreed with what the General was saying.
“As you know Harian your aunt fell out of favour with, who she thought, were her friends. But the truth was, they weren’t and had never been, more like associates. They tried to get your aunt to adhere again to the protocols and return to the life she once led, but the combination of your nephew’s death and the horror she saw in the slums changed her.”
The General stopped speaking, as he could see that Isabel wanted to take up where he had left off.
Turning to her nephew she spoke to him.
“What they did to me was awful and I know that sounds quite pathetic when you consider what I witnessed and saw being done. But please remember I was ostracised and the mental torture that created hurt deeply, as I truly felt they were my friends. I will be honest; I nearly turned my back on all this just to be as I once was. That Harian is how powerful the traits of the mind can be. Making you believe that social acceptance is more important than the quality of others life’s. As long as you have the perks and all the trimmings, you don’t actually care if anyone else has the same; all you care about is keeping them for yourself. In fact you don’t care how they live, it is totally unimportant to you.”
Harian was quite puzzled by this, as he never thought of his aunt being this way.
“But aunty I remember how you were and you certainly weren’t like that.” Harian said quite conceitedly in defence of his aunt.
“Harian that is how powerful the masks are and the acceptance we become accustomed too.
“How do you mean?”
“You remember me as loving and caring as I have always been where you are concerned and this is what you remember, is it not?”
“Yes aunty I do.”
“And on reflection that is all you wish to remember?”
“Yes I suppose so, what else should I remember?”
“Harian do you feel that some human beings are born into slavery or are not all human beings equal?”
“We are all equal, but circumstances have allowed some human beings to become the masters of others.”
“Do you feel that is right?”
“No, it’s not right, but it is a fact. That is exactly what you and Sarim have been explaining is it not?
“Yes it is Harian and I would like to explain a little about how the monsters can hide sometime to those who don’t know they exist. How easy it is to get sucked in by the lies and the coercion and become what you really actually detest.
I had servants, many, at one time, who worked extremely long hours for very little pay. In fact, not nearly enough to feed themselves or their families, let alone clothe them or house them. You remember what was nice about me and that is sweet, but you don’t remember the bad. This is called social acceptance. When we quite plainly see something that is wrong, but because society on a whole accepts it, then we too accept it and we don’t question.
Let me put it another way. The price of one of my dresses could have fed a family in the slum for a year and fed them well. Harian I had hundreds of dresses.
When you are in the thick of it you cannot see anything else. As Sarim said, you are not a part of society; society becomes a part of you through the masks, the personas. A part that becomes very hard to put down. It is all encompassing and takes over you literally.
become a person accepting the masks you wear as being the real you, because of what society dictates, telling you repeatedly how you should live your life. What you should strive for, the ambitions, hell, even the clothes you should wear, food you should eat, hairstyles the list is endless. Bigger, better, more continually and it never lets up.
You become entwined in its very fabric striving for recognition and accolade and all the time you are forgetting who you really are and what really is important.
My boy when you realise this and stark realisation hits you for the first time, it is so extreme, that you fear for your own sanity. What is even worse is when you can see it happening in front of your own eyes. You can see the monsters on display, your friends and family who are completely unaware that they are monsters. And they are the ones who accuse you of having some form of mental disease, when they are the ones truly suffering from it. It is so hard to cope with at first, the rejection that is. Rejection from the ones you know should accept and love you, for who you are, and not what society tells them you should be. But it does get easier, to a point that is, where it affects you less and less. But when the mind plays its tricks, as it does, it can be quite hard again to cope with.”
Isabel was now more serious than Harian had ever seen his aunt be and never had he seen her express so much passion about what she was saying.
Isabel continued.
“What I long for, is to be with this man sat opposite me and long for everyone to feel the love we share.”
As Isabel said this, Sarim put his head down in humbleness.
This did not slip Harian’s attention.
“And what he longs for is to be with me and for others to feel the same. If truth were known we could both leave now and turn our backs on this. We could make our way to another land and have a life together, a happy life. But we both know our purpose is to be here for now and to do what we feel is right and what others, like us, feel is right. To show others this love by, offering it to them.
All I ask of you is this, my dear nephew, please listen to the rest of what Sarim has to say, because within this, you have a purpose, one that is very important. I know your mind will play tricks on you and throw up all sorts of suspicions. But please, listen to what your heart tells you, it only ever tells you the truth, Harian it can do no other.”

Harian sat there stunned as he knew what his aunt was telling him was true, because he remembered the servants very well. He was friends with one of them, he had just forgotten this fact; he had completely forgotten this. He felt quite guilty about not remembering, but how could he remember everything when life itself gave him so much to remember. It was obvious to Harian that this certainly was not by mistake. The fact that living life the way we did created so many things to remember and it did seem that this was intentional. ‘Maybe by this happening we would forget what really was important, consumed by all that wasn’t’. A voice from within him said. Harian realised that this voice, although it seemed to be, was not something he could physically hear. More something he could feel and recognise without the ability of being able to hear what was being said through the normal senses.
‘Maybe now you know that I am here you will listen more and I have no need to use your mind to communicate with you or at least to a lesser extreme’. Maybe this is what his aunt was talking about and the fact that this silent, yet most prominent voice was the honesty that would never lie, coerce or be deceitful to him.
Through his aunt’s words and nothing more Harian was starting to see more clearly with a clarity that brought a truth that on all accounts was un-deniable. Because he had been told all his life what was true as Sarim had suggested – which prevents this ability. To simply be able to look at what he was being told laterally – he as many others, had just accepted it.
When you are told something enough, you will believe it in the end through the power of coercive suggestion, whether it is true or not and especially if that is backed by threats of violence against you if you don’t. Or some form of eventuality that would be ever living in the minds of the believers.
Through what was happening to him at that precise moment, he also realised that sometimes questions are not needed and nor is the confrontation that they bring. Sometimes you say far more by saying far less. Something his aunt had also touched on. One word in the right context can cause a wave of change – more than a thousand in the wrong – when talking to a monster that truly, believes, they are that monster.
Harian remembered, once, not so many years ago, when he suffered at the hands of bullies, but these were official bullies called teachers. The institution he went too was quite punishing as they were trying to create the new monsters to take over where the old ones had left off – as cogs in any machine, do wear out in time.
His father had sent him to the school against his will, because he truly did not want to go there. At the time when he was first schooled he went where everyone else went. This was not seen as an exemplary school and he was sent there mainly because his father at that time, had not got the money to send him too what was deemed as an appropriate school – suitable for a particular person to be educated.
How the general’s words now rang like a bell being tolled in recognition. Harian knew he had heard that description and label before.
Later he was to go to a different school as his father had a change in financial circumstances and Harian remembered, everything changed. The clothes he wore, the house they lived in and the area that house was in. His father had ditched all his old friends for a new group, who to be honest, Harian did not care for. They were strange in their ways, critical and overbearing, looking down their noses at everything and everyone, including him.
They carried a rudeness in their tone and nothing seemed to be ever good enough for them, or at least reach their set of standards. He knew his father was trying to be as them and he had changed too and not just when they were about. He was spending less and less time at home always seeming to be at work and when he was at home it was as though he didn’t want to be.
His friends had suggested the school that Harian should be sent too and his father had done as suggested. Not because it was the best thing for his son, but because it fitted in to the social slot he had found for himself. Even though it was to the detriment of his family, which didn’t seem to concern him in the slightest. In fact nothing regarding the family seemed to interest him anymore as all his interests were in his new friends, work or going to a new club he was now a member of.
Again the bell tolled in recognition as reflection came like a tidal wave with nothing in its path to stop it. Harian could see all this, but not just see it, feel it, live it, as he did at that time. Reflection brought this on in an overbearing way, with a very obvious message; we do forget.
Harian was unsure of this, as his thoughts raced regarding the emotions ripping through his body and how to prevent them, but   Harian did not want them prevented. He wanted to feel as he once did, to remember how it felt.
But as soon as it had come, it was gone; as though he had put down a heavy bag he had been carrying all his life. Meaningless baggage, he thought he needed, but now realised, he didn’t and realised the thoughts were as meaningless as the baggage.
He had no desire to be a replacement cog as he soon realised what the game plan was. To be honest it was very obvious, well to Harian any way, as the whole school reeked of the pungent odour of self-gratification as the enchanted lived the corporate dream. Sarim and his aunt this day had confirmed this. Confirmed that what he felt at that time was right and the reasons for feeling so.
After being made to study business, he soon became wise to its ways and what monsters it would produce as off spring and what that off spring would grow up to be.
Studying the mechanisms of business allowed him to see how it worked, but not how his teachers wanted him to see it. He saw something quite obvious that no one wanted to talk about and frowned on it being discussed; to a point one teacher became quite physical with him.
The same thing had happened in the temple once when he was only a boy, when he asked the question of a priest; If Temu is the god of all gods, then who created him? The priest became quite angry and complained bitterly to his father, his father wasn’t at all happy and Harian was scolded for it.
Harian, as a young teenager, could not understand why it was so wrong to ask such a question. But now on reflection, he realised why his question had upset the priest so much and why the priest could not answer. He realised now that he had asked an un-answerable question that made a mockery of all, the priest believed in. Still was he so blindly oblivious.
The answer was quite logical to Harian. If we cannot just exist, then nor can that which supposedly created us, it is obvious. If Temu can just exist then so can we, and if this is the case then we have no need of a creator.
As Harian reflected on this memory he felt for the priest for a moment, trying to keep hold of a belief as it was so carelessly ripped away from him. But Harian also realised quite quickly that he didn’t intend for it to happen.
He had always quietly questioned intent and always saw true motives for what they were. The desires being strived for that gave reason to why they did what they did. Desire was their sole purpose that dictated and directed their behaviour, behaviour that could be very un-becoming, ruthless and immoral.
His aunt’s description was very accurate they were, truly monsters. Self obsessed parasites preying on those they have convinced are less than them, as they truly believe they are more. True delusions of grandeur, always believing they were more powerful and influential than they really were. The ultimate delusion that many were blinded too believing that it doesn’t exist. And deluded enough to believe it will never come to an end. Locked in a world of self-importance that denies the ability to see equality that would clearly shatter the world they believe in. Sometime since Harian had worked out quite quickly that the key component was greed, that led to obsession and finally to deceit. Not just to others but more importantly to yourself.  Continually lying to yourself in a vain attempt to mask the fact that you are on parity with every other living thing that dwells upon this earth. A fact you very well know – but deny, daily.
But greed has a side effect that one day will manifest, because it is like a fire and as a fire, greed devours all around it through obsession. Until there is nothing left accept itself and then it devours itself and the foundation block crumbles. It is obvious, so very obvious.
The incident with the teacher who had man handled him had scared Harian. He then kept his questions to himself, quietly observing and realising, watching it all, just becoming more evident. It was everywhere and everywhere was it. There wasn’t a walk of life this wasn’t apparent in. It cannot hide once it has been seen. It truly is so obvious it stands out like a pink elephant would.

