My question is a simple one that probably encompasses all sorts of possibilities when first read, but then ultimately has one clear and very defined answer. An answer that most of you at this time I am sure would agree with, especially if you are not one of the inflicted! A harsh word to use, which insinuates that you are imposed upon from a force you feel, bound to comply with. A force outside of your control that implores you to follow its decisions whether you agree with them or not. A sort of social acceptance if you will that removes your will to do any different! They do say that the truth is stranger than fiction!

Do we just follow and adhere to? Because we know no different and feel compelled to disregard the obvious that stares us in the face because of this, Even though it is so plainly obvious? Do we feel safe in what compels us, to a point we would be lost without its reassuring net to catch us when we fall from its graces? Are we that oblivious to the obvious that the obvious is swept into oblivion never to be in our grasp, as we feel helplessly alone? Does the fear of being socially ostracized by our peers and family keep us in the realms of conformity and apathy – never do we speak out? And if we do it is only with those who we know think along the same lines as us. Is it now time to face the truth of what we have become and feel the strength from within us to voice this? Is it now time to turn and face and ask for complete transparency of those who make the rules that we have to adhere to daily? Is it now time to break the shackles of conformity, release ourselves from the chains of degradation and break free from the manacles that prevent us from helping ourselves?

Through an educed gullible state of stupor it seems, those at the helm of this controlled environment forced upon us have run amuck with rules that suit their needs very nicely. And it seems there is no exception to this rule, none whatsoever! And as the rules and regulations, legislation's and by-laws get more ludicrous and crass by the minute, still we just comply, still we adhere to and still we accept. Yes we may voice our concerns from time to time through the vessels of anger designed to soak up such, but then we return to our apathetic lives void of concern. As our concerns turn to the needs of the few namely us, me and mine and I!

Are we really that frightened to stand and say what we truly feel? Are we truly that frightened to step out of the line as humanity walks aimlessly over the cliff of certain destruction? Do we stay silent as all we hold dear is slowly destroyed around us for the need of greed of the few? Do we not now recognise what has caused this heinous situation and what heinous institutions are responsible? But still are we frightened to speak out and realise that there is strength in numbers that is counted on, not just by one side, but also by both? Is it now that intelligence is the greatest mark of stupidity, as is stupidity the greatest mark of the intelligent? How long do you honestly feel this can go on for? Well? How long before it implodes upon itself and takes you with it, all because you would not step out of the line of conformity and ask for the one thing that could reverse this?

Do you in all honesty trust our government? And if you do not, then ask yourself this? What is the only element that exists that can relieve them of their positions and can reverse every detrimental decision they have made – and if that element were to do this would you support them? For they only have power through you and you only have power through them!

As a great story tells ‘it is not through lineage that kings are born and employed, it is through the people’s choice and ultimately their will’! And please remember they ultimately are your employee, as their job is to serve you and that is what you employ them to do. They are your voice when you cannot find yours.

And for all of you that are pessimistic regarding such things I talk of, then please remember just because it has never happened doesn’t mean it cannot happen.

And if you do trust our government and can deny all I have said – well!!   x

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  1. I N my humble opinion,  Only the king of kings fits the bill John :) Already chosen ahead of time so the story goes. Michael x  The spirit is the life, the mind is the builder and the physical is the result. God bless.

  2. The temple creeds and their surrogate useful hoards of sociopaths and psychopaths of callous disposition or the hedonists and advocates of mammon, who even now cling onto the collapsing shores of the great river, will now begin to feel the very foundations of all that has been wrought by the cold blooded reptilian, begin to shift from beneath their feet.

    I have entered their temple of illusion and made testament under the one law that stands supreme over all, and from this simple but all powerful place have reminded them of their corruption and given them the keys to relinquish their own profound captivity. I will walk again into the blood soaked necropolis and cast upon its pavements the healing waters that were whether like like it or not the origin of their own seed for almost none now deny the singular truth.

    The gardens will always self repair and evolve to reincarnate the substance of life and our return to this time and place, written in stone as it was so long ago, through word and tone, will resurrect through resonance those laws of the natural universal order, so sorely abused by the tempters and torturers.

    We have much to do and now is the time, for our people are ready and pregnant with desire. The waters cast down although burned with the salt of soft metals, still carry the resonance of the heavens and already the mother and father of the humus are answering.

    The time to stir the waters and sing is here. To lift the hex and vex the illusionists and replace the fiction with simple facts is all that now needs to be done, peacefully and with love, for even their misguided minds still conceal, even if minutely, that singular truth so obvious to most of you.

    Take care and keep smiling

  3. Great piece.  The problem is…. the problem is… the problem is…  Sounds so simple. A statement made ad nauseum and followed by a thoughtful and seemingly objective observation on the 'state of man'. Objectivity? We lack it. Along with emotional intelligence (logic if you will). Historical knowledge? Laughable at best, skewed by revisionists at least. Instead we wade through a sea of fanatics, brain dead bi-partisan zombies, and worst of all, thoughtless do-gooders.  

