1911 Parliament Act

Today is Thursday November 26, 2015


  • So all our NI paymenst should go the the Health Service?  Customs and Revunues think diffently;-http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/budget-updates/nic-bill.htm

  • Cheers John and co for providing a true public service. I've been banging on about how we live in a rebranded dictatorship for ages,and getting all the usual stick for it too, and here you've provided the proof to the claim! Keep up the good work! x

  • Funny how all the usual vile and negative comments are nonexistent on this page…..hmmm something the trolls can't argue with so they stay silent. "when all that remains is silence the silence itself becomes the lie" I forget who said that(some south american socialist no doubt)

    So there you go tpuc trolls, your absence is noticed and also very much appreciated!

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