So what is history? An account of past events recorded for prosperity and recorded so those past events will be remembered and this, my friends, is the keystone to everything. Pull a chair up and make yourself comfortable, then let us delve into the subject called history for a while from a slightly different perspective and let us talk about what it really achieves – let us not talk of history, but really talk of hist-oris. Hush; be silent your mouth, do not question just accept blindly, for that is the way.

I myself was taught history in school as nearly all of you were and at least I am sure we can agree about that. Granted what we were taught most definitely is not the true account of events and…. oops we have already hit a stumbling block of monumental proportions as we try to get a number of human beings to agree. So to try and prevent this almost certain occurrence, as certain as the sun coming up in the morning, let us try to not take what is said out of context (as it was on the Sunday of my talk) and let us try to not only read what we wish to read instead of reading everything that is written in front of us. I do apologise if I seem to be treating you, the reader, like a child, but sometimes it is the easiest way to overcome these monumental stumbling blocks built into humanity always striving to use its freewill to be seen as all knowing and all knowledgeable.

On Sunday 30th I spoke of duality and the fact that, sometimes, what seems to be being done to our detriment is actually being done to our benefit. My point was simply about the fact that all things wrong do in fact show what is right. Sometimes you have to be taught the wrong thing to be able to remember what the right thing is. Granted of course there are many awful goings on in the world daily and yes I can see why anyone would say ‘how is this being done to our benefit’?
On a daily basis we are presented with what we do now and of course, through history, what we have done. What has changed? To be honest nothing as we continue relentlessly on this path to self destruction not being completely satisfied until we finally complete this mission.
Two elements are important to mention though; the fact that we can now kill each other from a greater distance and we can destroy more life in one go – and we keep on endeavouring to increase these elements daily. It is simply about destruction sold on the sales pitch of defence. Even though we are presented with this daily we still exercise our, none ability, in bringing it to an end and the truth is we could end it if we so wished.
The main reason for this is apathy. We will only get involved when they come knocking at our door, when it effects us personally, a very apt choice of word used even though I might say it myself. Why? Because the people, (plural of person I might Add) we all play at being, are selfish and to be honest couldn’t give a flying fuck as long as they are ok. Harsh some might say, but true nonetheless. In essence it would take every human being on the planet to be effected by this before any form of change would occur, because of this apathetic selfishness. None wish for this, but maybe that is exactly what is needed. I myself would love to see it done another way and humbly know it could be, but unfortunately most of humanity do not share the same views. The course has been plotted and set and no deviation from this will occur as too many will not walk through the darkness to the light and think in their warped perspectives, that the dark can be bypassed, even though their moral compasses show this is the only way.

Every day we are faced with the same news, different places but same outcome, human beings killing each other over possession of land, religious differences or differences in political regimes. All of the afore mentioned are stagnant in their beliefs and are continually trying to re-invent the wheel. Sorry to tell you it’s been done once and cannot be done again… hope that doesn’t upset your day to much.
Please accept that your technological advancement has been capped, like a child having matches put out of its reach, because to be honest you are a danger to yourselves, let alone anyone else.
Humanity definitely suffers with a disease and that disease is called freewill which is the danger. If you look back through the history books, what do you see? Bloodshed. Hundreds if not thousands of years of pure bloodlust resulting in incredible loses of life, which results in exactly the same today still being wrote into the history books and they say humanity is intelligent… I ask you, or must the question be asked do we enjoy this? No! Then why do it then? The answer is simple; it is all down to freewill, and in that freedom to choose, we can choose to do the wrong thing and the history books are full of evidence to prove this.
Do you not find it funny that this country (political prison) is split up into sectors; a portion of a military position called wards, maintained by wardens; the chief officer in a prison. These wards are patrolled by staff called the police (private political army) whose aim (according to them) is to keep the peace, unfortunately their true aim is very much on display and that is simply to ensure crime exists, because without crime they would not have a job – a bit of job security going on here.
These wards are psychiatric wards and the patients are us. We all suffer from a disease of the mind called Schizophrenia and most of us are paranoid schizos to boot. We claim many and diverse emotions when in fact these are different persona’s, personalities we play at being depending on any given situation or circumstance we are faced with.
We can switch between these multiple personalities in a blink of an eye for no apparent reason and switch back as suits us or our selfish needs. Schizophrenia is just a word made up to disguise the real word that describes this sought of behaviour and that is freewill.
Because of the immorality the human mind suffers from this causes these personalities to be present in us and also allows for the continuance of the terrible deeds humans do to each other daily being ordered from their minds. History allows for these deeds never to be forgotten and in doing so keeps them fresh in our memories and if they are on the limit to be faded out from our memories, then a tradition, film, book or created situation will bring them back into the immediate memory bank for the continuance to occur. It must be asked is this not the real reason history exists, because in essence what other purpose could it possibly serve?

