TV Licence Fee – The list of people who are refusing to pay and their comments.

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  1. I like a fool used to pay for a TV license, I actually engaged with one of the enforcement officers way back in 1997 and refused them entry, Like a fool i gave them my name establishing a contract and it went to court and i was fined £50. Since then i have never paid for a license again and i get a letter addressed to the occipier every few months. They even used to come round but living in a flat not on the ground floor they can do absolutely fuck all if i refuse to answer the door to unsolicited callers. They have since given up calling at my flat :) I never watch fuck all TV anyway but i do  have a Dual DVB-T2 HD tuner on the PC if i ever want to record something/watch something but the 99.9% of the output on terrestial digital tv is fucking shit anyway. The irony is now the analogue signal has been turned off and the UK is now Digital the BBC could easily encrypt it's output and give people the choice if they want BBC content via a subscription. It would stop license eveading over night and the technology is there right now (Sky Sports is available via Digital over Freeview with a subscription as is UK Gold and a few others) In summary, Fuck the BBC the corrupt, biased, propaganda fucktards!

    1. Wot wud the government do if everyone stopped paying the license fee? They can't put us all in jail lol

          1. They have 60 million places in the UK prison and we are in it, or building it for ourselves every time we accept the erosion of our freedom.

      1. folk are not gaoled for non-payment of TVL.  Folk are gaoled for non-payment of the fines associated with non-payment of TVL.  This knowledge comes from 5 years experience in TVL enforcement

        1. isnt it some bill of rights that says it is against the law to fine someone without a conviction

        1. Well Brian , in prison TV was a privilage, if you had privilages then a charge of 50 pence per week is deducted from your prison account.. nothing is free in prison mate .. double bubble comes to mind.. remember?

          1. its not free out in the real word but u dont need a licence pay so much now for the carp thats on tv as its is

    2. i to dont watch tv or have a licence and had a visit from the goons but refused acces

       and like a dick i gave them my name is there anything i can do to stay out of court

    3. HI



    4. I no longer pay for;-

      Well, paedophiles as we all know.  Lies and false reporting – Building 7 on 9/11.

      From BBC website:-  "The Trustees hold part-time non-executive positions with the BBC. They are not employees of the Corporation and their fees, benefits and expenses are set at a rate to reflect their unique role.


      Director General – £440,000 p.a.

      Trust Chairman – £110,000 around 3-4 days per week  

      Vice Chairman – £70,610 around 2.5 days per   week  

      National Trustees – £37,660 around 2 days per week                                                     Trustees – £32,952 around 2 days per week”

      and of course, the added expenses which for October 2013 to  March 2014 amounted to £28,892.90.

    5. Can somebody explain what happened here. Ok so I was paying tv licence via payment card as soon as I knew I’d caught up and paid for the year I phoned them and said I wasn’t paying anymore and want to cancel my card and also I probably wasnt going to be living here in a few months anyway. So she didnt demand that I need to let them know if im still at the address when licence needs renewing nor did she demand a forwarding address instead she thanked me for letting them know. 3 days later recieved a letter saying thankyou for letting them know I no longer required a tv licence and that they wont be bothering me for 2years. Eh!!!!! What did do right! !

    6. No no u don't need to ring them more than one time and say u don't need t.v license coz u never watched live t.v and u be ok it that easy mate

      1. Pete u are so right the uk is becoming a big shit hole the rich all getting richer and the rest of us poor lot get kick in the balls fags ,beer, patrol schools,hospitals,people on benefits,coz they can't help it not the 5 pcent that are drugys get picked on all the time takes the piss this year they are picking on us on family credit we need help not cuts

  2. Everyone should get together and not pay for the licence itsnot worth the paper its printed on

    every programmes are repeated time after time after time fuckin pissed off with it were getting ripped off

    all the time even by the governments that weve voted in all a bunch of fuckin liars………the rich get richer the poor get poorer

  3. My license expired on new years eve 2012 and I am not renewing it for many public and private reasons.

    If you visit my site you will find free information and a free download to help you avoid the license fee and avoid prosecution. There is a page on my site called “My Battle”, the last entry on that page made today, Saturday 12th Jan 2013, is a very interesting letter from TV licensing telling me they will NOT be knocking my door and that I can rip up their letters.

