Memoirs of the AntiChrist

It’s funny how many of us truly enjoy a good story but, never take up on the urge to write one – as they do say that everyone has at least one book in them. Recently I was chatting with my son’s schoolteacher and we were discussing what seems to be the dying art of novel writing. Fictitious tales based on what could be deduced as true fact, if the history books are to be relied upon as a source of this, to counter what could be said instead, as there is always two sides to any story. And most of these stories within historical records seem to quite obviously give accounts of events that suit one agenda or another, based on the simple concept of control and hierarchical order. That one group of human beings can set themselves above all others through notions such as status, power through monetary wealth and positions within forms of governance held together through nothing more than human stupidity. A life for all based on equity and not equality and the suffering for some that is certainly seen as acceptable by those who have excepted that all life is not on parity and that not all human beings are born equal. I know for many, thoughts of such are just out of your reach and many wouldn’t even contemplate such notions, until such time arises that they too suffer the hardships that illuminate such inadequateness in the world we are forced to bear witness to daily, when such perceptions become unwillingly apparent.   

Recently I was told that I am no author and my writings could be summed up as the scrawling and rambling of a mad man who has most definitely lost his mind, or more aptly, is out of his mind and I suppose to some this is most evidently true. After reading this short story you no doubt might come to the same conclusion, but there again you might not, and actually find yourself seeing past the grammatical issues to see something else that is in all honesty, far more important. An importance that is beyond the reality of whether the subject matter is true or not. For in all stories, is it not the meaning the story carries that is of most importance and not the story itself – or is it the case that this has been lost, buried under the weight of literal interpretation, to simply keep the world the way it is for a very literal reason? For without this, all human beings could live in parity within the beauty that is equality that would eradicate and end for all time, all suffering on a worldwide scale. And that is why the story you are about to read has never been told.

Please appreciate that what I am writing about is done in very small bite size pieces and I am not being rude when I say this, but for some; their attention span is a little lacking in duration. The subject matter I am dealing with can, at the best of times – even for those of us who are interested in it – be a little monotonous, even though for some reason we still remain interested in it. And it is that interest I would like to latch on to with this story that is based on historical events described in a slightly different way and just from a dissimilar perspective, which, as far as I know, we are still entitled to do. Or is the truth of the matter, we have never actually been entitled to do this, it’s just some of us ignore this fact. Is it not in fact true that many authors throughout the ages have been penalised, ostracised, imprisoned and even put to death because they dared to have a different perspective that was not the accepted one. All this, because they simply dare to have an opinion of their own. And even more so, this story highlights the power that just one single solitary man’s words can hold and what can be achieved by just simply telling the truth of them, and ultimately why in the end they have to be silenced.

This story contains such possible truths. Revelations that could rock the very foundations of the world we live in to it’s core, if truly known. Hidden for over two thousand years, buried under the sands of time with the hope they would never see the light of day again. And with the hope, enough has been done and said to make sure even if this story was ever told and the revelations it holds are made known to the world, no one could possibly accept such an occurrence could have ever taken place – and that the story which tells of these possible truths, is nothing more than an myth in its self.

This story starts a little over two thousand years ago when a ruling set of tribes (families) – twelve in all – where having problems with the worship of many gods carrying on from the Egyptian dynasties they had descended from. This problem was standing in the way of them being the out right rulers and more to the point controllers of all they pervade and what they would. The priest class had lost control and a civil war had ravaged Egypt and the ruling families had to flee across the water to a place called Lios for their own safety, occupying the northern part of this land – which was, unbeknown to anyone, their actual home. But the problem of worshiping many gods had followed them and was also already present in their home. Not only was it present, it was even stronger in it's application and resistance to any other faith or the forced adoption of one. The problem was that each faith had differences between them, which caused rivalry and division and made the law impossible to enforce, as no common ground could be found. Fast losing patience the families had to construct something that would outlaw the many gods and bring all worshippers under one umbrella, a kind of interfaith so to speak, in other words – monotheism.

As hard as they tried they could not enforce this and they knew there were always going to be far less controllers than there were controlled, as always, it was simple common sense. The families already had the Roman armies on their pay roll for security, headed up by an Order of Knights called the Knights Templar and they had already recruited the Jewish sects as accountants and bankers as temple taxation was already under way – devised and created by the Knights Templar for the families. Even with the Roman legions they were still outnumbered by at least 400-1 and havoc reigned even though crimes were being punished harshly and cruelly. But this made no difference; the multi god syndrome was still at play and was proving very difficult to bring under control. The main reason they wanted control was to apply the taxation upon everyone, with the only exception being themselves. And on the back bone of this create a class division system that would ensure the cogs of the commercial construct they wanted to introduce, would always turn and they would remain at the controls bathed in the earthly luxuries this would afford them and of course the protection of a hierarchical web to hide behind. This symbolises what some might call; heaven on earth, for is not heaven truly only where you look down upon others? Epitomised by the size of buildings that are said to raise to the heavens.

The main objective was to create a Society within a community that being; an element that was socially dominant within each community bound by rules that had to be adhered to; that element being them, the creators of the rules. Social structure was the key to unlock all they longed for. To devise a world based on paying to live and with them being the ones to supply everything that was needed to be purchased to live; including land, food, water and all other basic necessities. This was the concept they were striving to complete and was all that was important to them. A mind based existence that would in time re-write the very values of life itself, to a point they were non-existent, buried under the weight that was survival paralleled by desire. In truth what they needed was law and a law that had to be seen to be non-human and divine in its application and non-tolerance. Master slave syndrome devised from a master that was an illusion to be placed in the mind of the believer, the accepter, because it would only work if and only if, the people accepted it. That acceptance was to come from coercion, fear, violence and force; all this delivered by religion, law and education and the words of such. Threat was the key and all that stood in their way was the deployment of that threat and how to engineer it on a world wide scale. That was until one man read an ancient text that delivered exactly what they sought, that was completely and entirely un-ethical, corrupt, depraved and perfect, and would rid them of the multi god syndrome, for a while – well until they needed it again.

