ABBEY NATIONAL PLC -89+6CCJ’S Registered against them!!

Today is Friday November 27, 2015

Do you still Bank with these people? I would find a new Bank if I was you, they have no less than 89 + 6 County Court Judgments registered against them! They seem to be very irresponsible with money! Please scroll down for more information.

Thanks 'R'.


  • In Aug 2010 Sandander took £79+ from my current account without my agreement to pay for an unwanted credit card insurance. After a couple of fruitless phone calls and visit to the local branch, I decided to cut my losses and move to Nationwide for my current account. The Fareham Santander branch advisor nagged me to fill forms etc and would not close my account. I went to the Gosport Santander branch and they helpfully closed my account with only a simple question "why?". I told them they had a security problem if a helpline operator could steal money from my account. They gave me a cheque with which to open my new account at Natrionwide, Gosport. It appears that the security problem is in the higher management levels of the bankster industry. The office staff follow their lead. Corruption is contagious.

  • ps – the cheque was for the balance in my account – NOT the £79+ that Santander stole from my account.

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