    The first letter will be ripped up, all and any correspondence there after will be billed to Capita at £50 per item by way of an administration fee.

    Go to my site, watch the video, grab the download, grow a pair and ACT!

    1. I have just received a letter from TV licence people, stating they are taking me to court because I have not replied to their letters!  Oh, I have not got a TV licence as don't watch it although I own a working TV.  Just wondered how far they will take this and if they are within their rights to take me to court just because I haven't contacted them?

      1. they will take it all the way if they have a name to pin it on, no name no worries it aint enforcable, i even asked a copper and he confirmed it.

      2. Simply return to sender the unopened ,unwaqnted letter(s).By not returning them they assume you`ve agreed with what they`d written.

      3. Not paid for licence for over 4 years, get a letter every 4 months or so saying taking me to court  but can not ,well let me tell you fact , don't confirm or give your name and DO NOT sign anything even if they say it's only to say I have been and just doing my job,BOLLOCKS ,it's to admit using a tv and then they think they can take you to court but only a summons from the court is an invitation to attend ,tear it up and do not reply, They need you to admit and sign, just tell them like I do not interested please go away AND THEY DO , and to see them dissapere rapid just mention the phedo's at the BBC and the corruption with licence payers money ,but what do you expect it is ran by COMMON PURPOSE CONTROLLED BY THE EU. SO DON'T PAY .

        1. I just had tv license person at my door. He could see through my window that I was watching live tv. He asked me if i had a license, i said no (obviously or he would not be there).. He said that a license is required for live tv. I said it is only for the BBC that it is needed. He disagreed. I told him I will not pay for a corrupt corporation that supports phedo's. He said then we just need to fill out some paper work! I said no way! (I was not going to give him my name)

          He said that is fine, i will apply for a warrant and come back with the Police. I said fine and shut the door on him.

          Can you help please? I dont know if I should just give in to this horroble corporation and buy one (Which to me is so morally wrong). Or do I wait? I dont know! Please can you advise me please. Many Thanks

          1. Andrea,

            10 years ago I worked for TV Licensing as an inspector when my child was born to earn the money which was needed. I gave it up after 4 weeks but I'll give you a few tips about you situation

            The worst thing you could do was admit to the TV Licensing Inspector that you didn't have a licence as you've just incriminated yourself and commited a crime under the Wireles Telegraphy Act

            A TV Licence is needed to watch ANY live TV broadcast channel originating from the UK, not just the BBC. This includes ITV, CH4, Five and so on

            The paperwork he filled out was an official statement which will be produced by the Prosecution in Court (The TV guy should have read you a formal caution, much like the Police do)

            If you signed the statement you've agreed to everything written in it

            You DO NOT have to sign it or give your name for it to be admissible in court (Of course if you do it makes their job easier). However, you can still (in theory) be taken to court if TV Licensing get your name (They usually apply for the information from your local electoral roll and/or council tax register)

            Warrants can be granted but never are as Magistrates seldom, if ever grant them to TV Licensing because the JP requires irrefutable evidence of an offence before they'll grant the warrant

            The inspector was using scare tactics, something they're taught to do but which I never agreed with or liked doing

            Bottom line is, never admit to not having a licence, even if he can see your TV.Never let them in to your home. Never sign anything. Don't answer any questions he asks you, just shut the door once he's told you who he is (They have to by law)

            Hope that helps


          2. If you don't like TV as you seem to claim, throw the telly out, it's really not rocket science.

            Enjoy the fine you get for using a service you apparently think is worthless.



    2. Why would you put up a site alleging to help people that when your name is clicked on takes them to a sex site.

      Now, I'm no prude and I do watch porn but I like the option to choose to enter those sites when I WANT to.


    3. Hello Marcus,

      I am very interested in going to yr website, what is the address, sorry if i've not read anything properly, just landed on this site.

      Many thanks

    1. havent had a telly for years, havent paid council tax for years, no waterbills etc etc live afloat, theyre trying to stop us being so free, but they wont win mwah ha ha haaarrrr

      1. Hi i binned the shitbox five years ago and life is good,  I am currently working on dumping the ctax any guidence with this is much appreciated. 