And so the story goes….

One ruling family elder had a son named Jesus. Jesus was a bright intelligent diligent student who was particularly brilliant when it came to the matters of politics and was a keen student when it came to history. He studied in particular a pharaoh called Akhenaten and what he was accused of, which in effect, had caused the civil war to rage in Egypt. Akhenaten was accused of sun worship and accused of bringing into existence monotheism. (the worship of one god) The peoples of Egypt rose against him according to historical accounts, because they were still convinced there were multiple gods and would not and could not accept this new doctrine. This is what the historical records had recoded, but these were not the only records kept from that time and because Jesus was of the ruling families, he had access to this other set of records that contained a completely different version of events.

These records proclaimed that Akhenaten had told the truth regarding any gods. That it was all for control purposes and no gods actually existed and never had. He proclaimed that a ball of energy like the sun was in us all and that was the true us that powered the bodies we were trapped in. That through the priest classes the ruling families had used a multi god syndrome to apply control upon the people and for no other reason. He proclaimed that when they tried to introduce monotheism, the people themselves rejected the concept and the ruling elite needed someone to blame and who better than himself being the pharaoh – a position, in honesty, that was only created for this exact purpose, but in reality stood for so much more not realised. Akhenaten proclaimed that they quickly tried to turn the situation to their advantage, but it didn’t quite work out the way they had planned, as the people also turned against the aristocracy as well. They did no more than to run with their tails between their legs when their hierarchal protection failed and in fact run is an under statement, considering what they left behind.    

He also proclaimed that any form of temples (churches) were not needed and nor was any form of worship or obedience to a figment of the mind called god; that spewed out into reality as the priest class within the temples. Akhenaten proclaimed that many within the priest class did actually believe there was a god by the name of Temu and they were its servants, but those who occupied the top slots so to speak knew the simple truth. That their positions relied on the fact that everyone believed in this man made concept. In reality they were the ones, along with the families that were playing at being gods, acting out the roles daily that amounted to nothing more than the temples and those within it and those who controlled it being, what they proclaimed they served – it was simply based on lies very simple lies and this is what Akhenaten was expressing. Akhenaten had said much more, but Jesus had read what he needed to read and was not concerned with anything else. From what Jesus read the families had already put the temple – the priest class – above the pharaoh and the records had recorded this and the only reason this worked was because they had claimed that they were doing everything in the pharaohs’ name. This and one other crucial fact had stayed with Jesus; the concept and the word which was monotheism. And the realisation that the temple was in fact god and that gods will was always being done, because it was the will of the temple and a simple thing called law could enforce this will. Not feeling these records were relevant or of any significance, none of the other family members had ever taken notice of them.

For months Jesus contemplated what he had read and started to see how this could be used as a ultimate system of control and what’s more it would net the controllers of this system everything and `the law’ (wealth) was the key. His job now was just to convince everyone he had thought of this concept, because at the base of this idea was a simplicity that could be claimed and would pay handsome dividends – as enough is never quite enough… or so it seems. A meeting was called between the elder males of the families and their oldest sons and second oldest on Jesus’ request and they all met. That day Jesus was to give a corporate sales pitch like none before, because he could see a system, a simple system based on what he had read that day. A system handed to him via a book by the name of the Book of the Dead, a book based on the text of a prophecy not known of by the many, as nor were Akhenaten’s words – but he kept a very crucial part out deliberately that day that you will discover later. He stood before the families and on that eve what we all live in now was created, a commercial construct (SOCIETY) run by corporations on behalf of the ultimate corporation (The CHURCH) and this is what he suggested.

We will start a rumour, create a story that states there is only one god and he has a set of rules you have to obey. To do this we will make this law and we will enforce it through violence and the threat of; for non compliance. But these laws only apply to them (of lower status) and not to us. We will have our own set for us alone and to use as an enticement (privileges) to get those we need too do what is needed too be done. This structure is called Corporate Hierarchy based on monotheism and the `all’ will maintain the `few’, in other words `us’ through a commercial construct. Once we have done this we can create more laws based on taxation and enforce them with harsh consequences for those who do not accept this law. We will create a book of our own and list what must be done and adhered too and this is where the story comes in. Because to make this book work you need a story that is full of morality, but morality with a slight twist, a twist supplied by us, which can be simply done based on myth. To be absolutely honest some of the family elders were a little bemused by this, if not a little confused, but they were still willing to listen to Jesus because of the high regard he was held in – unlike his brother John who was held in no regard.   

The story shall say I, Jesus, had 12 followers called disciples and only 12, because those of the `numbers’ will recognise the significance of this. The story shall say I will go against you and the temple and pronounce you wrong in your doings and the disciples will tell my words of the same. The story will be full of words that I say that are moral and good, but with a twist, the most powerful twist that will be known to us as the myth of Jesus Christ the king of kings. We shall add a character called god into this and call him the father, not just mine, but everyone’s and you must do as I say to reach his house which we will call heaven. A place of perfection that you will return too when you leave this earthly plane. This story will say that I am against the temple and through my teachings I will turn everyone against it. Then one of the disciples will turn against me and you will arrest me, try me, convict me and crucify me upon a cross. From the cross I will be taken to a cave where in three days time I will come back to life and the temple will fall at my feet because of this and because of miracles we will tell them I performed that are nothing more than illusions.   I shall walk on water, turn water into wine, feed 5 thousand and we shall say I was born of a virgin who we shall call Mary.

