Help - Next Step - Credit Agreement

Help - Next Step - Credit Agreement

Postby ianp » Thu Nov 18, 2010 12:09 pm

Hi, Im after a bit of advice, I have a very large debt owed to a Credit Card company, the card was taken out in 1996 and a the PPI thing was added on automatically and was paid throughout the time of having the card.

I have made no payments for at least the last 4 years as i got in financial difficulties, been chased by several DCA's but have just basically ignored them as ive got nothing to lose, no property etc etc.

Recently (Sept 2010 ) I recieved a letter from Weightmans solicitors saying they were taking me to court, I decided to send them an CCA request, got the usual reply saying account was on hold till they could get it etc etc.

Approx 3 weeks later they sent through the following with a covering letter saying, Please find attached a copy of the original legal agreement, Please contact us within 10 days to arrange payment, before we enforce legal action against you :-

A one page copy of my 'Credit Card Apllication' from 1996 with only one signature (mine) at the bottom against the words ' This is a credit agreement covered by the CCA 1974, Please sign if you want to be legally bound by its terms' which i did.

A one page copy of Terms and Conditions of use in small writing.

My questions are:-

Is a copy of my application form the actual agreement ???
Does it sound enforceable ????
What are my next steps ????
Is it worth trying to claim any PPI back, or is this admitting the debt ???

Any views would be appreciated
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