Steps for sending off your Affidavit

Today is Monday November 30, 2015

After many requests for information regarding the cost, the wording and the procedure used for sending the Affidavits, please follow the steps below.

First download the Word Document by clicking the button below:



You document should look like the following:




























You will need to change the document with your details and get an Officer of the Court, Solicitor etc to witness you signing the Affidavit. If it's a Solicitor will cost you £5.

What you need to change is:

  1. (a) Type your name here
  2. (b) Type your name here
  3. (c) Type your address here
  4. (d) Sign your name here (But don’t sign it until you are before a Officer of the Court, Solicitor etc)
  5. (e) Type your name here
  6. (f)  The Solicitor signs, prints, and dates it.
  7. (g) The solicitor address goes here

Then send it off Special Delivery to:

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace

Wait 40 days then send the second Affidavit using the same process as above.







  • Why do we have to Wait 40 days then send the second Affidavit?

    • You have to wait 40 days because in the law society, if the person you are sending it to doesn’t reply within 40 days of receiving it, it’s an automatic and lawful “YES, I ACCEPT”.

  • Does this also hold true for Citizens of the U.S.? Assuming I make the necessary corrections from Her Majesty to the U.S. President, etc.

    • As I see it, the U.S.A. is a corporation. I can only assume that Her Majesty and the Crown have never truly given the U.S.A. independence. I think it is still a controlled colony. This subject requires some more, very serious research for non-commonwealth countries.
      Good Luck Brian

  • Thanks 4 posting this info! I’ve been trying to this for months. I’m almost computer illiterate and its difficult for me to do things online. Its a wonder i can post a comment haha Thanx again. Peace

  • Do i need to write a covering letter for either affadavit? Should i receive a reply/letter of acknowledgement? Thanx

  • can i still send this affidavit without an address? can i just put no fixed abode?

  • Good day fellow freedom lovers. First,just wanna say thanx to everyone at tpuc. Top job you’re doing! Resistance is good for my soul. I find it truly satisfying. Peace

  • Hi, can you point me in the right direction, getting threats with court action against me from GHA local housing department for money I do not owe them. Love & Light. Clare

  • The solicitors that witnessed my first affadavit refused to witness my second one on the grounds that it made them ‘uncomfortable’. Ha! Go figure. Luckily there are no shortage of money grabbing lawyers and have just posted the second one. From a lawful rebel

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  • Hey fellow freedom lovers,i recently attended a talk given by David Shayler,ex-MI-5 whistleblower,on common law & mentioned using 2 affadavits to withdraw consent to be governed. Mr Shayler is under the impression 3 affadavits must be sent to lawfully make/break a contract. As i have limited access to a computer & lack skills to research it myself just now,i'd be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction to find the info i need to clarify it. Thanx a lot Jon

  • Jon, if the people you have made a contract with are criminals, then ipso facto your contrct is void by common law, you do not need any affidavit, but one may be useful to state your position. Most local authorities are now committing offences against Her Majesty's laws, and against the country by returning criminals, i.e traitors to sit in Her Majesty's Parliament. And then abiding by the bogus statutes that these people have had the cheek to make as an unlawful assembly, which violate Her Majesty's laws, which again is a matter of treason at common law. In the eyes of the law these people are levying war against Queen and Country, this nullifies all contracts between individuals and corporations, this is a fact of law. If you send any affidavit you should clearly state your case on the grounds which I have indicated, you should also make it clear that anyone who follows the orders of a Statute of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, now proven to be unconstitutional and therefor disturbing the peace, may have to answer for war crimes if matters escalate into armed conflicts between criminal elements and Her Majesty's subjects. Even the Queen herself only has limited powers to agree to actions of parliaments, her obligations are to the whole country under oath, the common law is supreme, to violate the common law is effectively an abdication. Treason is a common law offence above the Queens parliament, no one has legitimate power to overrule treason, not even the Queens Parliament. If you go to you can get more information about the subject. Good luck


    This is great news, this would unite our country for the greater good of all. Thank you.

  • Hi there… great stuff! I'm new to all this and I have a question, but first I need to put down some informations.

    I'm writing from Australia, I migrated here from Italy 8 years ago, so I know very little of the English context (history, origins, etc..)

    From what I understood Queen Victoria gave the Commonwealth to Australians around the beginning of the 20th Century.

    I assume that consequentially that implies that Australian should be loyal to the Queen and adhere to the Commonwealth of Australia'

    In recent history that have been the attempt to change this, but it seems that it legally failed so they had to force the process.

    The Commonwealth of Australia is also a corporation registered in the U.S.
    with address in Washington D.C. here's the link -> Commonwealth of Australia

    The problem that is arising here is who are we paying our taxes to because the departments of taxes, custom and others are acting on the mandate of the Commonwealth of Australia…public or private?

    also here is an extract of a concerned Australian citizen:

    "…Bob Hawke also did enormous damage by conducting a referendum in 1984 where the key question was relating to the "Interchange of Powers between States and the Commonwealth" and we the people gave it a resounding NO, and

    Then to be confronted with in 1985 the Australia Act bill which consequently ended up becoming the Australia Act 1986 as passed by the Westminster parliament in England.

    I have read the transcript of the House of Commons and The House of Lords relating to the application to Westminster relating to the Australia Act bill and they said on the floor of Parliament that there had been NO referendum. In my understanding of law that was an Act of Treason by those in the Hawke government…"

    it gets reaaaaally confusing, I guess you would already know what my question is at this point: did the parliament of Australia deploy an act of treason against the Queen and the people of the Commonwealth of Australia??

    Here is more extract from the same citizen:

    "The Commonwealth of Australia has become a Corporation.
    Look it on the Internet.These Acts, one enacted by the Parliament of the United Kingdom, and one enacted in sub the same terms, by the Parliament of Australia, each infringe sovereignty. These Acts were not designated as Treaties and duly registered in accordance with the appropriate Article of the Charter of the United Nations. Consequently they may not be presented in any international forum.

    The Act passed in Australia goes so far as to state that, contrary to the United Nations Charter Article 2 Paragraphs 1 and 4, (as well as a number of resolutions), it can amend or repeal Acts of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. A sovereignty foreign to Australia.

    Apart from the fact that the Australia Act (Commonwealth) is offensive to international law it can have no standing, even if the Australian Constitution could be ruled valid, because it was passed by a Parliament and assented to by a Governor General who was appointed by the Queen of Australia, an Office not recognised by the Australian Constitution under which the Act was created. That 'honorary Governor General, in turn, commissioned the Prime Minister and his cabinet and invested the members of that same Parliament that passed the 1986 Australia Act."

    Thanks for any insight anyone might have about this and sorry for the lenghty post.


  • For our name, do we just put in lower case, or should it be name then of the family(surname)?

  • Does anyone know if the square brackets are required to be used? 


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