Harian’s father was becoming suspicious. So he decided to study and to try and do well, even though this at first was very hard. He tried to fit in, but he found the part he had to act, at times, hard to play. As the masks he would have to wear were becoming loose and kept slipping off.
In the end he did do reasonably well, but not good enough in his father’s eyes. He had obviously not reached his fathers high expectations of him. This resulted in mentally painful disappointments – his father was not best pleased. This hurt Harian to see that his father was disappointed in him for not being successful. Disappointed that Harian did not wish for the same and that it actually meant nothing to him. His father was confused and didn’t deal with this confusion very well. It made him angry and act like a young child who was used to getting their own way and hadn’t.
As Harian remembered all this, he suddenly realised he had been listening to the General and his aunt and must have drifted off into his memories. Oblivious of where he was and whom he was with.
Realising this he apologised, but before he could his aunt spoke.
“Back with us now are we?”
“Yes, sorry aunty and to you General, I wasn’t with it for a moment.” Harian said smiling nervously as he spoke.
“Bit longer than a moment my boy.” Sarim said chuckling as he did. “No need to apologies Harian, it is to be expected.”
Isabel spoke again.
“Harian, my dear boy, we all reflect. Some call this meditation, profound contemplation. Where the course is not being steered by the mind, but by something more sincere. Guided by the heart some say. We all go off to that place now and again, it is just in some of us it happens more than less. Maybe because we really want it to happen, maybe this is a selfless desire if such a thing can exist.
When this happens to someone, it is always better to just be patient and wait for them to complete. It is always more profound that way, good things cannot be rushed; it is always about quality and not quantity. Better to understand one message completely, than three incompletely.”
Drifting off into daydreams was something Harian was quite accustomed to doing, but not normally when he was in the company of others. More when he was on his own. He felt kind of embarrassed by what had just happened, but was pleased both the General and his aunt had made light of it.
He was glad for his aunt’s explanation, because he had seen this before in the few friends he had and had always allowed them time, if they seemed to be in a world of their own.
All of a sudden from outside came a noise that sounded like horses. Harian leapt up from his chair and ran over to the window, but he could not see anything from that position.
“Harian what is wrong with you my boy?” Isabel asked.
“I heard horses outside aunty, maybe they have found me I must leave now.” Harian said with anxiety in his voice.
Sarim stood and spoke to try and calm the now very frightened Harian who was fast becoming panic stricken.
“Harian please, you have nothing to fear I promise you my boy”
Harian was having none of it. He looked at Sarim and said.
“I knew I shouldn’t have trusted you, I knew I should have just run.”
“Harian darling your mind is playing tricks on you, you have nothing to fear I promise you.” Isabel said trying to calm Harian down.
Harian like a trapped animal was sizing up the situation but he would not barge pass his aunt. The only way left to go would be past Sarim and out the very door you could guarantee those who were looking for would come through.
Just standing panic-stricken Harian heard the latch on the door and completely froze. The latch lifted up and the door slowly swung open.
Harian swallowed hard as the door opened fully and a hooded figure entered the room head down. The figure lifted his head and lowered his hood and Harian was stunned to see who was stood there and muttered.




Chapter 26

Heart beating fast and horror filling his very essence delivered by the fear projected by his own mind and nothing else. Harian, because of the situation he now found himself in, stood silent staring at his father unable to utter another word. Thought after thought punished him over and over. Round and around relentlessly, seemingly never ending, as any situation where fear was concerned presented to the sufferer that it would never pass. Consumed by it. Paralysed by it. Controlling his very being, even down to the breaths he took. Slow and sharp as though he didn’t want anyone within the room to realise how he was breathing in case he gave anything away.
Waiting for the door to swing open again as it had shut behind his father as he had walked through it. Open, but this time for soldiers to appear, many of them to remove him. Arrest him and take him back to the hellhole he had escaped from in chains.
‘Would my father do this to me’ he questioned? ‘Would my aunt do this to me knowingly keeping me talking and listening to give his father time to get there with the soldiers’? And what about the General, was he also in on it – was he the instigator of this? ‘What should I do? Run, stay and try to reason with them all or just submit to the fact and the situation and make it easy on myself, well easier?
His heart was beating even faster now as this torrent of mental abuse in thought form battered him. Knocked him from side to side up and down and in every which way it could.
He had no defence against this and could not prevent it from happening. The nightmare that was the reality he was faced with now really did seem like it would never end. All suggested to him by his own mind and nothing else. As he watched the events of the next few moments unfold, his confusion became even more compounded.


