Common law legal system for 'particular persons'.

Charter of Liberties 1100

Magna Carta (The Great Charter of Liberties) 1215  (updated)

Declaration of Rights 1688/9 (preamble to Bill of Rights 1689)

Statutes; Medieval Ecclesiastical Cannon law legal system for all other 'persons'.

Magna Carta 1297

Treason Act 1351

Bill of Rights 1689  (updated)

1911 Parliament Act  (Official wording taken from the statute roll)

1922 National Insurance Act  (Official wording taken from the statute roll)

1925 Gold Standard Act  (Official wording taken from the statute roll)

Bills of Exchange Act 1882

Bill of Rights 1689

Treason Felony Act 1848

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Steve Jago's picture

Steve Jago (not verified) said:


I know this may seem trivial, but it's not quite as trivial as it may at first appear. the Bill of Rights should be stated as 1688 (the year it was agreed/created), not 1689 which ONLY applies to the pseudo-'royal assent'.

along with these other docs, no REAL rights were given to US, the common/ordinary majority, they merely provide for a limited number of 'liberties' (allowances permitted unless 'the crown' chooses not to allow or permit.

Since the European Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms came into existence we, now, do have ACTUAL rights (for the first time in a millenium of history). these are, even in a corrupt english judicial system, SUPERIOR to ordinary law (ie CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS).

though this still does not constitute an agreement with the treasonous uk government and it's agents. it is more a published guarantee that anyone can hold the uk gov to.


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Malcolm Glynn (not verified) replied:

The Human Rights Act has the appearance of giving rights but the downside is that it completely undrrmines the national soverignty of Great Britain.How so you will ask? Its very simple. Laws are made by parliament through and by elected members of parliament. Some MP's are lawyers but it is the xternal legal profession that is the final arbiter about the governments decision making processes. There isn't a decision mmade by any government department however well intentioned that cannot be challenged through the courts using that corrupt act. Lawyers routniely make fortunes doing precisely that. The most recent cases to name but two are 'The Hook' and Abu Qatada and those cases and their so called human rights cost this country millions and that is just in this jurisdiction we have [because of the convention another line of appeal through Europe and another gravy trainfor lawyers  which proves this country has lost its national soverignty. Any lawyer that says otherwise is [indisputably] lying. The sooner this f'ing act is repealed the better..

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Chris Carey (not verified) said:

Now, this is a bit spooky. I clicked on the Magna Carta 1215, and it says that it is not on the site. Now please tell me that it has not been taken off the website?

The Magna Carta is so important for all of our lives. It protects our inalienable birthights and is un-destroyable and unchangable by anyone (even the Queen Herself) granted to us by Almighty God Himself, through the leading royals at the time. They gave these rights to us to save their damned souls and to gain redemption through the granting of rights to us free men of Great Britain.

We are free people and we expect our laws to be open for us to learn about and gain an education on so we know what the law is. I mean, call me mister obvious, but isn't that kind of what we are supposed to be doing? Learning the real law so we can follow it and so that we know what is the law and what is just non-obligatory legislation. Now how are we supposed to do this, when even such powerful documents such as the Magna Carta are 'too naughty' to be viewed by us common folk? It is dispicable if these (what should be freely shared and sourced) lawful documents are being covered up and censored.

My respect to the administrators and propriators of the website, I know you are just doing what you can.

God Bless.

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Loren Estes (not verified) replied:

Am I to understand that Americans are still enslaved to the crown of England?
If so, I protest. I am born free and sovereign. I bow to none. Please stand with me as I exercise my sovereignty.

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Darren (not verified) replied:

All sovereign humans should stand with you, I'll stand with you.

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d (not verified) replied:

the crown is the last stand you have in stopping this treasonous government taking power against your will forever. i have no bias as i am dual american and english (NOTTTT british) so im only saying it as it is.

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indeedido (not verified) said:

If someone is looking for foundational law can they do any better than the KJV of Holy Scripture? Can anyone trump God as the grantor of our life and freedom of election, association and faith?


Loren Estes's picture

Loren Estes (not verified) replied:

Yes, I can. Thank you for asking.
Both your religion and scriptures are a fraud. Any questions?

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Chris (not verified) said:

Excuse me, but where is the Magna Carta 1215? And why has it been removed?

I swear it's going to be 'against the law' to research the law soon.

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Chris (not verified) said:

I see now, Magna Carta is actually quite evil. And fuck it is deceptive. I wanted to say that for the sake of those whom have read the comment I posted on 6th December 2012. My perception of this legal document was very naive at that time and so did fail to show me the Magna Carta's true colours, so to speak.

