Sometimes we need an arrow through the heart

Boy I have not done this for what seems an age, as to be honest I am trying to spend as much time as I can away from the web and do things a slightly different way. Now when writing I disconnect my laptop from the web. I don’t know why but I just seem to be able to write better this way. Then I write on the forum that I am going to put everything I have to say in the book and not do this anymore and in doing so told myself to do it. I suppose I just needed reminding that I used to do this and maybe I need to again for a while. What I write here will be in the book, but not word perfect, maybe not like this at all, but the subject matter will still be the same. We all seem to do this, well certainly in my experience we do, we seem to say the same things over and over again. I suppose the only difference is, we say the same things different ways, if you get my drift. We tell each other so much without even knowing we have done. But you can hear it and see it if you watch closely enough and just listen without saying a word. And some of the time we are actually telling each other what twats we are, not just in a joking way but literally explaining our faults and most of the time crying out for help. It seems we just don’t realise we are doing this, well it certainly seems that way but again I can only speak for myself. I do find our ways strange at times, even bizarre, but also incredibly interesting.

What I have written here on this page is exactly what I am meant to write at this moment in time as it always is, but that could change a second after writing it, because I suppose it is nothing more than just an idea, for if the truth is known I really don’t know anything, but I am an expert at repeating information, or so I was. But I always stated that no one should believe me, because I didn’t believe me, because I could not believe it was true. In some ways I was looking for some sort of explanation to explain all that I was seeing and being told. Then I wrote about it and talked about it and of course I also got lost in the mind, ego some call it, becoming defensive about my acquired knowledge. Along come those of religion, of politics, of nationalism and the alternative view, all requiring me to believe them, to look up to them for being so knowledgeably correct and precise of things they had been told by someone else. By written words or by speech they had been departed upon by a belief, using beliefs orchestrated and engineered to perfection. But surely how can I say this if I do not know anything? So there must be something else going on and I don’t know what it is, because I am not meant to, I suppose. But I do not need a name or an understanding of it to enjoy it. To be absolutely honest I haven’t got a clue anymore and I like it that way. Can you respect this – or will you try to tell me? Ok, I tell you what, you can if you can do it without repeating anyone else’s words.

To be honest this is a strange little article and I am sure some of you will tell me I am talking complete gibberish – as always. But someone asked me about my style of writing in the book and I know this has also been mentioned on the forum, so I decided to write the explanation within an article. Within these words is the answer you seek and it is a very simple one, very simple indeed.

Please enjoy x

Sometimes we need an arrow through the heart, as harsh as it may seem, but sometimes there is no other way it seems.

A simple example of this is the temples, or should I say churches, or am I talking about the same thing. One just being a different name, simply to disguise the true nature and purpose of such a building – because in reality that is all they are buildings, nothing more nothing less. As I see it the only reason temples i.e. churches, cathedrals, chapels, mosques, synagogues and shrines exist is because those of religious beliefs believe they should exist. They will, until such time I suppose, that they finally realise how coerced by lies they have been and they are extremely simple lies in my view. Don’t get me wrong, if these beliefs help you through your daily life then all well and good. But do they not also help you lie to others when you project what you believe upon them and what about the segregation it creates; is this a good thing in your eyes – but are you really looking through clear eye’s, or influenced eye’s? Obviously it must be influenced eyes and this must be a fact that is conveniently ignored, like so many others.

Then and only then I suppose will these buildings come tumbling down, obviously aided by a bull dozer or two, or three, or even four. ‘Why destroy them’ I hear you say – ‘what about the beautiful architecture’ I hear you scream – ‘what about the sweat and blood that went into their creation’ I hear you desperately cry? The answers are in the question, as is the exact reason why they should be destroyed to allow all to forget they ever existed and the construct they stand for – being the epitome of this construct. Or, someone one day takes the bull by the horns and does it anyway as though it was an arrow through the heart and destroys them brick by brick, timber by timber and glass by glass, eradicates them from existence along with the beliefs they stand for, the segregation they have created and the none sense they spew which is a sickness upon the mind of the believer. Too strong you think? Oh well cest la vie it’s only my opinion – I am still entitled to an opinion aren’t I – you don’t have to read this you know? But I bet you do. Or, are your beliefs that shallow these mere words can directly affect them? Sorry if I just struck a nerve I do have a habit of doing that pardon the pun, or is it, is not all religion just a habit? Do many continue to believe just because they do not want to look foolish because of this habit – but surely it is more foolish to continue the lie is it not? But what do I know; I am but a simple man, or so I’ve have been told.

