The power of… morality

After three years of searching for what some might call the truth, I have realised that what I was searching for was something I knew all along. Boy does that sound arrogant! But it is not meant to be. This, as many others exist, is just an example of how words can fail you. How words can actually cause more problems than they solve, when you struggle to explain yourself, or how you feel to another. In my limited experience I have seen this result in a misunderstanding of what is truly being said. Words are taken out of context because most of us rely upon the literal word and the interpretation we perceive that word has in our own minds. Our minds do not seem to look at words in metaphor or allegory which most of the time in me, if I am absolutely honest, leads to a form of conflict.

I have realised that I have an enormous responsibility whenever I am speaking to anyone. Because the words I use can affect them very literally and the responsibility falls upon me to not do them any harm by the words I choose to use. Do I get this right every time…. no sadly I do not; alas I am still only human. But what does come from this is a realisation that I have abused someone by the words I choose to use and although I suffer for this, as they do, something good comes from it. I suppose the truth I have searched for is a misconception. Simple the creation of something in my mind that will give the answers I so desperately seek. Sucking me under into the fabric of the quest for the knowledge I believe through this misconception will set me free. Is it not strange that history, myth and legend all talk of the quests that have taken place in search or something. Metaphorically warning us of the dangers to do so, that most of us do not heed. Telling us, warning us, that we will be taken from the ones we love and who love us. Telling us that there will always be something to fight and that conflict will only ever result in one thing, conflict, and that if we follow this quest, then all we shall ever be faced with is the never ending circle that is conflict. Have we not been warned of this for millennia? Do we now in this age heed the warnings wrote by so many before as conflict rages all around us? Sadly no we don’t. Why? Because of literal misconceptions, that does not allow us to heed the warnings so plainly written.

I have also realised that the responsibility I have to others is also in my written words and not just in the words I speak. Because again many will take what I write as being literal and not allow themselves to realise that there is two stories going on. One very literal story that has a metaphorical one written within it, as all written or spoken words contain this. The duality of intent is always apparent if you allow yourself to realise it exists. What is very obvious to me is the fact that the literal word without doubt leads to conflict of some sort, whereas metaphorically you are being told that this will happen. The warning is always present. The duality of the intent is always present, something which cannot be denied. Surely something that cannot be denied must by default be the truth. Is this absolute proof that the truth is present in all written/spoken words if we allow ourselves to see the intent? Again could this be classed as arrogance on my behalf for making such a bold statement? Surely the fact that what I have written, based upon its intent, shows this to be undeniable, which in itself proves that arrogance is not my intention? Anyone reading this literally will come to the mindset that I am being arrogant, those reading metaphorically will see my true intentions.

I have said many times that the most powerful thing in the world is simple words written or spoken. All actions and what happens through those actions are solely controlled by the intent of the words that are being used, literally, or metaphorically. I again sound very arrogant in saying this. But again is this not an undeniable truth and again is my intention to be arrogant? In many cases it is not our actions that are at fault; to me it is the intent behind our actions. Realising this allows us to question the intent, which allows us to view the duality for the first time. But in me, once that had happened for the first time, there was no going back. This is not something I can switch on and off. Granted my mind can override this on many occasions, but sooner rather than later I will suffer a pang of morality and realisation will once again spank me right between the eyes as I realise what I have done or said. Many would say that this is a curse and with whom I have spoken of such things, they certainly agree that it is. I suppose it is an affliction in many ways, but one that only serves the greater good in my eyes. Speak to others how you wish to be spoken too; such a simple thing I choose to ignore on so many occasions, but to my peril, because sooner rather than later I will suffer. But from this I can choose to suffer again or not. It is that simple. The choice is always mine and always has been. I just forgot that I could make this choice.

To me now, this is what this thing called the truth I have been searching for really is. I suppose you could call it the power of morality. But are many aspects of this truth a conception? Does this not in itself bring conformity to a mind based idea – and what if that idea is incorrect? Is truth something we must learn or remember? If we must learn the truth, are we then ready to offer that truth amnesty? For if we cannot, then that truth will encourage conflict. Surely if this is the case, then what has been learned did not need to be, or maybe we are just not ready for such things to occur. I feel by remembering a truth the mind is prevented from encouraging any form of conflict for there is no conception, thus, there can be no misconception which generally enforces the need for some sort of conflict to occur – what some might call the epitome of the ego on display? In essence the constant need to be right! But is this not truly how the mind works on all levels? The hardest and simplest thing it cannot accept is that it was wrong. But there are tell tale signs of this that illuminate the way that I have seen in myself. I have witnessed on so many occasions by degree the feeling of humiliation if it is proven by verse that I am wrong in some way. How many times have I taken out of context what someone has said to me, only having to apologise and worse still, try to talk my way out of doing so in the first place, because I cannot admit I was wrong. How many? I could not imagine telling you, as my mind would never allow such a thing to occur. That would be like the fire asking for water to be poured upon it.