  4. they came around my house last month..i told them i have six tv's. .one in each room..then my brother knocked him out..knock out punch..he never came back!! well that was a bit harsh..but we have a notice on our gate 'enter at your own risk'

  5. I used to be afraid of the TV licencing man. Then I did my research. I used to be afraid of judges and courts (and I've been there) and until I did research, I was afraid. Education has helped me learn the truth about our society and the bullies that run the system.

    My personal journey started when I saw a collection of videos on YouTube called the 'strawman illusion'. I haven't been the same since!

    Whereas previously, I would have turned away any TV licencing guy, now I would invite them in. If you know you are sovereign and equal to all men and women (including royalty), you can easily behave as royalty do.

    I would be polite, invite them in to establish terms of a contract – my contract. Because that's what they're offering you. There's no law that says you must give your name to them. Ask them if you're obliged to do so. Tell them 'it's not my wish' similar to how Gordon Hall teaches. If you're not so confident, do not invite them in at all, it's your domain.

    I would try to educate them and question if what they are doing today is morally right or have a positive effect on our future world.

    Any charges only begin apply once they have a 'person' and an 'act' upon which they can enforce statues. Claim to be sovereign and not a person with a name or title and that you are not subject or bound by acts. They will need to prove the opposite of your claim, an impossibilty especially for a corporation that cannot contract with a human.

    Simply put, they need a contract to collect your money. And if you are already paying this can be recinded because it has to be a bilateral contract (two signatures, non-scanned) to be valid in law.

    Wish them a good day and good luck making commissions from knocking on doors.

    1. Hi Robert:

      Like you, I have learned to 'stand my ground.'  I'm in Ontario Canada, bought and paid for two houses and learned about securitziation. I stopped paying on my debts last year. In April 2013 I made a 'conditional offer' to the CEO of a huge bank that I would pay all that I owe in exchange for my original 'signed' paperwork.  Four notices to him later, I  received nothing.  He sent a lawyer after me.. the first request I had in my defense is:  Request to view documents.'  Haven't seen any yet.  in otherwards… they can't prove their claim.  I WANT this to go to court as I have a counterclaim in also. 

      Like others, they have NOT disclosed what they planned to do with my 'autograph' (selling it on the market to make profit) which is FRAUD.. Trying to collect on the same debt after it's been paid (embezzlement) etc..

      I don't even care about the houses anymore.. it's the POINT.  I have to do this for my children and grandchildren.  I tweet 'everything' and I spend most of my time INFORMING others..

      Since USA (my neighbor) is in dire straits with their collapsing dollar.. I am trying to get most awake to get prepared.  It's NOT an easy job.

      1. Hi just wondering how you are getting on with this,very interested from northern ireland.

        mark andrew

    2. TV License just came to my door and seen me whatching live tv through my window. I refused to give my name and told him I will not pay for a corporation that is corrupt and supports phedo's. I told him i dont watch bbc!! He said it is for live tv, i disagreed and said the tv license is for the bbc, he still said it is for live tv. He said he would be back with a warrent and the police! I shut the door on him. Can they do that? How can they enforse a warrent without a name? Is it best for me to get one now? I really do not want to support such corruption!

  6. hi guys..i'm paying my tv licence on a monthly d/d…what am i to do to get out of this? thank you in advance

    1. Hi Wayne, unfortunately the whole system of law enforcement is corrupted and perverted, and a criminal outfit like the BBC is getting state protection so it can be used for political propaganda.The BBC harbours paedophiles and colludes with terrorist organisations, you would think that there should be an order telling no one to give it funding. The straw man is more a hypothosis than a reality, if you write to the BBC they just fob you off and pass you on to someone else. You have law on your side, but no back up, thats the problem for all of us. The back up should have been established before the alarm, so if you stop paying you are on your own against some evil and twisted oposition. They are criminals, and you are law abiding, but it makes no difference untill we establish our constitutional back up, and then we will all stop paying and hold them to account for their criminality. This is where we are all going wrong, if you stop paying now you are running before you can walk. Even a chicken knows not to shit in the egg before it has pecked a way out. We need to all get together and calmly and inteligently use our law to our advantage, and clearly in writing make a public statement as to why no one should finance the BBC, and establish a national counsel to use the correct procedure for constitutional enforcement, where after the suspects including quasi-judges will be summond to appear before a proper court of law. Then later we can have a plebiscite as to if we want to abolish a public funded broadcaster. You can stop paying them now but they will harass you, not any "straw man".