Harian’s father Amen stood and shook the dust from his robes and then removed them, placing them on the back of a chair at the table. As he did this Sarim stood with a smile lighting up his face and made his way towards Amen with his arms outstretched saying.
“Amen my old friend, it has been far too long.”
Harian’s father looked at the approaching General and greeted him with the same gesture, smiling as he did.
“Sarim, my old friend.”
And as the pair embraced they hugged and chuckled as they held each over tightly showing the feelings of friendship they felt for one another.
Harian, to say the least, was speechless and could not utter a word even if he wanted too. All the fears his mind was projecting were now manifesting in front of his own eyes, only compounding what his mind wanted him to believe. The torture continuing as he struggled mentally, trying to think of a way to escape this situation as presumption ruled relentlessly.
Then his aunt Isabel moved towards the two men and stood patiently waiting to embrace her brother saying.
“Brother, it is so good to see you.”
Amen left the General’s embrace to grasp his sister and show her the love he felt for her and to demonstrate the fact that he too, had also missed her deeply.
“Oh how good it is to feel you in my arms.” Amen could not contain himself. “I have missed you so much.”
And as he said this, his eyes flicked over to where his panic stricken son stood watching. Amen could see the confusion and the pain his boy was in and the floodgates opened. Leaving his sister’s embrace, sobbing quite openly, Amen made his way around the table towards his apprehensive son who was frozen to the spot.
As Amen reached Harian and flung his arms around his son, crying uncontrollably, Harian stood as a statue not knowing how to react. He had never seen his father act this way. Always he seemed cold and un-caring almost callous and never had he displayed such emotions towards him.
But as Harian felt the tightness of his father’s grip upon him and his body jerking from the uncontrollable sobbing. And even though his mind was repeating over and over; flee flee. He felt himself react to the situation. He too started to hug his father and the more he did, the tighter he held him and he to could feel the tears starting to come.
This overwhelming demonstration of love that a father and son were showing was too much for Isabel and a tear started to gently track down her face. She put out her left hand to find Sarim’s. As she did she gripped it firmly and turned to look at the man she loved. He was also showing the effects of what this pure emotion on display was so powerfully doing and he too had watery eyes.
As this was happening Amen released his grip somewhat from his son and stood holding his upper arms. Looking at him, still weeping and through bated breath Amen spoke to his boy.
“Look at you my son, you are a man now and what a fine man you have become and I am sorry my son, I am so sorry.”
Then his head went down and the tears flowed again relentlessly. And this time, even though he was still in a mass of confusion, Harian pulled his father close. They hugged, both weeping and holding each other to try and ease the emotional pain they both felt. A pain, which was it seemed, very much needed to be felt by all parties concerned.


Sometime had passed and they all now sat at the table except Isabel who was at the fire making tea.
Harian sat next to his father Amen who was opposite Sarim and Amen was holding his son’s hand and was still quite emotional.
Moments later Isabel delivered the freshly brewed tea to the table and took her place beside Sarim.
Harian had resided himself to the fact that this situation was not as he had first presumed from the thoughts running amok through his mind and something quite unusual was occurring. Even though he had no idea of what it was to be. Satisfied with this, he was prepared to sit and listen to what his father had to say. Also he could not help being just a little astounded at the way his father had acted. To a point, he really did want to explore this far deeper.
He realised now that his fathers presence was not one that was to cause him any harm. Even though the presumption had been – in his thoughts that is – that this was the case. In some ways the previous conversations that had took place all that morning with his aunt and the General, were adding weight to this logic. He could see that his father was generally upset and this was in no way put on. In some ways Harian was annoyed at himself for presuming anything was untoward in the first place. But at the same time, through the help offered by his aunt and the General, he could see where these fears that led to the presumption resided. In doing this, Harian saw absolute evidence of how the mind will presume the exact opposite of what was actually occurring. Because it knows nothing of the affairs of the heart and can offer nothing but the reverse of them when they come into play.
Sat quietly contemplating all this he sensed a warmth inside as he felt how tightly his father gripped his hand. In what would seem an attempt by his father to start to correct the way that Harian viewed the way he felt about him.
Even though Harian felt this assumption was a little rash, it did feel right regarding the coldness that his father had shown towards him for such a prolonged time. Well he thought it did any way. This was something that Harian had wanted to explore, but was never sure how he should approach the subject, never quite knowing where to start. His father had acted very childish at times, which always made approaching him with delicate subjects very hard.
Above all else, one thing Harian was plainly witnessing was, even though his father was still quite over come with emotion and his aunt was still reeling from the show of emotion from both the both of them. Everyone including himself were sat silently smiling. Even though the tears still fell from his father’s eyes, a smile was present upon his mouth and more importantly within his eye’s shining through every tear that dropped. The once very present thoughts of escaping this situation and the fear that had enveloped Harian, was now dissipating and in return warmth ran through his very being.
Still an element of insecurity was present within his mind, but nowhere near was it to the extent it had been. Harian had resided himself to the very evident fact that his fathers presence was for a good reason. Even though at this time Harian was not sure why his father was here with them. One thing he felt he knew was another very simple but important fact, he was certainly about to find out.

After sometime sat in silence Isabel spoke and as she did she turned to look at Sarim and once again placed her left hand in his.
“Well my dear I feel our presence it not needed at this moment as a father and son have much to discuss. Would you care to join me for a walk?
Isabel said this smiling as she did and continued with.
“Are you up to it old boy?”
Sarim – eyes smiling as well as his mouth – quipped.
“Less of the old and yes I would love to join you.”
With this Isabel smiled and they both rose from the table. Before leaving Isabel walked around the table to where her nephew was sitting and bent down to whisper something in Harian’s ear.
“I know much has happened between you and your father, but please my boy listen to what he has to tell you and allow him to explain himself entirely. I promise you, you have much to gain from this and this is between you two and what is to be said is for your ears only.”
As Isabel said this she put her right hand upon Harian’s shoulder to enhance what she was saying again using the power of touch. As always, to highlight the importance of what she was saying.
Harian turned slightly and kissed his aunt on the cheek to establish to her that he understood fully and would do as she had asked. After all as a child he always longed to please his aunt and in adulthood that had not changed.
With this Isabel smiled lifted her hand and cupped Harian’s face to express her feelings. Then she walked back round the table to join Sarim who stood with out stretched hand. Isabel took Sarim’s hand and the pair made their way towards the door and exited through it, to leave the Amen and Harian to talk over all that needed to be discussed.