The temple will claim I died for mankind’s sins and thus we have created a means by which we can do as we please as someone has already paid the price. The image of me on a cross shall be present in every temple for those worshipers to fall at their knees too, to ask forgiveness and for help and they will accept my word and the word of my servants (the temple) over and above everything and never will they question. We shall use dead speak (corporation) to hide our intentions and a language called the language of the shadows, because everything we do and say shall have dual meaning – one meaning to them (the unworthy) and one to us that they shall not know of. This corporate hierarchal structure will infect everything and we shall receive the profits of this (taxation). We shall own all land and all those who dwell upon it and they will serve us, they will have no choice, as they fear us and the words we say. Let this be the template. Later we shall tell them that I will return when what we have created starts to turn upon itself, because in time it will because it is based upon a lie. Then we can move to reassert ourselves through law, because we shall own the words and all they can deliver to benefit us. We must own all words and there meanings and change them at will to suit our needs and tell them that when I return the temple, my servants, shall be rewarded for their service. It will be proclaimed, by he who says he is I (as the king of kings) that I have returned to save humanity and all will fall at my feet and fall to my law, which will be the law they already know and adhere too. By this happening you will then truly rule the world.

The families had listened and to be honest liked what they had heard, but wanted to know what was in for Jesus – who told them that he just required his name to go down in history as a messiah and that was payment enough along with all the riches he could wish for and a new life in a new land of course. All the family members there agreed all accept one man sat there who was Jesus’ brother – a man by the name of John. John, although he was a member of the ruling families, was horrified by what he heard and fully realised the implications of what Jesus was suggesting, even if no one else did – possibly not even his own brother. He realised that this system could enslave all of humanity in time, based on a lie and in the end, bring humanity to the precipice of it’s own self-destruction. John was a gentle man who was forever getting in trouble with the temple and not only his own family, but the other eleven families as well. He did not want long hair as he was ordered to wear it, because he preferred short hair – long hair, to be honest just wasn’t him. He wanted to be with a servant girl that he loved and was beaten at times because he would not stop seeing her and in the end she disappeared, breaking his heart. Many were brought to him of equal, but none were her.

Only days after the meeting John was still reeling from what he had listened to and could not get it out of his mind.  Without hesitation he decided to lop his hair short and set about cutting it. When he had finished, he went outside into the garden and stood looking at his reflection in a pool of still of water and happiness came over him like someone had removed shackles and manacles from his ankles and his wrists. Donning a robe with a hood, he made his way through the city keeping to the side streets till he came upon one of the houses his friends were working on. After a short discussion with two of his friends he acquired some work man’s clothes from one of them who was of similar build to himself – after leaving the building site and going to his friends hovel. John found it truly disgusting that his friends had to live the way that they did, when so few had so much and so many had so little. John had tried, on many occasions, to become friends with his cousins and other members of the aristocracy, but always after only a short while he could not stand to be with them, because of the way they treated those they classed as being lower than them. No matter how hard he tried he could not adopt their ways and he had tried, if only to please his mother, father and brother.

John’s friends were those who truly worked, even though both John and his workmen friends kept this, their friendship, very secret. As with the one he loved and had lost, his true friends were the same, friends he could not be seen with, not for his sake, but for theirs. After collecting the clothes he required, which his friend gave him willingly, he said his goodbyes and made his way back across the city to his home. Once again, trying to not allow the stark contrast between the living conditions of the rich and the poor to affect him, as this angered him with an anger he found hard to conceal and sometimes control. Many times he had been beaten down with words and violence for simply suggesting this was wrong and many times had he swore to himself that one day he would see this end. On returning home he made sure the house was empty and that the servants did not know he was there. After gathering a few things together along with some food and after packing them all into a wrap, John left his home for the last time and then the city and started walking south.

For the first time John had a sense of freedom and was free from the curse that was his life, before he had embarked on this journey. Many would wish for what was his life for themselves and were willing to ignore what John could not, just to be able to live that way. But to John it was a curse and one he was thankful to be shot of. He had no clue where he was going or what he was going to do, but for now that didn’t matter, as for now all he required was the air he was breathing and the sun on his face and the relief he felt in his heart. Some days later John decided that to gain the food he would be in need of and the shelter he would require, he would work on building sites and learn the trades as he made his way south the direction that would take him as far from the families as he could get, but still on his beloved Lios. No one came looking for him, well, not at first they didn’t and to be honest, they were all glad to be rid of him and as sad as it was that included his own mother and father.

Five years passed and Jesus’ plan was working, but the rumour hadn’t quite taken off as well as first expected and there were those already offering political disagreements that added to the problem. There were those of significance who had fell out of favour voicing opinion and there were those who would never be in favour doing the same and these voices had to be silenced. Acceptance had to be complete for the rumour to work properly and if that could not be achieved, then the majority would have to be gained through harsh and cruel treatment for having an opinion that was not the accepted one. This was the start of political correctness, even though many did not know this was actually occurring or the true reasons behind it’s agenda. In other words, many could see that the story seemed rather convenient and a little to good to be true for the those who were to benefit from it and the complete opposite for everyone else.

Those that lived where the story was based called it a lie and said no such occurrence had ever taken place and nor were the places they lived called such names. It would seem the names all relate in one way or another to the doctrine they were trying to enforce through the rumour. Over the five year period Jesus and the families had worked very hard on the story and had chose aspects of it very carefully, they knew without doing so it would not be believed. The story was based where it was because the area was already very volatile through religious differences and the indifference this brought upon the people who lived there. The Egyptian concept of multiple gods had spread a long way, in fact, further than anyone had truly imagined – even the boat people themselves were shocked by the acceptance of their inception.   

A war was waged against them to hush them and they were massacred and any historical records that had been made, were found and destroyed – until such time it was convenient to use the basis of the story to re-write an additional version. This was to be done many times over the ages as acceptance of any doctrine was better than no acceptance at all, and also a created name from three Egyptian gods gave the families the ideal creation to hide behind, hiding their true origins. But for now the objective was to make the rumour stick and also create means by which it could be protected, create means in words by words, which was fast becoming understood as being the most powerful element known to humanity – one that would never be matched by anything else. The wars were to rage many times and in fact never end. Massacres seem to be very useful to create hatred through religious acrimony, simply used to get those who would not conform to conform. The families were told by Jesus that religious belief could bypass human emotions and could cause the ultimate division never allowing the masses to rise through segregation. United in individual separation as groups but though religious acrimony and indifference – only ever being concerned with their own belief – never joining as one group. A perfect scenario in one sense but a nightmare in another, when trying to enforce a common ground in law, but there was an answer and Jesus had read about how it could be achieved.

