John Harris – Letter to HM Attorney-General asking for my prosecution.


John Harris ( Address supplied to recipient )

19th November, 2007.

The Rt Honourable,
The Baroness Scotland of Asthal, QC.,
HM Attorney-General,
The Law Officers’ Department,
9, Buckingham Gate,

By Recorded Delivery & By E-Mail addressed to:

Dear Baroness Scotland,

Re: TV Licenses & Treason.

This is an open letter that will be widely distributed.

For far too long your office has failed in its clear duty to uphold the Queen & Constitution of the United Kingdom: In particular, your office has repeatedly denied permission for Treason Prosecutions to proceed whenever decent people have reported Treason to the Police &/or to Magistrates.

Stated briefly, your immediate predecessors have made use of the Common Law provision of Nolle Prosequitor, in order to deny to loyal people the Justice & Right that the Constitution demands, and in consequence of the flagrant breaches to Law that have been protected by your office, the practice of Treason is now rampant & uncontrolled, to the prejudice of the Queen’s Peace and to the prejudice of the Queen’s People.

Please be advised that the Common Law does NOT permit Members of Parliament to indulge themselves in Treason at the behest of New Labour or any other political party (whether inside or outside of the Chambers of Parliament) and I have decided that this issue must be faced head on, in order to restore the Respect & Decency that the people of the UK are entitled to expect from THEIR Representatives and from the Government of THEIR Country.

It seems to me that all of the tough talking about terrorist activity in the UK that is allegedly being sponsored by so-called aliens does not serve to hide the fact that terrorists are occupying seats in Mr Brown’s Cabinet Room, where active disloyalty to both Crown & Country is being planned on a daily basis and being pursued by the planned use of Flagrant Lies; Destructive Propaganda & Wilful Cover-Up.

I am now in the process of telling many thousands of people that they must help to put an end to the process of Lies; Propaganda & Deception, by refusing to pay for the BBC to broadcast the mindless disloyalty & unhealthy rubbish that is being generated in the minds of the traitors to my country who now dare to call themselves Ministers of the Crown.

In publishing my ‘Call to Arms’, I am offering myself to you and to my country as a Voluntary Sacrifice in the Cause of Freedom & Decency, and I challenge you to prosecute me for Sedition, if you dare!

This letter has been copied to the Chief Justice for England & Wales & to the Director of Public Prosecutions, in order to avoid all and any doubt as to my stated intentions.

May I say that I would welcome a response from you, which will be widely published of course– and that I stand entirely ready to defend myself with the Truth and with the provisions against Treason that were laid down when the functions of your office were being controlled by honourable; trustworthy and loyal people with a clear sense of both duty and decency.

Yours faithfully,

John Harris.

Copied to:-

The Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers,
Judicial Office of the Lord Chief Justice,
11.07, Thomas More Building,
Royal Courts of Justice,

E-mail –

Sir Ken MacDonald, QC.,
The Director of Public Prosecutions,
50, Ludgate Hill,

E-Mail –