    Me? I quit a long time ago. I'm the worst of the lot.

    1. Hahahahahaha, bless you Brandon! And yeah I don't like how simple it sounds either, although it does also seem possible to me. I like the way you look at it and yes, as harmless as they may believe they are, thoughtless do gooders are bad hahaha. I, personally, have a brain…this gives me the impression I should use it. Intelligence is debatable whether there is such a thing but as for logic, yes this exists – the science of reason. This science and the people's collective rediscovery of true logic is what will save our world, if we get saved that is. Can never be too sure. But as for quitters? As you quite rightly said, they are the worst of them all hahahahahahahahahahaha 😉 Bless you, don't give it up or quit so easily and you'll be happier I promise! x

  4. Pondy , your words brought tears to my eyes and a shiver down my spine .

    I attempt to lead by example and put love for my fellow man before desire for material things . Where this path leads , I care not , as it is a pleasant path to tread !

    One love !

  5. to all those that have died and will die for the lust of all things but truth between animals.they have a mountain top in colorado,that looks like it has no top but a peak, ever read atlas shrugged? it was written on orders of the pindar.In my humble opinion i think the mark will look like the bolt on harrys forehead, its all the rage with 8th graders…

  6. What John has said is very possible if we all remember where our true happiness comes from. Not from stuff. Not from drugs. Not from riches. Not from sex. Not from position. Not from status. Not from our class or titles. Not from knowledge. Not from ourselves even…but from each other.

    An easy way to determine this is: imagine a world in which you had everything you could ever want and need…apart from that there was no-one else on this world, that you were the only one.

    Would you be happy on this world of abundance? You may be for a while, but still you may be not happy for very long if at all. And if you found another human being that came to this world but told you that you had to leave all of it behind if you wanted to go with him/her…what would you do? Would you choose the life of material abundance and luxury? Or would you go with the other human being?

    The answer is absolute for me. I would always leave the useless shit behind and go with the other human being, because I love human beings and I don't just want to be part of this big human family – that we call the hue man race – I need it. If I didn't have you guys, yeah strangers even – people I have never met and have no past with – then I would be the most miserable being in all of existence. And that is a truth that I have no words in which I can truly express the semantics of this truth, but I can do my best – it's all that any of us can do.

    Together, we can fix humanity, we can fix this planet, we can save life on Earth. We are running out of time, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick…and it won't be long until we are in George Orwells big brother state, unless…

    …we remember who we are and what we can achieve. Unless we remember that we have the power and that the elite do not, that they need us and we do not need them. Unless we remember that the source of all of our joy and happiness comes from nowhere but our fellow human beings, from each other.


  7. Q How? It seems quite hard sometimes doesn't it? Often it really is, difficult, isn't it? I mean uniting seems impossible!

    A Yes, a lot of the time it is hard but there seems to be an easy way out of it. It may seem hard at first but it is our trust for each other that will allow us to unite as a free people, or it may not who knows. But we hold the power to save this world and it may not be as hard as it seems you know. How? Well, for a start, don't stop worrying.

    Q What?

    A No, that is right. Don't stop worrying. Worry more. Give more of a fuck too, i.e develop a knowledge on evil.

    Q Why?

    A Well we seem to be the victims, or the prey if you like, to these ever-increasingly hungry, parasitical beings in power that we call the 'elite'. They feed off of our toil, our blood, our sweat, our tears, our pain, our etc etc…you get the point, I think, or do you? Hmmmm…

    Q Well, why worry about it? What good would being scared, in any way, do? Surely that's what they want?

    A Well do you think a predator or parasite wants its prey to be fearful or does a predator or parasite want the prey to be fearless?
    Do you think a lion stalking a gazelle wants it to be scared?
    Or, rather, do you think it wants it not to be scared?
    Do you think a tapeworm wants the host to notice that it is present in the host's body?
    Or do you think it would rather go unnoticed?

    Now a parasite that controls the mind, say, through putting it in a vegetative state and disabling it's ability to critically think (http://www.bbc5.tv/video/hidden-effects-watching-television)…would this parasite want you to think about it?
    Or would it want you to remain in a thoughtless stupor, addicted to vegetablisation and with a feeling that there is something not quite right but you are unable to determine what this is because you lack the motivation or have forgotten the ability to think about what it could be?

    In my opinion, don't listen to John when he says not to think (if he does any more) for he is just talking out of his arse…as everyone does and there is no thought going into what he is saying so how can you fairly fault him?

    I agree that we could unite. It would be worth it but don't get your bloody hopes up. Don't give up, ever, but it's just better to be pleasantly surprised than unpleasantly disappointed.

    Hearts like to beat and minds like to think.

    I love you all so much more that I can express, unconditionally and unexceptionally are the only words i can think of that come even close.