Through the creation of words built around the core belief system, built from the rumour itself, the belief the rumour had created would be protected by simply never allowing it to be questioned. Words such as; desecration, profanity, blasphemy, unholiness, sacrilege and ex-communication offered the protection afforded by there meanings. What also could be achieved was to build law on the same principle, again as the belief. Protecting it by never allowing it to be questioned, by separating the law makers from those who had no choice but to obey the law makers laws through a `master syndrome’ or –in other words – `the god complex’. In effect what was created was nothing more than simple genius and still the family members revelled in what they thought was Jesus’ idea, when in fact he had read it all and copied it, a modern day version of copy and paste. Interesting enough, even though the rumour was taking hold in many countries the Egyptian empire controlled, the one place it was struggling more than anywhere else was the very home land of the families and there was good reason for this.
Whilst all this was occurring there was another rumour spreading of a man who tells of what really is going on, how it came about, by whom and the reason for it. A rumour of a man, who amongst other things was a carpenter, a tradesman who speaks after his daily work and tells a very interesting story regarding a meeting he was witness to. Not only witness to, but part of, albeit, he was supposed to be, but wanted nothing to do with it – but was glad he was there and heard what he heard, because this is a story that must be told and remembered. Even though what he talked of made a lot of sense to a few, there were the many who dismissed what he spoke of as nothing more than uncertain doubtful truth (misinformation) or propaganda. Those being the ones who had accepted a proposition for belief disseminated without any form of verification and were asking the same of John to which, he could offer none, only his assurance that what he told of was in fact true, a truth that would eventually be seen by its own hand and most evidently. But still many refused to accept what they could see with their own eye’s, simply because they liked the perks that were on offer, even though they were to the detriment of nearly all the community as a whole, they also belonged too. 
What John didn’t realise was the fact that the story he was telling – regarding the facts of the meeting in which, his brother, Jesus had explained how to enslave humanity to a belief – was being repeated and was causing many to question the authorities and the doctrines spreading with the rumour of Jesus Christ. Also, what he did not realise was, what he said would happen from this – was in fact happening.  This was causing talk of revolution and rebellion. The law and politics within the church was now being questioned, as taxation was being increased all the time and the divide between those who were rich and those who were poor, was increasing at an alarming rate – and what was being noticed was the church seemed to be getting richer. Even the lifestyles of those who were within the church were being questioned, as they were certainly on the better side of the divide. Food was being stock piled by the church and even though most of the people were starving with children dying of malnutrition, the church would not hand any over, unless of course you were of dignified status.

About a year after the rumour was spread the families launched the church by using warrior monks called Knights Templar to take over sacred places all across the land and turn them into shrines dedicated to the memory of Jesus, even though he was living a very comfortable life in India. This was being done with violence and the acceptance of a new entity to believe in, as the new doctrine to be accepted was being forced upon those already caught within a belief structure already. It was suggested and found that it was easier to convert and coerce those who held a form of belief, than it was those who held none – for the later; violence seemed to be the key and it worked very successfully. Five years down the line and the churches – founded on areas they, of previous belief, deemed sacred – were already being used to enforce law through the priest class devised by the families. But this was still being rejected by an ever increasing amount of the people who knew of John’s story, simply because, what he spoke of was in fact happening in front of their very eyes. John spoke of not only what had happened, but also what would come from it. Unbeknown to Jesus, John and he shared a common knowledge between them not shared by anyone else and because of this John knew what was going to occur. Jesus’ plan was under attack from all sides and the families – albeit not literally, as they were not known of by the masses, only by the select few – needed to correct this, or more to the point, they needed Jesus to correct this problem and were to demand he did so – or at least demand he find a solution that would work.

John by now was nearly as far south as he could be and had been working for those five years on building sites and had picked up quite a few skills – carpentry being one of them. He also had quite a following because of a story he was telling – a story of what really was happening and how he knew, a story that was gaining more acceptance by every passing day. The story of John the story teller was also spreading through word and mouth and even though many still did not accept it, many were now prepared to seek this man out to listen for themselves, before making a decision on whether he was right or wrong. John spoke of none of this during the working day, even though many of his fellow tradesmen would ask him many a question regarding what he knew. But as the working day drew to a close, he would then sit under the stars in the quiet of the night over a simple vegetarian meal and then he would talk, and answer the many questions posed to him – questions from not only his fellow workmates, but also from the many who had sought him out.

John also spoke of his life before, as being a member of the aristocracy and what he called the ruling elite. How the life he was forced to lead by his parents and his peers was one that was against everything he held dear in his heart. That in truth, it disgusted him and left almost a vile taste in his mouth, because in that truth it was a vile existence that was without question morally void. To treat other human beings with such contempt as they did, was not just vile to it’s core, but it was a depraved indifference to human life created by nothing more than a simple illusion taking it’s power from nothing more than words. Many times as John spoke of this the tears would flow as what he spoke of brought back the memories of what he was like before the journey of realisation had presented itself and he had chosen to set foot upon it, long before the meeting he had attended. But as he wept, he was not alone, as many would join him in their own realisation of the very same, although it presented itself on many different levels, but nonetheless resulting in the same outcome – tears. An outcome that carried no embarrassment with its occurrence now, as it did for many before, including John. And for those who still felt this as their journey begun, the kindness found in friendship relieved them of this burden, as they realised, with a little help, it was perfectly ok to feel this way.

