Cars Carrages Vehicles! - taking ownership and using in uk

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Cars Carrages Vehicles! - taking ownership and using in uk

Postby letsbefree » Sat Jan 21, 2012 11:46 am


Some thoughts and questions about vehicles and using them in the UK outside of statutes.

In order to get your vehicles out of ownership from the DVLA, could you complete the notice of sale but sell it to your actual self as a man or woman, not as your strawname. But to do this you would have to be using V5C/3 for sale to motor trader etc as that is the only notification of sale, (as V5C/2 is new keepers details and therefore still leaving it in their ownership), then you don't sign the declaration as the motor trader, but cross write it with "do not consent to statute legislation"? You have then signed the declaration as your strawman is required to under the statute which you already have the vehicle under, but then not re-contracted with them. Or would you actually be better to complete V5C/4 as a Notification of permanent export, exporting it from their statute legislation to you as a man/woman or if in lawful rebellion as a sovereign.

The next part would be license plates... obviously these are a mark of registration and therefore mark of ownership by the DVLA, so these would have to be removed. So the next question would be if you are in lawful rebellion should you put a notice on the vehicle saying it is owned by a sovereign, and if not in lawful rebellion, a notice stating this vehicle is privately owned and not subject to statute legislation.

Finally, by having a driving licence you are under contract to conform to their statutes, so are you better to send back your licence, or just maintain separated from your actual self and your strawman self. But if your in lawful rebellion can you still be operating your commercial entity strawman, you haven't destroyed their existence like becoming a freeman, but can you still be operating them in certain circumstances?

Whats everyone's thoughts or experience on all this?
Many thanks
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Re: Cars Carrages Vehicles! - taking ownership and using in

Postby ELIJAH MC » Sat Jan 21, 2012 2:25 pm

it sounds great mate, let me know if it works
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