As the door shut behind them Amen turned to Harian and as he did so he took his sons right hand I his left hand. Harian could see that his father’s tears had stopped, but he looked very remorseful and this hurt Harian. He had never seen his father this way and in truth did not like seeing his father carry such a burden that was causing this. But he also realised that this was something only his father could release himself from. In truth he did not fully understand why he knew this, but accepted he did without question – as he accepted many things now that he previously wouldn’t have.
His aunt and the General had allowed him to view life through real eyes and in doing so his perspectives had changed dramatically. A change on all accounts that was, as it seemed permanent, because if it wasn’t, he would not be sat with his father now. He would not have given him the time of day without being ordered to do so, up until this point. And even though what Isabel had said could be construed as an order, it was as Harian realised more of a request. Which with respect Harian knew was a polite way of ordering, but he knew his aunts intent was pure and certainly for the right reasons. And because of the change in him, a request he was now prepared to honour.
Amen began to speak with a voice that was soft and calm, but at the same time Harian could still detect emotion present within it.
“My son I have so much to tell you and all I ask is that you hear me out. Once you have listened to what I have to say, what you decide to do from that point on is solely your decision, neither your aunt, Sarim nor myself will try to coerce you to do anything that you do not want to do.
The time for truth is upon us and is significant for future events to occur, as they must. And even if the decision is not correct today it will be at sometime, as things can only be one way. I know that might sound like a riddle now, but please appreciate my dear son that it will all make sense soon.”
Harian sat listening, but said nothing. He appreciated that most of what his aunt and the General had told him at first seemed in riddle form. But he now realised that within the riddle was a metaphor that highlighted the duality needed to appreciate the meaning of the message – an allegory that seemed to exist behind every spoken word. Almost every riddle was in story form and presented the morality being spoken of.
He now realised that in most of what his aunt and the General had told him, they were highlighting the duplicity regarding what they had done and said. He now realised they were playing morality off of duplicity, using the duplicity to highlight morality to bring about a simple understanding that resulted in the essence of right and wrong being displayed. Displayed in full view and in a way it could not be ignored. In essence what he realised more than anything else was that the being – the true us – was bound by a moral code that could not be corrupted. And even by changing the very meanings of words, this still did not achieve corruption of moral elements when being viewed with real eyes.
The mind on the other hand lived in the world of duplicity. It was dishonest, fraudulent, disloyal and above all deceptive the ultimate ‘illusionist’ trying by all accounts to prevent morality being present within us. Living in a world not bound by moral boundaries, but bound by duplicity and all that prevails from this syndrome, this illness; an intricate disorder that ruled our lives and those of others around us. In essence a sickness of the mind that revolved simply around greed and selfishness. The needs of the one wade off against the needs of the many. Only ever concerned with what it could gain and not what it could give.
In essence none of this was new to Harian by a long shot, as he had always seen simple right from wrong and that is why he fell out of favour with so many. The only difference now being he was aware of this now and knew why. This is what his aunt and the General through the stories of their experiences had delivered. Through them allowing him to explore his own in depth and with a clarity he did not realise he possessed. A clarity that revolved around simplicity and was best spoke of in story form and the art of explaining duality within a story – being able to highlight what needs to be. To bring about simple understanding that is already entrenched in us that we are unaware of.
Amen spoke again after a long pause as he could see his son was not with him at that moment and quite expected this to happen, many times during the time they were to spend alone together.
“I cannot tell you how good it is to see you my boy, I have missed you so much.”
As Amen said this he gripped his sons hand even tighter.
“I have missed you too dad, more than you could possibly imagine and for the longest time. Even in your presence I did not feel I was with you, but with a monster you were playing at being and I cannot lie to you, that hurt deeply.”
As Harian said this, the tears once again fell from Amen’s eyes and his head went down in shame.
Harian took his free hand and placed it gently under his dad’s chin and softly lifted his dad’s head so their eyes met.
Then he spoke.
“I want to be honest with you dad, but it is going to hurt. It seems the truth of what we have become always hurts when realised, but not for good reason. Especially when we are in such a position we cannot ignore it, or turn away from it. I feel for you having to hear what I have to say to you, but nonetheless it must be said once and for all and then it can be forgotten for good.”
Harian was smiling at his dad in a very caring way and this, along with his son’s words, opened the floodgates again. Harian, in some ways was shocked by this show of emotion and had been from the time his father became emotional. But he realised that everyone can change. He had been witness to the changes his aunt and the General had gone through and more recently himself from the conversations this very morning.
Settling himself again and composing himself Amen spoke, even though at first it was through baited breath.
“You called me dad. I have waited so long to hear you say that. You could not possibly know what it means to me to hear that word leave your mouth.”
“But that is all I have ever wanted you to be.” Said Harian
“In essence I was being.” Explained his dad. “Even though I will have to explain to you why I feel I was being.
I know on the surface it doesn’t seem that way. Some of the decisions I made regarding you and the company I was keeping and the effects of this upon you and your mother, did seem very selfish and extreme at times. But this day I will explain why I did what I did and for what ends and in a way you fully appreciate why such things occurred. That is if you give me the opportunity to explain?”


Harian’s mind came in to play for a moment and tried to divert the situation to one where Harian could display his anger towards his father for past events. But Harian was aware of this and committed the thoughts to having no relevance and quietly put them to one side. He wanted to listen to his dad and see him as this and not a disciplinary father figure, which he had seen all his life.
The duality of the situation started to come into play and Harian realised that he had to put all thoughts regarding past events to one side and offer his father amnesty. He had to allow his father to explain why he had been a father for so long, especially when all Harian needed was a dad – something he felt all sons in his position craved.
It was obvious that his dad realised the difference, by what he had said and the way he had said it, but still Harian’s mind wanted so much for his reaction to be different. Again these thoughts were put to one side as Harian refused to put on the mask his mind was trying to get him to wear, even though it was being quite persuasive and persistent.
His dad cleared his throat quietly as though he did not want Harian to realise what he was doing and prepared to speak.
Again Harian saw this as being suspicious, well at least his mind suggested it was. It was suggesting that his dad was doing this because he was about to real off a preconceived formulated speech that he had rehearsed for the long time. But in truth and in essence Harian knew in his heart that this was not the case. He could see that his dad was nervous, upset and simply not as he had ever viewed him on any occasion. The difference in the man sat before him was unmistakable. The difference from what he once was, to what he had become now.
Amen began to speak….
“Dear son of mine.” Amen said this with a beautiful calmness to his voice that instantly quelled any misguided thoughts Harian was having regarding his dads intentions.
“I know how you view me and my actions over the years. I know that you view what I did as very wrong and to some extent it was. But everything happens because of reasons and it those reasons we sometimes have to explain to allow our actions to been seen differently – or at least in a way that provides evidence relating to what our true intent maybe. I am sure you are aware that even though are actions are on occasions deemed to be at fault, it is in fact the intent behind those actions that needs to be recognised. And if the intent is pure then this allows for the actions to be acceptable.”
Harian was studying his dad as he was speaking and although much of this was said with his head down, Harian realised that what his dad was saying was the truth and along the same lines as to what the general and his aunt had been explaining to him previously. Simply because he could not deny it, which seems to be what truth can be measured from. This is what he had realised more than anything from all that had been said.
Harian stretched out his left hand and touched his dads face gently, in an attempt to reassure him. And as he did, his dad lifted his head and turned to his right to look at his son who was smiling at him, with a warm welcoming smile. Amen then smiled to and continued.
“Please remember my son that what I have to say in many ways is very painful for me to say, as you have just suggested. The truth of what we have done and become can be and is seen as, the ugly truth. Something that is very painful to view and is something we will do anything not to view or to admit too. If at times I relapse and put my head down, it is because of the shame I carry and the pain that brings, when remembering that shame. Please understand that I am only a being playing a role acting human, something many of us never quite master and for some, as you, this never comes into the equation. But for others like myself, we believe we are the masks we adjourn and as time goes by the masks become harder to take off or put down. All I will say in my defence is that the intent I started out with has never wavered nor has it ever changed. I was and still am true to that intent and what that intent amounts too.”
Harian said nothing, but smiled the kindest smile to illuminate the fact he understood fully and was prepared to remain silent for now and allow his dad to speak.
Amen understood this and knew his son would here him out and also realised he would not have to explain everything for there had been a change in his son, he was aware of now and this he felt was down to his sister and his dearest friend Sarim.
Amen continued.

“Harian what I am about to tell you will be hard for you to accept, as hard as it will be for me to tell you in some respects, but also on many levels I have longed to tell you this information. And with the greatest respect, most of what I have to say to you is information that you now need to be aware of. This in no way dismisses my actions towards you over the years, but at least it will help you comprehend why certain things happened and certain things were said.”
Without saying a word Harian nodded his head slightly to indicate that he understood fully. Harian now knew more than ever before that this was not a time for questions; this most certainly was a time to listen.
Amen again continued….
“I know that you have been here for sometime now and I actually saw you arrive and I also know that you have spent many hours listening to your aunt and Sarim. Please know Harian that I love my sister more than you could imagine and on a different level I love Sarim the same amount. Sarim and I have been friends, almost like brothers for the longest time. I know they would have helped you come to a greater understanding about life and certain aspects of it. I know that this has occurred because you are now sat listening to me, a man you thought didn’t care for you at all. Instead of rejecting me as you thought I had you and who could blame you because it certainly seemed that way and in many respects it was – you are now sat listening to me. Many times I have thanked my dearest friend and your aunt for things they have done on my behalf – and yours – and again I owe them a debt of gratitude for this. To be honest son this is the long and the short of it in the easiest way I can explain it.
Your grand parents were part of an order and I am sure your aunt and Sarim have talked of this order.”