    2. Wayne its simple …..cancel your direcy debit. And IF somebody comes to your door you tell them that you have no need for a tv license and shut the door.

      I have never payed for a tv license and never been in trouble as a result.

      Same applies to Poll then Council Tax. Mind you when i worked for my local council they took some money straight out of my wages.

      When i left the job they didnt get a penny more.

      There is no obligation to pay.

    3. Call your Bank and cancel the direct debit tell them stop paying t.v. license b.s. and if the t.v. whores send u a notice do not open put RETURN TO SENDER on envelope and throw it in the 'fraud mail boxes' do not put a stamp on it or your name at the back, you can even include this 'NO CONTRACT'  (NCRTS) :)


    4. sorry wayne but your contracted to them, but pay it off for now and then cancel dd and when next letter comes through door send it back NOT AT THIS ADDRESS they will send one or two more and do the same thing with them aswell, you will then get one off them addressed TO THE OCCUPIER  thats when the fun begins and you have no contract with them as they have no name for you,NO NAME NO CONTRACT simple as that

    5. Two simple steps, most others seem to forget the first one, which will cause you legal problems and possible fines.

      Step 1 Get rid of your tv and digiboxes etc. Give it away, have a sledgehammer ceremony, doesn't matter, just make sure you no longer have anything that can receive TV.

      Step 2, ask your bank to cancel your direct debit.


      You will now get harassed to hell and back, nothing can be done about that. Despite what many here claim, WOIRAs no longer work in England and Wales and never did in Scotland. You can't opt out of the fortnightly hatemail. The only way to stop it is to buy a license. But you can now enjoy not bring brainwashed!

  7. I haven't paid tv licence or council tax for years. Could someone please help with my query? 

    If I have never stepped foot in a court or spoke with a sheriff or had a sherif hand a sitation to me so why Is the council tax robbers can after failing to get money from my bank now are able to straight for my hard earned weekly wage. This is theft is it not??? Is there anything I can do? I think a pay enough into the tax fund from my wages. Sometimes I think I'd be better off not working:-(

  8. every week there are on average 4 woman who have an income that is below the nation average who are put into prison for not paying the licence fee. the vast majority of people proscecuted are the poor. the licence is nothing more than a poll tax were the poor have to pay the same charge as the rich. and the licence fee has never had any democratic consent.

  9. Hi folks, I am another non payer of the tv license but i have 4 reasons why I wont pay and cant pay, firstly I'm on the sick and with what i get to live on simply cant afford it, second and we all know the license fee goes to the bbc only and none of the other british terestrial channels like itv,ch4,ch5 etc… yet the quality of programs, I feel, on stations like 3,4 and especialy sky far excedes the crap on virtualy all bbc channels..! thirdly I recently discovered that aswell as world wide news coverage for foriegn countries the bbc also produce and transmit channels overseas such as USA,Canada, Australia and god knows how many more and all of these are paid for by the british license payer. How wrong is that…! And fourth for around £80 per year you could get sky with 200+ channels, or the freesat one with 100+ channels for £50ish so in value for money terms theyre not in this galaxy nevermind universe. So when all is said and done its simple logic — Dont Pay….! They cant send every one to jail. Johnny..T..

  10. I never let the TV people in I just fuck them of but one day they came with a seach warrent and the police I had to let them in all I had was a TV and a ps3 they put on BBC I player and said I can watch tv on the ps3 I went to court and tyres to tell them that it was not live tv the judge believed the TV people I got a fine of £50 pounds offender levy £15 pounds  other parties £271.25 charge Total £336.25 to be paid by 24 June 2014 i don't have the money so it looks like jail for me.                Ps I will never buy a TV license  for something you don't need one for they don't no there job and that's go's for the judge to.   So you can come and do me again .here's my details Brian Mccartan 19 munro villas Kilkeel Bt34 4ee

  11. I no longer pay a TV license just sent a notice of implied right of access removal along with a statement as to why I didn't need one, didn't give any details just "the occupier" got the standard response saying thank you for informing us blah de blah we'll be in contact in two years to check you haven't moved, that was january and we've heard nothing since.

