Please, help/advice dealing with congestion charge notice

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Re: Please, help/advice dealing with congestion charge notice

Postby Kakra » Fri Nov 06, 2009 6:32 pm

Having just read some of their reply
They have not answered all the points I would send your reply stating the following

You have responded to points A B C and so forth..... within the desired time

And as in my original letter ( copy enclosed ) I now consider this matter closed
I will not enter into further correspondence

Or something of that
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Re: Please, help/advice dealing with congestion charge notice

Postby Sikosis » Sat Nov 07, 2009 10:40 am

I sent him an email, as follows:
Hi Steven

Thank you for your incorrectly addressed letter of 22 October 2009. It had the intended affect I must say. That is to say I felt intimidated and felt like I had no choice to pay. However, after going over your letter I realise there are still a few more points that must be addressed before we as human beings can reach a mutual resolve over this unfortunate matter.

I have not at any stage disputed that car XXXXXXX may have entered the congestion charging zone. I am more than happy to ensure the registered keeper arranges payment (maybe via some other person) for the £8 charge. What I do not consent to is TfLs bullyish tactics and hence why I refused TfLs offer of a contract.

I asked you to confirm that TfL were trying to contract with my person and I have received no denial of this, no refute, so I will take this as confirmation. You must be aware that a contract requires offer, consideration and then acceptance/refusal. I have considered your offer and I have refused. So why do you now write to me claiming I made representations against the PCN?

Could you also please enlighten me on another sneaky point on your letter. You state that I can make appeals to the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service. Would you kindly tell me where this 'service' gets its funding. I am under the impression they are funded through parking tickets, congestion charging fines, and other such income. In light of this, could you please explain to me how it would be possible for me, or any other injured party, to get an independent decision from the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service.

I would like to thank you for the invoice I received on page 4 of your letter. However, there is no date on the invoice. Does this mean I should assume the outstanding balance shall always remain £60? How can I use this invoice for tax purposes?
If you are unwilling to drop this whole act could you at least send me a valid invoice.

Lastly I wanted to enquire as to why you, Steven Gentle, Enforcement Operations Manager, have customer services as your email address. I find this most strange. Surely if you are enforcing TfLs operation on the citizens of London this would be a conflict of interest to your role of serving customers. Mind you I do not expect any customer service as I am not a customer. I seek no custom with your company. I seek no harm towards you or your company. I just wish to settle this matter peacefully.

Yours sincerely
Without ill will or vexation

I do not have any faith that this will 'get me off the hook' as it were, but it does feel good to give them a piece of my mind. I have been sending and receiving emails with PATAS (the appeals people) and London Councils (who I am now trying to establish are a company as there is a London Councils Ltd on Companies House)- and have received confirmation the appeal, if it went ahead would be funded by TfL- so is quite clearly not 'independent' as they state.

I phoned up and paid- I didnt do it online as you have to agree to their Data Notice - but the money aint left my bank yet and its been marked as paid so i'm assuming it will come out my bank over this weekend. I am now considering writing a few more letters to get a refund- when I paid I never contracted I just gave them some money relating to the PCN- and I have it in writing I never contracted with TfL. Again I do not expect any response but it might get their backs up a bit. On other news I have written to Wandsworth Council quoting the International Criminal Courts Acts 2001, sections 51 and 52, which forbid me from paying any money to our government due to war crimes and genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan, so lets see what happens with that.
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Re: Please, help/advice dealing with congestion charge notice

Postby Sikosis » Sat Nov 07, 2009 10:42 am

I will quote the same act in attempting to gain my refund, along with any other PCNs I have receievd. I'm also going to write to the Inland Revenue to ask for a tax refund for the last 7 years based on the same act. Hehehehe
what is now prov'd was once only imagined - William Blake
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Re: Please, help/advice dealing with congestion charge notice

Postby mpow3r » Fri Apr 09, 2010 9:08 am

Hi everyone,

right, if you go back to the first page you will see my reply to the letter/fine I got from TFL last October. i shoudl mention that i regularly come into London and as my company reimburse my con charge/expenses i don't have a problem paying from my pocket first.

Anyway, I got a reply back today, 6 months later!!! BTW, this time I noticed that they had not spelt my name/surname in Capitals, although still calling me Mr.

This is what it said (the only thing I have missed out is my name and address:

Dear Mr ****
penalty charge notice:TF12345558
Vehicle reg:******
Notice of acceptance

Thank you for your resent representation (6 mths is recent for them :o ) against the issue of the above mentioned penalty charge notice for vehicle reg mark P** ***.

We are pleased to inform you that following a review of the issue of the penatly charge notice together with the circumstances and points raised, the representation has been accepted and we have cancelled the penalty charge notice.

In reviewing the issue of the penalty charge notice referenced tfl have found reasons to cancel the penalty charge notice referenced. This decision does not apply to any other penatly charge notice which is not referenced.

No further action will be taken in respect of the above-mentioned penalty charge notice and we apologise for any inconvenience that may have been caused through the issue of these penatly charge notice

Yours sincerely

sheeps name

Enforcement operations

I don't know if me regularly paying has any bearing on this but this is the reply i got 6 months after sending them my notice.

I really hope this can help others.
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Re: Please, help/advice dealing with congestion charge notice

Postby dyslexic » Sat Nov 20, 2010 12:12 am

Hey can you help with a congestion charge that has now turned into a warrant of execution???
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Re: Please, help/advice dealing with congestion charge notice

Postby johnny boy 890 » Mon Dec 20, 2010 4:31 pm

hi sikosis,kakra and mpow3r i'am very new to this site but i totally love it, totally brilliant av read your posts and would love your help and advice i'am in a simimlar predicament to yourselves hope you can help not sure what to do:

i live in newcastle and back in october i took my family on a few days away to stop in a hotel and see the sights of london, i drove down there and once we pulled up outside the hotel it was quite late and i noticed it was in a congestion charge area now as i have not drove in london before i did not know what to do, so i asked the hotel staff in which they told me i had up to 5 days to pay, we were only there for 3 and a half days so it was ok. On returning home i went through my mail and found a congestion fine for £60 so i rang the number explaining that i had just returned and can i pay the congestion charge(not the fine) over the phone and the reply was its now a fine not a charge if you want to dispute it you have to put it in writitng which i did, then the following day i received another congestion charges and went through the same thing again, so i ended up disputing them as well so the total fines came to £180 which i cant possibly afford to pay certainly not in 1 go. Anyway i finally got a reply telling me i still have to pay the £180 fines even though i explained that yes there is a sign there but it tells you nothing i.e. how much to pay, where to pay or how to pay. I was willing to pay the daily charges for congestion but not £180 fine its ridiculous i just dont think i should pay it out of pricipal just wondering if anyone has any ideas or advice to get round this.
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