Let us explore something else for a moment that will lead back to the place we started. It is very evident that human beings must be told what to think. This is what the media do every day; they tell you what to think and how you should think within the protocols of the prison hospital you live in. Sociably acceptable drugs are readily available and prescription class drugs also, from legal drug pushers on every high streets called chemists; a retail shop where medicines are sold. Ah medicine; something that treats, prevents or alleviates the symptoms of disease. Excuse me, if you don’t mind me asking, but what about treating the fucking disease and not just the symptoms? Oh sorry I forgot you like to keep the disease alive and only treat the symptoms because it is good for business. More drugs needed, more profit made if the disease is kept alive longer. I am so sorry, side tracked I was, side tracked I tell yer, never mind eh.
Where was I? Ah yes now I remember. You are told repeatedly what to think, another very apt reason for the history books, bless their little cotton socks, where would we be without them. I know one thing, not in the fucking mess we are in now.
Within those words of history lie thought patterns, very powerful thought patterns, or in other words directional thought mapping, sounds posh don’t it and complicated, It’s not really it’s just another name for the power of suggestion. Within history three simple things are laid out for the reader to become influenced by; nationalism, feudalism and of course the doosey division. To explain this a little more I would like to use a day that has just gone by remembrance day.

Firstly a medical and legal disclaimer.

Please note if you have any form of medical condition that shock and outrage can affect then it is advised you should stop reading now, due to the graphic nature of the words that are about to be used and the subject matter being discussed. To continue reading after this section then please click here. This will perform a bypass, but please be warned sooner or later the bypass will be removed for your own good. If you do decide to keep reading then you do so at your own risk and expense. The author cannot be held responsible for all and any property broken during violent outbursts caused by the words that are about to be read, nor any injuries sustained. If you accept these terms then please keep reading, if you don’t, again, please click here. Any and all complaints can be sent via the contact us page found here or the comments section under this article and/or via email to youcankissmyarseitsonlymyopinion@tpuc.org.

