Kindness is the greatest Wisdom

Dear All

I would like to make  it absolutely crystal clear that this "Goodbye" statement from John was not what some people are assuming, it was a sincere goodbye to Tpuc as he was leaving it all behind to return to his beloved family of whom he so desperately missed.

I can categorically state this as a true fact as I knew him better than anyone having been his much loved partner for the past 16 years. Our family & I are absolutely devastated and would kindly ask that you please be respectful as this is an extremely difficult time for us all. There is no conspiracy regarding his passing, he was a hearbroken man desperate to right his wrongs regarding the one's he so sincerely loved & cherished with all his being. …. May I leave you all with this ……"If you cannot say anything nice then please do not say anything at all" …Kindness is the greatest Wisdom.

Kind Regards

John's Much loved Chic x.