Harian again nodded to confirm this.
“I was born into that order and so was your aunt Isabel, even though it was kept from her for a long time. That is why she could not understand why I forced you into the army and boy did we have a row about that one. Your aunt can be very forceful when she sets her mind to it, but it was – well on my behalf anyway – always for the right reasons and now more than ever it is most certainly for the right reasons. Her intent never changes and you know she loves you more than you could ever imagine.”
Harian again nodded to show he understood and agreed and smiled to enforce this.
“I am sure I have no need to explain to you why this order was formed and it’s simple intentions, as I am sure your aunt and Sarim have done this already. Maybe not fully, but at least you have a understanding of this.”
Harian spoke to reply.
“I do dad, but I would like know more, but in saying that I know now if I need to know more I will be told when it is right for me to know.”
Amen stayed silent for a moment quite taken a back by what his son had just said. His son’s manor was such that it pleased Amen so, to see how far Harian had come. To see he already appreciated the art of surrendering control, to want to question, but to have the ability to deny the questioning. To not chase the answers, but wait patiently for the answers sought to be delivered in the way they are supposed to be. To allow greater understanding to be delivered from patience, rather than the confused state delivered by the chase leading to a confused perspective contained within the mind. This had taken many initiates more years than they care to remember – including him – to come to terms with this aspect. Because the terms are simply one sided, but very much so for the right reasons. No deal can be struck when the way is set out and cannot be changed through your own will.
In essence it resulted in the denial of free will replaced for the acceptance that what is to occur is out of your control and needs to happen for a greater purpose that at that time might not be understood. The confusion comes from trying to reason the reason instead of allowing reason to come in it’s own way; in it’s own time. Free will allows for pursuance and in this confusion sets in as reason is created not just accepted for what it is or the lack of. The mind will create reason and creates the opposite for the greater gain for one, instead of the greater gain to many – simply to take and not give, the human condition of selfishness against being selfless. In pursuance the objective is to take something. In patience the objective is to accept something as a gift, a gift you can then give to someone else in the knowing the source is pure and not invented.
This as an art is one of the hardest to accept and without doubt is the one that takes the longest time to come to terms with as the terms are already set and cannot be rewritten. Amen realised that his son already had this ability without even knowing it existed and without even being put through the proving grounds. A fact that was undeniable. A fact that was now, staring him in the face. A fact that made him so happy that he started to smile through the emotional pain that was still very much present in him, an occurrence that was not going to escape his son’s attention.
Harian, on seeing the smile erupt on his pain stricken dad’s face – relieving the pain he was suffering for that moment – smiled back with a smile that would light the darkest night. At that very moment in time he saw the immense power of amnesty. He saw his own dad completely forget what was ailing him. He saw his dad happier than he had ever remembered seeing him before and this warmed his heart. And the warmth flowed through him creating a feeling of being in peace and in blissful acknowledgement that everyone could feel this way if the construct they were caught in could be changed for an environment that pursued the matters of the heart and not the lusts of the mind. That all that ails all, could just simply be forgotten if we so chose for that to occur, if the ability to choose differently was removed and replaced with amnesty. Could words be penned in such a way that all would accept who read such words that this is the state of just being without the human condition that hindered us so? To that question the only answer that could be given would be time will tell, but in time the answer would be given without the presumption of the mind to interfere with the answer and maybe the words penned would cause this to occur if that was the way it was meant to be.
Again Harian suddenly realised he had drifted off into what he once would have believed were thoughts, but he realised he was not thinking about this. All that was being delivered was just popping into his head as he smiled at his dad. Sat quietly smiling as his dad was doing. Again his aunts and Sarim’s words came back to him prompting memories it seemed not thoughts. As earlier he was distinguishing the difference, realising that the source was different, even though he did not fully comprehend where the source actually was. And to him now it certainly seemed he was not concerned with what the source was, just enjoying the deliverance of the messages, the memories he was now experiencing. It certainly seemed now that certain questions he had always asked had no relevance anymore and there importance was in some way dismissed. And in essence this certainly allowed for a more peaceful existence it seemed. Coupled with this was an element of non-dismissiveness, which also allowed for a point to be reached where argument could not live. Not to necessarily accepting everything to be true, but at the same time not accepting it is not true. Taking only what was being offered using a moral compass to guide the way to allow deliverance of what was needed and the ousting of was not in a very polite way.
Snapping back to reality he looked at his dad who was still smiling patiently waiting for Harian’s return.
“Sorry dad I was away there for a moment.”
“I know son.” Amen said patiently. “But may I ask where there is?”
Harian smiled with an even broader grin this time and replied.
“That, I cannot tell you, but what I can tell you is, I like being there.”
Amen chuckled to himself as he realised just how far his son had come and said something that was to shock Harian.
“Harian I need to tell you this. If I was half the man you are I would be lucky.”
Silence fell over the pair as Amen said this. Not an awkward silence, but a very pleasurable one – one that Amen and Harian were to enjoy for a few moments, until the door slowly opened and through it walked Isabel and Sarim.

Once inside Isabel couldn’t stop herself from smiling and nor could Sarim as they looked upon the happiness they were greeted with. Isabel spoke and asked.
“Is it ok for us to return?
Both Harian and his dad nodded and Amen said.
“But sister it is your house after all.”
Isabel smiled at her brother and said.
“You know what I mean.”
“I do sister and yes I would like you and Sarim to be party to what I need to say now to Harian, well, as long as Harian is ok with this.
In an instant Harian said.
“Of course I am, we are all family are we not and that does include you general.
Sarim was so taken a back by this at first that the only thing he could do was smile and offer, to make tea.
He knew Harian was at first very suspicious of him and it showed, not only in his voice and the words he chose to use, but was most evident in his body language the one thing Harian could not hide. That was an art that had to be mastered, but before that could be achieved you had to know it existed. You had to know you could communicate in that way. Although many realised that we do communicate via this method, they could not obtain the ability to be able to conceal it. Being in the position Sarim occupied it was essential he could use this ability; otherwise his earthly experience would have ended in an instance. This had caught many out over the years because they just could not master it and they had paid the price for this.
Isabel quipped, grinning from ear to ear.
“YOU are making tea are you, have all my birthday’s come at once?”
“Yes possibly, and you should be overwhelmed having a General make you tea my lady.” Sarim said chuckling as he did.
Both Harian and Amen were chuckling as well, even though somehow Harian realised this was for his benefit.
“Now, now old boy.” Quipped Isabel “No use of Status here and you know it means absolutely everything, if everything means absolutely nothing.”
Sarim chuckled even deeper and realised he had better just make the tea and shut up. He had been with Isabel for long enough to know this was only going to end one way and only in the old girls favour.
“Well old girl you’ve got me.”
“Less of the girl, I am a lady don’t you know.” And with this Isabel stuck her nose in the air to show an act of pompousness highlighting her own self-importance.
Amen was now chuckling quite loudly as he had seen displays like this before and so was Harian who had never witnessed such. Harian also realised for who the turn was intended and for what reason.
After making fresh tea and having a quick cuddle with the women he loved, Sarim joined the others at the table and sat quietly as Isabel and Harian did, waiting for Amen to talk.
After a small sip of the steaming hot tea, which was a bad mistake that he suggested was to the humour of the others at being such a fool for trying. Amen continued to speak to Harian turning to face him as he did.
“Son, during your life I have made you endure things that were most of the time things you would rather not have endure and I am sure you can see how remorseful I am about this. I would now like to ask you a question regarding this if I may and please accept I am not trying exonerate myself for what I have done in anyway, but at least this will give you a greater understanding why this happened. May I ask you a question?”
“Of course you can dad, but before you do may I say you have nothing to be exonerated for in my eyes. I now appreciate that you did what you needed to do even though I am not yet aware of why, but I know now it must have been for good reason, otherwise today and the happenings of today would not be occurring.”
Amen, to say the least, was very pleased to here his son say this as it meant his was ready to receive what his he had to tell him.
“Harian throughout your life I have made you do things against your will and I suppose making you join the army was possibly the worst, although I suppose there are many that come a close runner up to this. My question is this. At anytime through these numerous experiences, as horrendous as some were, did you ever adopt the ways and methods of those around you for whatever reason?”
Harian need no time to think about the answer he was to give and spoke straight a way.
“Only once dad and that was when I pretended to adopt the ways of the school you sent me too and I tried to do well to make you happy. But even though I did this I could not adopt there ways, I just could not do it.”
“Thank you for being honest Harian and telling me this, although I knew what you were doing I would like to tell you how much I respected you for that and that is why I made the comment I did a few moments ago. In truth you have never adopted the ways of anyone or anything that is wrong have you?”
“No dad I suppose I haven’t.”
“No son I know you never have and I also know you never will and that is why I had to do what I did to make sure you could not be coerced. And as hard as that was to do and as painful as it was to see you so unhappy, I had to do it. You my son, have a purpose and one that you have been preparing for all your life as you too my son are born of order. And at this point in time you now are faced with a choice and this choice is for you alone to make. No matter what way you choose to go, no one including me will try to make you decide differently, nor will we try to get you to change your decision. All your life has been leading up to this one choice and I ask of you know is this something you would like to hear about?”