Many received so much help from John’s honest reflections of his own life and the way he now perceived each and every part of it without the burden associated with denial of trying to avoid what he once was. The ever increasing spiral downwards as he tried to live up to the social pressures he was expected to live up to on a daily basis, by his peers and worst still his own family. Now he showed those who listened to him his way of release and was open in doing so, an openness and a relief it seemed most were desperate for, only needing an example to show them how it was possible to achieve this – an example he didn’t even realise he was.     

John was causing a stir that could not be tolerated and it was realised that John’s actions could result in a backlash that could in effect cause an all out rebellion, even though at the time the families had no knowledge regarding who this man was, just there was one. A messenger was sent by the families summoning Jesus back to Lios and he arrived back many weeks later incognito and met with the rest of the families, who, to be quite frank, were not best pleased. After being told what was happening, Jesus and the families realised that they needed to find this man, for obvious reasons and two Knights Templar were dispatched to find him. This didn’t take long as everyone seemed to know his name and where he was heading and the story he had told along the path of his journey. Only after a matter of weeks the two Knights Templar came across the man they were searching for and to confirm this they sat and listened to John for four day’s never attempting to arrest him or hurt him, even though they were very shocked to finally discover who this man was. Shocked at the fact that a member of the ruling elite families would turn his back on the life he was born into and the luxuries that were afforded to him for being so. And shocked at how he had transformed over the last five years into the man they now sat and listened to. Both Knights Templar had been members of the elite protection squad and knew all the members of the ruling families and even though it took them a while to recognise him, because of the transformation John had gone through, they were certain they were not mistaken as John’s voice gave him away, even if his looks masked who he really was. Unbeknown to the two Knights Templar, what they listened to for those four day’s was to cause a change in their actions at a future date that neither of them would have ever expected. Jesus and the families had instructed the two Knights Templar that they did not want the man arrested or killed when he was found, so they were instructed to only find out who he was and where he could be found and no more, and to report back with the information to Jesus.

Some weeks later the two Knights Templar reported back with the information desired by Jesus and the families and a meeting was called where they were greeted by a very shocked group of men after relating to them what they had found. They spoke of how they found John on a building site surrounded by hundreds. This building site was across a bay from a hill surrounded by trees where John would rest his head at the end of the day, where he had a small shelter he had built for himself. Hundreds surrounded him on this hill side and stayed there listening to his words. They were listening as he rested and talked of what he had been witness too and the fact that all the Jesus’ claims were nothing more than a lie. John spoke of not only what happened in the meeting, but the fact that life would change forever because of this meeting and what was discussed in it. The two Knights Templar also spoke of how John was talking of realisation and how life could be so different through this and would cease all the ruling elites were doing if an example was chosen to end their rule from the people and of the people – and they listened intently.

In that meeting was John’s and Jesus’ father and as the Knights Templar spoke of all they had found out, all eyes in the room turned to look at him. He spoke and proclaimed that his son had to be stopped else all they were trying to achieve would be undone. He was asked by Jesus to how he would react if that meant his brothers death would have to occur to stop him? He answered by simply saying ‘I have but one son. The man you speak of means nothing to me’. It was decided that Jesus would leave with an escort of Roman Legionnaires and Knights Templar to arrest his own brother, who he had suspected of being the only man who could be doing this, after being told of what was happening by the family elders and the fact his brother had gone missing – to have the knowledge of what had been said in that meeting could only be repeated by someone who had been present in it. Jesus was not shocked by the Knights Templar revelation that it was in fact his own brother John they sought.

Jesus left with his escort of a thousand Roman legionnaires and  two hundred Knights Templar made up of the elite protection squad – leaving two hundred to protect the families – and headed south on the long journey the length of the land to where John could be found. Accompanying them were the two Knights Templar who had been sent to find John, even though this was not to their suiting as they were not rested from the previous journey they had embarked on. And even though they had explained exactly where John could be found, Jesus had demanded they be present and show them personally where he could be located. It was known that the Knights Templar where the most feared of all fighting forces, but still the arrogance of the ruling families shone through when demanding of them. An arrogance that could have cost them everything if the Knights Templar had so wished, but they were bought for a price and many had passed the point of no return by being given a trough to feed from by the families and subsequently had fed from it. It was simply all about blackmail and rewards for good service; position, standing, status and monetary gain and nothing more. So the Knights Templar did as they were told, but as with all things, underestimation leads to unsound foundations and it is never wise to build on unsound foundations.   

Nearly three weeks later Jesus and his entourage of Roman Legionnaires and Knights Templar arrived just outside Marasion and camped behind a hillside found to the west of Pensance that over looked the hillside John slept upon. Knights Templar scouts were sent out to assess the situation and to listen to what was being said in drinking houses and anywhere else such as market places. To listen to see if John was being spoke of and to see if what John was talking about was being repeated. The scouts returned from the local areas and what they reported was not good, as it seemed everyone was discussing the lie that was the Jesus story and many were already talking of rebellion against the church and it’s unfair laws. More scouts were sent out and this time it was decided that they would cover a greater radius to see how wide spread this seditious problem had become and over what sort of area it spanned. Anyone who lived within the vicinity of the camp were arrested and held captive including anyone who came across the encampment and with every day that passed, Jesus became more paranoid and more unhappy with his living conditions – even though to anyone else at the encampment they were certainly luxurious in comparison.

The days passed and slowly the scouts returned but the news they returned with was not good at all and certainly did not please the ever troubled Jesus. After all the scouts had returned and reported on their findings Jesus made a decision and even though he had fetched twelve hundred men with him who were heavily armed, he decided that this was no where near enough. Jesus decided not to try and arrest John until he had more Legionnaires to help quell any insurrection that would probably occur if they did try. It was obvious now that his brother had a massive following that stretched, it would seem, the length of the land. Jesus sent word – that he needed as many Legionnaires as could be spared and told of the reason why he needed them – back to the families. They were dispatched and were despatched without question, as it was obvious the controlled out numbered the controllers to such a vast extent, that if an insurrection did occur, it could quite easily spell the end of everything they were trying to achieve.