I wrote more, but it got deleted so I am going to smoke a fag and listen to the sex pistols instead of writing it all again. :)

The way I see it is this. You might first remember that you are not free, and in this realisation, you may find true freedom, you may not. To be honest I don't know if we would know/recognise true freedom or how to experience it, even if the solution was staring us in the face ;)

Since the people (your average human being) have (has) the true sovereignty and power that all of these elitist tyrants do claim to have (quite falsely I might add) then why are they deciding things like our rights 'for' us?.

Who knows, I could just be an eccentric loony, or I could have a fucking point.

If we are free then...

...why are we in chains?


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Anon (not verified) said:

Could the TPUC website people please add the Habeus Corpus Act to the collection of acts and charters? Thanks :D xxxxxxxxxxx

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d (not verified) said:

Treason Felony Act 1848


is this still in use? i saw its no longer linked, though you link to another page just wondering why

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Anon (not verified) said:

I have heard that the people whom are descendants of the trans-atlantic slave trade are still enslaved? These peoples, "are slaves until proven guilty"? Pardon my ignorance as I dont fully understand what I have wrote myself! However any shed of light in relation to this matter shall be well recevied.

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kerry prince (not verified) said:

kerry princce this is just a thought  are the gorvernments allowing  the great mass  of immigrants into this countryto exceed over  50% of the total amount of english people  actualy born here to over throw  our right to be a sovireign  state and remove our rights to commann laws and turn us into a republic state 

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ben twilly (not verified) said:

very fustrating, this website was getting great, now half the things not there " error 404"

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Tara (not verified) said:

I would suggest that there is a higher law than the illuminati's Magna C & other unlawful slavery rules and regulations.

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Duggers (not verified) said:

The links on the page itself direct to an old version of the website, but the links from the dropdown menu do work properly.

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David (not verified) said:

I find that most of the links here do not work. Have the documents been removed? Or am I doing something wrong? Hope someone can advise. Thank you.

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Jon (not verified) said:

Let's not forget ALL men are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights and these acts confer nothing but are 'meant' to just protect em'.

Just wanted to mention that, tho' most of you's are well aware of it, cos' i'm seeing a lot of people on various other sites who seem to think &/or trying to base solutions on the fact our rights come from government.

God Bless & Stay Safe

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vincent (not verified) said:

I have a problem i need help

I sold my house last week it was suposed to complete but days before the completion my Conyeyancy solicitor got an order under POCA

it basicaly reads


TO: (1) H***********  (the subject)

      (2) Vince******** (alleged partner of the subject)

     (3) LC***** (Conveyancing Solicitor)


if you H*********, V********, LC*******Solicitors  disobay this order you may be held to be in contempt of court and may be imprisoned, fined or have your assets seized.

No arrest have been made, we seem to be waiting. what do i do?

The subject on the order is my ex girlfiiend she has one child and had three to me, we realised after a while we could not be together although we are best friends,

time moved on and from a sale of my house that i owned before i met her, i built a house my self, im a builder. i used the cash from the house sale, No mortgage or loan apart from what my family loand or gave me. in 2006 i agreed to let her rent it from me, she was claiming rent till she got a job and the daughters started work in around 2013, i lived in another property until my friend died a couple of years maybe 3 years ago, i have many reciepts elec, car ins, doctors letters, and i was on the elctrol roll for a few years there and bank account was listed there and general reciepts for tvs etc.

However i think they are saying they believe that from the outset we colluded to get rent from them, and we were partners,

This is not the case it fell that way and made better sence to me, they spoke to her months ago about the matter, almost a year ago why are they interested again?

I could have rented the house for more to someone else but it felt right that my children were there i muched prefered it that way my daughters would be in a safe place. plus the house still need outside work still.

The conveyance solicitor suggested i ask that the allow me to sell my house but the will keep the funds untill the situation is resolved.

i have gave him no instructions as yet.   what should i do its all my life, all my money tied up in this, i have nothing now and am lending money from my mother to help survive etc

should i move into the house do i becuase then i wont have to pay any rent.

Or do i let the buyer have it and allow themcourts or however to take charge of my money, this is so wrong. i feel abused n trapped what can i do next.

i have been reading frantically about contract law,   the four corner rule,  our straw man.

i wish i did this earlier in life my brain cant take anything in because i am so worried.

i am scared

can anyone help.