Harian sat for moment taking in what his dad had said as in honesty it sounded ludicrous, but no more ludicrous than finding out the general was a double agent, his aunt was also involved in mysterious things and so was his father. Harian reverted back to the moral compass he was now getting used to using and he was also studying his dad’s body language and he could see that his dad was sincere and he could tell that his dad was telling him the truth. Then out of nowhere he had a question that he needed an answer for and he asked the question.
“Dad, you know my predicament so how can I be of any help to anyone – how can I fulfil any purpose in this predicament?”
“You are in this predicament for a reason and that reason will ensure you can fulfil that purpose.”
Harian, still a little confused suddenly realised what his dad was saying and realised this is why Sarim was here and asked as such turning away from his dad to face the general.
“General, this is to do with you isn’t it?”
“Yes Harian it most certainly is my boy.
Turning back to face his dad Harian spoke again.
“OK dad, I am very willing to listen, a little stunned I might add, but still willing to listen.”
“I have but one thing more to ask of you my son and that is please understand that if you choose yes, then you will be taking a oath, making a promise that you cannot go back on, because if you commit to this, then your heart will never allow you too go back on the oath you have taken. This has nothing to do with your mind and as much as it will fight to prevent you fulfilling your purpose, your heart will always lead you back to that purpose you must serve. Because my son this is about servitude, not just to the people you belong too, but all your brothers and sisters across this planet, which means humanity on whole. Do you understand what I have just said to you, do really understand?”


Harian sat quietly contemplating all his dad had just said to him. Looking away from his dad he first looked at his aunt and then towards the general. Both of them were smiling at him, but not just with their mouths, but also they’re with their eyes. Eyes that shone like stars in the night sky and he then realised that this was something he must listen too and not only listen too, but agree to as well, even though at that time he had no knowledge of what was to be asked of him. Changing the direction he was looking in he then focused on his cup. Picking it up he then proceeded to take a small sip out of it placing it back down on the table, only to adjust it’s position slightly before letting it alone. He realised he did this and that was then when he realised that he would not be asked to do anything that would be against what he held dear. He knew he would say yes and make oath to affect. Turning to his dad and speaking in a calm voice he said.
“Yes dad I am willing to listen and I fully understand the implications of the decision I am about to make.”
Smiling from his heart, Amen spoke.
“My dearest son we now ask of you that you will join the palace guard as you need to be close to our king. In a time soon upon us a civil war will rage in this land and you, the king and many others will leave here for a far away distant land where for a time we can all live in peace. Your purpose Harian is to become the king’s companion, his friend. For our king Akhenaten also has a purpose one he does not realise yet, but soon will. He needs you to complete this purpose and in doing so you will complete yours.”
All most instantly Harian found an objection and one that meant a great deal to him and he voiced it.
“But dad, if I join the palace guard there will come a time surely when I would have to take life, or at least injure it and I cannot do that, I will not do that.”
At this point Amen was to let Sarim speak and he did.
“Harian dear boy, I give you my word on my life that you will never have to do that. I promise you this will not come about. The only way we can get you near enough to the king is by this method. And through occurrences being engineered from within the palace walls, you will be, but only if you accept.”
Silence fell upon the room as Sarim finished speaking and al eyes fell from Harian, even his fathers to ensure no pressure was applied. Harian spoke after a while saying.
“But I am a wanted man how could this even be possible?”
Sarim answered the question Harian had posed.
“To be honest is the only place they will never look for you as they have no interest in any of the palace guards as they too are seen as inferior to the rest of the army. That is why they are employed to protect the king. So if the families and the priest class decided they want rid of the king, they know the force protecting him is weak, well at least they think it is. As I have said it is bar far the safest place for you and it certainly serves the purposes needed to be served. Know as well dear boy a place commander is one of my dearest friends and in truth arrangements have already been made.”
At much as Harian did not trust the general at first he did now and knew he was telling the truth. He knew this of everyone in the room with him and through this realised that he needed to do this, because deep down his heart was telling him that the moral compass had been set. From what the general had said he realised he would not be made to do anything that would involve the harm of another. But on the same hand there were so many questions he needed to ask. He explained.
“I am so confused. Leaving Egypt, civil war and friends with the KING it sounds ludicrous, but at the same time it makes sense because I know you are all telling me the truth. I need some time to rationalize this, I need to think.”
Isabel could see the confusion in Harian’s mind and spoke to comfort her nephew.
“Harian all we have talked about this day all we have shared was from our hearts. The confusion you are now experiencing is your mind playing tricks on you, because this is simply about change and the mind uses this as a weapon against you. In effect you are doing this to yourself, because you are in control of your own mind if you allow yourself to be. I know my dearest boy that it is easier said than done, but it can be done, you achieved this today. The purpose you will serve, I cannot explain to you how important it is and how important it is for you to feel this is the right thing to do, not to think it is, to feel it is, to know it is. You know how much I love you, you know I would never put you in harms way and you this to make a decision on what you know and not what you think.”
Harian looked at his aunt and said.
“I love you too aunt and thank you for everything and too you general and too you dad thank you for being honest with me.”
Harian looked at them in turn as he said this and then he sat and looked at the table for a moment quietly.
Isabel spoke again.
“Harian please appreciate we know you need time to make such a decision and that time will be allotted and as much as you need. We fully appreciate the extent of what has been said to you and asked of you this day and realise….
Before Isabel could finish she stopped in mid sentence as she and the others could see a smile on Harian’s mouth and also as he looked up his eyes sparkled with excitement. Harian had put to one side the confusion that was his mind and allowed his heart to glow and in doing so needed no time to decide, he had made his decision and was committed to it. He spoke.
“Although I am very nervous about this and filled with anticipation I have decided that I will do this and I will become what I am meant to become.”
Amen spoke.
“And this is your final word on this regarding the decision you have just made?
“It is.” Replied Harian.
“And you fully understand what I said to you and the implications.” Asked Amen.
“I do dad, yes I do. Replied Harian.
“Then let it be so.” Amen said grinning from ear to ear and he was not the only one. Hands stretched out they all met in the middle of the table and held each other tightly. The sign was made x and the purpose was to be fulfilled.