If, in the fullness of time this was to occur, would this someone be hated? Of course they would. Would they be detested? Of course they would. Would this someone be loved eventually? Of course he would be. All wounds can heal in the course of forgetfulness and not time, because you can chose to forget whenever you want to under no stipulated time frame, can’t you? I know it is hard and I truly know how you feel as none of us like having our beliefs challenged. How dare you make us question what we believe is normal, how dare you even suggest such a thing. But surely they are nothing more than words, so why do you fear them so much? Why can I not question? So many of us fear the collapse of any belief system we may have, because maybe it creates a void that sooner rather than later we will have to fill with something else, because this void is created by what we are truly missing in our lives that we try to replace with what we believe is the nearest best thing. Possible reason for this is boredom, or so it has been suggested. Is this not the trait of an addiction? A mental condition many find themselves amerced in, if not all of us in one way or another. There are so many versions of the same, granted different in appearance, but the root is always the same as is the structure under the version. It just wears different masks as we do. We are it and it is us. Without us it cannot exist, but without it we can. As hard as it is to face sometimes abstinence is the only way which is epitomised as an arrow through the heart to me – no one likes giving up anything it seems, although again, I can only speak for myself and from my experiences.

I do appreciate there is a lot to cry about at the moment, but don’t forget there is also a lot to smile about, most of the time in the simple things we miss, again, only speaking from experience that is. I don’t know if you miss anything because I am not you. To me it is quite simple. All I look at is intentions. And I am afraid that no religion has good intentions as it is telling you to reli on something instead of yourself that is better than you, or it will make your life better in some way some day. Whether that be greed, obsession, and desire, david beckham, lady gaga or the 3.15 at new market. That you must be segregated from those who do not carry the same beliefs and yours is better than theirs and when your beliefs are involved it is ok to get angry in defence of them. It is also ok to be selfish regarding them and the time they take from you, time that could be spent doing what you preach you do. Let’s face it, to be honest it is time to give up the ghost don’t you feel – you don’t. Well that is still your choice for now. Oh what am I saying, ignore me, but you already know this don’t you, you already know it is inevitable, but at the moment is it just a nagging little doubt you can ignore if you so chose. But how long can you ignore it for – maybe a lifetime eh? But how many arrows in the heart can you ignore? To be honest I haven’t a clue and nor do I want to know, do you? Do you really want to know how many are coming and how many versions you will suffer? As I am sure you know everything based on selfishness brings the most suffering to the one being selfish in the first place, you do know this don’t you, you do realise this? Or is that just another arrow through your heart you conveniently chose to ignore – I wonder?

I feel all of humanity has a mental condition it’s called freewill. Free in your thoughts and in your beliefs and this is what causes all the problems as far as I can tell. Because where these beliefs and thoughts are generated and stored, is within an element that has no moral boundaries at all. What is very much evidenced is the fact that anything these beliefs tell you to adhere to, you will do, because you are free to do it at will. How many have died because of religious beliefs – and is committing murder on behalf of a belief acceptable moral behaviour in your opinion – well is it? Oh sorry, is that a question you would rather not answer and conveniently ignore? Again just another fact that is conveniently swept under the carpet like so many others, but I bet if you actually did for one second ponder on this, you would have to admit that this type of behaviour is most definitely not moral behaviour in the slightest. But you will not do this will you? So in the end someone will have to help you see the light, which I am absolutely positive you will thank them for one day, just for doing so and then you will be truly free.

And so the light shall be brought….