So remembrance day has been and gone again and the memory of war lives on in the minds of all those concerned and infatuated with all that it has bought us. Poppies are warn and sold by charities that have CEO’s and board members getting ever increasing bigger bank accounts off of the generosity and gullibility of people caught in the trap history has set. Whilst those who suffered meaninglessly pass on that suffering to those they left behind because they are never allowed to forget what happened. In that suffering there is a curse that inflicts the next generation with the same fate as wars never cease, because they are simply never allowed to be forgotten.
This is what this day provides and this is the sole reason it is remembered so the memory that is war always lives on in the minds of those infected by it, so they can infect the next generation. If the second world war had been allowed to be forgotten then no more wars from that point would ever have happened or be taking place now. Those who remember have been fooled into doing so because it cannot be perpetuated without memory, because all things truly die when memory of them is forgotten, when the continual reminders are ceased – history maintains that memory, which is its purpose, its sole purpose exactly what it was designed to do.
For some of us we see the duality and see that this tells a tale of why war is so wrong, but how many times do we need to be told the same story before we finally get it?
Yes it is tragic what war does to human life and all forms of animal life too. How gross its true inflictions are, that cannot truly be contemplated by most that have not lived its existence – I being one of them. Even though this is very true, I do not need to know of all wars to be aware of how horrific war really is and in truth did I ever need to know?
Surely we must now allow for future generations to not be subjected to the memories of not only what war does, but the fact it even existed – surely now it is time for its memory to be eradicated forever to give future generations the chance we never received? Surely as humanity reaches its precipice having the ability now to destroy all that is known by its own hand is it time to realise what has lead us to this point and how simple the solution really is? If we truly care for our children as we profess to do, then surely we would allow them to simply forget, to simply forget it ever existed – or can it now be said, without any doubt, that the care we suggest we give, without conditions, does actually come with conditions and is nothing more than a miscomprehension of what true caring really is?
I know many of you will be angered by my words and more to the point you will voice this and that is your right and I promise all comments will be published without exception, but I am afraid something’s just have to be said and said they will be.
Let me put this, a slightly different way. If you wish to remember those who died in such conflicts then do so, that for now, is still your prerogative, but remember this whilst you do. Do you think that those you remember would want future generations to suffer their fates because you wish to remember them, because in doing so, you will not allow war to die? Because in truth that is exactly what you are condemning future generations too, because of your own selfishness and what tradition dictates written so eloquently in history – no gory detail left out.
Would we frown upon the teachers that teach our children in schools if they used the words cunt, fuck or wanker when speaking with our children? Most certainly we would, but we allow them to show our children horrific pictures and talk of horrifying events perpetrated by human being upon human beings and that is acceptable – why- because it is written in history? Surely our moral compasses are a little screwed up are they not?
Do my words enrage you? Because to be honest that is what they are meant to do because sooner or later you will have to face this fact and many like it and only then will you truly appreciate and understand why events to come have come about.

To be honest I need for our children and their children to never know the horror that is war and for that to happen history must be questioned properly and then eradicated never to be taught or remembered again. History is fast becoming for many something that is definitely not needed anymore and there are those of us who know that one day it will be forgotten for the good of humanity in its entirety and without exception and there are those of us that will make sure this comes about.
Our children must never remember what has gone before, because in truth, that is the only way they will ever be truly free of it. And for those of you who still cry prevention, prevention is not needed if that that was to be prevented against does not exist anymore. What I talk of is not a prevention it is a cure, to cure all of humanity of the disease it suffers from and it will be made so, whether you consent to it or not. I know that sounds arrogant and I am sorry it does, but it can be said no other way, because what I talk of is going to happen. My only objective is to free humanity of the curses it suffers from education, law and religion that all stem from one base relying on one keystone;
History – hush; be silent your mouth, do not question just accept blindly, for that is the way. It has always been this way and it always will be so get used to the fact. What is told of you by scholars is true and accept it as that without question. Hush be silent your mouth.
This medium is needed because we have the ability to forget very quickly if we are allowed too and this medium was created so you could remember this, but to do so you first must realise why the medium was created in the first place.
Children do not need to be told to think they need to be told not to think because in those thoughts the memory of war exists. Soon we will all realise that we are not our thoughts, we are something much more than that something, we need no thought to be.
The transition will be as easy as you want it to be on the acceptance of what you have become, because when you realise this one simple fact, you will realise what the opposite of that is and become it. This is what is called walking through the darkness to the light, stolen by wordsmiths and given alternate meanings, again, for a reason. There is no way round this, all must do it and for some that will be a very hard task, but only as hard as they make it. But without doubt this will come about.
This moment in time will exist in history as all moments do whilst they are remembered, because when they are forgotten and they will be, they will be eradicated forever along with the method used to record them – these words included, as all are, in all mediums.