Does the fault lay with me or, with others – am I to blame or, are they? I would now most certainly say the fault lies with me and I am most certainly to blame. But my mind tries to tell me that two wrongs can make a right. Meet conflict with conflict, which is the sales pitch that has been relied upon and sold to me all my life to ensure I follow suit. What does my heart say? The opposite. Two wrongs only increase the wrong. Immorality meeting the same leads to an extension of the same, but surely morality counters immorality every time? A lie meeting a lie only increases the lie. But a lie meeting honesty shows the lie for what it really is. Politeness meeting in-politeness does exactly the same. So surely if you create a bad intent you create a good one by default, but if you create a good intent the above proves that the good intent negates all bad intent.

Maybe the fire is asking for water?

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  1. Much of the world today has abandoned ‘morality’ in favour of ‘a new device’ & comforts.
    The worst part about it, the rich are the barrier.
    It is the rich who hold all the power of aspiration which is why it must start with them, setting examples.

    But the world will continue down this ‘doomed’ path, if people do not force the issue.
    That the rich must be the first to set examples.

    People, pick and choose their ‘moralistic’ elements. And look for the ‘rubbish’ on their neighbours doorstep, before their own.

  2. i think we all look for the truth in our live’s, but not all, find the time to start really looking because we are so busy,so we must, take the time to seek truth, or we will never know what is is we are looking will just remain stuck somewhere in our mind a yearning.and for alot of us it is and has been the case.we just need to slow down and say thats enough of that im going for a butchers at something and when ive found it,i will be that wasnt an arnie quote though it does look that wasnt i think truth is about how we feel inside and how we project truth outward’s to others to make a connection,and i think that we only really connect with others when we are being true.say two people meet for the first time, if someone ask’s you if you are alright,most of the time we say” yeah im alright how are you”,but inside if you dont feel alright then surely that is what truth is,not to lie to one’s self or others’morality,be truthful have morales,take the time seek truth from within.know thyself,right from wrong to engage.a kind of connection that feels right…not sure if im making much sense,but i think that could also be what you mentioned about a conflict.never really sure if it’s truth you have found.but i think it makes more sense when you are truthful so is that a conflict in itself.i dont know.or have i lost the plot and dont know what im talking about.anyone…. this is very new to me,i never type anything i dont even write anything down and i have not done it for ages.years even. i have never taken the time,and i am surprised that i really enjoy it. i didnt think about it what so probably guessed anyway because of my grammer,but that is not important and i have taken your advice not to worry about,this goes there and that goes know what i is what you said john the intent is whats important…leave out the bull…. i gotta say this,i think your thoughts and words are great.they are just so honest not confusing when reading.true i just sense there is no bull….and i think if we all took that approach it would be a much better place for all of us.there really is no need for bull….it gets in the way off getting on with life…. good luck everyone, what ever it is you are doing.we are amazing human beings,we truly are.

  3. I fully understand what you are trying to explain by the power of words – they are always a double-edged sword that have to be used very correctly in many instances. I think everything we say matters, because we say it, but it’s all a matter of context coupled with how well we are known and trusted. I think trust plays a big part.

    I have had my fair share of trouble in the past through writings and saying things that have been misinterpreted; likewise, having misinterpreted things myself – texting is a classic way to inadvertently cause offence or be offended, for example, because each word written in expedient textspeak, matters even more.
    Also what we don’t say or write can have as much – if not more – impact than what we do say or write, simply through the assumptions people make by what we have said/written, and because they don’t know us or enough about what we’ve offered. In addition to these problems, personally, I have the added dimension of my illness where concentration and memory sometimes fail me, plus a lack of formal education. Even more boobies and misunderstandings…

    The potential to cock up through words is just immense!

    Why can’t we be more telepathic? Or maybe that would be too much? Perhaps words and the language we use affords us the precision we need to give us much needed psychological space. After all, it is the spaces between words that often speak the loudest, the connections we make for ourselves… and so the space we allow ourselves, and the distance words can create, are filters that offer us the protection from too much information. We need the ‘left-brain’ precision too, or the whole world would be gobbledygook and information could not be decoded from the matrix rationally.

    I think when we were created, they should have given us just one brain instead of two halves, then maybe all these dichotomies wouldn’t exist to make our lives such a bother at times. 😀

    But as for responsibility, this can only extend so far as all can agree upon and see, so since this is usually impossible to determine, the only real responsibility you can realistically have is to your own benevolent intentions.

    We all make assumptions – I assume people won’t be offended by anything I say or don’t say or write on this premise, and they probably assume or expect they won’t be offended by me, which is why it’s always such a shock or offence when they are. I’m not bright enough to be all inclusive and that sensitive, I know that, and I’ve never given speeches publicly because of my memory problems, so that’s not something I have to deal with at this point in my life.
    But I think the fact that you have given this issue so much thought is testimony to your kindness and I am sure that this shines through when you speak, in your body language, too, dispelling any potential misinterpretations.

    And before anybody gets offended – this is all IMHO – the disclaimer that some think absolves me of responsibility – however that is obviously what it really is, and I can’t say more than that, except that if you knew me you would understand that . Which leads me back to trust again.

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