A short story…

A man walks into what would seem was an empty church. After a while of standing silently looking round the man was approached by the church vicar. The vicar was a softly spoken man with a fatherly demeanour and a kind smile.   On approaching the man the vicar said.
“Hello my son, may I help you?”
The man turned to face the vicar and said.
“Yes vicar you just may be able to help me, would it be ok if I asked you a few questions please?”
“Of course it would.” Replied the vicar and pointed to a pew and beckoned the man to sit down with him.
After sitting down and making themselves as comfortable as they could on the hard wooden pew, the man started to ask the vicar.
“Thank you vicar for agreeing to this, as I am in turmoil at this moment.”
“What troubles you my son?”
“Well vicar what I would like to ask you about, amongst other things, is this place called Heaven that I have heard so much about from being a child.
“What would you like to know regarding Heaven, my son?”
“Well I was told from being a child that this bloke called god sits on a throne as the lord and master of all.”
“Yes my son that is true, but you should not call the lord a ‘bloke’?”
“Why?” Asked the man.
“Well my son that is blasphemy.”
“According to you?” The man asked.
“According to the bible.” Replied the vicar.
“And may I add to that by saying, also by the word of the church whom you work for?” Replied the man.
“Yes of course my son, as we repeat the words of the lord written within the bible.”
“Thank you for that vicar, so I was right the first time! The book you mention, as you would ‘say’ is based on fact. Unfortunately that fact is nothing more than an idea with consensus. Which neither proves the existence of a god, nor the non-existence? With the greatest respect vicar the words you repeat, again are based on the same principle and are nothing more than hearsay until their validity can be proven which is not possible – as the preamble dictates. ”Said the man. “And just so we may continue this in a reasonable amount of time, would you not question my explanation until such time I have finished please?”
The man knew the only way to get to the end quickly was to lock the vicar into a protocol the church loves to use!
To say the least the vicar was a little perturbed by this, but in his line of work this was nothing unusual, so he reluctantly agreed to the request to be polite.
The man continued.
“So this bloke called god sits on the throne and could be called the CEO if you like?”
“The CEO.” The vicar exclaimed.
“Yes.” Said the man. “The Chairman of the corporation known as Heaven. Now please remember vicar what you just agreed to!”
“Now under the chairman there is a vice chairman of the corporation called Jesus.”
The vicar was looking very confused by now and was about to question the man, until the man lifted his finger to his mouth to insinuate to the vicar to politely remain silent. The vicar complied and the man continued.
“Now under the chairman (god) and the vice chairman (his son Jesus) there are a board of directors called Arch-Angels.”
By now the frustration in the vicars face was showing and also an element of anger was showing as well, but still he complied too what he had agreed to. Still the man remained calm and continued.
“So under the chairman, vice chairman and of course the board of directors there are the managers called Angels. And under everyone I have just mentioned there are us. So my question is vicar ‘why is that place any different to the place I live now?
The vicar sat and looked at the man and to be honest was raging inside at the fact that someone could have the audacity to come into his church and say such a thing. How dare he, he thought to himself.
Before the vicar could muster the words to reply, the man started to talk again.
“Obviously this has upset you vicar and I am sorry for doing that, but unfortunately I have to ask this of you, because this question is not the dilemma that I find myself presented with, even though I do find this quite funny. Please allow me to explain.”
Before the vicar could reply, the man started to talk again and this is what he said.
“My dilemma is this vicar. In my explanation I just gave you there is a flaw that is the cause of my confusion. You see the chairman is correct and the vice chairman, but I feel that the Angels are actually the board of directors and the Arch-Angels are actually the Share-holders.”
The vicar was looking even more puzzled, but felt it best to stay calm, as the man in front of him was calm, collected and in fact had the most warming smile. There was also something very strange about his voice and his eyes. The more the vicar had listened and looked the clearer it had become, but in that clearness was an uncertainty as the anger had rose in him.
The man continued.
“Now you know vicar, the Share-Holders are the hidden hand that everything is done on behalf of – thus they are the ones who are really in charge of the corporation through the Board of Directors, headed up by the Vice Chairman. The Chairman, well I am afraid he is nothing more than a mascot that everything is done in the name of. So my real question is this; as you, the church that is, (whom you represent and work for) has exactly the same structure. So who are ‘your’ Share-Holders?”
Now the vicar was even more confused. He wanted to ask many questions on one hand and shout the man down for his blasphemy on the other. But for some strange reason he could do neither. All he could do was sit and look into the man’s smiling eyes.