I would like to leave you with a few things I would like to get off my chest so to speak, again, only my opinion. You decide what, or if anything that I say is correct.
I know that there are many of you who fear a collapse or alternately believe a collapse is what is needed and to you I say this will not happen for a very simple reason. Control would never be allowed to be lost and collapse would be a loss of control. The system will never allow for loss of control it is not designed to do this. To be honest it is very obvious and is blatant in its obviousness to a point it is sheer stupidity not to see it. Things will only ever be of design and within this there are very strict control mechanisms at work that are nothing more than common sense.

I was recently asked to write a piece for a newspaper about the occupy movement in London and how I deemed it to be a good thing, when in fact it is the opposite. I expressed to the editor I spoke too that I know nothing of this matter and what is happening and why. I then spoke to a dear friend and he informed me. I then expressed that this is not something I could write in aid of, because I actually felt that it was based on a lie, because the fooled and misguided are helping to bring in new laws that could not be brought in without such occurrences taking place and they don’t even know they are being used. Student protests and occupy have already achieved the start of the desired changes in the law that are certainly not in everyone’s best interests and this is only the start. I am truly amazed at how far you are willing to go before you must change and everything you ask for will delivered. Because the actions of one affect all that is how the system works and this has been done to allow you to remember that this is about responsibility in those actions and in the words you choose to use, by remembering that responsibility exists. Please remember that sometimes our actions may seem at fault, but it’s not our actions that are at fault, it is the intent behind those actions. It is always about our intentions and the responsibility that guides those intentions.

I would like to leave you with this.

Are we really human beings or is the truth we are beings playing at being humans, because to be honest, it would explain a lot. And before you accuse me of going all Ickey (just being honest) please hear me out.
There is one simple question I would like to ask you. If we truly are intelligent beings, then why do we live like this – because surely no really intelligent being would ever live like this? And if it really is the case, which it is, what does that say about intelligence.
The greatest miscomprehension that the intelligent believe in is the fact that this will never end. Oh how the mighty will fall, the only difference being, we will catch you.

The beginning….

13 thoughts on “History

  1. I like his style of writing and find it actually easier to absorb as a result. He writes like he speaks and that why he is appealing to the masses. By the way, my Mrs writes like this too and I love it, although it was a bugger to edit for her UNI essays! haha

  2. Great article, though, one thing that does not come through much in many spiritual reflections/sharing etc is our connection to ALL LIFE – this EARTH (a living BEING we are merely cells upon, without which, we wouldn’t even have physical bodies).

    (Are we really human beings or is the truth we are beings playing at being humans?) – I have asked myself this question for many years and generally humans are obsessed with human life (such a narrow box of exploration) and hence, we miss the “magic” of BEING a part of ALL LIFE (the bacteria, the plants, the rocks, oceans etc). What part in our own healing do these have and the healing of the planet?

  3. I agree with the context of information you have wrote here, but you tend to ramble on. A history teacher (Of all the people I could quote), told me, “Use the KISS rule.” KISS stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. I realize most people need to devolve any and all information on the subject to get their point across, but if you can, boiling it down abit helps the reader to understand it better. It also makes your subject matter easier to understand.

  4. How did the fact of war begin in general?

    For any one war seemed so rooted in its antecendents. Mordred went back to Morgause, Morgause to Uther Pendragon, Uther to his ancestors. It seemed as if Cain had slain Abel, seizing his country, after which the men of Abel had sought to win their patrimony for ever.

    Man had gone on, through age after age, avenging wrong with wrong, slaughter with slaughter. Nobody was the better for it, since both sides always suffered, yet everybody was inextricable. The present war might be attributed to Mordred, or to himself. But also it was due to a million Thrashers, to Lancelot, Guenever, Gawaine, everybody. Those who lived by the sword were forced to die by it.

    It was as if everything would lead to sorrow, so long as man refused to forget the past. The wrongs of Uther and of Cain were wrongs which could have been righted only by the blessing of forgetting them.

