2 thoughts on “Interesting! Freedom of Information Questions and the Answers from Torbay Council.

  1. So what this is saying, is do not register your child. I wonder if the same legal constraints department of child services in USA is under, not having a legal right to remove a child if they do not have a social security number? I didn't get one until I was 18, and only because I was getting married and it was "required" for a marriage license. I wish I never applied, really. I had no idea how far reaching the social security system is.

  2. I recently lost my children to a secret court and had no chance of securing their return. They were taken because we didn't have a dentist (just moved in to the area) and the fact that my eldest son was told off for stealing at school.  We're an independent film company based in the UK and with our skills and knowledge already collected from families, we intend to release a 90 minute Documentary in the style of Roger Cooke and Micheal Moore. We have plenty of interest from media sources and was wondering if you knew any families similar to our case that would like to get involved?

    Below is a brief synopsis of our intentions: Have you been affected by the West Yorkshire Social Services? if so we need your assistance. We're currently making a 90 minute documentary highlighting the corruption within this department.  We're looking for families destroyed by trigger happy social workers, having their children taken for the most ridiculous reasons.  If you would like to take part and get your story heard then please contact us.

    We can promise total privacy if you wish to stay that way or give you the airtime you deserve. I can travel to you for interviews etc, they will be no cost to you, only an hour of your time to share your story. It will also receive global coverage.

    With your help we can show the corruption within a service sworn to protect! If your interested please contact us via email @internationalpix@aol.co.uk or PM me and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

    If you know of any, please if it's not an inconvenience to you please pass our details on. If not thank you kindly for taking the time to read our email. Kind regards, Emma Ibbitson Producer at Pete Middleton Pictures.  http://gravatar.com/internationalpictures

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