  12. check out 'freeman of the land', or Google 'John Harris 1-5' who will inform you of your rights – this is very important please check this.  If you don't know already, under 'Common Law', the man or woman (person is a legal fiction used by courts) is not obliged to give any details or their name.  Common Law is a very simple law that has existed here in England since Middle Ages, has the accused caused: Harm, loss, suffering or fraud?  If not then the case is void and there is nothing to answer for.  The way 'advice' is mentioned on this site about 'CCJ's' and 'Bailiffs' made me laugh and can be damaging to the man or woman so as to 'give information'.  Bailiffs you should know are a private organization that one has NO contract with.  If a Bailiff breaks in your home, you self-defend yourself, just as they serve you notices you also serve them your understanding notice that if they come on to your land without permission they agree to £1k charges per visit.  The ordinary joe is being treated like a criminal over a speed camera ticket and parking tickets etc.  While real scumbags like Robbers, Paedos, murderers and fraudsters (aka the courts) are getting away with a 'slap on the wrist'.  Who would ever think one would get a ban for 24 month for common drink/drive offences, where as you pass a speed camera wow the state wants serious $$$$$ off of you?  Under Common Law a court is a place of commerce (a place to do business) the man or woman does not need to stand in a 'dock' because no crime has been committed.  You need to understand that the information you have on this site is unjust and is an infringement on human rights.


    1. "Masttrans", Common Law is not from the middle ages it dates back to even before the forming of England and is the law of the Saxons who brought the law to England. The Normans did not invent common law, they only standardised the law since it differed slightly from place to place making law enforcement more awkward, this standard of law is the common law. Which is the ultimate and final law of the Kingdom of England since it includes what we now call constitutional law. This is why common law is superior to statute law, because it is the common law which makes the King and common law which makes the parliament. I hope this explanation does not upset your human rights, nor you find it unjust.

      By the way HM Courts of Common Law were not places of commerce other than wrong doers by the common law had to make a fine to the King/Queen, who then used that fine to run/defend the country, not for having a personal piss up. Private courts were introduced by the Normans under the feudal system these evolved into Manor Courts and the Lords of the Manor took money from fines as reward for administering justice. The courts we deal with in modern times are alleged to be business corporations, they are a result of the "national debt" where the money lenders have negotiated the proper courts of the state to be assigned over to them so they can profit from crime and administer justics according to their agenda. In the same way that all taxation is sent directly to the money lenders who have now become the de facto state, while deluding the general public that the proper constitution is running.

  13. Cancelled my TV licence and direct debit just just the other day. Pulled the ariel plugs, and now I await a visit from one of the goons. Quite looking forward to the visit.

    Got my video camera all charged up and ready. I will be nice, polite and friendly of course. But I won't be taking any crap :) I hope my little movie will "Inform, educate, and entertain" more so than the Broken biscuit corporation ever did. Shouldn't be too difficult eh?

    Anyways, it will be on youtube and my website in due course. I'lll give you a heads up when it's ready Sithee G

  14. Isn't the BBC the organization who funded that childfekker Saville?

    Well, needless to say that I'm not paying a penny towards this wannabe gestapo, same goes for council tax as I have no contract with them. In the first year they try and threaten you in every possible way but as soon as they realize that you give a f*** about their love letters, they eventually stop sending them out.   

  15. I have no aerial plug in my flat, none of the flats in my building do. We all got letters through the post today though. Shouldnt we be exempt?

  16. What a joke.. I am 56 and have never ever paid for such thing they call a TV License.. DON'T Fall victim to such crap..

  17. I've been paying TV license for the last 12 months in a rented property, but recently sent them a refund form advising them that I'm moving into a house share and no longer require the license. After over a month of waiting (with no refund given), they informed me that they were waiting for more information to carry out their investigations. Apparently, you need an additional TV license if you sign a separate tenancy agreement – which I have done. Robbing bastards actually expect me to pay for another one even though the property already has a license!!!

    I've since sent another cancellation form telling them I don't need their poxy license as I will be watching all my shows via on-demand /Netflix and in the communal lounge of the house share from now on. I also  demanded they refund my money to me (almost 2 months now since I submitted the first form!).

    I will NEVER be dealing with these crooks again! They're amoral, money-grabbing gits and I will not be doing business with them again.