    The blessing of forgetfulness: that was the first essential. If everything one did, or which one’s fathers had done, was an endless sequence of Doings doomed to break forth bloodily, then the past must be obliterated and a new start made.

    Man must be ready to say: Yes, since Cain there has been injustice, but we can only set the misery right if we accept a status quo. Lands have been robbed, men slain, nations humiliated. Let us now start fresh without remembrance, rather than live forward and backward at the same time. We cannot build the future by avenging the past. Let us sit down as brothers, and accept the Peace of God.

    T.H. White
    The Once and Future King, p.668-9

  5. Nice one John! I appreciate your courage 100% because a lot of people think what you expressed, but not many have the minerals to actually make a stand and say it! Everything I look for in my dealings with others (and with myself) always comes down to the intention….Why are these people offering help to me, why do I offer others help, who benefits etc. etc. As long as I look for the intention in my own actions as well as others, and comprehend that there is no malicious intent involved in either, everything stays honourable! Anyway, I think you are totally correct in saying that we should stop this perpetual rememberance of the evils of history past, because we should be focusing on trying to create a better world for future generations, free of the ignorance and lies that have hampered our lives and our ancestors lives. Just because war and things have happened in the past, people don’t need their elders ramming the so-called facts down their throats every year, just because they won’t allow themselves to come to terms with the atrocities done to family, friends or loved ones in generations gone by! Best Wishes to you for now and the future!

  6. John,
    thank you for standing, thank you for your courage, thank you for your insight and thank you for your simplicity [that’s a sincere simplicity – please don’t miss-interpret]. Talking about “the war” brings to mind a slight conflict of interests in my family; my father was cannon fodder on the BRITISH [good guys?] side and my father-in-law was in the Waffen SS [he rode a motor bike and was taken prisoner in Finland]. Is one nice and the other nasty? German history doesn’t cover this subject and ours is pure propaganda! Anyway, should I hate my wife just because some smug arsehole holds a particular view? It’s all bollocks and people like your good self will get that message across; we must win this battle and defeat the “ruling class”. Keep it up, bud,
    with love

  7. Hi John, I was there on the Sunday for your talk. I was pleased to see the change in direction from Freeman which I saw as trying to tackle the issue from a physical position, to this more recent talk, which will probably resonate with fewer people, but gets closer to the truth. I really didn’t know why I had to go to the meeting, and I had a long trip from Belgium as you’ll recall. But I knew I had to be there. Life sometimes works that way. I’ve been on the long to nowhere :) long enough to obey my gut feelings. It wasn’t until the very last few minutes that something really clicked.

    I had a lot of strange experiences when I was a kid, that my parents managed to convince me were purely my childish imagination. It wasn’t till a car crash about 9-10 years ago, when I left the car and went somewhere else while I watched the car go off the road with me in it, that I started to get some of those memories back. I like you, just want to go back home. I think a lot of people that have been following your messages till now may feel a bit let down, as they thought they were part of a movement that was going to make a change, and now you are saying it will not work that way. The thing is, nothing has anything to do with doing. When you say “are we really human beings?” We are absolutely beings, we are just not human. This is where I think the intent comes from. It doesn’t matter what we are doing, it only matters what we are being while we are doing it. And I think what you are being,… happy, sad, loving, forgiving, angry has a lot to do with intent. Too many people are trying to change the world, which involves fixing others. The real work is changing yourself, which is really creation. I remembered this during the crash, as we will all find out, death is probably the biggest moment of creation most of us will experience this time around, The irony is it is difficult to understand life, if you don’t understand what death really is.

    I think it is also important to note, that while the protesters will not change anything by their actions, they still function as signposts. We are all messengers to each other, and as such they are making a lot of people re assess themselves. And part of reassessing yourself is stopping thinking and accepting what you know about yourself despite what you might have been told by others about who you are. Thinking comes from the mind, knowledge comes from that space in the heart where all inspiration comes from.