After many anxious weeks of waiting the re-enforcements finally arrived and it was expressed to Jesus that because of the size of the encampment – especially now more men had joined and needed quarters – questions would start to be asked – not that they already hadn’t started – and it would be wise to move upon John and arrest him as soon as possible. Although Jesus could be very conceited at times – a trait all the family members suffered from – he was at this time willing to listen to reason, as so much was riding on this and it’s outcome. A meeting was held that afternoon between Jesus, the Knights Templar and the commanders of the Roman legions. They decided that they would wait until John was asleep in his shelter upon the hillside after working all day before they would attempt his arrest. With everyone asleep they would have the element of surprise and there would be no chance John could escape. Early the next morning still under the cloak of darkness a Knights Templar scout was sent out and reported back that all but a few were asleep upon the hillside and the opportune moment would soon be upon them. The Knights Templar advised Jesus that they needed to take the two hundred of them and eight Hundred Roman legionnaires to the hillside to arrest John and the rest of the encampment needed to be sent to the surrounding district to police it and place it under curfew. The Knights Templar felt that an armed presence everywhere would create the desired deterrent needed to stop an insurrection occurring. Jesus agreed and the orders were despatched, which was done very quickly throughout the ranks. It was also suggested that if anyone was to protest about what was happening, then, without hesitation, they should be cut down where they stood with no mercy being shown to them.
Everyone concerned made ready and they all set off leaving a small contingent behind to protect the encampment and with enough time in hand so they would get to the hillside just before dawn, still cloaked by the darkness. When they arrived some time later they met with a small amount of resistance, which was easily crushed when it was realised how many were the numbers approaching – this took place at the foot of the hillside. The contingent then proceeded to make their way up the hillside as dawn was breaking as silently as they could, but the noise of so many feet upon the ground could not be masked. When they arrived at the top of the hillside where John’s shelter was, John and many others were already awake after hearing the commotion at the foot of the hill and of course the ensuing noise from the contingent approaching. John realised what was happening as he heard the armour they were wearing and had told everyone not to offer any resistance at all, only to remember what they witnessed this day, saying this without the knowledge of what was about to happen. A few decided to try and make good their escape and even though many were in fact caught and put to death on the spot, a few did escape down the southerly side of the hillside and into the sea – making their way west across to Chyandor (Long Rock). Once there, the few, who had escaped realised the extent of what was gong on as they could plainly see Roman Legionnaires were present policing the streets and they mingled into the crowds that were present, already asking why they were being told to stay in their homes. Even though many did not do as they were told, they were still being confined to the areas they were in, violently if necessary.

John offered no resistance and was soon surrounded by the Knights Templar and Roman Legionnaires and as this happened, two Templar moved forward and secured John by the arm’s restricting his movements. Cry’s rang out from many of the men and women present in protest of this and some moved towards John and his captures, but John beckoned to them to not intervene and to quieten their voices as he could see from his captures eyes and body language, they would not hesitate in striking anyone down who would attempt to aid him. The little over two hundred approximately now on the hillside were outnumbered five to one by Legionnaires and Knights Templar’s who had come for a fight. Not one of John’s companions were armed and the majority were women and children. John knew from memories of what the Knights Templar were from his past that they would not hesitate in the application of what they had been sent there to do. They served their masters well and would do as instructed to do, regardless of what that entailed, as orders were orders. John stood alone, held, in the centre of all of this as the entourage parted and allowed a hooded man to approach him – stopping directly in front of him head down. The hooded man lifted his head and lowered his hood and revealed that he was John’s brother Jesus. John, on seeing who was stood before him said aloud. “Jesus, I have been expecting you brother.”

As John said this silent gasps could be heard as all that stood there that had listened to John, realised everything he had said was true and Jesus did not in fact die upon a cross, in some far off land, as he stood before them now. John could tell many wanted to voice objection and shout liar with all their might, but John asked them not too by a simple slow shake of his head. Jesus moved very close to his brother and said in a hushed voice. “You have brought this upon yourself brother and what will happen to all on this hill side with you – you brought this upon them too.” John said nothing to his brother for at that time there was nothing to say to the monster that stood before him.

John remembered back to when they were boys and even as a boy Jesus had been a monster, very soon adopting the families’ ways, bullying and intimidating anyone he felt was lower than him. John saw this as a sickness, but Jesus and the rest of the families saw this as a strength in the world they enjoyed through a hierarchal system that they held the top positions of – only wishing to extend their power base through the myth of Jesus Christ. The persona’s they had accepted were a disease of the mind that allowed for immorality to be the order they followed and this had been installed at a very early age. And even though John had been affected by this at first, he soon realised that this was not the way life was meant to be, seeing all life as being on parity. This, in truth, did not go down well and lead to Jesus and his cohorts bullying John because he would not do and say what they would to anyone they deemed of being lesser than them. John knew what he had done and why he had done it and realised that Jesus and the families were trying to create an ordered system of above and below, but never on the same level. Looking into the eyes of the monster stood before him he knew what was to be his fate regarding what he had done and in truth he did not regret anything he had said. Nor would he retract any of it and even though, in truth, this frightened him, his resolve was to stand by what he felt was right no matter what the outcome may be, even if it meant the end of his earthly existence. 

Jesus smiled at John and then turning away from his brother he ordered his arrest and John was arrested and clamped in irons. Many of the women and children present, watching what was happening, started to cry as John was roughly treated as the iron’s where clamped tightly to his wrists at first and then to his ankles. They then proceeded to escort John from the hill side as the Knights Templar and Roman Legionnaires were called to arms and surrounded the those escorting John to prevent any interference from anyone on the hillside with him. As he was taken tears started to fall from his eyes – not because of what was happening to him and the pain of the irons upon his body – because he realised what was to become of all those who stayed with him there. His body slumped in despair as the full extent of the realisation hit him and he called for his brother out loud shouting. “Jesus.” In a voice that resounded a plea.

