Being Human; metaphorically…

To some of us it might seem quite obvious that many public (private!) institutions have certainly pushed the self-destruct button, and in more ways than one! To some, well, they just walk around wondering what the hell is going on, especially regarding certain revelations that have been thrown into the lime light of the media circus of late. I suppose what you have to ask your self, is this planned or is it just happening? And to many their answer would be one of ‘who cares’ I have enough to worry about in the daily struggle to survive, or of course ‘where is the money coming from to furnish the next lavish extravagance’ and to be honest, to many, that is all that matters. Parasitic money powered automatons, void of all feelings and all they encompass, on a suicide mission of more, more and more.

Is it a sign of the times we live in that such happenings would be occurring?

Certainly to those who are following the prophecies of doom that exist it could be said yes, or is there something quite different proceeding that revolves around an ancient idea that is not spoke of under fear of ridicule. Of accusation marred by misguided belief, as association is formed under assumption deliberately destroying acceptance of an old way – simple acceptance being denied suffering from the application of labels? Oh and we do like to apply labels don’t we, to the point we apply them to ourselves without the need for others applying them to us. It is though we are proud of these labels, or could it be said we are frightened to not be labelled something or another? Dare we not stand alone through fear of ridicule and does that not extend to our opinions as well, maintaining they are always the socially accepted opinion? For there is many that crush individuality for the need of group membership, based on a reliance to be different and the same, at the same time? Is this all simply based on a need to belong to something, anything as long as we feel we belong?

So now let me explain what the hell I am on about!

For some time now it has been quite obvious to many that institutions such as the church, for example, are going through some form of self-destruction. This, regarding one particular church, has been happening for many years and with the power the Internet possesses; this has only helped this along ten fold. But unfortunately for some this has a knock on effect and a quite dramatic one by all accounts. If any foundation becomes unstable, then all that is built upon that foundation suffer the same fate. This is common sense as foundations are designed specifically to build upon, shame that sense wasn’t common. So eventually if a foundation corrodes, then it starts to crumble and thus what is built upon it crumbles – and what is even more fascinating, under inspection this predominately happens from the inside out! Generally a flaw in the construction process causes this and in this instance the flaw is called lies, but not just lies, but the covering up of those lies by more – to the point the foundation is completely eroded away.

I suggest that three major institutions i.e. the church, parliament and the monarchy are at this moment in complete self-destruct mode. Check the media circus daily and you will see this unravel in front of your very eyes. The reason this is occurring it seems, is because they all have the same foundation, and are built from exactly the same process, which I will suggest is LIES! Ask yourself this, just for one second, how many times have they been caught out and most of the time nothing is done about it, NOTHING…. Why, you might now ask yourself? Simply because to hide lies you need more lies and the bigger and more brazen they become. To a point where they become so obvious no more covering up (lying) can be done and the house built upon the sand crumbles! Then they revert back to their protection, which is ‘status’ which exists only because of more lies! And only works because we have accepted the lie that says ‘all human beings are not born equal’!! So ask yourself who is to blame really, as granted they have plagiarised this, but at the same time we have allowed it to happen! So do we relish in the scraps that are thrown from the table, with the gullible belief we will one day be the ones throwing the scraps? And is that why we put up with this situation, do we chose too, do we feel by chance this will just sort it’s self out or do we believe this is all by design and in being so, has an ending that has been designed? Even though, whilst we ponder this conundrum, we still scrabble and fight over the scraps that have been thrown to us in apathetic automation.

Is this just here in the UK this is happening? I suggest to you this is happening across the world as apathy leaves a disjointed human race. One race I might add, one family so diverse in construction it beggars belief that it could be one family in reality. But it is!! As we all exist in parity do we not – or is it, we are not all equal? Realise the gravity of the question before answering, as this will illuminate for us to see, the lies we have been living! Be warned though, questions like this can snap you out of the automaton state and dump you head first into reality without the protection of the lies and the labels they deliver! And know my friends, at first this can be a very lonely place to exist.

But in essence it could also be suggested that all that exists, in the way it exists, has an advantage to it, as it highlights how not to do things. Is it not true that religion and its child politics have been at the helm of human progression for little over two thousand years? And is it not also true that this has led to the state humanity, on whole, is in now? Does this not prove without any form of doubt that these institutions do not work and something different is needed nowadays!! Do we now argue and debate this point for another hundred years as everything we know and rely upon crumbles around our feet – and is that for good reason? Do we need to reach a designed precipice before we finally change our ways? Or is that precipice to be presented to us by chance or choice and if we were given that choice, would we relinquish all we desire after to make it?

So is humanity metaphorically imploding …..?

I would say yes without doubt, as we withdraw within our own minds to protect ourselves from the painful truth of what we have become. To bury ourselves in more electronic gadgetry so to prevent eye contact, in case those who look upon us see us for what we have become. Apathetic parasites powered by credits and vouchers called money to fuel our lust for expectations of things that only ever turn out to be disappointing, when we are honest with ourselves. Never can we admit we have been wrong, as we continually try to re-invent the wheel through debate only ever discussing all that has been discussed before in the hope something will change. In short pathetic!! How many years of the same shit do we honestly need to go through before someone finally say’s ‘do you know what, this isn’t working you know’? How many blood fuelled years, how many horrors do we need to be presented with showing quite plainly what we are capable of, before we finally say enough is enough? Do we actually care is more to the point? Well do we? Because surely if we did truly care, then we would listen to one man saying, simply ‘why don’t we try an old way’? Why don’t we try something we have known of for millennia’s? Why not try, because one thing is certain it cannot be any worse? But I suppose that depends on what you consider would be worse!

I suggest to you that the self-destruct button has already been pushed and there is no going back. We can only go forward now!! And unless you can come up with a better idea, then why not try an idea, a concept that is buried deep in your heart. A concept that say’s it only takes one of us to do this, one! And if you are not quite sure what I am on about, maybe in the next coming months you will get a hint.

Someone once told me that an idea could live forever. The funny thing is, this idea has!! x