    Chris xxxxxxx

    We are a civilization separated by some seven billion but share the same spirit of love as one living entity. We are here on Earth as there are many civilizations scattered throughout the universe as a school of learning by realization.
    Our current perception of reality is one that includes consumerism and materialism. It is one of being born, going to school, working to make money, retire and more. We all have a collective perception of how the world is, we all have a similar idea of what the world is like and we all think that we have to follow the same path. Human beings are rapidly waking up to truth, in doing so we change our perception of how things are. Changing our thoughts alone, coupled with our changing perception, according to neuroplasticity is activating genes within our nerve cells giving rise to something new.
    It is no longer a secret that certain concepts, findings and aspects of our reality are concealed from the human race. We give our power over while we are convined that the issues on planet Earth are being delt with. Concealment of certain aspects of reality has the potential to keep us creating the same experience for human beings on the planet, it has the ability to keep us in a perception lockdown, not knowing that there are other elements of reality that could completely change the perception of the human being, and how they operate. We have been taken out of touch with ourselves, and who we really are, no need to remind you that the majority of the internet is porn and people exchanging stupid trivial shit.
    We live in a society whose whole policy is to excite every nerve in the human body and keep it at the highest pitch of artificial tension, to strain every human desire to the limit and to create as many new desires and synthetic passions as possible, in order to cater to them with the products of our factories and printing presses and movie studios and all the rest.We have spent decades learning how to parse and manufacture demand while missing the most important demand of all. Too many companies have lost sight of that most basic of questions: Is our product good for our customers? Far to many people are prone to judge the success of their profession by the index of their salary and the size of the wheel base on their automobile, rather than the quality of service to humanity.
    More information is presenting itself to show us that we can change but we have to do it collectively. We have to realise that we are all one human race, on planet Earth and that there is no separation between us. We are all literally facets of one another, we created everything we see here today. It’s time to stop complaining and just create something new, it’s as simple as that simple.


    Everything comes in twos, which combines and produces a 3rd, two half’s which make a whole and opposites.

    1 My life, 2 Our life, 3 Is life
    1,Meaning of my life is to live in peace (materiel world)
    2,Meaning of our life is to love forever (spiritual/energy world)
    3,Meaning of life is to live in love together forever in peace (balance)

    Dose as dos, dos as dose, is what is and there’s nothing you can do about it but there’s no harm in trying, make an effort your alive.


    1 My death 2, Our death 3, Is death

    1,Meaning of death in my life is to live in hate (materiel world)
    2,Meaning of death in our life is fear forever (spiritless/energy-less world)
    3,Meaning of death is to live in fear apart forever in hate (balance)

    Dose as dos, dos as dose, is what is and there’s nothing you can do about it so don’t bother your dead.

    The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
    We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.

     Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. We often fall into the trap of thinking a new car, job promotion, beauty makeover, or some level of fame will make us happy. And often they do—for a time. But it never lasts because wealth, power, beauty and fame simply don’t bring lasting happiness, as much as we wish they would. Rather, true happiness comes from developing attributes such as benevolence, valor, compassion and forgivness. It comes from serving others and helping them to follow the example and teachings of love. It comes from overcoming the appetites of our human bodies and instead following the promptings of the Spirit. It comes from working hard and having a healthy lifestyle, friends, family, and personal achievements. Regardless of what you do or don’t have in this life, your deepest, most lasting happiness will come from the love of oneself.

    we are not a mistake we are simply mistaken, we have been blinded to our brilliance.

  9. No one in history has ever trusted the "government", thats why we have a constitution because power corrupts the weak minds of the chosen. I remember reading a quote "constitution is a wonderful thing, he who does not know it, is a donkey". It is up to the general public to stop being donkeys, and stop the weak minds of the chosen from claiming they can rise above our constitution. The chosen are but caretakers of our country, not masters, they would have you believe otherwise, but like the blind man said to the highway man, "i can not see you but I smell you", and so the political class of this country talk the talk but they smell like a rotten sewer as they collude in the corruption of society.

  10. It is hardwork and a struggle to resist the machinery of corporate government that's run by criminals and staffed by people who don't seem willing and/or able to think for themselves and act right in their heads.

    It's great to know there are others out there like yourselves that not only recognise the injustice but are willing to do something about it.

    We will triumph in our endeavour brothers and sisters

  11. The comments, or should I say retorek that I have just read re end of Bla Bla are a mirror of reciprication as I feel the presence of weekness in the words of cowards and feel your fear!  You have showed yourself to be as you speek, basic and primative! With treats of loss of what? You are lost in your own dichotomy of thought, words, and if your that sick actions that you are going to hide while the sick move on the week and I shine like a beacon that is your soon to be undoing…… Beware your threats are week! and lack all that is strong, I now feel  you quiver like a child in a storm waiting to be rescued! I am your end, truth of being and have never lived your lies! I laugh at your attempted teachings. My teachers are free from thought of such a basic being! Are you some how blind, sick in the small brain that you have not used!  Soon I will be at your grave stone!!!!!!!!!! Good bye foolish being, with no status that could be even described in this basic place as living! Death is your heart and dead you are! 

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