Steps for sending off your Affidavit

After many requests for information regarding the cost, the wording and the procedure used for sending the Affidavits, please follow the steps below.

First download the Word Document by clicking the button below:



You document should look like the following:




























You will need to change the document with your details and get an Officer of the Court, Solicitor etc to witness you signing the Affidavit. If it's a Solicitor will cost you £5.

What you need to change is:

  1. (a) Type your name here
  2. (b) Type your name here
  3. (c) Type your address here
  4. (d) Sign your name here (But don’t sign it until you are before a Officer of the Court, Solicitor etc)
  5. (e) Type your name here
  6. (f)  The Solicitor signs, prints, and dates it.
  7. (g) The solicitor address goes here

Then send it off Special Delivery to:

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace

Wait 40 days then send the second Affidavit using the same process as above.