On hearing this Jesus turned around and waited for John to be brought before him and as he was brought upon Jesus, John was thrown to the floor in front of his brother. John now on his knees in more pain than he could possibly imagine – not from the physical pain he was suffering, but the emotional – looked up at Jesus and spoke. “You require only me brother, for it is only I who has done you a wrong in your eye’s. Let everyone else go and please do not harm them, for they have done nothing to you and do not deserve what you intend for them.” Jesus replied. “But they are witnesses and they know the truth because of the words you uttered and they heard. Their reactions said it all and I did say, you have brought this upon them – you.”

John’s head went down as he fully succumbed to the despair he was now feeling and the absolute realisation of what was about to occur and the fact that all upon the hillside; whether they be men, women or children were about to be massacred in cold blood, because of what he had said and the fact he had told the truth. Again John called out as desperation took hold of him, calling out in attempt to get his brother to retract the order he had given, an order John knew he had given to the Knights Templar previously as he could see it in their eyes. “Jesus, dear brother, please reconsider, please stop, please don’t do what you are about to do. Surely dealing with me is enough; surely my words will just die in time and be passed off as nothing more than a rumour.” Jesus moved forward towards his brother and bent down, as he did he whispered into John’s ear. “But brother is not the rumour you suggest based on fact – and is it not the case brother that this fact will be remembered if all who are witness to it have a chance to repeat it? You are responsible for what is about to happen and you alone and their blood is on your hands and not mine. All you had to do was live the pleasures that life under our rule affords you, but you could not do it, could you? Why? Because you hold some form of humanitarianism principle that says, you see yourself on parity with those who are lower than you. Well let me tell you brother not all human beings are equal and ‘the many’ are born to serve ‘the few’. It is survival of the strongest and the most powerful; it is just nature at work. Those on this hillside with you are inflicted with the belief that they are equal, well they are about to find out that this is most certainly not the case and as I have said you are responsible for this.”
Jesus lifted his head and as he did John stared into his eyes and spoke. “I know brother that who has just spoken is not you; it is the monster in your mind that lives off of the need of all you suggest I should welcome and embrace. This is not you brother speaking, as I have seen the real you and listened to your words of pain so many years ago as you buckled from the discomfort of loss and turned to me for comfort – is your memory so short lived you have forgotten such an occurrence and the feelings it delivered? If you go through with this that you are about to do, you know deep down that one day you will suffer from this when the monster runs and hides from the pain realisation will bring. And when you buckle, who will catch you as you fall so heavily from grace, as I know I will meet with the same fate as my friends present here on this hill side? So in reality brother you will have their blood and my blood and your own upon your hands and also the blood of all those who have already objected and those who will, as in any tyrannous process the tyrant always falls foul of his own tyranny in the end.”
Jesus glaring at John in hatred and in envy – as the jealously rose within him as he listened to his brothers words, words his brother had a far greater mastering of than himself – lashed out and struck his brother across the face which was greeted with a gasp by the watching crowd. “Take him away.” Ordered Jesus. And John was dragged away silent head down as he waited to hear his brother give the order and as he did John waited for the screams to start as the Knights Templar and the Roman Legionnaires set about the task of murdering all upon the hillside in cold blood under direct orders of Jesus his ‘lost’ brother.
As they left that hillside the attack started and the screaming ensued and John wept tears like never before. He couldn’t even cover his ears as he was forced to hear his friend’s demise at the hands of monsters commanded by a monster. Even after sometime had passed and they neared the bottom of the hillside, John could still here screams from the women and children and even the men present being slaughtered, murdered where they stood or laid begging for their lives. Soon enough the distance was far enough between them – John and his captures – and things were silent and John even ignored the own pain from his feet, from being dragged, as the sounds of death still rang in his ears as he was tormented by the thought of how he should have never embarked on this journey in the first place, because of what it had resulted in. But what he spoke of was the truth, so maybe no one had actually died in vain? He questioned himself as the reality of what was actually happening struck home with a force unparalleled. ‘Is this actually happening’ he said to himself in disbelief? As it did all seem like a nightmare until suddenly his bloodied bare feet entangled in some rough sharp gorse and he screamed out in pain and then fell silent as he lost consciences from the emotional and physical pain he was suffering. Along the route many where their witnessing what was happening to John, even though a route had been taken deliberately so major places of inhabitancy were avoided, but not all witnesses could be avoided. They too were captured, collected up and taken upon the hill side and slaughtered in an attempt to eliminate all witnesses. But the attempt in all honesty was futile and would result in a threat having to be issued that would actually work perfectly with the story of Jesus Christ, as someone would be going to a cross.

In the mean time.            

The bodies of all those slaughtered upon the hillside where being collected up. The bodies of men, women and children, collected and heaped, bloodied and butchered from the heinous atrocity that had just taken place. The Knights Templar ordered the Roman Legionnaires to collect all body parts as well as the bodies, as all evidence of what had occurred had to be destroyed. For this, wood was brought from the forests and large pyre’s where built and also a large cross from an aged oak that had fallen, to serve a very much needed purpose. John was taken to the encampment and thrown unconscious into the corner of Jesus’ tent and a guard remained around him whilst his brother satisfied his thirst and hunger. After a while Jesus ordered the Knights Templar guarding John to pick him up and to throw water at him to bring him round. They did as they were ordered to do looking at each other as they did with a look of disgust. The reason for this was because, the two Knights Templar in the tent with Jesus and John were the two who had originally been sent to find him. They were fast coming to the conclusion that what was happening was not at all right and they were now in a quandary. They had spoken to each other as they had dragged John to the encampment and in truth what they had spoke of would have caused their own demise if it had been over heard.