A short while later Isabel spoke.
“Please realise Harian that later tonight under the cover of darkness you must leave for the palace, is this acceptable too you?”
“Yes aunt it is.”
“That is excellent and you will accompanied by your dad and Sarim and a few friends that will meet you along the way. But in the meantime you sit and talk to your dad as you still have much too discuss if you want that is and me and the old man will rustle up some food for us all.”
Sarim was listening and came over from talking to Amen and put his arm around Isabel’s waist saying as he did.
“I might be old, but I still know my way round a kitchen.”
Isabel smiled and the pair of them set off talking to each other, laughing and joking as they did. Harian turned and made his way over to his dad who was no sat back at the table. He stood up to greet his son and placed his hand on the side of his cheek affectionately as his son approached.
Together they sat down and began to speak to each other.
Harian said.
“The king, he is a tyrant isn’t he dad – how do you make friends with a tyrant?”
“He may have been son, but that has changed and he has a very special purpose that he most probably is not aware of yet, but he soon will be. He was coerced Harian from a very early age by the priests and the holders of all religion, but he has started to see through this and it is getting stronger in him.”
“How do you know all this dad?”
“We have our ways son, we have our ways, like your aunt and the general would have explained to you we are everywhere and we are amongst everyone, that is our purpose.”
“But still the king?” Harian said shaking his head.
“I know son you will get used to it.”
“But seriously dad how can the king help anyone he is wrapped up in self-importance, pomp and circumstance and the power trip that is his position. How can he possibly help anyone?”
“Because very soon son he will realise what holding that position really means, he will realise the concept of true kingship and the building of law that is common to all without exception. And in doing so he will realise he can never be this, but one day he will help a king become a true king who will do this and that king will set humanity free and that will truly be the fall of slavery. The end of humanities enslavement to a concept our king will be blamed for creating – monotheism.
Our king Harian is a Sion and I know this means nothing to you now and it won’t for sometime, but in time I will explain it to you. I will explain how important it is and also what the last Sion will be capable of, because the last Sion will rid the world of religion for once and for all and humanities enslavement to all it’s mechanisms for all time.

Chapter 27

Leaving Harian behind completely bewildered dumbfounded and with the duty to look after the royal twins, Farik made his way through the palace to the boardroom. His pace was one that was very hastened, as he was aware he had to reach the boardroom before the queen. Presuming the route Nefertiti would have taken which would be the quickest route to the boardroom, Farik already realised the queen had the jump on him, as there was no quicker way of getting there. Even with the secret passage network there was no way that was quicker unless, he was on the other side of the palace. He was fast residing himself too the fact that the queen would be there before him, something he didn’t want to happen for numerous reasons. But the most important being, he wanted his king to have the time he needed with the masters to say what he needed to say to them. This to Farik was the start of something that was quite special; something he wanted to make sure had a smooth beginning.
Although Farik was later in his years, the fitness he enjoyed was that of a man thirty years his junior. He enjoyed a good workout along with a lengthy run, but normally it was under his own terms. Normally he would not be chasing after a temptress with the mind of tyrant, who was on all accounts adorned with what was a remarkable beauty. And the one thing he was sure of, there was no escaping the fact they would come to blows verbally once again.
Farik was as handsome man with a natural charm. This was probably the only reason he had got away with some of the things he had said to the queen, where others would have certainly been punished for such.
Farik and the queen had a history that stretched back over many years. This had come about when Farik was just a normal guard on duty as any other, at where he was stationed.
Farik’s duty at the time was to guard a doorway to a passage that the king used frequently. He would stand sentry for many hours alone and even though he missed the conversations he would have with the other guards and servants, he quite enjoyed the fact he was off the beaten track. Rarely did any dignitary or other palace official pass him and he enjoyed not having to show the protocols associated with such occurrences.
For hour upon hour he would reflect and recollect memories of happier times. Even though he grew up in a very tough area where life was hard because of the poverty they all suffered from, there were times he remembered with much fondness. And it was these times in his life that he would revisit on many an occasion, to distract from what the reality was of the life he led now. And of the life that many others still led amerced in the poverty he had once suffered. In this he found a place of solace he could go too, when things just got too much to bear.
One afternoon whilst on duty, he was relaxing against a wall adjacent to the door that led to the passage and did not notice the queen approach. On seeing Nefertiti, Farik immediately stood to attention and bowed his head low.
When the queen reached Farik, she spoke to him.
“Guard, I could see you were relaxing does this duty tire you?
“No my queen. Please accept my sincere apologies for this lack of protocol I have shown. I will make sure this never happens again. Please forgive me.” As Farik finished his reply, he bowed a little lower to show the respect he was offering.
The queen spoke again and Farik was to be shocked by what she was about to say.
“Guard.” The queen said in a soft seductive tone. “There is only you and I here and no one else needs to know what has happened. So lift your head and tell me your name.”
Farik at first was a little confused by this request and spoke, still his head bowed as he did.
“My queen my name is Farik.” Still his head stayed bowed and low.
Nefertiti spoke again and as she did she put her left hand softly on Farik’s right shoulder.
“Farik please lift your head and speak to me, it would be so much nicer to view your face as we speak to one another.”
Farik succumbed and started to lift his head and as he did the queen removed her hand from his shoulder and placed it softly under his chin, as though to aid him. Farik was a little shocked by this and moved sideways slightly to try and become out of the queen’s reach. But as he did the queen-followed suit to maintain her hand stayed exactly where it was.
Nefertiti spoke again.
“Please do not shy away Farik you are a very handsome man and I have watched you many times.”
As Nefertiti said this Farik’s head rose and their eyes met and he could see the beautiful face in front of him. He looked into the eyes of this temptress and could feel himself being sucked in. Sucked into the depths of mischief the queen had planned for him. His heart beating fast saying to him ‘do not taste the wares, else you will be entrapped’. But his mind was overruling this as lust and desire replaced the heart felt warning.
Nefertiti moved closer to her prey, almost to the point their lips met. Alluding to the fact she was about to kiss him, but then pulling away just before their lips met.
Teasing seductively she moved forward once more towards a very exited man in her grasp, entranced and without control of his emotions. Moving her hips the queen brushed her self against Farik and felt his strong arms as she did. Farik’s body did not fail to react to the situation and his breaths were short and sharp as his body pulsed with excitement.
The queen continued to rub herself against him softly but enough to cause the reaction in him she desired.
She moved to whisper in his ear. And as she did she moved her hand downwards until she found what she was feeling for.
“Take me.” She sighed softly. “Do not hesitate guard take me now.” And as she said this, she went from stroking what she found to griping it firmly.
Farik suddenly came to his senses as this happened and released himself from the queens grip as she released hers and stepped side ways away from her. He moved some paces away but said nothing and nor did the queen, who was perfectly happy to allow her prey to think he had escaped. Then Farik saw what truly was before him. He saw a siren that was exquisite, who was more beautiful than could be imagined.