  18. I am 27 and haven't paid my licence fee for nearly 7 years now, 4 years non payment of council tax. Never had a problem with either up until recently when I moved and had two seperate visits from TV Licensing people, basically explained, didn't own a tv, never will own one and literally take pity on anybody who does own or even worse watch one, neither saw the funny side and actually tried to force entry, without success. They have since sent out a numerous letters asking for details in which to carry out an investigation. I would actually reccomend if possible you invite these people in an explain how you feel rather than ignoring the door and binning their letters, it seems the more letters I send back or the more chats I have with their employees the less hassle you seem to get.

  19. I’m registered blind and I pay my TV licence without fail.
    I use some of the money I get because I am blind to pay the TV licence
    and I use the rest for sightseeing and gambling in Monte Carlo.
    The money I get for being deaf goes straight into
    one of my many off shore bank accounts. I also have my
    paralysed from the waist down and loss of smelling and taste
    accounts. The back pain account is my best little earner.
    Sometimes I buy the latest DVDs music CDs and weight lifty equipment.
    Let’s face it. Money is not everything but it’s close.
    It’s a hard life but life is good.

  20. I have cancelled my tv licence due to the biased nature of the bbc.  They are not acting for the interests of the Scottish people.  They are blatently editing the news to give an unfair view of the pro independence party and bigging up better together and thier scaremongering.  They have mis informed the people of Scotland about what is really going on.  Disgusting behavour and possibly illegal.

    1. I'm cancelling my direct debit for my tv licence after watching very bias BBC propaganda regarding the referendum. It's disgusting how they get away with this. I hope every yes voter in Scotland does the same, why should we pay for lies and bias reporting. 

  21. I stopped watching tv for months. Yesterday i put it back up to see debates on referendum. Today a guy came to my door, asked for me by name, i said, “yes that’s me”. He said he was from TV licencing and i had cancelled my licence a few months ago. I politely told him i wouldn’t answer any of his questions and closed the door….. By admitting my name have i confirmed a contract with them???

  22. BBC Coverage Disgraceful. Licence Fee cancelled, I will never forgive or forget. #Shittish Broadcasting Corporation.

  23. I cancelled my direct debit last year when I finally woke up and realised how biased the BBC (and most media) are with their news coverage.  My sister went on an anti war march in London, she said there were thousands upon thousands marching and not one mention of it on the news, that's when I started researching for myself.  Then all the paedophile stuff about Jimmy Savile started coming out and it was like WHOA hang on WTH am I paying for here?  Biased news coverage and paedophilia?  I think not.

    I did get a few reminder letters which I ignored and have since moved in May (this place was empty for 6 months) and have had one letter here addressed to The Occupier but I just binned it not sure if that's the right thing to do or not?

    I am 60 years of age and have always been a law abiding citizen, always doing the right thing.

    Since last year I have changed my viewpoint about many things, mainly the way we are governed/ruled by royalty, law, government.  I hadn't really given it much thought until then just going about my own little life.  I hope to see a revolution before I leave this world. 😀


  24. I stopped paying my TV license a couple of years ago because I do not want my children exposed to the filth and depravity on mainstream TV and what is described as 'entertainment' is an insult to my senses and intelligence! I also don't want myself or my family exposed to the systematic tirade of brainwashing propaganda and advertising. Finally and most importantly, the BBC, same as the government, royal family and many other corporations, are rife with paedophiles.

    I have completed the online TV licence declaration and have printed a copy that I show to any TV licence officials who turn up at my door, explaining that I do not support known paedophile corporations and politely tell them, no you may not come in, goodbye.

  25. Video them at the door. And invoke there right to enter on to your land/property has they have no legal right also check out youtube for more advise

  26. I’ve just cancelled my direct debit. I emailed them to say I no longer need a TV licence and they want a reason. Do I just write to them instead? I always watch Sky, our aerials in our house don’t even work, would they even be able to detect our TV?

    1. You do not have to say anything as their goons would confirm if they turned up with a warrant. You can insist they quit writing to you and send no one (feel free to get help from the ICO/your local Police) however this can lead to the higher probability of a search without consent. In which case either let them in or don't even open a window. There is no middle ground as attempting to find one means contempt of court in their eyes! Of course if you want to give them a reason look elsewhere on this site.