    For me your intent, and how you are being is very similar. Essentially your state of being can come from 1 of 2 prime emotions. Love and Fear.If you check, all other emotions are a variant of these 2. And everything you do comes from either a thought based in fear, or a thought based in love. This is based in duality. In the absolute, all there is is LOVE. So we have a contradiction. In duality, when we have a contradiction like this, we try to assert that because one is true, the other naturally must be false or wrong. Not so. If you look at what the negative emotions are….. fear for example, in it’s purest form, is a fear for the self, for it’s safety, or well being, so even fear from a certain perspective is an expression of love. What we are doing here is shifting our perspective, from thinking of ourselves as a body, to being a being with a body, which is very different. Then we will move to recognise that the self we feared for is much bigger than we thought. Not just the being I am, but the being we are. And therefore we will move to accept all others as being us. To understand this, it is important to know the soul isn’t in the body, but is actually what creates the body and contains it. All our souls float around us and the soul of one of us, becomes very thin and fine, but doesn’t completely dissipate, before starting to thicken again into the soul of another. We are all one and connected. Not as a nice thing to say, or some esoteric mumbo jumbo, but as truth. We are on the cusp of our Quantum Physicists confirming this.

    So fear becomes love. I view the emotions like colours. White is actually the sum total of all colours, not the absence of colour. The same with emotions. Love is the sum total of all the emotions, including fear, hate, rage, depression. If you deny the negative, you deny half of yourself, and therefore you can never be whole. It starts to make sense, when you realise that you aren’t your body, and instead of thinking about yourself, your family, your soul, you understand the self, the family, the soul. This transformation, will also transform what you now class as hate and anger, into something new. Nothing is good or bad of itself. It is you that add these labels.

    I understand John’s reluctance to lead. Because people want to be followers. And when we overthrow a government, we immediately look for the next men that will govern us and tell us what to do. A real leader is not one that leads the most men, but one that simply says, “I’ll go first”. That implies that he is an example and we should stand next to him not beneath him. He is right, this is about intent and responsibility. You can’t be responsible as long as you are letting someone else decide everything for you. A great forgetting is what is needed. 7,000 years of insanity is enough. We need to start again.

    Love Ryan.

  8. Hi John! I appreciate your view points and the shambles that you clearly have uncovered but there is one question I would really like to ask you: ‘Because I regard myself a common man and not a person and because I adhere to Common Law and not the statutory law, do I have the right to sell my birth certificate and How much of a reserve should I put on it? I ask this because my parents/informants handed over my rights at birth and as such, my mind body and soul could not possibly conformed to any rule or agree to, any binding contract. Furthermore having said that, would the hierachy who own my original birth certificate be held responsible for any actions I take because as you say, they own the person but not the man! If I am just their Number/Slave, then surley they must be responsible for my action under statutory law. Does that make any sense. Keep up the good work. Respect!

  9. Dear John,

    To be honest. I (and most human beings will probably agree) strongly feel that you are wrong about human beings…you know when you said that we don't need to be taught what is right and what is wrong? We just know? Well, John, I just know that you are wrong.

    You are blaming us, and saying we are a danger to ourselves…hmmm, can you think of someone else that said/says that? Some one famous…any guesses? No, Yes? Well I will tell you anyway: The Queen. She wants us to think exactly the same thing, that we need saving from ourselves…that we are the source of these evils.

    You're thoughtlessness and simpleness is proving you quite the little queen-bitch messiah, John…how can anyone with a heart and any sense say such things? We are clearly the victims of all of this evil and to blame us is both extremely horrible and unfair. I am glad you are not our 'new king' because fuck knows what you would try to do. You are insane. You are good at heart. But you are fucking insane.

    And, you may notice, that all of us good-hearted human beings (which is most if not all of us) do give a lot of a fuck and a lot of the time we just find it hard to show it…or we want to but are being manipulated so fucking much that it is next to impossible to. Or we don't have the means to express this to thousands. How is this our fault?

