May I take this opportunity…

May I take this opportunity to thank  everyone who has sent their condolences to my family and I for our heart breaking loss.
I thank  my beloved Noj as I affectionately called him, with all my heart for sending me the first ever printed copy of his book, which he always promised me. I will cherish this forever! He was my best friend, my soul mate during the many years we spent together and I will miss him more than anyone can imagine.

I would like to inform everyone that Johns funeral is to be attended by family, close friends & a selected few only. This is the wishes of our family & I know this is what John would have wanted! He knew many people during his life and those that are attending have already been informed and asked not to announce the date or place to anyone via internet or social media as we wish to keep it a private affair.
I do believe that a TPUC Gathering is going to be at a later date, as a memorial to John so that all the people he met during the past 7 years, since the creation of his website, will have the chance to pay their respects to him!  I am aware he had a big impact on many people but I ask you all to kindly respect our wishes …..If you have any queries regarding the gathering then please contact Ben.
Many thanks & Kind Regards