A few years ago I entered on to this path of ‘lawful rebellion’ not really knowing where it was taking me, nor what I would realise from this endeavour. I went into full on conflict mode – albeit not physically, but most certainly verbally – and I was determined to make my point known. What I found was I have been overcome by this need for conflict, with the sole objective being to prove to anyone that disagreed with me that I was right and they were wrong – through an arrogance that was un-surpassed being totally overcome by the power overcoat. I am not for one minute saying that I am fully over this hurdle, far from it. But at least I now realise that it is present in me, which is I suppose, what I am meant to do. In trying to stop this happening I generally fail more than I succeed, falling flat on my face many times. Nonetheless I pick myself up, dust myself off and apologise for my arrogance, big headedness and my total lack of respect – because without doubt that is what searching for conflict results in, well in me anyway – and I can only speak for myself. This was another problem I have suffered as well, the constant need to speak for others when truth be known I can only ever speak for myself. I do not feel what you feel, I cannot see through your eyes and I certainly can never have your thoughts – so how can I speak for you?

Always entering into conflict or at least being willing to enter into this element maintains in me that this element is always present, which has resulted in one inevitability – it has become even harder to release myself from its grip. But I now realise through studying subjects such as history that it is very apparent that this element has to be maintained for the world as we know it to function effectively. History maintains without doubt that nothing has ever been sorted out without some form of conflict, so dictates by default that nothing ‘will’ ever get sorted out without conflict being involved. This to me seems that we are always presented with a negative approach called the ‘what if’ syndrome which is now called the ‘precautionary principle’ which has always been the engine of the legal/law systems over centuries. It is quite obvious that if you wish to maintain control through negative elements, then you need the negative elements to be maintained. This creates another default that manifests within those who wish to go against the control, being they – by default – try to use the same, because they are relying on a version of history that tells them this – a fact that has been very much relied upon. Although I can only speak for myself I have now determined that all history we are taught is not a true account of events, it is in fact an account written to deliver a very specific version, without doubt to maintain the negative element, which in turn maintains conflict.

I know with everything I have done I have always throughout my life looked at any ‘what if’ in a very negative way. Now I am trying to reverse this approach by doing the opposite. Again I fail miserably, but there are times that I do succeed. It is very hard to break a mould, especially when you have lived inside that mould all of your life. I now try to find all the positives that I can, instead of just relying on what is being presented to me in a very negative way. Recent events have been very trying for me and I failed it would seem, in some ways I was being very selfish, but this selfishness was not for my own needs, it was in fact about the needs of others. I find it incredibly hard to stand by and watch people I care about poison themselves. And even though it is their choice to do so, I know it is my choice to not have to watch them do it. I do not want to judge them in any way and deliberately will remove myself from any situation that I feel will lead to a form of judgement coming about. Through none judgement and amnesty I accept them for who they are without conflict, but this does not mean I have to endure or view them doing harm to themselves or others if they chose to – but the fact that they have, will never change the friendship I offer un-conditionally – I offer amnesty. I realised a short time ago that I have always been able to do this in some way and am finding recently that this is increasing. I have met some of the most fascinating people you could meet since I have been involved in this and some have told me facts about themselves that they are very ashamed of – not that I am ashamed of them for doing, that they are ashamed of doing. No matter what these facts are I offer them no judgement, no opinion, no conflict nor forgiveness – just amnesty and this is what I offer to all without exception.

I know that many of you fear for the security of your families and you fear that by not doing the jobs that you do – no matter how immoral they are – your families will suffer from the lack of money they would be without if you stopped. I feel for you and my heart is with you, for at one time I was in that situation and I know how it feels – and in some ways on down days I still do. We all must do what we feel is right and we must all do what we feel is right for our families and in time these elements that confine us will be elevated, but until this happens you must do what you need to do – and just the fact you realise that what you are made to do for this money to survive is immoral is good enough. Many of you are needed to be in these positions, as ‘you’ are the ones who will be relied upon to change how these mechanisms work. You are the experts not us, and through their creation is the method to un-create them – you know this, we don’t. No matter where you come from on this island, or no matter from what walk of life, you know – if you are honest with yourself – there is something very wrong with the way we have to live our lives and this needs to be changed – as we are all in this together are we not?

I can tell you that a change is coming and it is for the good of us all, as I will not accept that it will be for the bad, I cannot and I will not. We are all part of this change. I would like you to remember as I do that it is not our actions that are at fault, it is the intentions behind those actions that are at fault and soon the change in these intentions will be proven to help everyone to accept the change that is inevitable. We cannot just jump to a perfect existence as much as we would like to, first we must come to a ‘stop’ point and then we can undo all we have done. If we do not do this too many would be left behind and as my ex-military friends tell me the ‘golden rule’ comes into play that they lived by in many theatres of conflict – ‘no one gets left behind and that means NO ONE’!! We are all of one family, the sooner we realise this fact the better. Surely now is the time to relinquish class divides and any other ‘meaningless disciplines’ and prejudices we harbour against one another and offer each other amnesty – surely we can simply forget all the in-discretions, cant we. What good does it do to harbour such things, bar perpetuate all the problems that exist! I am sure I do not have to tell you such things, I am sure you realise this for yourselves.

All I would like to say is this. No matter what you have done, or whatever immoral job you do and from whatever walk of life you are from I offer you ‘amnesty’ with absolute discretion. I offer you this un-conditionally. And if you feel you can supply us information that will help to change things, then again this will be treated with absolute discretion. For things to change, honesty must prevail and must be at the fore front of all we do. I have recently had the pleasure of meeting an ex RAF Commissioned Officer, a Barrister and Chief Inspector of police outside of official procedures and protocols. To say the least I was so pleasantly surprised to hear what they had to say, and to listen to the answers that they gave to the questions I politely asked of them. All were exceptionally forth coming and were happy to talk openly and frankly about the position we all now find ourselves in. The ex RAF Officer was a gentleman – in the true sense of the word as they all were – through and through and we spoke for nearly 14 hours. The Barrister was old school and reacted very well to politeness and listened to what was being said to him without the impromptu butting in that normally occurs – from both sides. It was a pleasure to speak with him. The Chief Inspector was a very endearing family man with a beautiful family and it was a absolute pleasure to speak with them all. He was very open and did not disagree with anything I had to say and in fact added to it. We talked about tyranny, what has happened to the police and he even agreed that they were now nothing more than a ‘private political army’ – amongst other things. He even laughed when I commented on the funny costumes they all wear – he had a lovely sense of humour. We talked about many things in the short time we had to speak to each other, before he had to go back to work and we both agreed that it would be nice to speak at greater length sometime.

These are not one off’s!! These people exist in all walks of life and in every profession. They are very disillusioned about the way things have gone within their own professions and battle the hierarchy within these professions to try and make changes – being prevented at every turn they take. Many are trying even though they know that they will not be in that profession for long if they pursue the course of action they know in their hearts is right. All it takes is politeness, respect and kindness with no element of ‘conflict’ at all, and they start to feel safe. And the second they feel safe, they will talk and the truth is they want to talk!

If you would like to talk, then I would like to listen!

John x