Some might say

Some might say ‘what the hell is going on’? As it seems the world is going crazy. What with the upset in Tunisia, Egypt and the attacks on Libya it would seem to those of rational thinking that many in power have lost their senses, or another agenda is being played out. Cry’s of new world order are heard almost deafening in their volume as many run round like headless chickens saying ‘I told you so didn’t I’ trying to get their point across. Trying to convince everyone that they are right and I suppose in a small way they are. But I have a slightly different observation to make on what is unfolding.

Since the times of the fleet those who seek power have been slowly gaining control of countries – or should I say political prisons – far and wide spread out across this planet. Many have been taken by force whilst some have been taken in stealth, with force only being relied upon as the last measure if the preamble fails. None conformity will not be tolerated and all will succumb in the end, because this is the way. And what way is this you might ask? The way is democracy and if you do not accept it, it will be forced upon you, for all must be in legal slavery and all political prisons must be based on a debtor’s prison – because you can’t live in the prison for free, you must pay to live in prison.

You see – well as far as I can see – wanting order in the world is not a new thing as some might suggest. In fact it is a very old thing and can be traced back at least two if not three thousand years. But for now let’s just deal with a few hundred years ago. We have to remember that this was the prime objective of the fleet. Wherever they would land they would set a system of governance, education and of course religion – the necessary ingredients for democracy to prevail. This would then be forced upon the indigenous people of whatever land they landed at. Prime examples of this are of course are Australia and America. But now you could add another fifty prisons to that count directly and at least another twenty six indirectly controlled by whom? I will let you ponder that answer for a minute or two. What is the common factor that all these countries share – apart from being attacked directly or indirectly by the manufactures of world policing? They are all democratic states. All have a system installed within them that is called democracy. The trick is to sell this system as though it is something good to have. That hierarchal positioning and the need for such is the way forward even to the extent that they get the people themselves to demand they are put in legal slavery. Once this is achieved, that prison is then controlled from a central point, a central point of administration of law – a monarchy, albeit this is just for mascot purposes to give the system legality. To control every prison, sorry country first democracy must be installed. If you look at the history of Australia and America as examples you will see this exact process was used. Then look at the rest of the common wealth and you will see this repeat itself time and time again. The very same is happening now. Recently in Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Egypt and now Libya with many more to follow suit in the last ditched attempt in the months to come.

As you can see this is obviously not a new concept, far from it, this is a very old one. Once you have a system that works very effectively then why change? It makes no sense to. But the burning question is – who controls this – and who is the central point of administration of law? This is not something I will answer nor will I give any clues if needed. Just take into account one factor. What tiny island controls more countries directly and indirectly than any other? And then maybe you will realise how important that island is and how important the people of that island are. For what they do is not just for them, it is for more people than they could possibly imagine.

The Definition of the word prison: a vassal that human beings are legally committed to. Ask yourself a question: if you live in England, then are you legally committed to the piece of land called England? And the same goes for any piece of land labelled as a country, if you live there, are you legally committed to it.

All I have to say is this: we do not have to live this way and I know in my heart that that the slavery that is called democracy one day will be gone forever and we can then live as we are meant to. And to be very honest, that day is fast approaching.   x