Nefertiti stood motionless and smiling and her stance was one that was very seductive to say the least.
Farik was stunned at what the queen was wearing and the fact it certainly left nothing to the imagination. He scanned her from top to bottom and could not take his eyes off what he could see. Her clothes were sheer and nearly completely see-through. This showed her gorgeous body off and every part of it.
The queen could see the interest he was showing, as she watched Farik metaphorically drooling like a dog over a fresh bone. His eyes were transfixed and glazed and nothing in this world mattered to him bar what he was looking at.
In realizing this the queen started to move towards him seductively, swaying her hips and moving her hands up and down her thighs and then slightly between her legs. Not fully, but just skimming the surface highlighting want was on offer. Then to her breasts, rubbing her hands slowing over her pert nipples.
Farik stood transfixed. His heart was beating almost to the rhythm of the queen’s movements. His eyes glued hard and fast to her body, switching from one gorgeous part to another. Her pert nipples showing through the sheer clothing, whispering to him, touch me hold me, enchanting him. Ever closer the queen moved until she was upon him once more. This time he did not attempt to move, as Nefertiti lifted her right leg and started to rub it against his thigh steadying herself with her hands that had found his chest. Hands flat upon him with fingertips massaging his skin she lifted her head and their lips met.
The kiss seemed to last for want seemed an age, as Farik felt her soft lips upon his. Then she pulled her head back and whispered.
“Touch me.”
Farik had completely forgotten himself and he did as he was requested to do and moved his right hand slowly onto the queen’s hip and held it firmly. The queen moaned a little and increased the movement of her leg until suddenly she moaned and gasped and her leg stayed still in a raised position.
Farik had moved his hand and had slowly placed it between her legs and then without warning he had slipped his finger slightly inside of her. He felt her left leg buckle slightly as he slowly pushed his finger deeper inside of her and she moaned quietly and tensed her body. Then their lips met again as they kissed passionately and with this Farik went to work slowly increasing his action. From inside to out as the queen became moister by the second, tensing uncontrollably to the point she lowered her leg and stood to ease what Farik was doing to her. Then she went to work and made her play for his manhood by gripping it, then releasing it and stroking it slowly. Farik moaned deeply in his throat as they kissed again and again until suddenly the queen tensed violently and then she sighed with a moan of great satisfaction and Farik felt the flow as this happened. He himself was also verging on the point of no return, when suddenly the queen left his embrace, released her grip upon him and pulled away.
Suddenly her head was down and he felt her lips slide over his manhood and in seconds he too groaned with satisfaction and then almost instantly the guilt gripped him like a vice and he was sent into the depths of quandary.
Pushing away, Farik moved into the openness of the corridor they were off of, trying to make himself decent – with very obvious problems doing so. For some reason he felt safer in the openness of the corridor and stayed there, much to the queen’s disgust.
But she was not about to give up that easy.

And in the protection offered to her by her position outside the secret passage door she stayed silent, but then started to undo her garment. Firstly the top part and now her luscious pert breasts were on full show. She then moved her hand down to between her legs and pulled her garment away to the side and smiled as she did.
Farik was trying to keep control, but the sight before him was getting too much to bear. But then the guilt struck again.
The queen spoke.
“Come now guard, surely what you see before you is to your pleasing? Let us not leave this moment without completing all we can do. Are you not enjoying this?”
Trying with all his might to just focus in on the queen’s face, Farik spoke.
“My queen this is so wrong. I have already betrayed my king and wish not to add insult to injury.”
“But he will never know Farik, for if he did so that would be the end for both of us, so why waste this moment?”
As the queen said this she swayed slightly and touched her left breast with her left hand and her right hand started to descend downwards.
Farik looked away as it became too much to bear. The guilt and burden he was suffering was mounting in his mind as his heart cried in sorrow.
But still the queen was not going to allow her prey to escape. She was determined to have complete satisfaction.
She spoke again to Farik whose body was now hung in shame.
“Farik on a daily basis the king has sex with his servants. He thinks I do not know about this, but he is mistaken. Surely what is good for him is good for me? He chooses to do this, even though he has the beauty you see before you at his beck and call day or night. I know my husband will eventually just look at me as I slowly replace his servants for ones he will not find attractive. But that will take some time. So for now if he can do as he does, then I will do as I do. So stop wasting anymore time and finish what we have started.
“But my queen, I started nothing.”

“Come now Farik, although you resisted for a moment, to be honest it didn’t last long did it now. And besides I am your queen and I demand you continue.” The queen said with a malicious smile on her face.
Farik stayed silent just staring at the queen. His mind was in over drive and was committing him to the guilt he was suffering. To be honest he did not even want to look at the queen, but even though the guilt still ripped through him, he could not take his eyes away. Every now and again his eyes would drift from the queens face to her body and back again. And still she maintained what was on view to capture her quarry.
Nefertiti spoke again.
“Come here Farik.” She whispered softly. “I have tasted you, surely you would like to taste me?”
Farik could not deny this statement, as he truly did want to taste the queen. The quandary he was faced with was fast becoming a war within him. His mind begging him to take the queen and everything she was offering, whereas his heart was pleading with him not to. In him, his heart felt reluctance was being over ridden by the urgency in his mind to do, as the queen was demanding. The desire he was ridden with was more powerful than anything he had ever contended with. And then without warning he succumbed and moved towards the queen.
In seconds Farik had took hold of the queen and had sat her on a ledge that protruded out of the wall adjacent to the doorway. He separated her legs and the queen put up no resistance to him doing this. After almost ripping away her under garments, he tasted her over and over again. The queen held his head in place firmly and moaned with satisfaction. As Farik continually found the perfect spot and then teased around it. The queen tensed her body in ecstasy, until once again she could tense no more and suddenly she jolted time and time again groaning as she did.
Farik drank from her and then she pulled at his head pulling him upward till their lips met again. Whilst they embraced the queen released his manhood from the garments he wore and guided it between her legs until he was pursed at the entrance to her. Then slowly he entered her as they kissed and the queen almost winced in excitement.
Suddenly without warning Farik stopped what he was doing and backed away from the queen and once again started the process of making himself decent. Shaking his head as he did.
The queen was not going to give up and done no more than to keep her legs slightly open and started to stroke herself gently moaning quietly as she did.

This was the straw that broke the camels back and Farik lost the battle with is own mind.
The queen smiled as he was upon her again and this time he was forceful with her and her enjoyment of this could be heard vocally.
As the minutes passed the inevitable happened. Both Farik and the queen just held each other in exhaustion. Then slowly Farik started to move away from the temptress who had ensnared him.
Before he did, he moved his lips close to the queens who turned her head sharply to avoid their lips touching. As she did this she also pushed at Farik, hinting he should move away from her. As he did so the queen made herself as decent as she could, considering the garments she nearly wasn’t wearing.
Farik could see the queens whole demeanor had changed in that split second. And she was back to being the monster she normally was and certainly wanted to gain her dignity back in front of a guard. It was as though what had just happened had never occurred.
“Resume your duties guard.”
As the queen said this she started to walk away from Farik without another word.
Farik shock his head in disbelief, even though he should have realised as much was going to happen. He now was left with the guilt of this freak encounter and he had many hours of duty left alone, to ponder over this.


Some weeks later Farik was walking by the servant’s quarters on his way to the guard’s barracks. As he walked head down, he did not even see Tiy coming in the opposite direction.
As Tiy reached Farik she spoke to him.
“Hello you, why so forlorn?”
Farik looked up quite startled at first and then replied.
“Oh its nothing. I am just feeling a bit down at the moment.”
“A bit down – you have been like this for a couple of weeks? Whatever is bothering you, you are certainly far from alright with it that much is very obvious.”
Farik did not reply and stayed silent head down looking at the stone floor in front of him.
Tiy moved close to him and put her hand softly on his chin and gently lifted his head.
Farik lifted his head at Tiy’s touch and looked into the eyes of his friend.
Tiy spoke to him.
“You do know I am here for you don’t you as many of us are?”
“Yes, I do. Its nothing, it will pass in time.”
“Oh, so there is something then.”
Farik realised that Tiy was not going to let up; in fact he knew he would have to talk to her and her alone. If he spoke to any of the lads, he knew they would bring out the bravado of the situation. The dark sense of humour they all shared would come into play to protect him from himself. But he didn’t want protection from himself that was the last thing he wanted. Tiy would help him find himself amongst the misery that was his life at that moment.

He had to come to terms with what he did. He had to tell someone before it drove him insane and Tiy was the only one who would simply listen without interjection unless asked.