John now on his knees still in irons, being supported by the two Knights, after being brought round from his unconscious state was in a world of confusion until reality struck home. Leaving his confused state John started to recover enough to lift his head to see his brother Jesus gorging his face with food and throwing wine down his throat. Jesus ordered the two Templar to leave John’ side and the pair were reluctant too at first, as they felt John could not support himself, but in the end they relinquished as John turned his head to one of them and nodded slowly. Jesus ordered that the two leave them and to just leave the two Legionnaires at the back of the tent. At first the two  Knights Templar seemed reluctant and hesitated until Jesus looked at them and said. “Well?” Unwillingly they did as they were ordered to do and left the tent. Standing outside quietly and just out of eye sight, they watched as one of the Legionnaires left the tent and returned sometime later with another Legionnaire carrying a holdall made of leather. They both knew exactly what was going to happen and knew exactly what was in the leather holdall and they looked at each other in absolute disgust, as they realised this was going to be a very long and hard day for them both for good reason, a reason, they might never have had before listening to John as they did.

John was questioned and tortured, so he would agree to fall at Jesus’ feet and then tell everyone he had lied and that the story of Jesus Christ was true and he had been mistaken. Jesus knew if John did this and he was proven to be a liar they would regain the control and the original story about him would in fact work. But John refused and said nothing. John knew he was going to die and was becoming weaker as the pain he was enduring became intolerable and spoke. Looking straight at Jesus he said "what you are about to create will be the death of you, as you will not be able to bear the burden of it when you realise what you have created. You will one day tell the truth of what has happened here, even though it will bring about your demise. I am sadden for you brother, because all you will do and all you will create and all that is created from it will end, when the one who bears the mark is here."

Jesus asked about the mark, but john would not answer and Jesus became angry and took a sword from one of the guards nearby and brandished it near Johns face – still he would not speak. Pushing the sword tip into one of the many wounds his body was covered with John grimaced and let a cry of pain and as this subsided he spoke what would be his last words. "The mark that he will carry, will be the mark of the ‘burning cross’ and he will undo all that will be created from what you have done and how do I know this, because I read more than you did brother and one day they will find out this wasn’t your idea, it was an idea you stole. Upon that hillside where I slept, a cross will burn."

On hearing this Jesus lashed out in temper at John with the sword and lashed out four times and as he stood back covered in his own brothers blood, John’s head lay before his body, lay before where he was kneeling, severed. Jesus stood just looking at what he had done thinking how he could use this to his best advantage. What he had just done could cause a backlash as John’s followers could quite easily revolt against the temple and the families and they had nowhere near enough soldiers to stop this, but he had a answer and called for the army physician. He told the physician to sew the head back on the best he could and then the body of John was taken to the hillside and put upon the cross and the cross was erected. At dawn all were taken from the towns and villages and marched to the hillside to see John’s body crucified upon the cross and Jesus spoke to them. "Now you have a crucifixion and bear witness to it and know this, whoever of you deny the story of Jesus Christ, then this will happen to you and if you forget, then turn to the temple (churches) and you will see this image so you remember. Let this image serve as a threat, that if you do not obey us and obey our 'law' and accept our words as truth, then this will be your fate, or worse."

A guard was set and on that eve the pyres where lit so all could see the silhouette of John on the cross. The fires raged for 3 days and no one attempted to go near the cross to recover John’s body and the guard became slack, bored with standing there. On the forth evening the guards were overcome by a two who had bore witness to what had happened. Wood was stacked high at the foot of the cross and it was lit, but before this his head was removed. Jesus was alerted by a guard that the cross on that hill in Lios was alight and burning well and could be seen for miles around, also he was told that two Templar had gone missing and they were the ones who had been sent to find John and it was claimed that they had stolen John' head as well, for that to was missing.

That was last anyone ever saw of Jesus until a story was told that a man claiming to be Jesus Christ turned up Londinium many many years later trying to tell a story of how in fact he was the creator of Christianity and that it was created to enslave humanity and that it was based on lies. He was arrested by the authorities and put to death for blasphemy. In his later years Jesus suffered because of what his brother had told him and the fact that the cross on that hill had burnt, which was lit by two Templar, who witnessed what Jesus did to his own brother and had listened to what John had said – the two Templar sent to find him.

Just over 900 years later the Templar would be disbanded because of this story, because those two Knights told the truth of what they had seen on that hillside in Cornwall and the truth of Christianity. One side remained loyal to the Roamn Catolic Church (the Knights Templar – Papal Bulls) and those who knew the truth (the Templar – later to be the Order of John of the Mount – the Knights and Dames of the Order of St John of Jerusalem) went to ground taking all the Templar wealth with them, their sole objective to never allow the truth of that day and the real truth of Christianity to be forgotten. The King Makers Story for now more than ever before this story and others like it must be known.

The hillside was later named the mount by the Cornish people, where John was mounted on a cross for simply telling the truth that he paid for with his own life – murdered by his own brother Jesus. The Catholic Church soon changed this to St Michaels mount in around 500ad after two fishermen claimed St Michael appeared to them from upon the mount, but the Cornish people still just call her the mount and many of them, I am sure, don’t know why they do.

It is said that a family of Templar’s emanating from Cornwall have handed down this story and others like it for centuries which was to ensure they were never forgotten, because one day it will be needed. Because this story is not about hocus-pocus and events that are not possible by any stretch of the imagination, this is simply about telling the truth and the truth of why one man had to be silenced. Because without this being done, we would be living in a very different world now. Free from the limitations of a mental illness called belief and free from its maintainers the Church and their control of the world via slavery by a process called politics – through a book about the myth of a man called Jesus Christ.

Let this be known far and wide that the family of Templar were not only to pass down this and other stories they were in fact tasked with something far greater, a something that will be so devastating to all Churches, (Temples) Religions and Faiths across the world that they will fall… ah, but thats another story for another time that will be concluded in Memoirs of the AntiChrist the new book coming soon…  x