Seeing this, the man decided to help the vicar come to an understanding if you will, to help him see the ‘light’ – to use a much used cliché. The man continued to speak.
“Dear vicar, I can see you are perplexed over what I have asked you and explained and please know this is not unusual. Let me now try to explain it another way that may help you.
Many would say that we live ‘within’ a great country, what I would like to do is explain how that country is made up. First we have the Queen, (Chairman) then the Prime ‘Minister’ (Vice Chairman) the House of Commons (Board of Directors) and of course we have the House of Lords (Representatives of/and Share-Holders themselves) of the corporation known as now UKPLC or under its previous name UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION LTD. And everything is done in the name of who?”
The man paused and smiled at the vicar nodding his head slightly to indicate he would like the vicar to answer.
“In the name of the Queen?” The puzzled vicar said.
“Correct.” Said the man. “And who appoints the Queen?”
“The church appoints her.” The vicar answered.
“Correct again vicar.” Said the man. “Supposedly on behalf of whom?”
“GOD!” The vicar said surely.
“No vicar that is not correct as surely it should be on behalf of who they are suppose to serve?”
“Yes GOD!” Said the vicar adamantly
“So vicar they are not supposed to serve the people then?”
“Yes as God’s servant first.”
“So to serve the very man made concept of god at the helm of the hierarchy it creates – as her position as your god’s seems man made for very specific reasons, very specific indeed?”
“How dare you say such a thing?” Said the vicar.
“How dare you deny such a thing?” Said the man
“And how dare you deny as such is to serve the purpose of those who have enslaved the people under the guise of a god syndrome? Controlled by a commercial construct based on the same principles as I have explained earlier in this conversation – a god concept that has manifested into a gods concept. Where Heaven’s true definition is seen and actually means to look down on others who you deem lesser than you – as you do from that pulpit vicar? To build buildings to do this from, as testaments of status and lack of – is this not really the case vicar? And if this most certainly is the case, then the people themselves are the true Share-Holders as they have paid heavily for everything including every one of these buildings that exist including the building we are sat in now. Paid for with their blood, sweat and lives of not just themselves, but also their families. And in doing so they actually own everything and all that has happened is that they have been conned out of it by the salesmen of this god concept whether that be political or religious.”
The vicar sat almost in tears as everything he had believed in was being heartlessly ripped away from him, as in truth he could not deny what the man was saying. The man spoke again.
“Please know vicar I have also suffered the anguish you now suffer and realise the effect of this.”
“So why are you doing this?”
“Because I have to vicar it is my purpose, but also it is my dilemma and the quandary I am cursed with. Do I allow this truth to destroy humanity? Because known in entirety by all, it certainly seems the case. Or do I allow humanity to destroy the truth for its own survival? And in doing so allow this insidious and heinous institution enough rope to hang itself in time? Or do I create a concept to replace the one that exists based on the same principles, but based on a faith in humanity itself?”
As the man said this he stood up and was to walk away. But the vicar grabbed his arm and the man looked down at the vicar as he spoke.
“Please explain more asked the vicar.”
The man could see the vicar was now himself in a quandary and was in desperate need of an explanation. So the man sat down and started to speak again.
“Let me put it another way vicar. They say that when you die you go to heaven, well some do and others are committed to hell as the story goes. And in essence this is very true. For when you reach heaven or are on your way up to it, the human must die and the heartless commercial monster must take over. For within the commercial world there is no place for anyone with a heart. And for those who are left they are committed to hell. To live in a place inflicted by crime, murder and the stresses of taxation. They are punished for having a heart and for go the protection offered for not having one.
You see vicar, what is said is very true, but the story is backwards and is not about when we leave this earthly plane, but is about whilst you are still here. All you have to do is realise this and then realise that all concepts can be reversed including not least the very one that is the most essential for humanities survival. For this essential part relies upon the question are all humanities battles fought in just one man?
But in itself it presents a dilemma, as the question must be asked do they really want to stop the train they are ‘on’ heading for disaster, or do they want to keep stoking the engine?”
With this the man got up and started to leave and as he did the vicar said.
“Does humanity have a choice?”
“Of course it does.” Said the man.
“Your not who I think you are, are you?” The vicar said.
“And who might that be?” Asked the man smiling.
The vicar didn’t speak but just turned and stared at the cross on the wall at the end of the church and then turned back to look at the man.
The man spoke.
“No, no, no you are truly mistaken.” The man said. “But I will tell you this, my friends call me ‘luci’!”
And with this he left.   x

