Prologue – Prophecy of the Sion


This story is about a man called Sion; pronounced shun. You may know this man by another name, but at this time this needs not to be said. This man has existed at least nine times through the ages – in fact, once every thousand years, born forty-six years before the end of each millennium. This story is about one Sion in particular and what he left for his last successor to do, being the opposite of what he did. Using memories past down through the ages recorded as stories that were put to paper via the might of the pen once and then, just simply remembered. Recorded as a book of the living, a simplistic manual for the last hypnotist to use, to do what no other Sion could achieve, by creating an instance where the ultimate reset could be applied to humanity on mass – to take down the temple for once and for all and release humanity from a mental desease called 'belief' the temple has enslaved them with.

And so he lives again. Waiting patiently for the time to come when all can be reset and all can go back to how it should be. So the story goes….

“When humanity set forth on its path to self destruction, I wonder if we were wise enough to build in a fail safe – that would simply allow us to remember what we have forgotten, by forgetting what we have remembered.” Sion