      Say that you "are concerned for your position as by paying them you may be aiding and abetting treason which is punishable by life imprisonment as they have been recieving EU funding to promote them!" (Of course they just show the BNP and UKIP propaganda to shock ppl into avoiding them subtly accusing anyone of opposing the EU of being insane just like the old USSR! Note how in the EU election there was no communist advertisment? This is because the BBC are communist and pro-EU and showing an anti-EU communist advert could suddenly make the anti-EU crowd look less insane then they'd otherwise be seen!)

  27. Once I move out I will watch without paying as for removing implied rights of access why not use the website that you can find by googling "TV licensing". To save money there's a freepost address in Bristol so google "TV licensing freepost Bristol"! You can even use recorded with it and be charged the recorded fee only with them paying the actual postage!

    1. when they come to the door say i dont need t.v licens as you dont watch live t.v and then shut the door when you get letters just write on them the same…


                                                 THANK YOU  

      this works as ive all ways done this all my life    

  28. I stopped paying mine as I dont use the TV. Too many adverts nowadays, feel like my eyes are being held open with toothpicks as they're spooned in lol. 

  29. Never have and never will participate in the funding of a state controlled propaganda, pedophile terrorist network. I have morals of which I stand by and i will never budge or submerge myself into these realms of excepting or being part of heard of sheep. 😉

  30. i don’t see why i should pay money to a company that has harboured paedophiles for decades. How has the BBC got away without any kind of criminal charge? If they can’t be charged then neither can I!

    1. I don’t pay tv license I rang up cancelled and there’s nothing they can do. This so called £1000 fine is a scam don’t give them your name. Who they gonna take to court mr. P occupier

    2. BBC CEO's make almost three times as much as the prime minister (lol).

      Who has the most power?

  31. Never paid a TV Li(E)sense Fee :) Hardly ever had a TV either 😀 . No point as you can get news online and most other PROGRAMMES on TV are a waste of time.

    If you are trying to avoid them though, the best way to do so is to never reply to a letter and never give them your name or tell them you are the occupier of the home they visit.

    They will still send you letters and knock at your door, but they can't do anything lol 😀

    I rip up the letters and stick them in the recycle bin when they come 😀 Been doing it for years.


  32. hi I had a call from a miss maid ment strange, rang my work and today Saturday my day of work friend rang and passed me the message I rang her it was about a debt TVs l, 600 pound but two months before this I paid £459 then moved house now I owe 600 and she said am facing jail and told her I have moved and paid the £459 before I moved she was a horrible women on the phone, wat can I do am due to have a baby in two months and she said am going jail….. 

    1. ring them up and tell them you dont watch live t.v no more so you dont need one o.k you should have not be paying them piss all never do it you dont have to if thay come to your door dont tell them your name tell them to get lost

  33. Why is it called tv licence shouldn’t it be called bbc licence . I mean wats it got to do with the bbc that I have a tv and watch itv and other channels

  34. I am so glad as to hear all of you from the UK, & other countries fed up with big government. I am from the US & over here “we the people” are also sick of government, they are the problem, they work for us, we pay their salary. They break the law all day, every day, they infringe on our human rights, & break their sworn oath to our United States Constitution. We are becoming a “police state” & 90% of the American people are done with it, but there is a saying over here “United we stand, departed we fall” we all here in the USA & you there need to start standing together & fight for our civil rights, because there is more of us than them. If we all stand united we can take back our rights as human beings & not be “slaves to the man”, & maybe, just maybe we (the people) can live in peace on this earth. It is our governments that start war, break laws, & hold back the human race from advancing in this world. So please spread somewhat of what I have said so we all understand we all must “stand united”. Take care all & keep up the good fight for our freedom, peace, & God bless.
    P.S. check out, & any other sites you may come across from there.

  35. hello friends my letterbox suffered the unwanted penatration of the tv licence renewal form lol.

    i emaled them canceled , gave them notice that im removing there emplied right to come knocking my door, that was in november and iv heard not a peep from them suckers haha great advice here much respect

  36. Tv license came to my door with 6 police. The police and tv men were trying windows and door handle. All trying to talk to me at once.
    tried their best to intimidate me until I got my phone out and started recording.