8 thoughts on “A short story…

  1. The state of institutionalized religion, which includes prominent real estate holdings and tax-exempt status, is well depicted in this story. It validates the feelings I have every time I pass one of the many church buildings that loom too often on main streets. What a waste of resources. And in the name of “God.” If there is blasphemy, claiming a divine mandate for this usurpation would qualify.
    “Lucy?” Lucifer? Nothing devilish about it, just the child declaring, “But the emperor has no clothes on!”

  2. It really does not matter if one is looking up or down the only recognition that informs us is the story we relate to and how we feel about it. As long as another is perceived to be doing something to us or taking something from us at our expense then not one of us is truly looking at the creation in the mirror.

    As long as one is the taker and the other is the giver and the positions never shift then there is inequity. Values, myths, and emotions at this point in society are only changed by decided norms supported by governments, certain religions, and corporations. (the media is a big one). So, I say lets dissolve all three out of our consciousness. Let us only know our worth when we perceive it in ourselves and then perceive it in one another as equal.





  4. Church and state are saparated identities. Have you not heard of the saparation of Church and State !? We the believer have paid taxes before we give to Church in order that they may do what they do for our benefits. We are not purchasing an item or services, they are gifts giving by God to His Church and dispense to us (sacraments). Donations of any kind are not taxable. Example of this is if you give for  cancer resheach and so forth. It is not a tax ! There is no money in Heaven or anything like it.  Heaven is not like earth in any likeness or form. It is of spirit . It is of ingnorance to compare it to earth ways! My ways are not your ways said He. Yes it is a Kingdom but not liken to earthly Kingdoms! Does not a worker (priest in this case), allowed, a wage? It seems for the irreligious they do not. Why is that? Most assureably you would cry out if you worked for nothing.Any house or church needs money for upkeep, does it not! Of course it does. The above just  does not jive at all.

  5. dustiebin is right, it was the romans, secifally the roman business community, who created christianity to make themselves look good; "we are rich because we follow the precepts of this perfect man, and you lotare not because you are a load of self-indulgent sinful pagans". This has been the leson of christianity of christianity since the beginning and it is utter hypocrisy; we do not know what the early christians behaviour was like with any certainty but if it was like their 19th century counterparts they must have been a bunch of dirty bastards; maintaining mistresses, patronising prostitutes, raping their female domestic staff, etc.