    So yeah, blame us, blame the poor, beautiful human beings (victims) for what is being done to them and their beautiful Earth, when all every single fucking one of us wants is to be rid of this bullshit and to save all the life in the word including ourselves. We long, John, we long to be rid of these bullshit prophets that lure you in and then inseminate your brain with a load of nonsensical rubbish that we are dumb enough to put faith in…may be then, we will refind our hope for each other and through that save the world, I don't know. But first we need our hope to grow and not to be choked by some illogical conjecture.

    To be quite frank, this post from you is hope-crushing and just fucked up and weird to be honest. It breaks my heart John, is that the arrow through the heart you were talking about? Well fuck your arrow through the heart because you are full of shit and it hurts.

    I love you to bits and I agree with a lot, if not most, of what you do say…but be more fucking responsible with what you say, please! It is my right, as your equal, to demand this.

    When you chat absolute crap (for example by saying the same thing (using the same semantics to give of the same message) as The Queen) then please bear in mind that you are chatting it to thousands upon thousands of people. Perhaps think before you spew mindless, hurtful, gibberish at us? Why? Because it hurts people and crushes their hope for humanity…which is wrong and (let's be honest here) a bit cuntish!!!

    I know it is all 'just your opinion', it's obviously not fact.

    These accusing conjectures (that you are suggesting) are the things that are dangerous to us: imagine if we all believed that we were dangerous and greedy and sinful at heart? This mass belief would make it a dangerous, greedy and sinful world and it would be a world ruled by the church…hey, wait a minute…? My point is – you seem to help the very ones/parties that you claim to rebel against…and all in the name of opinion. 

    Well fuck opinions; they are non-sensicle. Fuck your opinion. My opinion is that you have no right to voice your opinion. Seem fair? No it's fascist as fuck, but 'you can kiss my arse because it's only my opinion'? I mean what the fuck?

    This doesn't seem the way that responsible men or women should relate or express themselves, especially to thousands of people and when the world is in the state that it is. Surely we should be encouraging each other to see the good in people (rather than the opposite) and reminding each other that it is not our fault but the fault of the elite perhaps?!!?

    You are childish John, for someone whom 'speaks the truth' to so many thousands of human beings. I hope you realise and correct this before you do something really stupid! 

    Chris   xxxxxxxxx

  10. But, don't get me wrong…I love you loads and I think you are a really good hearted and beautiful man. A lot of the information you have shared and how you've shared it is incredible and is helping us all loads! So bless you x

  11. I don't know, I hope that my previous comment wasn't hurtful in any way because I am not blaming you, John, and hurtful or accusing is the opposite of what I meant in writing it.

    My instincts were the alarm bells in my head telling me that something was wrong, like really wrong in the message of 'History'.

    Don't let the comment I made get you down. 'History' just poked a wound, so to speak, when the finger started getting pointed at the human majority (who are innocent) and I reacted to this in defence of the pure-hearted majority. I am not sorry and neither will I ever be, but I do know that it is how I interpretted it that made you appear to be dangerously insane and such (although you may be, as might I)…you do appear to be truly good natured, as are most people, so how can I blame you? And so how can anyone blame anyone but the ones in power?

    If we knew we could stop subscribing to this bullshit then we would and we do…that is partly why I think what you are doing with your talks (and most of your articles) is so brilliant and is also very effective: cause you show us how to! :)  x

    I don't really think you were being cuntish, I hope you know that, John…it's just very much how it would be if you had expressed that message without believing it. But I can see that you believe/believed it and so I feel truly sorry for you and I want to help in whatever way I can which is probably by typing this: Human beings aren't all that bad mate, I promise! 😉 xx

  12. Yes I,m afraid only the 'winners' write our history, and the Zionists's Illuminati march onward, even Hitler could not defeat such a monster.

    and now we have (Problem-Reaction-Solution)  which no doubt will lead us all to our destruction.

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