  37. Bbc can suck my dong. Since sacking clarkson they can shove the licence up their butt holes. 

  38. just had a guy at the door. I told him I lived here before he revealed he was here about the tv liscence but I didnt tell him my name and all letters have been addressed to the present occupier. Am I ok or should I expect further visits or letters???


  39. Haven’t payed my licence fee for over 2 years now, fuck em!! Keep up the fight people!! 😀

  40. Look. The elections are coming.. These lying scumbags a. jostling fly
    Postions of power.. In all the public arenas there are in no one
    Ever asks. Why don’t you disbanandon the BBC licence fee

    Its against human rights. Demanding money with menaces

    For all but the BBC is a criminal offence in the UK.

    I will tell you why the government ain’t gonna ban it. Simply because
    There are getting massive handouts. Fraud or whatever
    You wanna calls the corrupt Nazi bastards.. If Cameron could get
    Away with it he would gas the sick and unemployed.


    everyone’s freedoms are slowly been erroded. No smoking the
    God knows what. There will nibble away at next.. Then
    After that.. Until your a prisoner in your own home

    I believe in a revolution in this country. should happen .I am 58

    But will happily join in..

  41. The TV licensing appear to be cranking up the pressure on the people living in Scotland as they no longer accept  a W.O I.R.A application uunless the househiolder can prove  property damage has been committed by a visiting officer. If you reside in England the W.O.I.R.A. is accepted verbally, by written correspondence or by email. 

    Check out interesting campaign on 38 degrees website. "Moira without a Woira"

  42. I am extremely delighted to see all these comments.absolutly every single person you can possibly think of asking would wish to refuse the governments "pedo tax" I want a revolution and in all honesty would start it if I knew how! Or if I had the followers!!!!! Get in touch let's all make it happen. I'm 31 and speak for at 30 people.

  43. i have now sky box, no arrial (digita or anolough) all i have is my laptop with downloaded seasons of tv programes.  i have always played my license till now, will i be covered if i dont pay? thanks

  44. I recently watched (ironic) a TV advert stating "You wouldn't pay for something you don't use……".

    Well, i'll be fucked if i'm paying anymore money to these robbing gits. They can sing for their money and i'll judge them on their performance. 0/10

  45. dont give your licensing idiots& tell them that you have just moved in . give a ficticous name such as r.soul and ask for a reminder form to take to a licenceing office.after a few months,you will get a reminder with threats.keep on until you get scared but before you chicken out and buy a licence ,call them again & tell them you have just moved in and give them another daft name.keep repeating .the staff are as thick as pudding.they eventually write to the legal occupier.just ignore them or call with another stupid name.they havethreatened to investigate me so i have given them another false name.if they nail me in the end,i will be fined but who will they name on the warrant?the prats who come to visit are claimed i assaulted him.i told the police he must have been upset because the television man got a bad reception.CASE DISMISSED.

  46. Quite simply,i refuse to pay because the vile BBC knowingly covered up the crimes of paedophiles as it would damage ratings to "out" them to the police and are seemingly still connected to  the westminster paedo rings ,both past and present.Won't ever get a penny from me.

  47. I will no longer support institutionalised paedophiles and the corporate/state run propaganda machine.

  48. You scumbags who justify watching TV without paying for it may want to think about the harm you indirectly cause to people like me.

    You think non payers of the Tv license are all in the same boat? Wrong, the people who genuinely don't need a license fucking despise the thieving contingent.

    I am autistic 45 year old, I do not like random visitors. I REALLY do not like random people wanting to search my house because I don't want their product. I have never owned a TV in my life. Because most people who don't have  license are actually watching it, it is impossible for me to get TV licensing off my back. that's over a quarter of century of harassment as I match the profile of the typical thief. Much as I despise TV licensing, I'd love nothing more for fines to be increased tenfold and maybe have prison time for repeat offenders. Then  the thieving fuckers who watch TV without paying would be taught a proper lesson.

    If you don't want to pay for a TV license, that's fine, IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE. Can't afford the license? Get rid of the telly and get off your arse. Nobody believes that you have  a TV and skybox just to listen to the radio or watch DVDs, or you have a TV but don't watch it. You want a radio, not sky to listen to the radio, a computer works great for DVDs

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