  6. Interesting story. I guess I have a different 'take' on it because I understand that my 'place' in creation is not as the Almighty Creator, but rather as one of His 'children', one of His 'creations'. In the same way that I would not tell my parents what to do, neither would I presume to tell God how to run his creation, all life, because 'God is a Spirit, and those who worship Him worship with Spirit and truth.' Neither would I as the 'clay' that I am made out of, partially, 'dust we are and to dust we return', but while we are in human form, it is the Spirit that animates the 'dust body' (and man came to be a living soul, so are the animals, as long as we inhabit a 'clay body' and the Spirit animates us, we are a 'soul'. When separation occurs – what we call 'death' in the physical and when 'the Spirit returns to God who gave it' – then we are no longer a 'soul' but have again become fully Spirit). In the 'denser fields' of the clay body, we sometimes 'forget' our true nature, and harmonic dissonance occurs on this planet. In connection with the life we are currently in, we sometimes 'forget' that 'we have a wrestling, not against flesh and blood, but rather against the governments, against the authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the wicked Spirit forces in the heavenly places' and it goes on to tell us 'how-to' do combat, put on the complete suit of armor from God. I also quite understand that 'Lucifer' was the 'bringer of light' the 'cherub' guarding the 'Garden of Eden' – until he decided that he was not happy with being a created being, and he wanted to do a 'hostile takeover'. He did deceive 'a third of the stars of heaven' (two-thirds of the 'faithful angels' were not deceived) but with his one-third minority, 'war in heaven' enused, and the 'losers' got booted out of 'heaven' to the vicinity of the earth (woe for the earth, the devil who is misleading the entire inhabited earth has come down, seeking to devour all those in opposiiton to him) so, yes, we have this ongoing 'war' happening right now, the stakes are higher than most people realize. 'Lucifer' (he has other common names meaning 'slanderer' and 'rebeller' which most people already are familiar with)  is seeking to mislead all of humanity if possible, he is an 'imitation god' because he will never be the 'real thing', so he agitates people into forgetting that we are all 'citizens' of 'the kingdom of God', that we are all 'temporary residents' here on this planet called 'earth', and that the battle is for 'human souls' which ultimately translates into our everlasting Spirit. To be 'citizens of heaven' is not an easy thing here on this planet. We were warned we would be mocked and ridiculed, and that if we were to absolutely be separate and out of all the earthly 'affairs', then we would no longer be in human form, and there IS a purpose for us to be here and present at this time, place and space. To bring 'enlightenment' and 'higher vibration' to a planet that has become 'dense' and weighed down with negative thoughts, feelings, words, deeds/actions is part of the 'mission' we have as 'ambassadors' to this planet most call home. In the beginning it was created 'perfect' and in harmony with all of the rest of creation. We have become dissonant and 'out of tune' with the rest of creation we can see, which is only about 10% – we only perceive about 10% of creation with our human form, the other 90% we do not perceive, until we open to 'higher vibrations' that make the 'veil between the worlds' thinner, and we  begin to perceive the Rest of creation. Our 'mission' (should we decide to accept it, not unlike the old "Mission Impossible" tv series – though with God All things ARE Possible)  is to be able to come to this planet, to truly remember that we are 'citizens of heaven' and we are here in a 'temporary place' as ambassadors of the heavenly realm, and we are to bring truth, light and 'higher vibrations' to this planet. Humans like Ghandi. Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Yeshua (Son of God) the 'famous' people who have made positive contributions to this planet, things that were positive in their inception, even though they might have been corrupted by the governments, authorities, world leaders of darkness in the later uses, initially the 'inventions' that have been 'channeled' are intended to be for the lifting up, the Rising of the energy of humans and the earth plane, just because the inventions are 'polluted' does not make the invention or the inventor 'bad', it is up to us to see the 'higher good' and use things as they were intended. Education is a huge part of this 'Rising' – people cannot make 'good choices' when so much 'false' is mixed with the truth. Likening this back to Math class, if an answer was All True, you marked it True. If an answer was partly true, but partly False, you marked the Whole thing as false, because half-truths are counted as 'lies'. And then you have the straight up things that are false that are easily discernible. Our dilemma is to discern what is 'true' and what is 'false'. The truth is usually pretty simple and straightforward. Things other than truth have an element of truth that has been 'twisted' and is confusing, but sounds so logical. This is our challenge: discern the truth, by returning to the simple truth, we are Spirits having a human experience. And the 'war' occurring right now is the 'battle for human souls' and the eternal Spirit that animates us. Make sure you know the deeper truth, and are not following 'logic stories' that seem plausible but are designed to lead us away from 'getting a firm hold on the real life'.

  7. Hi

    interesting read!

    love is truely all we need that is the greatest

    message from god jesus any of the greats in this world!

    fear money luci the lot of it is hell created by ignorance!

    love one another be true to youself and honest with your

    deepest feelings emptiness aloneness and loneliness and

    i know this sets us FREE!

    life is a gift a precious gift to be appreciated

    the ill need love care and protection!

    there is more than enough in this world for all

    as i say if more love was

    passed on to ourslves and one another

    life could and would be golden !

    lets all do our bit overcome and be victorius

    survivors of the darkness light and love is what

    this existence is about the heavens and the earth

    that surround us are awesome and beyond any

    comparrisons ! The universe is vast  rise above 

    the limitations of the old thinking and lets be content

    with peace and contentment we all have deep

    within under all the layers of pain an crap an negativity

    we are all truelly blessed to be in the snapshot

    of life time and existence !

    love love love is all we need x  love collette otoole x

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