An observation or two, maybe even three

When humanity set forth on its path to self destruction, I wonder if we were wise enough to build in a ‘fail safe’. This optimist feels we did.

I suppose one of the over whelming questions that we cannot answer is maybe the simplest to answer, if we really wanted to. But if the answer was that simple, we would have no need for all scientific bodies, searching for and guessing, based upon the most complicated answer they can find. Of course then there would be no need for those jobs to exist, or the hierarchy of position that exists within them. I suppose the same could be said for all and any jobs that exist simply because of created circumstances, or the most relied upon strategy – the precautionary principle. Especially, if you are the ones creating a form of false necessity. I suppose a good example of this that I have seen is crime.

Now without going through the history of the private security service called the police again, I would like to give an example of what I am talking about. For instance – Let’s say for some miraculous reason crime was to become a thing of the past. I know what you are saying “yer right”, but please, before you draw any conclusions – here me out. First off let’s take a little look at the structure of our modern day boys and girls in blue, or should I say menacing black paratrooper stylely complimented with a utility belt of useful, sometimes pain inducing gadgets and of course the number one fashion accessory the high viz bright yellow florescent jackets and vests. So how is this so called modern day service – being the new word for force it would seem – structured? So we have commanders, district commanders, chief constables, chief inspectors, inspectors, sergeants, and last but not least plain old simple constables. Please forgive me if I have missed anyone out, it is only wrote as an example. It is obvious I am sure that I do not have to explain the fact that the higher the rank you are the more privileges and money you get. So, to a normal constable. It could be assumed that a good percentage of them would like to climb the ranks to receive better remuneration for the job they do. And of course there is the added bonus that the higher you get up the ladder the less work you really have to do, bar of course to make sure “everyone hits those targets”. And as in any corporate structure there are only two ways to achieve this climb. Meet and exceed – or hit as it is called – all targets you have been set by the corporate police – sorry policy – and kiss the arse’s of all those directly above you – sometimes literally. Or lie, cheat and make sure you destroy anyone who stands in your way by using the previous mentioned.  After all it is war you know, that is why you have targets to hit – der.

Is this fair I ask myself? No is the only answer I can come up with. But this exists in every corporation including the armed forces or should I say now the not so armed. So surely it is right. So shall we see in the next Oxford dictionary under the word moral a new entry that states in the case of a corporate body not moral is in fact moral, but only if being used to safe guard corporate greed. Can be accompanied by “it’s not personal, it’s just business” if needed. So if this is the case, then who does all the work in the police force? Constables, do I hear you say? Well some of you might be, whilst others are saying “he’s an idiot of course they don’t, the top ranking officers (sounds awfully like an army I am describing) must be there to keep control as managers. Managers? But they do manage after all so it is fair to call them that. Hold on, am I talking about an army or a corporation? I’m confused. But surely they are the same. Aren’t they? Officer structure, ranks, targets to hit – it does sound the same, or is that just to me. Both want to win at all costs and the cost of human life being quite affordable when needed. If you actually ask any constable or other service woman or man how they deal with the idiots in charge they most probably would say “say sir, think wanker”. Sorry, that’s wrong of me to say I know there are many good men and women who occupy a massive 2.5% of these positions. But ask yourself this – are those positions really needed? For example – If crime was to become a thing of the past they wouldn’t be. So is it fair to say that it is in the interest of those who occupy all positions above sergeant that crime never does become a thing of the past? Just to go off on a slight tangent, look at cancer charities. These so called charities are multi international companies generating vast sums of money off of the kindness of your hearts- but still no cure. What would happen to them if cancer was cured? So is it not in their prime objective to maintain cancer is never cured or the true cures are never made legal for their own self preservation?

If you ask any low ranking members of the police or the not so armed services who really is in charge they will say the sergeants. And to be honest they are all that are needed. And if the police really did do the job they profess they do, then they would answer to the men, women and children they supposedly serve instead of the people they do serve as a private security service – wouldn’t they? I say I say I say why do the police use sirens? Because, sirens are something to be nervous of as the tales of old say. Do they really need to be that loud? I say I say I say why do the police use warrants? Because they must have a reason, it must be warranted. Do the police need crime to exist? Of course they do, otherwise they would not exist. But this leads on to an even more interesting question – if crime was becoming a thing of the past, would they maintain its existence to maintain their positions. And whether it is scientists, charities or any other corporate run structure, would they do the same?

I will watch carefully over the next few months as something is starting to happen and is gaining pace at an incredible rate. I see a reversal going on. Do you? I suppose the reality is we are not as green as we are cabbage looking!   x