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Johns order of service

i am free

This was from John’s order of service. His loved ones have requested that it be posted on Tpuc on what would have been his 49th Birthday in memory of him. We miss you so very much, you were so loved & adored by us all, not a day goes by that you are not in […]

Interview with John on TNS Radio


Here is an interview of John back in 2010.

Serving Affidavit on Queen


Here is a video of John serving his affidavit on the Queen.

May I take this opportunity…

my darling chic

May I take this opportunity to thank  everyone who has sent their condolences to my family and I for our heart breaking loss. I thank  my beloved Noj as I affectionately called him, with all my heart for sending me the first ever printed copy of his book, which he always promised me. I will […]

Kindness is the greatest Wisdom


Dear All I would like to make  it absolutely crystal clear that this "Goodbye" statement from John was not what some people are assuming, it was a sincere goodbye to Tpuc as he was leaving it all behind to return to his beloved family of whom he so desperately missed. I can categorically state this […]

Johns Last Ever Interveiw


John did his very last interveiw 4 weeks ago. We would like to share this with you.   Regards Ben

John Harris


Its with sad regret to inform you all that John Harris has past away. I would first like to ask that every one please respect the wishe for privacy of the family at this difficult time. and also if you feel the need to get in touch, you can email John has been a […]


Hi to you all, I would like to wish you all the best and may I say that this is a goodbye for good, which is long over due. TPUC main site is now re-directed and the Forum is in Ben’s control and has absolutely nothing to do with me. All I have ever wanted […]

TPUC Forum is back…


We have decided in are not so infinite wisdom that enough time has passed to be able put the forum back up, without the previous issues the last Forum suffered from. The rules are simple and can be found on the Forum itself…

The first book by John Harris – Memoirs of the AntiChrist


Coming soon the first book by John Harris Please click on the image for more information or go to or


So whom am I that feel’s the compulsion to write these words? I am a MONSTER! A selfish, uncaring, malicious, nasty and childish monster that lives in the mind of a loving, caring, giving, honest and nice human being.

The eye say’s it all!!

Well it’s that time of year again where the shops hype their prices’ up and then put them down to normal prices in January pretending they are bargains and the gullible fouls rush to take part in this farce that is a work of marketing genius…


Whether you think I am right or wrong, sane or insane this matters not, as this is not about the messenger, it is solely about the message. Evidence of what I speak of will be soon upon the world, as many will have to speak out, prevented from staying silent any longer…

Sitting on the fence…

In all honesty I can see the madness only ever getting madder as, I sit on the fence of life and spectate. For the most of the time shaking my head in wonderment of how rude, selfish, inconsiderate and down right obnoxious humans are to one and another…

We walk among you… The Prime Objective.

As far As I am aware not one human being can actually predict the future in the manner they suggest, but suggestion along with possibilities is the key to predicting future possible events, if you do allow for human nature within the equation…

‘Blair covering up paedophile scandal?’


First published in 2007… While British Prime Minister Tony Blair is under criminal suspicion in the “honours-for-cash” scandal that has rocked his Labour government, we have been told that there is an even more explosive scandal that Blair…

The Revelations of…

John has decided that it is about time he cleared up a few issues regarding subjects tpuc and he have covered over the last few years. This is no holds barred and if you are easily offended, then this is not for you…

Ubiquitous influence…

Well my friends, how’s things with you as we still paddle around in the puddle of shit caused by nothing more than human ignorance and stupidity? Had enough yet, or do you still want to play for a little longer in the mire that is human desolation and ignore the very obvious fact…

Sometimes something’s just have to be said…


Oh how the social divide increases at an alarming rate being evidenced daily in the rags that should not be read, but put to a better use by wiping your arse on them – for that is all they are truly worthwhile for. Then the daily aspirations spewed across countless televisions stations…

Lies lived in absolute honesty!

Recently a set of circumstances have made me reflect on something I wrote many moons ago and published within an article, which can be found on this site. I described, in detail, how hard it is to be honest and the fact that in doing so you piss so many people off…


My question is a simple one that probably encompasses all sorts of possibilities when first read, but then ultimately has one clear and very defined answer. An answer that most of you at this time I am sure would agree with, especially if you are not one of the inflicted! A harsh word to use, […]

The man who committed internet suicide

By Richy from and a friend, March 9 2013 John’s last talk in Penzance I knew was going to be the most extreme he was ever go to in an effort to express what really happened on this island, what is really currently happening, and what is about to happen. In many ways I’ve […]

One man’s opinion…

Please take into consideration before reading this; you may disagree entirely with what I am about to write. All I ask is that you hear me out and read and digest what I am suggesting. So, as the world seemingly heads down the toilet taking all who reside here with it, I wonder what the […]

Zombified Nation of secret addicts….


I suppose the first thing any addict will do when being challenged about their addiction, is deny completely that they are in fact addicted and even become extremely offended over the accusation. Denial seems to be the way they cope with the truth of what they are inflicted by and infliction is, without doubt an […]

TV Licence Fee – The list of people who are refusing to pay and their comments.

Please add a comment below if you are refusing to pay…   (You can Veiw the old list Here)

John Harris – Letter to HM Attorney-General asking for my prosecution.

  John Harris ( Address supplied to recipient ) 19th November, 2007. The Rt Honourable, The Baroness Scotland of Asthal, QC., HM Attorney-General, The Law Officers’ Department, 9, Buckingham Gate, LONDON. SW1E 6JP By Recorded Delivery & By E-Mail addressed to: Dear Baroness Scotland, Re: TV Licenses & Treason. This is an open letter that will […]

Being Human; metaphorically…


To some of us it might seem quite obvious that many public (private!) institutions have certainly pushed the self-destruct button, and in more ways than one! To some, well, they just walk around wondering what the hell is going on, especially regarding certain revelations that have been thrown into the lime light of the media […]

Wake up Britain the time is upon us to unite…

    "Who are we, as a nation" & who is responsible for what we have become and what we are rapidly becoming? I fear the answer lies in the mirror for every resident of the UK. Why have we allowed this to happen? Wake up Britain the time is upon us to unite… We have […]